“units received a 911 call for a vehicle playing loud music…officers located a semi-automatic pistol”

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From MPD:

“Shortly after 11 PM on October 3, 2016, MPD Fourth District units received a 911 call for a vehicle playing loud music in the 1700 block of Newton Street, NW. Officers responded and located a vehicle occupied by five people in a parking lot. The officers approached the vehicle and observed multiple open containers of alcohol inside the vehicle. The occupants were stepped out of the vehicle and placed under arrest for Possession of an Open Container of Alcohol. During a search incident to arrest of one of the occupants of the vehicle, officers located a semi-automatic pistol inside his pants. A pistol magazine containing ammunition was also located inside the vehicle. All of the occupants in the vehicle (3 juveniles and 2 adults) were placed under arrest for various firearms- and alcohol- related offenses.”

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  • Way to not draw attention to yourself. If its either lot I am thinking of, they may be within the required distance of a school to have additional charges filed.

    • They’re definitely within the 1,000 feet of a school zone (Bancroft) to qualify for additional charges under the Gun Free School Zone Act.

      • There isn’t an additional criminal charge, only the potential of a penalty enhancement of up to twice the term of imprisonment and/or twice any fine. Prosecutors will have the discretion to decide whether they will seek it, if a case goes to trial. The judge then has the discretion of whether to increase the penalty if convicted. I would bet any gun charge gets pleaded down to a simple unregistered firearm and no additional penalty is sought.

        • going out on a limb here, but I doubt their is a license to carry in DC or a that the firearm is registered in DC. I hope it doesn’t get ‘pleaded down’ especially since it was right next to an elementary school that has its gates open to the playground.

  • Score another one for broken windows policing.

  • Glad to hear about the positive outcome – but surprised that someone called 9-1-1 for a noise complaint

    • I was thinking the same thing but part of me thinks if they were sitting there for awhile with loud music that the caller might have had a hunch something else was going on….

    • When are people in DC going to learn that 9-1-1 is the only number to call for police? Any time you want to call for any reason, it goes through 9-1-1 in DC. That’s just the way it is.

      Now if you’re surprised that someone would report noise…please come to my house pretty much any night at about 1am and I think you’ll understand why.

      • Thank you! How residents of DC don’t figure this out is incredible. If someone is shooting at you, call 911. If the neighbors are having a loud party on Tuesday night, call 911. If someone throws a soda can on your lawn, call 911. Want to get someone ticketed for parking in your spot? Call 311.

  • We just HAVE to have some of the dumbest criminals in the country.

    • yes we do. I have also called the cops for noise and surprisingly they showed up within 10 min. But seriously, if you have a loaded gun in your car, plus open containers of booze, why the fuck are you blasting your music to get even more attention?

  • andy

    livin’ the dream

  • At least one of those kids are wishing they weren’t in the car and went home like they were supposed to. The Art of Peer Pressure.

  • The acutual location was the rear of Bancroft Elementary school 1755 Newton St. NW. In the faculty parking lot facing the 3400 Block of Mt. Pleasant St. NW.

    • Thanks for that info. The picnic tables off to the side of the playground are regular hangouts for beer/pot smokers in the evening. They mostly don’t cause any trouble, but do throw all their trash over the fence into Rock Creek park instead of the trash can about 20 feet away.

      Since the students have moved to Sharpe, there’s been more activity of this sort, or perhaps just less cleanup by janitorial staff. Soon construction will start, I wonder if there will be any security provided by the contractor.

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