Two Boots Pizza, “NYC’s Pizza Pioneers Since 1987”, coming to H Street, NE in 2017

1025 H Street, NE

Thanks to a reader for sending word about the coming soon signs for Two Boots Pizza. Their website now says “opening 2017”.

Two Boots — named for the geographical shapes of Italy and Louisiana — was born in the East Village, at 37 Avenue A, on June 24th, 1987. Original partners Doris Kornish & Phil Hartman (indie filmmakers who loved Cajun food and culture – Phil having opened the Great Jones Café, a Cajun juke joint, in 1983), teamed up with local developer John Touhey, to create the original Two Boots Restaurant, a family-friendly, full-service restaurant specializing in Cajun-Italian cooking.The immediate success of Two Boots can be traced to a slew of small miracles: we inherited beautiful, indestructible terrazzo floors from the long-gone Red Lantern Restaurant; our vintage nail-head chairs were a last-minute find on The Bowery; our lovely pink and green tabletops were a black market score from a vintage formica dealer (thank you Suzanne of Second Hand Rose!). The Two Boots menus were graced with illustrations from the illustrious George Schneeman; our store managed by the amazing Lynn Loflin of Monroe, Louisiana; our pizza station manned by rock stars Santo Fazio and Kevin Karam; our bar and floor run by man-myth Kirby and brother Jesse Hartman, who’d go on to fame with Sammy and Laptop; and our core servers broke all kinds of restaurant records for durability and devotion — five years together as a group in a high-turnover industry! — thank you Emily Spray, Marilyn Gold, Darya Panesoff, Lisa Bowman, Mary Hebert and Jessica Gandolf. It definitely took this entire village to raise our restaurant.

Check out their menu here.


RIP North East Beauty Supply:


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  • Looks promising. I am a bit surprised that they are setting up so close to &pizza. Thought they might head closer to 8th. I’ll be excited to try them out…

  • Two Boots is gross and anyone who thinks the garbage they serve is “NY Pizza” is delusional.

    • justinbc

      Almost all “NY style pizza” I’ve had is terrible, even in NYC, so this is actually good news to hear that it’s nothing like that.

    • they don’t claim their pizza is ny-style (it’s not)…they are just from ny. i have many great memories growing up eating two boots pizza & am super psyched for their arrival

    • Uh, it’s not traditional NY Pizza. I think that’s pretty clear in their press release.
      Also, you’re WRONG – Two Boots is fantastic.

    • It can’t be any worse than typical DC junk like &pizza.

  • Ordering the Mr. Pink the minute the doors open. (Do they still have the Mr. Pink?)

  • This is seriously the worst pizza place in NYC.

  • I’m excited about the drama that might occur with the restaurant and the loiterers that currently use their location to hang out, sell individual cigarettes, and heroin (rumors). All of them are relatively harmless and friendly when you walk by, but not exactly the store front greeters that two boots is probably looking forward to having. Several have ODed right there on the sidewalk!

    They’ve been there ever since we moved in (over 10 years now) a couple of blocks away.

    • Have you been by that corner lately though? Someone finally decided to get rid of those benches and a lot of the loiterers seem to have moved elsewhere. THe ones that remain mostly congregate in front of the convenience store and the old salvation army a little further down H

  • It looks like they already have 15 locations, including one in Baltimore, if you’re curious to try it before this location opens.

  • Excited to try these guys out! I have heard good things. Also excited to have something on that corner aside from the abandoned beauty supply/heroin dealership

  • Former NYC resident for 7 years. This pizza is awesome. Couldn’t be further from authentic NYC pizza, but still delicious.

  • Wow! What a blast from the past – I was a Two Boots reguarly when I first moved to NYC in the late ’80s. Great food and atmostphere, at least back then for the age I was then. I had no idea it had become a mini-chain. Look forward to giving it a try…

  • Yeah it’s not traditional NY-style pizza nor does it claim to be – I can see how it might not appeal to everyone, but I loved it when I was in my 20’s and living in NYC. Looking forward to trying it again.

  • Can’t wait! I love the earth mother pizza.

  • Brooklyn Brawler

    Any word on what’s opening directly across from them? I’ve seen work on what was an abandoned property/business there on 11th & H (directly next to the Bike Share).

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