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  • That was actually on V Street NW between 2nd Street NW and Flagler PL NW.

  • Wheel locks on every nut and tilt sensors for your alarm….and don’t forget about your Kimber for when you catch them 🙂

  • I used to do this to friends’ cars in high school as a prank. I’m assuming this was a prank, right? Right??

  • There were a ton of bikes with their wheels missing on N Street between 12th and 7th the other day. Is wheel theft a big thing now?

    • Two different undertakings, yet:
      Fancy rims off cars can cost big bucks, and taking them has been a big thing for decades.
      Bike wheels left unsecured are taken without regard to potential value, and it has been a big thing for decades.

  • Got to wonder if any of these “wheel thefts” are repossessions? I have a coworker with questionable judgement and taste that exceeds his income who has financed fancy rims for his customized 12 year old Chevy Impala. He’s expressed concern a few times about missing a payment and that they’ll come for his rims if he misses another one.

  • At least they did not kick the jacks out from under the car

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