Sidewalk Reopens in front of the Apollo on H Street, NE – A Little Bodega called Whole Foods and The Wydown coming too


I love when the sidewalks open back up. Also reveals where the new Wydown Coffee Bar will be located at 600 H Street, NE, right across the street from the new Starbucks. The liquor license placard says:

“A coffee shop with a small bakery serving coffee, espresso, baked goods, juices and healthy snacks. In the afternoon and evenings, wine and beer will be served with desserts. Total Occupancy Load: 64. Total number of seats: 27. Total Occupancy Load of Summer Garden: 16.”


And you can taste the Whole Foods coming:


If you passed out or moved away in 2012 and woke up today, you’d find the whole scene pretty surreal:


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  • Does anyone know when the Whole Foods is going to open? I’m a tad excited.

    • Last I read, it will open “by Spring”

    • I saw an article with Insight Properties predicting it will open by spring of 2017. Does not sound very promising considering it was slated to open in November 🙁 I live practically next door and hope that prediction is just to give people a nice surprise when it opens earlier!

  • lets get started on the H Street Connection.

  • Can’t wait. Just up the street from where I park for work.

  • A bit of a related hijack of the comments: the sidewalks at 14th & Rhode Island NW have also reopened! I didn’t even notice until I had almost traversed the whole stretch of sidewalk.

  • Certainly excited for Wydown and having our sidewalk back, not so much for the Whole Foods or the apartments.

    • You might not have the Whole Foods without all the apartments. Maybe it’s not all contingent on this one particular building, but certainly of all the new development in general. That’s kind of the way it works, density = more customers.

  • Fantastic. I am excited about Whole Foods, Wydown (skim milk please – not just 2% like the Wydown on 14th…) and, well, the apartment building too – although the building itself is not overly good-looking; but the whole concept is so much of an improvement to the neighborhood over what used to be there…

    Now it would be great if we could get a full-service gym…Hoping that 901 H St NE (the old H St Connection re-development) can deliver a gym. How we have a gym desert on H, I don’t get it… The yoga studio and CrossFit are fine, but not the same as a proper gym.

    • +1 for the gym. I know many of the apartments in the area have gyms, but those of us who are in rowhouses would LOVE a gym. There’s a great demand for one within walking distance.

    • +1 for the gym as well. I’ve lived in the area for many years and the lack of a gym is a long-standing frustration.

  • Are people actually using those streetcars? Do they get crowded during rush hour? I’m guessing that biking would be faster.

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