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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Actually have plans tomorrow evening. Yay!
    Rant: Is it bad that I kind of wish it was a date? Pretty sure it’s been over a year since I’ve actually gone on a date I feel good about.
    Rave: Love work but…
    Rant: Each supervisor in my office seems to have vastly different work requirements despite the fact we’re all doing the same work.
    Question for the PoPulace: Project Fi. Anyone use it and have feedback? How does it work in DC? Have you had issues with it working elsewhere? My smartphone is going on 3-years-old and at some point I’m going to need a new one. I just can’t justify an extra $30/month with Verizon on top of my current bill, but when I go home I have some trouble with other carriers not having service…..

    • Re: Date Rant…. I feel you on that, at most, I have felt neutral. A little spark would be a welcome change!

    • Project Fi is great – in theory. It’s cheap and uses both Sprint and T-mobile towers for cellular service, so coverage should be good. Very cheap for international roaming.
      For me, the downside is privacy. Before you sign up, you should do your due diligence to see what exactly you’re giving up to Google. Remember their business model.

  • skj84

    Rant: I think the cat that hangs around my bus stop got hit by a car. I saw what I hope was trash in the middle of the street this morning, but thought I saw fur. He’s really distinctive looking, I didn’t want to get a better look. The kitty was so friendly, he brightened up my commute.

    Rave: Feeling better about my performance next week. Worked on my monologue and I remember more of it than I thought. Just need to practice diligently. I have this fear that despite all my rehearsing I’m going to go up on a line.

  • Rave: I somehow managed to cook dinner from scratch three nights in a row. I think this is a record since we moved and my commute lengthened. Smitten Kitchen’s bacon corn pasta did not disappoint.
    Rant: I could not get up this morning, which meant missing the ride on bus and walking 3/4 mile to the metro while wearing my butterball Baby Artie. My back and shoulders are screaming. I need to get on top of my morning routine or my knees, shoulders, and back are going to be ruined.
    Rave: A quiet weekend ahead with just enough social time with good friends.

    • I’m totally impressed with your rave! I have to do all of my cooking on the weekends, because the evening is too crazy for cooking.

    • Nice! Smitten Kitchen and Pioneer Woman have made me believe I can actually cook. I’ll have to try the bacon corn pasta, sounds amazing.

      • I need to get more Smitten Kitten recipes but I swear by the Pioneer Woman. Any time I make one of her recipes, people love them. Looking up bacon corn pasta now…

        • I have to say, I’m actually only sold on about half of Pioneer Woman’s recipes. I like how she breaks things down, and her tone is always fun, but I’ve found some of her recipes to be real flops, like the brine I made one year for our Thanksgiving turkey. And I’m a good, experienced cook. I’ve had great success with half the recipes I’ve tried, and then lackluster results with others.

  • Rave: Apparently it’s my week to tell everyone about delicious dishes they need to try. Today’s entry: the crispy brussel sprouts at Silo. Extremely excellent.

  • Rant: Both the Microwave and my furnace failed last night
    Rave: I figured out the Furnace issue on my own with some YouTube Guidance
    Rant: the Microwave is salvageable but I had to order a new touch plate ($$$) , for now I can only heat things up using 1 min or 3 min, or the add 30 seconds.
    Rant: That make 3 home repairs in a month… we done yet?

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: I’m trying to turn myself from a stress eater to a stress exerciser, so I actually worked out yesterday.
    Rant: I’m 4 chapters in and not loving the book I”m reading. It’s fine, but I haven’t learned anything yet.
    Rant: Because I have failed as a parent, Middle Zelda declined to browse my jewelry box for a necklace to wear in her senior photos.
    Rave: At least *my* jewelry game is excellent today.

  • Rave: In bed at 10:30 last night!
    Rant: mtpbaby had another difficult night.
    Rave: Was able to rock him back to sleep instead of nursing
    Rant: It took nearly 30 minutes because he was so restless.
    Rant/rave: HFM diagnosis confirmed, pediatrician says he can go back to daycare today but I’ll keep him home to avoid some serious side-eye that I’d get from one of the teachers. Fingers crossed he naps better today since he barely slept yesterday!
    Rave: helpful parents who want to take care of my kids so I can work/do whatever
    Rant: It feels suffocating and my house is too much of a mess to take them up on it at the moment.
    Rave: my sister sent us a Caps jersey for mtpbaby’s birthday. totally ridiculous, but absolutely adorable!!!

  • Andie302

    Feedback: Yes, please, can we have another cosmetics swap? I missed the last one, and I have a bunch of brand new samples I’m never going to get around to using, and would love for them to go to a good home! (This is to say: even if you don’t have much to contribute, please also plan to come to the cosmetics swap!)
    Rave: Heading to see progress in Cambridge tomorrow and taking my friend that has excellent taste – I’m hoping we can determine what size couch and dining table I need so I can start scouring CL in earnest in hopes of finding something perfect for a portion of the price. We will see!
    Rave: It’s been a quick week, and today is my Friday.

  • I cooked oatmeal in apple cider this morning. Now tempted to freeze a whole bunch of cider while it’s in season.
    Query: How would you feel about a stranger looking at your screen and commenting on what’s on it? Not like “wow, your girlfriend’s MAD!” but like “I loved that book, and if you like it, you might like this other book.:

    • Without having any other context, I’d say I’d feel fine about it.

    • Im usually okay with strangers chatting with me. If im not feeling it, I will just answer with a curt ‘thanks’ and turn my attention back to the screen. did someone do that to you in a way you didn’t like?

      • No, I was the shouldersurfer (great term, FridayGirl!) I liked the book he was reading, mainly because it reminded me of an older, lesser-known book that I LOVED.
        But I didn’t say anything. People (including me) can be weird and cranky in the morning.

        • Oooohhh…. I see. I think you made the right call. People can be weird, especially in the morning.

        • You and I might be the same person (hehe). I was in an uber the other day, and he was listening to an audio book on a headphone jack. From my vantage point in the back, I could tell it was The Big short by Michael lewis. I said, “hey! I see you’re reading The Big Short. If you like it, you may want to try Boomerang next – I enjoyed the little vignettes from different countries” or something along those lines. He seemed happy with my suggestion, and was also my captive audience so had to respond (haha)

    • Andie302

      I would appreciate it in the context of a book, but there’s not many other contexts that I would appreciate it in.

    • skj84

      Normally that would annoy me. Granted I have a big pet peeve about people reading over my shoulder. I guess it depends if they just happened to get a glance of what you were reading, or they were actively reading with you.

    • I think it’s one of those things that depends greatly on the individual and their current mood. That said, if you don’t mind being blown off, go ahead and make the comment/suggestion. Personally, I’d generally be happy to chat and get a book recommendation.

    • It’s a little odd to know that other people are shouldersurfing, but I generally have the attitude that everyone can see what I’m seeing at all times, so I wouldn’t be particularly surprised. I’d feel neutral.

    • This sounds fantastic!now you have me wondering about cider as a substitute for almond milk in overnight oats.

      • Also good for cooking oatmeal: eggnog! But with both cider and eggnog, you have to be careful not to scorch it, due to the sugar content.

  • skj84

    Bonus Rant/Question: Managed to mess up my manicure within moments of walking out of the salon yesterday. What are peoples opinions on gel? I’m intrigued, but worried about damaging my nails. I do have strong nails, but I don’t want to weaken them.

    • I do gel for special occassions when I want a manicure that I can’t destroy in two seconds. But it hard to get off, and I think over time it does weaken the nails. That’s why it isn’t a regular thing for me.

      • +1 to artemis. I’ve done it a few times for a special occasion, and it’s nice that even I can’t mess it up, but when it comes of, my nails are a wreck.

      • Totally agree with artemis. The only time I opted to get one was for my wedding so I wouldn’t destroy my manicure before all of those ridiculous ring on hand photos and it took a couple of months for my nails to look good without being painted. I just steer clear of gel.

    • I’ll do gel if I’m going on vacation where I’ll be swimmimg a lot (all the water destroys a traditional manicure quickly). But it takes a while for nails to reciver.

    • I love gel manicures – I actually have a LED lamp at home so I can do it myself. The trick with gel is the removal, which if done improperly, can damage nails. I usually get 3 weeks out of one gel set, more if I choose a lighter color. I’d give it a try once and see how you like it. I have not noticed any weakening of my nails after using gel – I always give at least two weeks in between applying gel to my nails.

  • Rant: Sick and tired of being sick and tired.
    Rave: Less sick and tired today.

  • Rant: Early morning wake up call – husband had an early morning train (oh how i wish we could coordinate our schedules better!) after I came in from a late night train and late night call to Indonesia.
    Rave: Finally have cleaners in our house after really pushing our landlord about the terrible construction dust and particulate matter that’s all over our home due to their construction/gut renovation of the apartment below us.
    Rant: Getting sick. Need sleep.
    Rave: Tea. Lots of hot tea.
    Rant: Trying to give away my husband’s old piano (30+ years, well cared for spinet piano his dad gave him). I want him to keep it by he wants to give it away. It’s currently in our tenant’s small bedroom – it’s been two months now and despite him contacting so many organizations + craigslist + free cycle, no body wants to come take it. Any ideas? Any one want a spinet piano that in great shape?

    • Additional Rant/Rave: My seventh grade history teacher commented: “Is this a thing?!” on my facebook picture of my “I voted early” sticker in front of a DC Statehood sign. I proceeded to inform her about how DC Statehood is very much a “thing” and one that I care deeply about and told her about the struggles we have with budget and congressional oversight. Hope she looks more into and imparts new wisdom on her seventh graders!

      • could it be that she was wondering about voting early vs. about DC statehood? I got multiple questions about voting early after I posted my “I voted early!” sticker to facebook. I don’t think a lot of people realize it’s an option. I think I definitely inspired at least one friend in DC to go early, and a couple of NOVA friends to investigate whether it made sense for them (I don’t think it’s as easy in VA to vote early as it is in DC).

        • I confirmed with her which part of the picture she was asking about – she said DC Statehood!

          • ahhh, well then good for you for providing an education to her! hopefully you inspired her to look into it on her own, especially since she is a teacher.

    • I have a friend who is trying to find one, perhaps Dan can put us in touch?

      • Yes! That would be great. We’re giving it away but the recipient would have to pay for the transport costs by a piano mover (that thing is heavy).

    • Regarding your piano, have you reached out to M4Arts? They are in DC and place donated pianos with lesson studios, rehearsal studios, arts organizations, schools, performance venues, or with a student and/or musician in need. http://www.m4arts.org/donate-your-piano

      There’s also “Pianos for Education”, “The Beethoven Foundation”, and “Instruments in the Cloud”. I think these organizations accept donations for pianos from all 50 states (and hopefully DC).

      • Thanks for all the info! My husband did a pretty exhaustive search with local organizations but I’ll double check with him regarding the ones you suggest. It’s a great little piano but not worth anything to anyone in terms of monetary value…

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I finally made the Pinterest fave “Mississippi Roast” in the slow cooker yesterday. It was good but not life changing as promised.
    Rant: Pinterest. Clearly I did not get the recipe there.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: dreaming about having a stomach ache and waking up to find I have a stomach ache. I guess that was to be expected from skipping breakfast and lunch and then having fast food for dinner.

    • maxwell smart

      I had a dream within a dream that I got robbed at gunpoint and in the process of fleeing the scene got robbed again. I should not be allowed to attend midweek Happy Hour

  • Rant: I was out of milk at home, so didn’t have coffee. Came to work expecting to be able to make a pot, and we are out of coffee. Had to settle for a nasty, weak k-cup. I am in desperate need of real coffee.
    Rant: I feel like I am too old to go back to school. I have a life and a job, I do not have time for daytime classes. The program that I would like to do requires two semesters of fieldwork plus a companion class that must be taken concurrently and is only offered during the day. I don’t know how to make this happen and it’s very discouraging. The field work would be two years out, and I’m not sure if I should pursue it in hopes of being able to make it work by then, or just pick something else that can be done entirely online but is completely not my passion. Spending all that money and effort for a piece of paper that holds zero personal meaning to me is just so not me at all, and I don’t know if I can do that.

  • Rave: Feeling more positive about life today, for no particular reason.
    Rant: I suspect, like yesterday, my good mood will vanish for several hours once the sun starts setting
    Rave: Slathered what amounts to fancy vaseline on my face last night in an attempt combat crepe creep. Seems like it is doing the trick for now but I don’t know how sustainable this is…
    Rant-to-Rave: My grey cat dashed out the door of my apartment last night and I thought that would be the last I’d see of her since she’s so fast, but pretty much as soon as she got into the hallway and realized she had no idea where she was, she ran right back into my apartment. Pretty sure my heart rate skyrocketed for about 15 seconds, but crisis averted!

  • Rave/Rant: I love when a friend emails me a recipe to try out but now it’s all I can think about. I will totally be making those pumpkin-cranberry scones tonight.
    Rant: Saw a house for sale that would be my dream house but I dislike the location (way too far out in the middle of nowhere) and it’s out of our budget by about $100k. I guess I’ll just have to keep dreaming.
    Rave: Overnight oatmeal – what a time saver this morning.
    Rave: Going to be cheering on my cousin in the MCM this weekend. So excited to get to see her race.

  • Rant: at home with an awful case of the flu and a horribly painful staph infection.
    Rave: it’s 11am and I’m still in bed.
    Rant: I don’t even have the energy to go to merge living room and binge watch something.
    Rave: when/if I do get the energy, Terrace House is waiting for me!

  • Rave: 2.5 weeks into running (I’m a newbie) and I love it!!! I downloaded an app that is helping me train for a 5k. Now I just need to sign up for a race to keep that motivation strong. Plus, I convinced my SO to do his warm-up run with me so I could run outside last night and feel safe after dark. The treadmill is ok, but I prefer a change of scenery as I round each block. I’m going to need some cold weather gear if I keep this up though.
    Rave: Meditation before work is exactly what I needed. Work is super stressful all the time and just 10 minutes in the morning is helping me tremendously.
    Rave: 4-5 people have commented that I seem more at peace and effortlessly calm regardless of the situation. I’d say meditation in the morning and running in the afternoon are keeping me sane. Love that others have noticed too!

    • That’s so awesome re running! I was doing great over summer, but the cold (and a ton of work) have kept me away from the gym this week, which is annoying. I want to invest in a treadmill, but don’t really know how to go about purchasing one. Where did you get yours from?

      • I had the opposite problem! I was doing great with running up until the summer. I run outside and I just could not run in the heat/humidity so I stopped. I need to get back into it!

  • PoPQuestion: Would you move across the country for your significant other (or ask your SO to move across country with you)? Context: 6 mo together; bored in DC and looking for change; no home investment; a fine, but not great, job.

    • Heh, I don’t think anyone’s going to be able to answer that question for you. Good luck!

    • If it’s worth throwing the dice whether or not it works out with the S/O, then why not? Change and daring are good. Don’t move in with the S/O.

    • I think it’s a fair thing to ask as long as you see a long-term future (ideally you’d want a firm commitment to that, but 6 months seems to soon for that). I would only do it if I thought I would marry that person.

    • If you like your SO more than anything in DC, and see more of a future with the SO than with your job/ friendships, etc. then yes. I would in a minute. I might anyway, if there were nothing much keeping me here.

    • I agree that this is a conversation between you and your SO and depends on your specific circumstances. Unless you know for sure you’re soulmates, though, I’d put yourself – your career and life-satisfaction goals – first, and trust that if its meant to be, it’ll work out; whether that’s staying put and being happy in a relationship but not necessarily work/life, or jumping ship to a more satisfying city/career and potentially being single (or meeting someone new).

    • I think it depends on your relationship with your SO. To be honest, my SO and I had moved in together and were engaged within 6 months of our first date. If it feels right, then go for it.

    • As others said only if I saw a serious future with the SO, and probably marriage. I moved to a different country for/with my wife, although not as far as cross country and it added a lot of stress to our relationship the first 6 months or so. I can’t imagine how it would have been if we were not married/seriously committed to each other. Also, have you been to this city and experienced it more than once?

  • Rant: Coworkers who think they don’t have to open the door to our building. No seriously. There is a button for persons with wheelchairs to use. I’ve seen so many wheelchair less folks who are just too lazy to open the doors use the button. The doors are not that heavy. What makes is so bad is that the button has been used so much by folks who really don’t need it, the button was broken and needed to be fixed a few weeks back.
    Rant: A coworker who walked in front of into the 1st set of doors in my office building and just stood in between the 2 sets of doors, turned around, and stared at me. Then it hit me that that she expected me to open the door and hold it for her. Really lady? If you can open the 1st door , you can open the second.
    Rant: Coworker in adjacent cubicle gossiping all freaking day.
    rave: Telework tomorrow.

    • I HATE THE WHEELCHAIR BUTTON OVERUSE TOO! My friends tell me I’m crazy. But omg stop being so lazy!

    • dcgator

      1 more for haters of people like this. Of course, sometimes you need it and “who knows, maybe they have some kind of disability,” etc, etc, but overall….peoples are just lazy.

    • I have mixed feelings about the auto-door button. I use it a lot at my apartment building, but only since I got a dog. But OMG I get so annoyed at people at work who use it for the bathroom door. You can’t close the bathroom manually once the button has been pressed, so the door stays open for several beats, meanwhile, everyone walking by can see in to the bathroom.

    • I use the blue button when I’m sick, because I can bump it with my hip and not risk shedding virus all over the handle.

    • Totally agree on the door-button use. The majority of folks in my building will always use this if the option is there and it constantly causes weird logjam issues with people backed up waiting while the door slowly swings open, or everyone trying to squeeze through one side of a double-door since *everyone* is too damn lazy to open the second door manually. Possibly my biggest pet peeve of all.

    • I don’t think it’s laziness more than it is a germ thing for people. I’m amazed at how many people fear other people’s germs.
      What bothers me is when people don’t use revolving doors when signs everywhere request it for conservation of the building’s energy and the environment. It’s a twofer- you don’ t have to touch a door AND conserve energy…and yet 80%+ of people refuse to use them.

  • Rave: I bought the echo dot (from amazon). Its so great! Its $50 bucks, and I essentially use it as my alarm and my radio in the morning (I love WTOP in the mornings – it tells me how f*cked Im going to be on the red line). Im going to get one for my parents and my siblings for xmas.

    Does anyone know whats happening with the Whole Foods at 965 Florida ave? wasn’t it supposed to start construction fairly soon?

  • Rant: Date for tomorrow canceled – he’s sick.
    Revel: Gutting a pumpkin with my 2nd graders in just a few minutes when they get back from PE!
    Revel: Birthday dinner for one of my work BFFs

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Dad’s chemo worked! Now he just needs the bone marrow transplant.
    Rave: Booked a flight to see my folks in January (after the bone marrow transplant).

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