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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: oh my god, those prairie dogs!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Middle Zelda is starting to feel a little too entitled to the use of my car. She’s in for a rude awakening this weekend, since I have lots of running around to do.
    Rant: Stupid salon let me make an appointment online, but to cancel I have to call. Have I mentioned how much I hate the phone?
    Rave: One more wearing of the awesome $25 dress before I have to pack it away until spring.

  • Rant: this morning I was walking my dog and as I was walking into a cross walk where I had the walk light a man in a giant SUV pulled 90% of the way into the crosswalk, at a red light, like he was going to run me over to make a right on red. I stopped and must have looked appalled, then when he finally acknowledged me I walked in front of him. He had his window down and he had the gall to say to me “you don’t take the right of way, I give you the right of way.” That is tantamount to saying “I choose whether you live or die this morning. And your dog too.” You better believe I argued with him, I just wish I had been more forceful in my argument. He kept insisting that he had the right of way and the power to take it or give it.
    Rant: that kept me angry all walk long, through getting ready and leaving the house.
    Rave: nasty women who don’t let men who think they own everything get away that shit and model calm, poise, and excellence day after day on a national stage. And that Olivia Pope suit.
    Rave: my bff called last night to ask if we should rent dresses when she comes to visit. GREAT THINKING.

    • oh my gosh! I’m so glad you and DOG are ok! what an asshat! love your raves, though!

    • skj84

      Glad you are ok! Good Lord the terrifying entitlement of that driver. Agree with your raves.

    • That One Guy

      Personally, if I had a bagful of dog poop at my disposal in your situation it would have likely found it’s way into the guy’s car.
      Why is it that people become really defensive when they’re caught doing something wrong instead of being contrite and apologetic.

      • “Why is it that people become really defensive when they’re caught doing something wrong instead of being contrite and apologetic.”
        Because they have so little self-worth in other areas of their life. They feel the need to push an “alpha dog” image to others in order to compensate for their low self-esteem. Such a sad, inconsequential existence. 🙁

        • Yup. You better believe this guy must be absolutely miserable deep down. Not that it’s much consolation and I certainly wouldn’t feel bad for him.

      • I’ve spent a decent amount of time thinking about what would happen if someone attacked me while out with my dog and I have resolved that I don’t want to put him in that situation. No matter who’s at fault, if a Rottweiler looking dog attacks someone he will branded as a dangerous dog. I have no problem yelling at a guy that a red light means he doesn’t have the right of way, but I’m not going to escalate and use my dog as a weapon.
        But I will say, I walked away from that interaction feeling angry for myself, but even more angry for people who receive worse treatment on the regular, just for existing in ways others don’t like.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Simple human nature. If somebody becomes aware of their error on their own, they’re more likely to apologize. If somebody’s error is pointed out to them, it’s pretty natural to dig in and defend one’s self, even if blatantly in the wrong.

      • HaileUnlikely

        P.S. sorry that this happened. The guy was a mad huge d*ck for driving at you in an aggressive manner. However, I don’t think his response that followed really differentiates him from the rest of the population to any meaningful degree. I often dig in and get defensive when confronted, even if deep down I know I’m wrong. Most people I know do that, at least initially, before coming to their senses and apologizing later.

        • I agree with you to an extent, but the only pointing out I did was a gut reaction to stop before being run over and having an appalled look on my face. I think a defensive reaction like the rest of the population would be him yelling at me to stop, or not be a bitch, or or to wait my turn. I feel like him taking personal ownership of rights of way is a notch above normal. It came out of his mouth like it was his practiced, life philosophy. He sees himself as the dues ex machina in my morning, here to make the decisions with his divine power.

    • I’m so sorry that happened to you! I wonder if it’s the same guy who almost ran me over when I also had the crosswalk light and then proceeded to yell at me out his window for a block down the street. People like that shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

    • happens to me once in a while (car stopped ON TOP of the crosswalk, rather than behind it.) I try to be nice and just say “Hi ma’am/sir, if you were to stop a few feet back, it’d be safer for me to cross since i don’t have to stray close to the traffic lane with my crazy dog.”
      Sometimes they give me the ol F U, but many times they are apologetic, since i think they most folks don’t mean to stop in the crosswalk, they just aren’t paying attention and didn’t see a pedestrian ready to cross there.
      Never had someone claim complete ownership of the road, as this guy did. He’s probably also the one who passes 7 cars on the right at a red light/ stop sign since he can’t be bothered to wait for everyone who arrived first.

      • But tere’s a difference between people accidently stopping in the crosswalk and not being able to back up, and people who pull into the crosswalk intentionally so they can turn even when they don’t have the right of way. :/

      • Not sure what situation you are referring to with passing on the right, but if the lane is there, it should be used, according to those who plan for traffic movement.

        • That sounds disturbingly like someone trying to justify passing on the right?

        • *on the right. (No question mark.)

        • I think it’s in reference to people who pull up to the front of the parking lane at a red light, then gun it and move into the right travel lane to pass a few cars stopped at a light.

          • I have a good friend in L.A. whose husband does that ALL THE TIME. He seems otherwise like a nice guy, but it worries me that there’s so much anger (and contempt for other people) in his driving.

      • Was legally crossing the street (brown sweater and jeans) at a cross walk with my 13 yo daughter when a car just stopped short of hitting us. The driver leaned out the window and yelled in an admonishing tone, “you should not wear dark clothing when walking around at night”.

    • I Dont Get It

      However, always remember the cautionary words of Mr. Henry, my Driver’s Ed instructor “You might be right, but you’ll be dead right.”

    • I Dont Get It

      Mr Henry had many gems such as “Do you know what they call couples who use the Rhythm Method? Parents!”

      Ah the good ole days of Drivers Ed/Sex Ed teachers who were also assistant football coaches.

    • I had a similar experience this morning on my bike. I was heading south on 11th at T. I had stopped at the stop sign. (Admittedly, if there is no crosswise traffic I will just blow through that sign, but in this instance I saw that there was traffic traveling east on T St. so I stopped to wait my turn.) When it was my turn to go, the woman driving on T almost nailed me. At first she was vaguely apologetic (“Sorry I didn’t see you” – but in a decidedly non-sorry tone) but when I didn’t move out of the way fast enough she started yelling about how I needed to be more careful. And I’m like wait….we almost had an accident that was your fault and yet you have the gall to yell at me?? what???

      • Ugh! That is frustrating.

      • I’m sorry that happened to you but THANK YOU for stopping at that stop sign. I have almost been hit by cyclists at that intersection as a driver, as a pedestrian and as a fellow cyclist. When biking at that intersection I have almost been hit by drivers and other cyclists. I always really appreciate when everyone on the road looks out for each other and does the right thing. I’m sorry that this morning you did but the driver didn’t. But I appreciate it!

        • Oh my, I agree. That intersection is horrible and thank you for stopping. I was almost clipped by a biker this morning with my dog when it was my turn to cross the street. I’ve stopped admonishing people for being jerks since having a guy get out of his car and chase me.

        • I have definitely also seen some bad bicyclist behavior at that intersection, which really annoys me as a cyclist because it makes us all look bad. Part of the problem is that 11th is so narrow going south from Florida till you get to S St. and I think cyclists are in a hurry to get to a wider section of road where they will feel safer/don’t have to take the lane (with annoyed drivers behind them).

    • Glad you and your dog are ok! Probably not the smart thing to do but when a driver encroaches into the crosswalk when I have the walk sign and am already in the road, I proceed to walk incredibly slow in front of their car. My small victory.

    • What an a$$hat — “you don’t take the right of way; I GIVE you the right of way.” Like some kind of not-so-benevolent despot.

    • Glad you’re ok. The crosswalk creep by cars (and bikes) is out of control.

  • That One Guy

    Minor rant: Had to come into work early to host a conference call. It lasted all of 2 minutes, literally.
    Rant: Dislike the quid pro quo relationship with uncle/aunt/cousin because I’d prefer not to have to deal with it.
    Rave: But, as long as we’re playing this game I see your gift and raise you one. Check sucka, your move.

  • skj84

    Rave/Rant: I agreed to participate in a talent showcase, and I feel out of my depth. I usually don’t get stage fright, but I’m truly nervous about soloing in front of people. Plus I have two weeks to relearn my monologue. Hope I rally and rock this thing.
    Rant: I’m participating in a cocktail contest this weekend, and my test run of my drink was not good. I have to revamp it completely. I’m a true novice at this, the only reason I entered is because I had a cool idea and now I have to brainstorm with limited time and supplies.
    Rave: Nasty women get shit done.

    • Go! Do it! Everyone anytime anywhere in any artistic venue ever feels out of depth! That’s part of the game. If you’ve agreed to participate – you know you have something to offer. If the monkey gallery were better, they would be up on the stage themselves. Also – even if you totally bomb – so what?!!! No one will gut you with a butter knife, (which might not even be possible. . .) or even remember who you are in a week.

      And for the cocktail contest – don’t sweat it. The taste of your cocktail has nothing to do with it. Cocktail contests are 100% about an attractive/appealing contestant, nothing at all to do with the taste of the drink.

  • Rant: I have to have physical therapy on my back 2x a week for the next 4 weeks. I don’t know how I’ll make the appointments.
    Rant: I’ll have to deal with Safetrack on the Redline from Ft. Totten to NoMa which starts next Saturday,
    Rant: I have period cramps
    Rave: I woke up this morning.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: I think I should taken a mental health sick day today. I have approximately zero interest in work and/or dealing with other people.

    • maxwell smart

      Oh man… I totally missed the game! 10-2! Awesome! After the Nationals lost to the Dodgers, all I want to see is the Dodgers to get destroyed by the Cubs.

  • Rave: Lovely time catching up with some Petworth/Parkview Popville folks last night
    Rave?Rant? Tired enough that I didn’t wake up a million times in the middle of the night. But also tired enough that I slept through 2 of my 3 alarms! yikes!
    Rant: Feel like I’m walking through a fog lately, just focusing on trying to take things one day at a time, one step at a time in order to not panic about things…so now I’m not totally panicking about things, but instead feel like I’m trying to swim through molasses, if that makes any sense. Exhausting and disheartening and overwhelming.
    Rave: I have some good people and things in my life that remind me that there is so much to be grateful for and to enjoy life.

    • binntp

      Great seeing you and fellow ladies of Popville last night! And glad you got some needed rest.
      Rave: Had a great dentist appointment today. I am a total denta-phobe but my hygienist was super nice, did 14 (!) x-rays without making me gag (which is unprecedented), AND I didn’t need any work besides a basic cleaning.
      Rant: This weather. Bring back fall!

  • topscallop

    Rave: no more debates! I can’t look away but I also can’t wait for it to be done. Will our national nightmare soon be over?
    Rave: the collective wit on the Internet. Some of the hashtags have upheld my faith in my fellow citizens to come after the ridiculous and offensive with sarcasm and incisive humor, my favorite attack mechanisms. I think the best I’ve seen so far after the third debate is #TrumpBookReport, but I’d be happy to see other good ones.
    Rant: getting my new glasses has taken over a month with all the back-and-forth over my prescription. Being so near-sighted sucks. Sorry, future offspring!
    Question: if I wanted to try on some shiny rings to see what styles I like without feeling pressured to buy something, where should I go? I’ve done a lot of online research but it’s hard to know without seeing it in person if I actually like what I think I like. I’d prefer to stay in DC since we don’t have a car.

    • Andie302

      I was at Tiny Jewel Box recently and they were wonderful! The guy was helpful without being pushy and let me try on whatever I wanted.

    • Shah and Shah! They have a ton of options both in their display cases and in ring cases in the back and I’ve NEVER felt pressure to buy. I’ve been going to them since 2009 and love working with them.

    • The staff at Market Street Diamonds in Georgetown are the best. I must have tried on every ring in their store and the saleslady was so nice and not pushy at all.

    • Treasure Trove DC 1305 G St NW

    • We went to Boone & Sons, Tiny Jewel Box, and Market Street Diamonds a few months ago. Tiny Jewel Box was definitely the best, and where he would up getting my ring. He was very helpful, informative, not pushy, and had no problem with me being all over the place. Boone was fine, the person who helped us was just a bit chatty (mostly I liked the rings better at TJB). She wasn’t pushy, though, actually encouraged us to look around more. Market Street wasn’t bad while we were there, but the person who helped us was very unhelpful. She promised to follow up with answers to some of our questions, which she wrote down, but her message didn’t address any of them and overall didn’t really say anything. On top of it, they were the most expensive of the 3, and I didn’t like the designs any better, so we just let it drop.

    • Shiny rings, eh? Are you talking about a particular kind of shiny ring, hmm? 😉

  • Rant: Sick of being sick.
    Rave: Supervisor told me to go home (which I will after a couple of things that really need attention.
    Rave: Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. I notice that I’m tougher on Hillary’s performance than most pundits (and ALL of my Facebook friends) but the Banana Republic election results answer may have sealed the election. I picture Alec Baldwin on SNL in a military uniform with aviator shades and cigar in his mouth this weekend.

    • +1 to that last rave. I still can’t believe he said that (although what scares me is that I’m sure most of his supporters support his statement 100%).

    • I don’t think Hillary ever had to beat Trump in the debates in the traditional sense. Her strategy seems to have been to maintain and even keel while baiting Trump into going off, and in that she won every time.

    • I think that just means that Trump has effectively resigned any chance to win. Though that could also make him very dangerous in terms of inciting violence.

  • Rant: Repair shop has had my Vespa for 2.5 weeks. wtf. finish the simple job! this is getting ridiculous La Moto.
    Rant: Colleague is back on the dating market and over-analyzing every single text the guy she’s casually dating sends (or does not send). I now get 20 frantic IM’s per day asking me – since I’m a guy – how to interpret his words (or lack of words, if he hasn’t responded to her text message within 30 minutes during the work day). It’s like a black swirling vortex of self-doubt and paranoia. Stop obsessing! He’s not even that cute.

    • DCReggae

      La Moto took over two weeks with mine too! It took me calling and harassing them to get it back. Next time, I’m gonna check out Modern Classics in NE.

      • houseintherear

        I love the guys at Redline on New Hamp Ave… it’s a bit of a hike but they are nice and quick (and cheap). Not totally sure if they service Vespas but probably.

      • Good to know that they are normally this bad. I’m calling them again….no one answered my email this morning. They’ve done a bunch of work and were just waiting on top small cosmetic parts to get in to complete the job. It would literally take them 15 minutes to finish. I’m sick of commuting by bus! Miserable!

    • Where do you all get your oil changed and how much is it? Really I just want to hire someone to teach me how to do it myself, so that I can do it at my convenience in the future.

      • I’m sure there is a YouTube video on how to do it. I’d watch some and see if that helps.

        • I tried watching one but found the tools/filters/steps confusing, and the video was for a different model Vespa than mine (LX150)…. I have learned pretty much every other handy thing I know from YouTube though! My dad was a Harley enthusiast and would have been able to figure it out, but alas 🙁

          • DCReggae

            I watched the same videos and I’m with you that it’s not very intuitive! Do you have a house? I change the oil in my Jeep and am very willing to try but I don’t have a driveway.

          • The few takeaways from my research are that it’s very different from a car, requires several special items, and may involve removing a wheel…. It’s not the cost so much as I scoot all over the place every day and don’t live near metro. You’re awesome for offering though!

      • Drop a line to your friends on Facebook/Twitter etc. Someone you know must know how to do it or knows someone who does, and would happily spend an hour or two to show you in exchange for a pizza or a six-pack of beer or whatever.

  • Rave: I’m getting the pit barrel smoker this weekend. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get stolen off my porch. I am bigly excited.

  • Rant: I want something else… to get me through this… semi-charmed kind of life…
    [Rave: doo doo doo, doo doo-doo doo…]

    • skj84

      And now that song is stuck in my head. Welp, I’m off to the 90’s playlist on Spotify! On a side note I did not realize how dirty Semi Charmed Kind of Life was until adulthood. Talk about childhood shattered.

      • Right?! It sums up my feelings exactly… but also, not at ALL.

        • skj84

          So open Spotify and the first playlist they show me is a Blink 182 mix. Apparently its 1997 in Spotify’s mind. Whats my age again?

          • That One Guy

            XM radio’s 90s station played MC Hammer this morning. It’d take the doo doo doo, doo doo doo over the oh oh oh oh oh….can’t touch this any day.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Someone forgot to put himself on mute during a Teleconference this morning while he was congratulating his three-year old, in very descriptive terms, of a potty training achievement. It was kinda cute and funny.
    Rant: Realizing that he generally speaks to me in the same tone as he uses with his three-year old. And I’m already potty trained!

  • Rave: Finally figured out this whole finger pricking thing 4x a day (I think). Problem was I totally did too much testing on my left hand leaving it all bruised and damaged making it harder and harder to test, switched to my right and absolutely no problems. Will alternate once my left hand heals. But what a relief.
    Rant: Trump just lying–just standing there lying on stage. And the conspiracy theories he spouts. I can’t take it anymore.
    Rave: It was the last debate.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: ordered 2 pairs of pants that are the same style and size. One fits me perfectly and the other is way too small. WHYYYYYY
    Rant: new person’s inability to follow simple instructions like, please send me an email with the hours you will work.
    Rave: I feel pretty.

  • Rave: Cooler temps ahead this weekend. I need it to be fall, please!
    Rave: Good talk with my former boss yesterday – really nice to know I left on good terms given how stressful it was when I was leaving.
    Rave: Wearing a beautiful enamel ring from my husband’s grandmother along with my wedding band today. She has lovely taste in jewelry and has started dispensing it to family members. She’s in fine health (thank goodness) but she’s 89 and she realizes she can’t take it with her.

  • Bear

    Rant: Woke up at 3:00 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Again. I can’t function like this…

    • Welcome to my world.

    • I’m so sorry. As someone who loves sleep, I hate when these moments occur. Pregnancy is a bit cruel as it leaves you really tired but you don’t get good sleep because you’re pregnant and everyone is also telling you get as much rest as you can! It’s cruel. Now I try to nap on weekends to help make up for the deficit. Does Benadryl make you sleepy? Sometimes a medicated night of sleep, while not entirely restful, will at least get me through until morning.

  • Rave: The debates are over! I seriously can’t wait until the election season is finished.
    Rave: This kid really like 90’s alternative. It’s kind of weird to have her moving/kicking in time with the music.
    Rave: The glass is finally set for the new shower enclosure. I’m going to get to take the first shower in my master bathroom in ages!
    Rave: Apple picking this weekend. It’s seriously one of my favorite autumn activities.

    • That’s so cute about the music. Mine seems to love conference calls and meetings where lots of different people talk, but not all at once. It’s so funny–it’s like my active little participant wants to interject something too!

  • Rant: super high man ran his hand all over my dog after I swerved to avoid his approach on the sidewalk in front of Harrison Rec. Such a creepy thing to have a guy walk towards you with outstretched hands first thing in the morning.

    Rave: REI member’s only opening tonight! Just take all my money!

    • Ugh that is creepy. I find that my dog is more friendly to random weird people. Drunk guy stumbling towards me while talking to himself? My dog rolls for belly rubs. WTF dog, you’re supposed to be protecting me from strangers not making friends with them.

  • Rant: I forgot my wallet in the car yesterday night!
    Rave: PNC alerted me this morning of suspicious transactions on my debit card
    Rave: Thanks to the thief who didn’t break my car window
    Rave: Thanks to the thief who stole only one card out of 5 credit cards I had in my wallet
    Rave: Thanks to the thief who left the wallet in the car and I don’t have to cancel all my card, get new Id
    Rave: I decided last minute yesterday to pay $70 cash instead of using my CC, so the thief only got away with maybe $50?
    Rave: Are thieves usually that nice or stupid or did I just dodged a huge bullet?
    Question: How do I file a police report?

    • To your question – call the police (use 911 or look up the number for your nearest police station online) and tell them you want to file a report.
      As to whether thieves are usually that ‘nice or stupid’ – my guess is that by only taking one card and leaving the rest of your wallet undisturbed, the thief was hoping that you wouldn’t even realize something had been taken. Or at least not until he was able to rack up a good amount of purchases on the card he stole.

  • Rant: Really bad bus ride this morning. The driver was super rude and yelled from one entire stop to the next. I was so irritated that I filed a complaint with WMATA.
    Rant: I drive my car about twice a month. I just keep it to bring my dogs back and forth to my parents in Winchester for when I am traveling. The car has been having problems for a while now. About 50% of the time when I go to start it, it doesn’t start. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 tries. Last night when I was driving home from a doctor’s appointment it just STOPPED. Like I was at a red light and when I went to go the car was like ‘nope I’m done.” The little battery light came on, so I’m guessing that I need a new battery. I panicked and luckily no one in traffic behind me was too angry about the delay. I turned the car off and thank the lord baby jesus above it turned right back on and I was able to find a parking space. On one hand I would love to just get rid of it, but I do like having it for emergencies. On the other, I’m due to renew my insurance on Nov 1 and I really don’t want to spend $500+ on insurance plus another several hundred (most likely) to figure out/fix what’s wrong with it. Blergh.

    • maxwell smart

      Take it to the Shell station on Connecticut & Fessenden. DP Auto Service. Incredible service and very reasonable about pricing. It could very easily be something as simple as some corrosion build-up on the battery terminal that is preventing it from making a good connection (speaking from experience) and also that the battery, while good, might be low on charge from not being driven often (also speaking from experience).

    • first i have to caveat the below regarding a new battery. if the car cut-off while running it may be more complicated than just the battery since the car should be able to generate enough power when running to handle a low battery (battery is really there to just start the car). so it maybe an issue where an electrical connection is loose, for example the wires connecting the battery to the car, the ground wire that connects the engine to the car etc. a basic home mechanic can check these simple things–if you’re inclined you can as well with a $20 multi-meter and time on youtube. but in the meantime have the battery checked out.

      take the car to an auto-parts store and have them test the battery. if you’re not driving it regularly and the battery is 3-4 years old, it may not be holding enough of a charge—even if your car is charging it fine. a new battery is $100-150, but also think about spending a little bit extra. there are batteries that are better suited for cars that aren’t driven often (it’s more peace of mind).

      if you garage your car, consider putting it on a battery trickle charger to keep the battery fresh.

      • Thanks! I think I last replaced the battery in fall/winter of 2014 so I’m hoping I don’t need a new one entirely since it’s just coming on 2 years old. The wiring thing makes sense. I will take it somewhere soon and see what they say!

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