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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • rant: a diet coke exploded in my purse on my way to work this morning. how does that even happen?? not sure what would have punctured the can.
    rant: everything is covered in diet coke and i am lacking caffeine.

  • maxwell smart

    FRIENDLY PSA: Cyclists – If you are riding in a traffic lane, you are NOT safe riding as far to the right as possible. I know that seems like the polite thing to do, but you are asking to get side-swiped by a driver. Own the lane. It’s the safe thing to do. If you are not comfortable owning the lane and riding on the street, then find an alternate street to cycle on (i.e. not Wisconsin Ave in morning rush hour).

    Driver – When passing cyclists, 3′. Yes, this usually means you will need to slow down and wait for a break so you can temporarily split the lane.

    It was painful to watch this gentleman biking this morning on Wisconsin, basically in the gutter, inches away from getting taken out by rear-view mirrors of cars passing at high speed. SAFETY FIRST!

    • OMFG. Could have been my commute this morning on Pennsylvania Ave SE. I was SO MAD at the massive trash truck for coming within 1.5′ of me as I drove down the parking lane, and then when I WAS forced into owning the lane, a MD driver swerved into my lane from the left mid-block. Why couldn’t they stay over the damn line?

      It took me a while to find the zen after those two close encounters.

    • That One Guy

      Great advice.

    • I agree – this is great advice. Thank you for sharing it. Don’t give drivers an invitation to put you in unnecessary danger.

    • the law is to stay to the right half of the lane unless there is a sharrow

      • Isn’t the purpose of sharrows just to remind drivers that bicyclists are allowed to ride in the street? I wasn’t aware that the laws were any different on streets marked with sharrows than on streets without them.

        • maxwell smart

          More or less. It’s used both as a reminder to motorists that bikes will be in the street (generally on narrow roads with no passing lane) and to alert cyclists to avoid staying to the right and being in the door zone.

      • maxwell smart

        Yes – but that doesn’t mean riding all the way to the right in the gutter. This encourages drivers to feel that it is safe to pass in the same lane, and most DC streets are not wide enough for both a car and bicycle to safely pass. It also makes it more difficult for a motorist to see you. A general rule is 3′ from the curb.

      • I think you’re going to have to cite the actual law if you want anyone to believe that.

      • This is incorrect, the law does not require bikes to stay to the right half of lane. Per ddot pocket guide to DC bike laws.

  • Rave: Beautiful weather!
    Rant: I have a cold that’s come back after 2 weeks. Annoyed.
    Rant: I want to do an extensive renovation of my kitchen but it’s way ore expensive than I expected. Decisin paralysis.

  • Rant: Man on the metro who continued to manspread even after I said excuse me and sat next to him. I was wearing an 18lb baby and carrying a backpack and another tote. Do you think you could give up a couple inches, sir?
    Rave: I am busy enough at work to make the days go by quickly but not overwhelmed.
    Rave: Partner is home from work travel.

  • Rant: IT dude on my job asking me numerous personal questions while trying to fix my work computer. Just because I work here doesn’t mean you need to know my whole life story. I hate it when folks do that. Maybe I’m a little sensitive because I’m from a small town where everybody got into everyone else’s business and it used to make me mad back then.
    Rant: Red Line train made me late to work today.
    Rave: Loud coworker is on 6 month detail away from the office. Maybe I’ll get some peace and quiet.
    Question: Is it a bit weird when you get to a meeting and someone you don’t know assumes that the two of you are together? A woman did that at a meeting last week did that to me by running in the room behind me as I walked into the room (I heard her footsteps), telling me to scoot over in the row I sat down in (even thought there was plenty of room elsewhere in the room) so she could sit next to me and proceeded to ask me. My insecure self was too scared to tell her to leave me alone. But it did feel weird.

  • Rant: Salty today.
    Rant: So much work suddenly. Why must everyone need attention at once? Y’all need to get in line.

  • Popquery: I’m sure this has been discussed in the past, but does anyone have thoughts on a reasonable rate for a selling agent in DC? I’m trying to figure out whether I should be pushing back against a proposed rate for selling my condo.

  • Rave: Mtpkiddo ran back to me twice when we were leaving the house–first to give me a hug, then to give me a kiss. What a sweetheart!
    Rave: second night in a row of close-enough-to-decent sleep. Awesome!
    Rave: managed to largely get out from under the email backlog yesterday.
    Rave: baby giggles and smiles

  • Rave: In Quito 🙂
    Rant: Crazy ass lines to get into this event. Worse than the World Cup or Inauguration lines!
    Rave: Had a great event yesterday that I was in charge of – it was really well received. Now I get to relax/run around to events I’m interested in and connect with colleagues.
    Rave: Had one of those nights last night where you connect with old grad school friends and just have an incredible time !
    Rant: 2AM wake up call tomorrow to leave for airport.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: google
    Rant: feeling blah about everything. I need a shake up.
    Rave: Lady Grey tea.

  • skj84

    Rave: Was able to watch the Anteres launch from the Kennedy Center last night. Got to the roof literally right as it lifted off. So cool. I tried to watch the ill fated launch from the same place 2 years ago, glad it went off without a hitch!
    Rant: My manager is leaving next year. She is has been such a wonderful encouraging mentor to me. I’m glad she is persuing an opportunity that means a lot to her, but worried how things will be with her replacement. I feel like she is one of those once in a while managers who just really get it.

  • Rant: We were supposed to get the final piece of a furniture order in this week so we can set up delivery. In anticipation, my parents are coming this weekend from CT to take and store our couch. But then I found out there’s a three week delay in order completion as of this morning, meaning we will be couchless for three to four weeks. My spouse is like, whatever we’ll survive. And of course we will. But we utilize the couch a lot–and pretty much I lay on it every night, especially because I’m 8 months pregnant and that’s a comfy position. A chair won’t be the same. Unfortunately, this is the only weekend my parents can come.
    Rave: A colleague just got some great news about a project she’s been working very hard on and I’m so happy and proud of her!

    • At that point in my pregnancy, the most comfortable position for me was sitting with my legs slung over one of the arms of a very big chair in our living room. Maybe try that? I’m sorry you’ll be couchless for awhile.

  • Rants/raves I forgot to post yesterday:
    Rave: Very productive weekend — got lots of house-tidying done on Saturday and lots of yardwork done on Sunday.
    Rant: Still haven’t had time to plant any new tulip or daffodil bulbs.
    Rant, today/yesterday: Feeling groggy.

    • Oh my goodness, I got some no name magic erasers (aka melamine foam sponges, but these have a blue foam center that makes them easy to hold on to and deteriorate less) on Amazon and I went crazy this weekend. I cleaned all my interior doors, my cabinet doors, got scuff marks off my walls, and started to clean the baseboards. It’s addicting and I HATE cleaning!

      • I am intrigued! Will have to look into these.
        Oh, a query I meant to post for PoPville: Is it just me, or is it harder to keep a shower stall clean than it is to keep a combo bathtub/shower clean? And can someone (Andie) recommend a cleaner for deep cleaning?
        I have been trying to get my shower stall clean for the past two weekends, and it is driving me up the wall. I’ve been using a scrub brush, but even still I am having a hard time getting it

        • If it is soap scum build-up, try some Dawn. It helps break up the residue. If it is mold, I’d like some advice as well. I cannot get the grout clean in my new (to me) bathroom).

          • In my experience, a bleach-based cleaner is good for fighting mildew.
            Will try some dishwashing liquid on the soap scum — thanks for the tip!

          • I’ve had really good luck with heating white vinegar in the microwave, & then mixing it with Dawn in a spray bottle. Spray all over the shower door/walls, and let it sit for 2-3 hours. Most soap scum will come right off with minimal scrubbing. Good luck!

          • Thanks, AVEnue! That microwaving idea never would have occurred to me!

          • I use Lysol IC. For the liquid concentrate dilute it correctly. Works great on hard surfaces. I love that my sinks were clean longer (did not have mildew) than other products.

        • I should clarify — my query for a recommendation on a cleaner for deep cleaning was for a cleaning service/housekeeping-type company, not for a cleaning product per se. But I am open to ideas. 🙂
          I have switched back to using my shower-tub combo (fortunately my bathroom has both options), but even if I never use the shower stall again, I’d like to be able to get it properly clean.

        • Not a person recommendation, but a cleaning recommendation. sprinkle baking soda liberally over the area, let it sort of sink in, then pour white vinegar over it. It will fizz, and let it go until the fizzing stops. Then scrub with a brush, giving it some good elbow grease. rinse with very hot water. I have found this works on nearly everything.

          • Anonamom, I can try this on the shower-stall floor… but my main problem is the vertical surfaces.
            Maybe i can try scouring with baking soda and then spraying vinegar or something?

        • My theory is the the shower stall is harder to get clean because:
          – the small size means that it doesn’t ventilate as well as a tub or larger shower stall would, and thus gets ickier faster
          – the small size also means that the water comes into contact with more of the vertical surfaces (walls/door( than if if were a tub or a larger shower stall
          – the door and doorframe have so many frickin’ edges and surfaces (maybe I should have been propping the door open after use to allow the door, doorframe, and stall to ventilate better??

          • I’m dealing with this in a rental apt. – mildew tends to collect around the edges of the ceiling – just difficult to get enough ventilation. Also, we designed the shower with nice tile, but remember the more grout, the more places for gunk to settle. If I could do it over, I would go with a molded fiberglass shower – ugly as they are.

          • Yeah. I’m glad my tiles are as big as they are (12″x12″) — even more grouting would be even worse! I too am tempted to get an all-in-one molded fiberglass thing if/when I redo this bathroom.
            Fortunately there’s no issue with mildew on the ceiling, and the mildew within the shower stall is fairly easily resolved with bleach-based cleaner. It’s the soap scum I’m having the most trouble with.
            I had the mildew-on-the-ceiling issue when I was in grad student housing at the University of Maryland. IIRC, even after I started opening the bathroom window after every shower (there was no exhaust fan), I still had to wipe down the ceiling periodically with a bleach-based cleaner.

        • Use this stuff – crazy strong and makes my grout WHITE again. I usually need to let the bathroom air out for 10-15 minutes before cleaning. Or wear a ventilator mask. Insane fumes, but it does the job.

        • That One Guy

          IKEA sells squeegees. It’s difficult to get in the habit of wiping down things after a shower but it really helps keep things cleaner longer.

          • Do you have to wipe down the walls, though?
            i’m familiar with the idea of squeegeeing an untextured glass shower door after use so that it doesn’t show dried water droplets… but mine is textured, so fortunately I don’t have to worry about that particular annoyance.
            At this point I’m thinking less about regular/routine cleaning and more about just getting the damn shower stall properly clean and never using it again (since I have a tub-shower in the same bathroom).

        • The cleaning columnist Jolie Kerr has good advice for all kinds of cleaning problems. Per her recommendations, I’ve had good luck getting a glass shower door clean with a dryer sheet and I use X-14 for mold.

          • I’d forgotten about her — I remember seeing the “Ask a Clean Person” blog years ago and thinking it was amazing!

      • Oops — that posted prematurely. I meant to say “… I am having a hard time getting it properly clean.”

        • Allison

          Tilex, with proper ventilation (strong bleach smell.) You can’t go wrong with bleach!

          • I’m already using a bleach-based cleaner (the Target generic of Clorox Clean-Up), but it doesn’t seem to be enough.
            I probably need to be using an abrasive cleanser on the floor of the shower stall, since the bleach-based cleaner and a scrubbing brush don’t seem to be sufficient.

          • Allison

            Maybe some Bon Ami powdered cleaner along with your brush?

          • Just be reaaaally careful about what kinds of cleaners you mix – there are some where if you mix them, you can create an extremely toxic cloud of gasses and knock yourself out (happened to my brother’s friend!) so be sure to read labels!

          • About mixing cleaners – specifically – mixing chlorine and ammonia creates a deadly gas.

  • Rant/Rave/Not sure yet: second day in an open office environment. So far it’s a bit of a sensory overload and may require a call to my optometrist, but it is making me feel like I can get more work done.
    Rave: I’d never heard Chvrches before, but I really liked the show last night.
    Rant: I’m not sure what was worse about the college students next to us, their complete and utter lack of concert etiquette or seeing a window into what I was like 10-12 years ago through a mature person’s eyes.
    RANT: there was a couple waking their Yellow Lab on a retractable leash, almost all the way let out, coming towards me on the sidewalk last night and I told them my dog doesn’t like other large dogs and they didn’t acknowledge that I said anything to them and didn’t reel in their dog at all. I need to keep my dog under control, but you need to use a legal leash and not put others at risk.

    • I don’t even have a dog and this is a major pet peeve of mine. I think the most outrageous example I ever saw was a very small woman walking a huge dog on a retractable leash. The dog got into a scuffle with a blind person’s seeing eye dog. Are you kidding me? If you can’t control your animal, you really shouldn’t have it, especially in a high density area like DC.

      • Omg, I can’t imagine the seeing eye dog was the one instigating that.
        This lab was super mellow, so I can see how they would think it’s okay. But if my dog reacts and then your dog reacts to that, you have a large dog on way too much leash. And that leash material that can really hurt you and your dog. That’s what I don’t get. I would never walk my dog on a leash that could cut into my flesh.

        • It most definitely was not the seeing eye dog acting as the instigator. And as someone who got wrapped up in a normal leash when two dogs got into a fight, I completely agree with you about retractible leashes. It is dangerous and if something does happen, you have zero control over your dog.

        • My mom broke her finger when one wrapped around it when I was a kid. She’s had multiple surgeries and it’ll never be the same. From a LEASH. There’s no reason to have one.

    • I’m going to Chvrches tonight! Do you remember what time they actually started performing last night?

    • Ugh, so jealous you got to see Chvrches! I always miss seeing them when they’re in town. Stupid work travel.

      And yes I hate retractable leashes. They are terrible for walking on busy city sidewalks.

    • Chvrches put on a good show, and to my surprise I was not overwhelmed by college yuppies. My one gripe would be there synths were way to lound in some parts of songs and you could barely hear the lead singer. 50$ in ubers kinda put a damper on it….its expensive to see shows at echo stage evidently.

      • maxwell smart

        Yeah… I was tempted to go last night on a whim, since there were tickets available on StubHub, but the hassle and expense of getting both to and then from EchoStage, especially on a school night…I’m too old for that.

    • I hate, hate, hate retractable leashes. My dog was attacked by a (very small) chihuahua last year whose elderly owner had it on one and couldn’t control it. Thankfully the dog was so small that its mouth couldn’t even make it around any part of my dog, and my dog thought they were playing until I picked him up and booked it out of there, but they give you absolutely zero control and it drives me nuts.

      • That terrifies me. My dog is large enough to pick up a Chihuahua and badly hurt it, if not kill it. He likes little dogs and is more tolerant of them than any other dog, but I’m not sure what he would do if one tried to bite him. I’ve never run into a “tea cup” dog, but we will not go near one regardless of its leash or behavior because they’re smaller than his toys.
        I’m glad your dog was okay!

      • Ugh retractable leashes. When I was little I had a scar on my leg from a retractable leash that a crazy (but small) dog wrapped around it that I couldn’t get out of. They shouldn’t be allowed to sell those things — they’re sharp and you can’t control animals on them.

    • At a certain point, you need to yell at people to get their attention and tell them exactly what to do. I think a lot of people mentally shut-down when walking their dogs.

  • Rant: Woke up last night convinced that I had throat cancer (this happens with every sore throat) and couldn;t get back to sleep.
    Rave: Bug already seems to be retreating, meaning that I’m too sick to work but not in too much pain to enjoy that being spaced out on virus remnants and over-the-counter meds on a beautiful day to space out on the front porch. I feel like I’m at an expensive sanitarium, “taking the cure.”

  • Rant: I’m not sure how much longer I can stick with teaching. This has been such a demoralizing, stressful year.
    Rant: I don’t know how to even begin moving on. My masters in criminology never helped me find a job in that field after I graduated in 2009 which led me to eventually get a masters in teaching. How does one even make the switch?
    Revel: short workweek with plans to drive to Connecticut on Friday.

    • Hugs to you — sorry to hear this school year has been so rough.

    • oh man, I’m so sorry to hear this, I was hoping things were getting better but it sounds like maybe not….Sending you hugs, wish I had ideas on how to move forward but nothing is springing to mind at the moment.

    • Is there any chance that switching systems would help? Or perhaps changing grades?
      I do have an old friend who was a high school teacher. She started off loving it, then very quickly hated it. She transitioned into teaching at a community college while getting her MEd in something relating to teacher’s education and distance learning. She now works at a university training teachers and absolutely loves it. It was not an overnight transition, but it was a smart one that allowed her to remain in education and not lose what she already had. So there definitely are options.
      In the meantime, hang in there. i know that teaching can be a thankless task, but as a mom and as a human being who really respects teachers and educators, thank you for everything you do. What you do is so important, and whether you know it or not, you are actively inspiring kids and you are actively a part of shaping their futures.

      • It’s tricky – this is the last year before I get tenure and I’m somewhat reluctant to give it up. But seriously, any other school district would be better than the one I’m currently in. At least DCPS pays better.

        • Once you’re tenured in the system you’re in, does the tenure go with you if you transfer somewhere else? Or do you have to build it up all over again?

          • It will stay with me if I transfer schools within the district but not if I leave the district. It’s nice to have that stability, but there’s so much dysfunction here and I’d rather get out before I’m in too deep. Maybe.

    • If you like working with children and it’s the school environment that’s stressing you out, have you looked into jobs related to children’s welfare? My job is related to this and we have all different types of people from different backgrounds — from social work, to international affairs, finance, etc.

    • I’d say look into what is it you LIKE about education and try to follow that.. do you like working with students but hate the school system? Try a nonprofit environment… do you like your subject matter? look into working for an education company.. I’ve been in education for the last 7 years but have never actually taught in a classroom! That being said… in most ed related fields the fact that you have classroom experience is really valuable!

    • I would think there would be jobs you’d be an attractive candidate for because of your two degrees in teaching and criminality. Programs working on eduction in prisons and for former prisoners. Programs working with at-risk youth who’ve been in some trouble trying to get them to finish school. Non-profits that fund such organizations. Organizations that work with policy in these areas. You wouldn’t necessarily need to be teaching to do some good in the fields you have experience in. And you might feel like you have more control over your life than most teachers I know do.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Meh.
    Rant: People, I’m trying to give you work. Call me back!

  • I know that this has been discussed before, but does anyone have any experience with the “custom” suit shops springing up? My son, who is very tall and extremely scrawny needs an interview/wedding suit a Generally speaking, off the rack doesn’t fit him well, but he has a pretty tight budget (under a $1000). Any thoughts?

    • maxwell smart

      Under $1000! Is that a tight budget? I guess maybe I am lucky enough that Ben Sherman fits me off the rack that I haven’t spent more than $500 on a suit.

      • It’s a tight budget for anything approaching custom. Nothing fits this kid (well) off the rack. He’s built like a scarecrow.

    • My husband and some of his friends have used the site makeyourownjeans(dot)com for suits and have been pleased. Both he and one of his friends used it for their wedding suits.

      • To clarify: they’re not jean/denim suits hahaha, but I suspect the company started off as just making custom jeans. You can choose the material and all the options, give them your measurements, etc.

        • maxwell smart

          Custom Jeans! Now this is something I can get behind. I HATE shopping for pants. Is it too much to ask for pants that are SLIM (i.e. not skinny… I have thighs) but also not fit like pajamas?

    • Suitsupply in Georgetown should be able to help out. If that fails – try Brooks Bros MTM? (Though that likely won’t be slim enough.)

      • palisades

        These are the two best answers in the thread. Avoid things like indochino or off-the-rack suits from stores with fancy names like massimo duti. You’re paying for the brand, not the fit.

      • Was going to suggest both of these. I’ve had quite a bit of tailoring done by Brooks Brothers and am always really satisfied.

    • Also, has he tried the JCrew long versions? Their suits are fairly slim and fit well within the budget assuming the long length is long enough for him at a particular chest size.

      • DCLadyinWaiting

        Seconding J. Crew! I used to work there and their suits are one of the last things of theirs made to their formerly high quality standards. They are very affordable and come in a variety of sizes — plus if you have the J. Crew card you can get them tailored for free.

        If he’s skinnier, the Ludlow cut will be better — otherwise try the Crosby!

    • my husband has had good luck with suit supply custom suits over the years – they have a store in foggy bottom. might be worth checking out.

    • SuitSupply or Indochino. For indochino, go to a tailor and get your measurements. Send the measurements along with your online order. Simple.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Given stated budget, he may desire higher-end stuff than I have any experience with, but I have been happy with suits I’ve gotten for ~$450 from an online seller called “OwnOnly,” which is basically a competitor of Indochino and follows the same model. They have you send them about 100 specific measurements that you take of yourself (for best results, pay a tailor to take the measurements), you select your materials, some minor customizations, etc., and they make your suit and ship it to you in about a month. I’ve gotten 2 suits from them. The first was goofy because I screwed up one of the measurements; I brought it to a local tailor (Cheryl Lofton in Shaw) and she magically fixed it for about $50. For the second one I re-measured and the product I received from them was basically perfect and required no alterations. Given the stated budget, I think SuitSupply MTM is probably your best bet, but if interested in another alternative that will likely cost a bit less, this is one.

    • I go to Vogue Tailors, a Hong Kong outfit that comes to DC twice a year. Custom made shirts, pants and suits, and the cost is largely dependent on the material you choose. You can easily spend over $1000 (or $2000, or $3000) on a suit, but you absolutely can stay well under that. The timing is good – Bhat, the proprietor, is here from Nov. 7-9. It generally takes about a month to get your clothes, but if he needs them sooner I expect arrangements could be made. If you are interested, ask Dan for my email address and I’ll send the details.

    • Thanks for the ideas.

    • Have him check out Massimo Dutti in Georgetown. I’m 5’11” and pretty skinny. Their styling is tailored off-the-rack for European body types (tall and lanky). He should be able to get something very nice for $700.

    • EckingtonDoodle

      Enzo Customs in downtown DC is great. They made my wedding suit and vest. They also have beginner suiting for $799 and they fit perfectly. Burgan (the tailor) will guide you stylistically and account for any preferences in your tastes as well.

      • I totally second this. DH is short, broad shouldered/muscular but overall slender. He went to Enzo’s for his wedding suit and after he put that suit on he stated he’s never buying off the rack again. He went back to enzo’s for a more affordable suit (was definitely under $1000 and included custom shirt and he could choose a tie) to replace his black one when that went out. Now he’s going to go back for a gray one. He always enjoys his experience–apparently they walk you through all your options with a nice glass of bourbon. He explored options at Brooks Brothers & Suit Supply but ultimately settled on Enzo’s due to reviews and what you can get for your money. You do need to make an appointment ahead of time as they don’t have a store front.

  • Rant: I’m so tired of the warm weather. I don’t have many outfits that are both suitable for the temperature and fit my belly at this point. I really hope this week marks the end of it.
    Rave: After almost 6 weeks of construction, our bathroom renovation project should be finished by Friday. And it’s so pretty.
    Rave: The hilarious conversation with the Other Mrs. Rabbit while choosing new curtain rods. For some reason, I was having a hard time with the idea of spending $70 on two curtain rods until the Other Mrs. Rabbit gently reminded me about the total cost of the renovation project. $70 is really nothing at this point (and they were the perfect choice).
    Rave: Following the OB’s recommendation to have coffee in the morning has been a game changer for me. No more headaches. No more sinus issues. No more random puffiness in my ankles. And wow, I forgot how amazing it tastes.

  • Rave: Huge end-of-season harvest of green tomatoes that will soon become green tomato salsa, relish, chutney, curry, marmalade. What else (that can be canned or frozen)?
    Rant: Amazon package with guaranteed delivery by 8:00 pm Monday will now be delivered by Friday.
    Odd: Watering my front yard recently I noticed a plant was missing. It was well-established so not likely a critter dug it up. And if it had died, there would still be remains. Looked around and saw it in my neighbor’s yard stuck into a pot. I know my neighbor didn’t do this – he doesn’t like plants!
    But someone (?) pulled it out of my yard and moved it to my neighbor’s yard. Who would do this?

  • Rave: In the middle of feeling annoyed by some people’s interpretation of / reaction to my rant yesterday, I was called over to meet with the very physician who, after my first cardiac arrest, told my parents that I would probably be a vegetable. He remembered me and my parents, and although he was veeeery surprised to see me, he was delighted to see me in the position I’m in today, and gave his warmest regards to convey to my folks. And then I remembered that THIS is why I do what I do, and the frustration I was feeling over some people’s insensitive remarks about it being my fault for choosing a low-paying job just faded to background noise….just noise….
    Rant: Still didn’t sleep well despite putting the a/c on and turning it down to 72 to make it chilly. Woke up with some nightmares, feeling super hot…ugh.
    Rant: Think I’m fighting a cold, feel like crap today.
    Rant: Dropped my computer and, although everything seems to be functioning fine, the top left-hand edge is now smashed in/bent a bit…will need to take it to the Apple store and see if it falls under warranty somehow..
    Rave: Good friends and wonderful family who cheer me up.

    • That is awesome! And yes, definitely one of the benefits!!

    • Aw, LBP. I’m glad something nice happened to cheer you up. That is awesome. And it is just noise — your feelings are legitimate whether or not other people feel the same.
      I hope you feel better! If it was the cold I had last week that is going around, it should be gone in a couple days.

    • “I was called over to meet with the very physician who, after my first cardiac arrest, told my parents that I would probably be a vegetable…”
      HOLY CRAP, and first?? Just keep it up, it is definitely background noise. If everyone chose a high-paying job we would have a ton of very important jobs with no one to fill them.

      • You’re correct, but everyone isn’t unhappy where they’re at financially either. I chose not to go into big law since quality of life and flexibility were more important to me than money. I’m fine where I’m at financially. When lbp gets to a level of comfort, what other people make won’t be an issue.

        • jesus christ, you really don’t get it, do you? It’s about how we value people in society that is, in my humble opinion, completely and utterly effed up. I’m glad that you’re happy where you’re at in life. But surely you realize that a LARGE number of people will never get to a “level of comfort,” right? You realize that the lady who cleans the wing of the building I work in and then goes to her 2nd cleaning job every day probably works way harder than you or I, and may never reach any level where she feels “safe”? It’s like you’re the 2nd coming of Ayn Rand, your tone deafness is truly astonishing sometimes.

  • Revel: Foot is healed and I’m off the boot! Hurray and huzzah!
    Rave: Two more days in this current job, and starting the new job the next day.
    Rant: I’m feeling smart about not taking a gap in work, because this broken foot is going to be expensive. Ouch. Stupid deductibles.

  • Rant: Garbage truck employees standing the 15 st cycle track don’t warn me that the truck is going to be backing up and cutting me off. Um, how am I supposed to know that you aren’t manually picking up the trash cans and instead just stare at me as I ride at you? And the cherry on top was a pedestrian on the sidewalk telling me to pay attention.

    Rave: made it to work in one piece, despite the best attempts of my fellow cyclists and drivers behaving like selfish aholes (talking about you, mr. silver bike jumping the red lights with no warning and cutting me off).

  • Rave – Trip to California this week and I love California!
    Rant – It’s for work.
    Rant – Being invited to meetings just to take notes and not to participate.

  • Rave: got an email from a coworker with a subject line: Donut. body of email: i brought you an apple cider donut for you. Ok, I’m done.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: A rare appearance in the new made-for-mobile worker office today. They did a beautiful job on the reno of this historic building. I had a bit of a problem identifying the trash cabinet in the gorgeous new kitchen but I did find a fancy ice maker instead.
    Rave: New haircut and sweater vest. See above.
    Rant: It’s hot out and we are in a bit of a food desert and the new café downstairs isn’t open yet. Not looking forward to wondering around outside in a new sweater vest but at least my head won’t be hot?

  • Rant: Super obsessed with eating and weight now that I have a wedding dress to fit. Also noticing how chubby my cheeks are and knowing I can’t really get them down before the wedding in 3 weeks. I’m kind of turning into a nightmare before my poor fiance’s eyes…

    Random: Last night the Fiance was laying on the loveseat with his feet sticking over the edge when all of the sudden he started swearing and jumped up. Turns out a spricket (spider cricket? whatever they’re actually called) was feeling bold and had started crawling up his leg. Then it proceded to hop all over the livng room until its untimely yet slow death by Raid. Meanwhile, I was dying of laughter…

    Rave: Lunch outside!!!

    • I haaaate spider crickets!! Seriously eff those bugs. My previous apartment (a first floor basement in Georgetown) was infested with those things. Every time I tried to kill one it would suddenly jump at my face. They are terrifying.
      Also I totally understand how you feel! A week before my wedding I was suddenly concerned that I wasn’t pretty enough to be a bride. I went out and bought teeth whitening strips, a “brightening” face mask, hair serum, under eye cream, the works. Then I was too busy to use any of it. Got married and felt pretty anyway!

    • maxwell smart

      Cave Crickets! The curse of living in a basement apartment. I get plenty of those. Fun Fact: They are cannibalistic, so the best method I’ve found of taking care of them is to put glue traps where I usually find them – once 1 is stuck to the trap, they all pile on to eat each other.

      • Yup, this was how we handled our infestation. We put down big ass glue traps and they all piled on the trap. So gross, but effective!

      • Good to know re. the cannibalism/glue-trap method!

      • maxwell smart

        I wish I knew a more permanent solution… I’ve just gotten used to them being a fact of life living in a basement. Could be worse, I suppose.

      • topscallop

        That is both horrifying and fascinating. And something I hadn’t considered among the many things to think about should we choose a basement apartment!

        • maxwell smart

          They also seem to be okay surviving minus a few legs, as I have found out on occasion when 1 drops a limb and goes on his/her/its way

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