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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: The energy of the game last night, even going into the 9th
    Rave: No one left early! (or at least not the mass exodus)
    Rant: The result. This town is cursed

    • maxwell smart

      +1. Picture perfectly captures my mood. Such a stressful night. Was really hoping to be a part of a chaotic celebration… instead of a solemn exit. I did love when 40,000 people booed and chanted “METRO SUCKS” during the 7th when they made the last train announcement and almost no one left. Hey WMATA – you got a lot of PR to do if/when you get the system running again. Guess I’m rooting for the Cubs to take out LA.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth.

      Extra rant: Took almost an hour to get out of the parking garage
      Rave: By the time I managed to get out, traffic was almost gone!

    • I don’t think I’d describe it as cursed. The Nats literally limped into October with injuries and with Strasburg out (and he was going to still be out even if they won), that just didn’t bode well for the Nats.
      Baseball is the toughest of the major sports to make the playoffs in. And this was only a 5 game series. Losing in this round is not even comparable to losing the equivalent round in the NHL playoffs (which you play weaker teams and a 7 game series), in my opinion.

  • Rant: Dusty Baker.
    Mega Rant: Bob Henley. WT Actual F??!?!
    Rave: Michelle Obama.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Made myself go to a social thing that I would normally skip (informal drinks after a meeting) and had a lot of fun.
    Rave: It’s my telecommute day! Any day when I get to stay in my jammies and skip Metro is a good one.
    Rave: The view from my study is all sunshine and treetops.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I have no motivation to do anything.
    Rave: Got my flu shot today, herd immunity FTW!

  • Rant/Rave: I’m pretty bummed that the Nationals aren’t advancing but I’m happy for a good baseball season. I was lucky enough to be in the park for Mad Max’s 20-strikeout game, had a great 5th date with current boyfriend there, organized a 26-person group over Memorial Day weekend while introducing my visiting best friend to the ballpark (he’s now a Nats fan!), had countless other great experiences going to games and running into old friends, and outside of Nats Park visited three new ballparks this year, bringing my total count to twelve! Not too shabby at all. Sad that the Nats season is over, especially since my football teams aren’t doing well this year, but it’s nice to reflect on the overall season with a smile.
    Rave: Excited to head to NJ for boyfriend’s sister’s wedding this weekend! I’m also reveling that I am so excited to see his family and how nice it is that I like them so much (and so far – vice versa!). It’s such a great feeling.

    • OH and how can I forget – I introduced my dad & stepmom to Nats Park this year, it was my dad’s first MLB game! And I brought my niece back, her last visit was 6 years ago due to military life/living in Europe.

    • maxwell smart

      well said! I think I went to more games this season alone than in my last 5 years of living in DC. It was fun to actually really get invested in the team, the players, and have an excuse to drink beer and eat nutritionally deficient food. Will be back next season! Go Nats!

  • skj84

    Rave: Fantastic customer service from Amazon. My Kindle wouldn’t charge despite owning it for less than a year. I was technically out of the warranty period and they still sent me a new one! I didn’t have to deal with long wait times or back in forth on response. Really impressed. Honorable mention customer service goes to B-Too, I was told the beer I wanted was on happy hour when it wasn’t. The server owned up to his mistake and honored the happy hour pricing.

    Rave: The New York Times rejoinder to Trumps lawyers threat of lawsuit. They read him for filth! Best clapback ever.

    Rant: Do we have a Damn Yankees situation with the Nats? Are they cursed?

    • Re your rant: if that’s the case I’ll sell my soul for one long ball hitter!

    • The team is 11 years old, and has made the playoffs 3 times. Last night was frustrating, yes, but they have a ways to go before curse. Now, victim of incompetent managing and even more incompetent coaching? Absolutely.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Being only 11 years old does not make this loss any less gut wrenching. And since this is baseball and since the Cubs are looking strong – I’d absolutely say talk of a curse is warranted. God help us. Of course if the Cubs lose…

      • I blame a lot of that loss directly on dusty for mice-managing and trying to do match ups…that eventually left us with Michael A Taylor (who needs to be cut immediately) and Wilmer Difo as two of our last six batters when it mattered most. Shameful

        • Yes, as well as his original sin of pulling Scherzer in the 7th after a home rum (to a good hitter) off a pitch that wasn’t bad – just a great piece of hitting. At only 99 pitches, no less, and he was up in the next inning. The team paid him $210 million dollars, he’s a Cy Young candidate, the undisputed ace of the staff, the best pitcher on the team, it’s a critical moment in an elimination game – and Dusty pulls him for Marc Rzepczynski? Baffling. That led to the cavalcade of relievers in the inning, and the calamity that followed. Maybe Scherzer told Dusty he had nothing left in the dugout, but I somehow doubt that. This is a manager who has been inept in handling his starting pitchers his entire career (hi, Mark Prior and Kerry Wood), and it bit the Nationals hard yesterday. Mice-managing is the perfect way to describe it.

        • It’s so frustrating. In your average game, Dusty looks like a great manager. It’s in these high pressure, do-or-die situations where things start to crumble.

        • maxwell smart

          Yeah, when we were down to Michael Taylor and Difo and LA put in Kershaw… not even Disney movies would be able to make a comeback.

    • Accountering

      All of our teams are suffering from a combined curse. No team from DC has made it to the conference finals sent 1998. Its ridiculous.

  • Rant: Unlawfully placed Gary Johnson signs along the center media of New Hampshire for at least a half mile (Park/Monroe to Shepherd) in NW/Petworth. Put whatever sign you’d like in your yard or your property, but this is public land. On a Right of Way, no less.

    • Same thing with Gary Johnson signs on 3rd St/Virginia Ave SE next to the 695 on ramp. So irritating.

    • My understanding was that election signs ARE allowed on public land — they’re among the few signs that are.
      The main problem with election signs on public land is when the campaign (*cough* VINCENT ORANGE *cough*) fails to take them down within 30 (IIRC) days after the election, as required by law.

      • Hmm… the DC BOEE website says (https://www.dcboee.org/candidate_info/general_info/campaign_posters.asp ):
        “In general, campaign signs, posters, and placards are permitted on public property, but a permit is required from the Department of Transportation Public Space Permitting Center. Permits can be filed online at https://tops.ddot.dc.gov/. ”
        The part about permits being required is incorrect, according to https://go.mpdconline.com/GO/SO-01-26.pdf :
        “Political campaign posters of registered candidates need not be filed with the Public Space Permit Office. However, such posters must be removed no later than thirty (30) days following the general election.” [Gotta love it when D.C. agencies contradict each other… although I guess it’s better than when a single agency issues multiple statements that contradict each other.]
        … but http://www.dcregs.dc.gov/Gateway/FinalAdoptionHome.aspx?RuleVersionID=1241617 makes me wonder if signs are allowed only for _D.C.-level_ office-seekers, not national-level ones, because it mentions “Signs, advertisements, and posters of individuals seeking political office in the District who have met the requirements of §210 of the D.C. Campaign Finance Reform and Conflict of Interest Act.”

    • alissaaa

      They are on Sherman as well, and they have put them on cars on Church St NW in Logan two days in the last week–Libertarians–you need to do more GOTV than flyering cars (and don’t just keep flyering the same cars!

  • Rave: The game, the crowd, the season, all amazing.
    Rant: The final score and the super belligerent Dodgers fan at the end. Yes, you won, cheer all you like, but you’re in someone else’s house, don’t be rude.
    Rant: Metro. So lame. Between Metro, our idiot Mayor, and the Nats themselves, someone should have ponied up the money. Leonsis (Caps, Wizards) does it.
    Rave: Most of the team is back next year. We’ll be back.

    • Don’t get your hopes up for the metro to be open late for Caps/Wizards games this year. The reason it didn’t happen wasn’t money, it was Metro saying “no exceptions period”.

      • maxwell smart

        AND they might just continue that post-safetrack. So get used to there never being late night service for any events in DC.

  • RAVE: Action packed weekend. My friend is organizing a reading at the White House on Sunday. It’s a participant-led essay on what people want out of their President. Feel free to join:
    RAVE: U.S. Oyster Festival is this weekend in St Mary’s county. Has anyone ever gone? How is it? Looks really fun and I love that rural area of MD.

    • I used to go to that oyster festival every year, and it was super fun! Oyster shucking contests, including for National Champion—coooooool. Food, including that regional ham thing that is so super delish, FRESHEST OYSTERS ON THE HALF SHELL EVER, all kinds of oyster stews, fried oysters….YUM. They used to sell a little cookbook every year, too, and I have several of those. “King and Queen Oyster” walking around in their finery. For me, it was mostly about the food, the culture, and the always perfect fall weather. If you go, please let us know how it fares currently as I haven’t been in several years.

      • Awesome, thanks for the review. Any idea if they also serve beer?
        How does it work when purchasing food? Do you pay for oysters at each individual purveyor? The ticket to get into the fair grounds is $7, but I don’t think it gets you anything special.

        • I went to college down there and have been to the oyster festival more times than I can count.
          They definitely sell beer. They also sell oysters in beer. There are generally oysters cooked/or raw every way imaginable so you just go up to whatever stall you want and buy them.
          Secret: if you sit in the front rows off to the sides during the oyster shucking races they will pass out what the constants have shucked for free. Enjoy…it is definitely a good time.

    • If you really love Oysters – check out Oyster Riot at old Ebbit Grill – Nov. 18-19th. Pricey, but well worth it. $140.00 for all the oysters & wine, beer etc. you can eat. The unique part is that there are so many different varieties – 25-30 usually.

  • Rant: I am so bone tired right now. Stayed up working on some work documents until almost midnight, still haven’t finished them, I want to cry. Also my lymph node on my neck is swollen and so so sore – all I can think about is how much I want to take meds and sleep for a million hours.
    Rave: I just have to make it 8 more hours and then I can crash.
    Rant: I have 2 major meetings between now and closing time

  • Rant: Me. I commented on someone’s political post on facebook. I’m going to regret it, I know it. But she was saying that being a sexual predator and being married to a sexual predator put the candidates on even footing. I just can’t.

    • +1 an exercise in futility, but sometimes it’s hard to resist saying something!

      • skj84

        yup. I do my best to live and let live on Facebook, but sometimes you just have to comment. Just be prepared for a potential shitstorm.

    • I had a similar experience recently. I just HAD to give my $.02 knowing full well it wouldn’t be received positively. I hit the “turn off notifications” option and never needed to know what was said in response.

      • skj84

        Turning off your notifications is a good idea and I should do that more often. I usually get sucked back into the argument.

    • I shared a post recently that said “the worst part about Trump isn’t that he’s a racist, sexist ignorant bigot, it’s that his supporters know that and don’t care” and then went to bed. It was – by far – the least controversial thing I think I had posted in the days after P*ssy-gate. The ensuing shit storm surprised me. I woke up to tons of notifications and people accusing me of insulting them personally. It was very odd.

      • skj84

        Yeah, I saw a similar thread on friends Facebook wall. One woman who was very upset at being referred as a “deplorable”. Like lady, if you support Trump for everything he believes in you are a deplorable! I see no lie in the statement. I kept that thought to myself and moved on though.

        • On a tangent, I am opposed to permitting presidential candidates (either of them) redefine the English language. For example, the “c’ and the “l” are in a very clear sequence in the word nuclear, and W had no business moving them around. By the same token, deplorable is an adjective, not a noun, and can’t be put in a basket, figurative or otherwise. Trump supporters can BE deplorable (and many are), but they are not deplorables. Yes, I’m a pedant, and I choose to make my stand here.

          • if “the homeless” can be put in shelters and “the rich” can be put in a higher tax bracket, “the deplorables” can be put in a basket…

          • Ugh the c and l in nuclear or nucular as it is also known apparently drives me insane! The first time I heard it was with W, but now I hear it ALL THE TIME from seemingly educated people.

          • This is not presidential, but can we please add “libary” and “expresso” to the mix?

  • Rant: The Nats. Sending Werth home on that hit…ugh, seemed so desperate.
    Rave: I guess I can focus my cheering on the Blue Jays now.
    Rant: Blue Jays fans and Rogers Centre are not as fun as Nats fans and Nats Park. I also had a dream/wish of buying my dad and I tickets to a World Series game and flying home to surprise him.

    • Yeah – who knows what may have happened, but that illegal pick-off of Bryce and the ill-advised Werth go-ahead potentially cost the Nats the game.

  • Rant: Baby Artie had a nasty cough last night. I really hope this isn’t the start of another cold.
    Rave: Friday! This is a really busy weekend but I am just so grateful that the work week is almost cover.
    Rave: I’m getting my hair chopped off this afternoon. I’m still shedding like Chewbacca in molting season, and I generally just need a change.

  • Rave: Sorry everyone, but Vamos Doyers!
    Rant: I was the victim of a hit and run last night! Wow, who could run a stop sign, knock out a car2go, and keep driving? A maryland driver, thats who! He left too fast for me to see the plates.
    Rave: Luckily I am 100% ok, but it was scary AF!
    Rave: This week almost being over. The weekend cant come soon enough!

    • Yikes — glad to hear you’re OK!

    • That’s so scary! I’m glad you’re ok. How did Car2Go handle it?

      • TBD! They were super nice and helpful on the phone. Cops came too and took a report. No idea how their insurance works, hoping I dont have to pay, ya know? I

        • I think the somewhat recent $1/ride adder was to cover insurance, so it should be on their plan.

        • I’d assume that since you weren’t at fault and have a police report stating that, you shouldn’t have to pay anything. From what I understand with their insurance, the small insurance charge you pay every time you use it covers you with a standard deductible (I think $500?) but I’d imagine it works the same way as any other insurance, where you don’t pay that if you’re not at fault. Good luck!!

          • HaileUnlikely

            In a hit-and-run, you’ll likely have to at least pay the deductible for collision insurance unless Car2Go has uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, which they may well have – I don’t know.
            The “…where you don’t pay if you’re not at fault” thing you’re referring to is in the case when another party is at fault, is identified, and has insurance, in which case their liability coverage pays the claim. Even if it is understood by all that you are not at fault, if there exists no other party to pick up the bill, and you do not have the kind of coverage that takes care of that sort of thing, you’re still the one with the damaged car, and if you want it fixed you’re going to have to pay for it. (In this case, Car2Go is the one with the damaged car. I would not be surprised if they do have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, but in any event, that is the question that matters here.)

          • Thanks for your input everyone. Ill be sure to update once I know how this pans out. Obviously I don’t want to pay, but I guess I should be grateful I’m ok. Had a motorist in the other lane not seen this guy coming and moved over, the driver would have run straight into my door, and I’m not optimistic that these tiny cars offer a lot of durability…

          • HaileUnlikely

            Regarding your final comment: you might be surprised. Smart cars are very solidly built and protect their occupants very well in crashes, better than a lot of “normal sized” cars made more than a few years ago.

  • Rant: Nats. Dang it – was really hoping for some Daniel Murphy heroics in the 9th.
    Rave: Nats! Such a fun season – how many days until spring training?
    Rant: I have a good friend who has a chronic illness who has now been placed in palliative care, as in, there’s not much more we can do except try to make you as comfortable as possible. She had a feeding tube put in a few weeks ago, is down to 85 pounds, lives alone and has little to no support from family. She’s in New York so I can’t be there for her on a regular basis, and it’s so hard to know what to do or say. I try to just listen and be understanding, but it’s so hard and unfair. She’s 45.

    • Oh, that’s so hard. Are there any social services or non-profits near here that could help, even if they just send people to sit with her for a bit.

      • Probably – she lives in Manhattan so I’m sure there are services available. Good idea – I’ll try to do some research this weekend.

  • Rave: Friday, and a half day at work.
    Rant: Walked too much in the walking boot. Patience, grasshopper. Exercise will still be there when you’re healed.
    Revel: Compass coffee in my french press. Yes please.

  • Question: I saw theres a new apartment building i think on fairmont between sherman and georgia thats currently being built, anyone have any info on it? I think its being made by bricklanedc but i can’t find anything on their site. Just curious about what the building will look like and cost for units/if its condos.
    Rant: Nats
    Rant: Dodger baseball is unwatchable hope the cubs smoke them

  • I was in a post-Pizza Hut food coma (don’t judge!) next to the fat cat on the couch when I heard the dog make a noise in the kitchen. Suddenly remembering that I no longer HAD a dog, I got up to investigate. I didn’t notice anything unusual so I decided to wrap up the remaining slices of pizza and put away in the refrigerator. I opened the pizza box and noticed there were only four slices left. WTF??? I had only eaten two slices and then took a third (don’t judge) to eat the toppings only. Where was the missing slice? Feeling a little uneasy I locked the back door which may have been the wrong thing to do when you suspect that something’s wrong inside your house but I may have also consumed some accompanying pizza alcohol (are you STILL judging?).

    Thinking maybe I did wholly drunkenly consume an additional slice, I proceeded on to wrap up the remainders. I opened the drawer in the island where I keep plastic wrap and OMFG there were the parts of the missing slice!!!! It looked like the Pizza Hut Chain Saw Massacre in my drawer! Tomatoes, pepperonis, onions, green peppers, jalapenos were scattered throughout! [This where the crazy scary music starts in this slasher movie].
    Years ago, I had a problem with a rat coming up through the floor into the island but after getting a cat, the problem quickly resolved itself. Was Pizza Rat boldly in my kitchen while the fat cat and I were in the next room???
    I decided to text my “Room Mate” and it went something like this:
    HAA: The rat is back!
    RM: Impossible. We have a cat. Plus I made an agreement with the rats in our front yard to guard the house.
    RM: It must been the Chupacabra.
    Giving up I thought it might be helpful to get some cat scent in the pizza drawer so I placed the cat in the drawer amongst the surviving pizza pieces and rolls of wraps thinking the cat would smell the rat’s scent and go on the prowl. This went about as well as you might suspect from a fat, happy cat.
    I don’t think my cat is a ratter anymore! I need a new, hungrier cat!

    “WTF?! I’m no animal expert but isn’t that what cats like to do?”

  • Late Question – Kyirisan or Maketto?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Everything I’ve been hearing lately is Kyirisan but clearly this is a can’t go wrong decision!

    • palisades

      Personally not a fan of the seating at Maketto – but the food is wonderful. I’m going to Kyirisan next week, I’ll report back.

    • Kyirisan. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I ate there like, 2 months ago now. I plan to go back ASAP. The scallop risotto and Dealer’s Choice cocktails are not to be missed (and this is coming from someone who doesn’t usually like seafood much).

    • Just to be contrarian – Maketto! Especially if you are going with a group. I really like ordering everything and sharing it around.
      Also, if it’s a late question because you’re making last-minute plans for tonight, I think you’ll have better luck at Maketto. I’ve been able to walk in on Friday night for dinner a couple of times with little or no wait, especially if you’re willing to sit outside on a lovely (if chilly) evening.
      Agree with POP that you’ve got two good options, though!

    • Kyriasan. I like Maketto, but I don’t really think it’s anything special that deserves an out-of-the-way trip. Kyriasan, on the other hand…

  • Rave: My manager is out of town today and I am supposed to be covering for her on a rush-rush project.
    BUT the other lead on the project made it clear to me today that not only it is not happening today, it probably won’t happen until late next week, and that is OK with them.
    Which makes it really OK with me – I can do my regular stuff today.

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