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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: I woke up early and was on time for the bus, daycare drop off, and work.
    Rant: I miss having a short enough commute that I could make a proper breakfast during week day mornings.
    Rave: I saw another girl in her twenties with dyed grey hair on the metro. Perhaps I can just claim that my greying hair is on trend.
    Query for the Popville women: [Trigger Warning for those of you who eschew undergarment discussions] I am attending a wedding next month and plan to wear a rather body conscious lace dress. After having Baby Artie, I definitely need some shapewear. I hate that so often those undergarments ride up or show visible lines. So what’s the best approach: SPANX tights, a slip, that strange bra/biker shorts unitard look?

    • Andie302

      Funny, I dreamt last night that I was going to a wedding, realized with some relief that I wasn’t in it, and then realized that I was supposed to be walking out the door and had nothing to wear! If you hate the lines, I’d go with SPANX tights. See how they look and whether you need a slip or not. I’d argue it’s going to depend on the material in the dress (although Jeslett would not agree with me on this).

      • I’d vote for Spanx. They have several varieties and shapes that can hold things where they’re supposed to be. You’ll want to check the color of the lace dress so that your shapewear is complementary. (Don’t be like the woman I saw recently wearing billowing white linen and a neon pink thong. Unless that’s your thing).

    • What’s the top of the dress look like? The bra/biker unitard that I have comes up pretty high and makes it difficult to wear anything that is even slightly lower than a normal backed dress, even if it’s one that allows you to wear your own bra. It works pretty well, though.

      I agree with the spanx tights suggestion, but they aren’t as effective as some of the other true shapewear and it depends on how much help you need/want. Also, they keep me super warm (too warm sometimes).

    • At my brother’s wedding, I went with a actual girdle – like, made in the same factory since 1930s-type full-on girdle with the little things where you can attach stockings. It was uncomfortable as hell but it made me look fabulous! I don’t think I could get myself back into now, but dang, it was a great little trick to have up my sleeve (so to speak!)

      • I recently wore a proper corset under a strapless dress and had the same experience. I was uncomfortable, but so please with how I looked that it didn’t matter…. until after that 5th cocktail. Ugh.

        • What happened after cocktail #5?

          • I got drunk panic, felt like I couldn’t breathe, which was made worse by the corset and vomited. Not pleasant. Also, trying to take off a corset while that drunk is damn near impossible.

    • I dislike Spanx tights because I feel like they just push everything up, and also have a tendency to roll down on my mommy-flab. I usually go for a bust-less control slip when I want something to hold me together.

      • This is my one fear re: tights. I don’t want to spend the entire night hiking tights up over my marsupial pouch.

        • Looool. Artemis, I think you and I have babes of the same age if I remember correctly. I was in DC for a week end of October for a wedding, and wore some control undergarment from Macy’s that started just below bra line and went down to my knees. I looked amazing in my dress! But I couldn’t figure out how to go to the bathroom with the *avert your eyes sensitive people* open crotch thingy, so just ended up pretty much fully undressing each time!

    • If I recall correctly, you are nursing Baby Artie, right? If so, I highly recommend the “wear your own bra” shapewear from Jockey. It drops below your boobs in the front, so you can wear your own bra and your boobs do not get flattened. As a bonus for nursing moms, you can wear it with a nursing bra for easy access.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I would take the dress when you go shopping and try it out over the shapewear to see what works best.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Work is still annoying. Possibly more so today than yesterday.
    Rave: Lovely new rug for the front hall has arrived! Ugly old rug is now banished to the laundry room.

  • Rave: Had one of those days when I felt like a competent boyfriend. helping her with a critical work project, gathering stuff to sherpa up to New York after she”d caught the train, negotiating schedules with friends and relatives for the trip, all that sort of nuts and bolts stuff.
    Rave: Weekend starts in 90 minutes.
    Rant: New Jersey Turnpike in between me and the fun part of the weekend.

    • Balance out the drive by listening to the newest Nobel Laureate for literature.

    • That One Guy

      Don’t know what bridge/tunnel you’re taking to get into NYC, but if you take the Lincoln Tunnel a detour through West New York, NJ (John F. Kennedy Blvd East) is worth it for some of the best views of NYC skyline.

  • Rave: Sweetest birthday gifts from the fella, things that showed he cared and paid attention to what I’ve said in passing. Swoon.
    Rant: Still need to have the conversation we’ve been needing to have.
    Rave: Last Thursday at this job, and next Thursday will be the first day at my new job! Weighing how scorchingly honest to be in my exit interview this afternoon.
    Revel: I’m content.

    • Andie302

      I would only scorch in your exit interview if you think the person you are telling with actually feel the heat. I had an exit interview where my supervisor cried because I was leaving. She was the reason and had NO IDEA. She never thought to ask why I was leaving, and certainly never thought to reflect on whether she had something to do with it. Congrats on all the raves!

    • Don’t burn any bridges, especially if you suspect your words are likely to fall on deaf ears anyway.

      • Thanks, very helpful! I’m taking it as a good sign that I’m getting out of here because my appetite has come roaring back. I don’t eat when I’m stressed, and over the last week I’ve been eating ALL the food. To the point where it’s hard not to eat lunch at 11am.

  • Rant: Can anyone recommend a good marriage counselor in DC proper?

    • Keith Miller & Associates in Dupont Circle. I will say we didn’t really shop around, but were satisfied with Dr. Marjorie Miller. Ours was more of a pre-marital counseling focused.

  • Rant: Back at work after almost a week.
    Rave: Because we got to Tampa after all – no issues with our flight out on Friday!
    Rant: All our money disappearing to vet bills for both dogs – our first dog tested negative for everything the neurologist ran tests on, so we’re now just trying a different medication before trying even more tests, and our second dog is at the vet today for testing to see if she will need a very expensive surgery. Sigh.

  • skj84

    Rave: That picture
    Rant: My back molar hurts. I think something is up with the crown. Made a dentist appoinment for next week, but until then have to content with discomfort.
    Rave: My aunt and sister get to go to Paisley Park on Saturday! It wasn’t open to the public when I was up there in August. I hope they allow picture. Today is Prince Day in Minneapolis and I i’m wearing purple in solidarity.

  • palisades

    Rave: NATS! LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO. I’ll be in section 204 screaming my head off. Prediction: Max throws a shutout through 6 innings. Final score: 5-1 Nats.

  • Rant: that guy who positions himself right by the door of the bus when it pulls up, and then “allows” all the nearby women in the crowd to get on first, and then boards himself. You’re holding everybody up, and you think you’re being polite but you’re actually being rude, if not outright sexist.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I always end up behind that guy and it is so annoying!

    • Really? That’s rude and sexist?

      • I wouldn’t say that it’s sexist, but I have seen some guys be fairly pushy to get to the door of the bus, only to decide to let women go ahead. Which I have mixed feelings about. Like, if you’re going to push past me, just GO. Don’t be weird about it.

      • smh chivalry is sexist now. Cant seem to win these days

        • Hey, if you want to be polite, be polite to everyone. Probably time to rethink where and when (and if) chivalry still has a place. I think it makes absolutely no sense when we’re just trying to get on the bus.

      • I mean this is low-level stuff, but yes it’s rude and sexist. Rude because he’s telling others how to board a bus for no reason and slowing the whole process down. Sexist because I can’t think of any good reason why need to board a bus before men – I can think of other good reasons for priority boarding but gender? Doesn’t make any sense to me, and it’s totally unnecessary.

        • Agree to disagree. Rude, yes, unnecessary and possibly annoying, yes. But in the big scheme of sexist behaviors this is pretty far down on the list (definitely below telling women to smile and catcalling). I think in some cases the motive may be so the man can pat himself on the back, which is icky, but a lot of times it’s really unintentional — for example, I’ve noticed that some guys let everyone ese go first because they’re tall and planning to stand up. Which I think is totally fine.

          • Your example is not what I’m talking about though. There are people who choose to get on last for many reasons (e.g. people who need to put money on their farecards), but they don’t stand by the door and guide the boarding process, they just get on last. Also they let both men and women on ahead of them. This scenario that I’m talking about is one where the guy “chooses” only women to get on before him, and then boards himself. Even if it is not sexist in motive (I think it is), I think it is sexist in implementation. Yes, it does pale in comparison to more serious manifestations of sexism. But I’m told we need to be aware of it in all its forms, so there it is.

    • I Dont Get It

      This is why public transportation would never work in the Midwest. Everyone would be waiting for someone else to board first.

    • I wouldn’t call it sexist. Maybe slightly outdated, but IMO, someone letting someone else go ahead of them is a courteous gesture, no matter from whom or to whom.
      Also, how does it hold everyone up? (Maybe I haven’t seen the process in action enough times.)

      • If you are specifically singling out only women to go ahead of you, then I say it’s sexist. As I said above, if you want to be polite, be polite to everyone.
        It holds up everyone because while he’s ‘directing traffic’ everyone has to wait and see who gets to go next rather than just boarding based on whoever is closest to the door. And some of the people who he orders on to the bus first were actually waiting to get on last so they could load up their card without holding up the line; but now they feel obliged to go ahead since he’s standing there telling them to, and the rest of us have to wait That kind of stuff. (Again, this is low level stuff. I’m not starting a crusade or anything.)

        • “It holds up everyone because while he’s ‘directing traffic’ everyone has to wait and see who gets to go next rather than just boarding based on whoever is closest to the door.”
          I think I misunderstood the scenario, because I’ve literally never seen this before. TBH, if I saw someone doing this, I wouldn’t feel awkward, I’d either be pushing ahead or refusing to go first, at which point it’s his problem and the bus driver can deal with it.

          • Yeah, me too. Every time I’ve seen this (or done this), there has been a group of people waiting to get on a bus, and when a man and a woman get to the door at the same time, he will gesture for her to go, as well as, maybe, any women behind her. It’s not really directing traffic, and there’s minimal, if any, delay.

    • That One Guy

      So along the same vein, am I being sexist/rude when I let women board the elevator first or hold the door for them?

    • How else will he ensure all women see his fedora and hat tip, m’lady?

  • Rave: let’s go Nats!!
    Rave: Paul Weidefeld sticking to his guns.
    Rant: People acting like such babies about the metro not staying open. Listen, I love baseball, I want that place to be rocking. I also want to have a safe and reliable transit system in the future, and I’m willing to pay the price for that future now, and I have faith in Mr. Weidefeld’s plan. There are workarounds, which may be inconvenient, but so is the current state of our transit system.
    Rant 2: Also, more fingers should be pointed at MLB. They set the game time. Starting at 7:30 would alleviate a lot of issues, or even 7pm. Or go back to the 2 minutes between innings instead of 3 minutes to accommodate commercials. MLB made their decision based on economic self-interest; metro made their decision based on the current and future safety of metro riders and against their economic self-interest.

    • glad I wont have to deal with this

    • My issue with the early closing is they’ve just closed the Metro and said “Good Luck!” No added busses, additional parking or shuttles, nothing. The work needs to be done, but to provide no alternative is absurd.

      • My guess is that they are establishing a precedent or at least trying to get people used to the idea of having alternate transportation as they continue to work on the metro because the overhaul will be a long term “project” and these outages and closures will become more frequent so people need to adjust whether by cab, uber or riding to the game with a friend.

        • I agree. But it seems like a bad idea to get people out of the habit of using public transportation. I’d guess lots of people may not come back.

    • 7pm would be a 4pm West Coast start time and not really ideal for Dodgers fans. 8pm is actually a compromise. MNF and SNF have 8:30 start times to accommodate both coast and the NBA essentially has two start times 7:30 and 10:30 so that both coasts can catch the entirety of their games

      • I frankly don’t care about the west coast start time and especially dgaf about Dodgers fans. They are not the ones dealing with a closed metro, and all the other games were early so it’s not like anything different. Also, their team didn’t earn home field advantage.
        I know why MLB chose the start time. It’s just that most people are whining about metro, when this policy has been in place for months now, and is about ~safety~. I would prefer to whine about MLB, which very well could have accommodated an early start time but chose not to, because of ~money~.

        • So your position is that MLB should forego millions in advertising revenue, and limit the ability of the fans in the second largest market in the country, in order to accommodate an admitted “safety issue” that is not their fault, not their responsibility, is the result of someone else’s gross mismanagement, and affects, at most, 30,000 or so people?
          I can’t figure out is that’s hopelessly naïve or crushingly self-centered. Probably a little of both.

          • Oh good grief. They are still getting millions of ad revenue regardless of the time of the game, 30 minutes wouldn’t diminish it that much. And by your argument, they are losing tons more money because the cubs won in 4. Anyways, as I said, I dgaf about the Dodgers’ fans, or their market. All of the other games were early (and yes, I know it was to accommodate other games). I just think there could have been room for both parties to give a little here instead of digging in to their own self-interest. Sure, it’s a naive point of view to desire a corporation to have any sense of social responsibility, even one as minor as starting a game a half hour earlier and/or shortening commercial breaks. And possibly replacing the announcers on their network affiliates (except Bob Costas).
            I can’t figure out if it’s hopelessly annoying that you feel the need to call people names on a rant thread, or if it’s just hopelessly condescending. Probably both. We can have different opinions without being jerks about it, you know.

          • ” Anyways, as I said, I dgaf about the Dodgers’ fans, or their market.”
            So, you’re going with crushingly self-centered? ” I want what I want, and I don’t; care if it affects anyone else!” This isn’t a persuasive argument when an elementary school kid makes it; it’s even less compelling when advanced by and ostensible grown-up without a hint of irony.

    • So I’m not crazy! I noticed that commercial breaks seemed longer when I’m fast forwarding through them. Ugh on making the games so much longer as a result, especially with the later start times!

    • Completely agree with all of this, and I appreciate finally seeing a Nats fan calling out MLB rather than WMATA. I get that WMATA is a favored whipping boy here in DC but none of the complainers have given a good reason why WMATA should care more about this than MLB. And MLB obviously doesn’t care that much.

  • Rant: All the people who don’t use headphones when they’re watching videos/listening to music on the bus.
    Rant: Coming home at 7:00 pm and it’s already dark
    Rant: Winter is coming
    Rave: Fruit of the Garden soup for dinner last night
    Rave: Snuggle dog made it hard to get out of bed this morning so I didn’t – so much for getting to work early ~

    • +1000 to your first rant – it is so incredibly rude and entitled.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Not sure how to put this politely, but the overwhelming majority of the time that I see this, it is a very different form of “entitlement” than that of which we usually speak. In some cases it almost comes across as daring somebody to confront the no-headphones guy over it.

        • It’s still strikes me as a form of “entitlement” – i.e. I can do whatever I want because of x..y…z.

        • Yeah, it’s an aggressive act, seeking to provide a confrontation.

          • +1. That’s what I hate the most. Sometimes people are really oblivious and then I’ll say something (like the guy who *thought* his headphones were plugged in when they weren’t!), but otherwise I try to avoid and move away if the bus is big/empty enough.

  • Rant: Wells Fargo exec. is retiring over the recent scandal – with a payout of 134 MILLION DOLLARS! What in the world does anyone do that makes them “worth” that much money????? I was already wanting to leave WF because of their high balance required for “free” checking, then more so due to the enormous fraud practices, but now definitely.

    Double Rant: It is so damn hard to switch to a new bank when you have a dozen automatic bill pays set up.

    Rave: Foster kittens are getting super sociable, following me around the house and jumping on my lap at every chance. http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/pet/5803073721.html

    • Leave in enough to cover 1 month of bills, open new acct and switch over as soon as the payments post. Then close old acct.

    • It’s interesting to hear about the high balance thing. I thought that checking was free if you get a certain amount ($500?) of direct deposits each month? I was actually just considering moving my money to Wells Fargo since I’m still using my hometown credit union and they really suck.

      • Accountering

        Don’t do Wells. Do yourself a favor and go with Ally 🙂

      • HaileUnlikely

        I use a federal credit union, and I have been very happy with them. It is admittedly slightly less convenient for the very few things where I absolutely must physically go to one of their branches (they only have 3 total), but I can do almost everything online, can use ATMs without any fee at CVS and 7-Eleven, and can conduct the vast majority of in-person business at any federal credit union, not just the specific one of which I am a member. Employees of your organization might be able to join a specific federal credit union. Virtually anybody who lives in DC (excluding in a couple of specific neighborhoods for reasons I do not comprehend) can join Lafayette Federal Credit Union. I think most people who live and/or work in DC are also eligible to join Signal Financial Federal Credit Union. I recently refinanced my mortgage, formerly held by Wells Fargo, using my federal credit union.

        • Emmaleigh504

          +1 to federal credit unions. I love my federal credit union. If I recall correctly, people who live in DC can join almost any federal credit union. I’m a member of the Department of Commerce Federal Credit Union.

          • I really used to like my federal credit union in my hometown but then they started pulling annoying crap like making me pay to replace my debit card when there was a fraudulent charge, and refusing to priority mail it (so I had to both pay for the replacement and then wait for 10 days to be able to use it again). I’ve never heard things like that happening with the Big Banks, despite all the other larger-scale questionableness.

      • Wells Fargo requires you to keep a balance of $1,500.00 for “free” checking, or have direct deposit. Since most of my checks come from vacation rental apt. – there is no possible way for direct deposit. I do have an account at TD, and will probably switch everything there, but it is still a lot of work. Also, having a WF ATM half-block from my house was pretty easy. But f*** them now. I want nothing ever to do with them.

    • Accountering

      You should definitely switch. Talk with your feet, and move to Ally!

    • If you find a bank where the CEO doesn’t make millions, please be sure to share.

      • Any credit union or community bank. The vast majority of banks in the US are community banks with less than $2 billion in assets.

    • FWIW, my family and I have been with Suntrust (formerly Crestar) for 32+ years and have not had any issues. I’m sure they do some shady $hit, but they always accommodated me, my accounts have no fees, and the customer service is good.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: October is still my BFF. We’re getting mani/pedis today.
    Rant: I’ve had a lot of dreams lately where I can’t find my car. Since I donated my car a couple of months ago, not sure what this means. Does my car miss me?

    • Lol at your rave! And re: dreams, I wonder if it’s the change in weather because I’ve been having anxiety dreams lately too where I either can’t find things, or I find something and someone takes it.

    • That One Guy

      I had a recent dream where I was petting the dog in the old car. Sadly both are no longer with me. Maybe it is just the change in the season as FridayGirl said.

  • Rant: Ended up breaking down into tears over testing my blood sugar this morning. Plenty of blood but kept getting error despite it filling 3 whole test strips. Had to re-stick myself again and finally got my reading after restarting monitor. I average 3-4 sticks and have to do this 4 times a day. I’m also blowing through my testing supplies very quickly. Any diabetics with pointers?? I know it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but I’m frustrated.
    Rave: Had a short-lived stomach bug yesterday, was so worried I’d still feel terrible this morning but I feel much better and functional! Yay immune system.
    Rave: Work has been crazy but super rewarding lately!

    • binntp

      I’m not diabetic myself, but have learned a few things having to test my diabetic cat. One pointer with the test strips is that you should think of the little black line/dot as a mini-dropper. Rather than slather the blood all over the bottom of the strip, point the line/dot directly on top of a drop of blood to suck it into the strip. Learning this has saved me a lot of wasted test strips.

      • This has more of a channel thing where you feed it on the side of the strip and watch it channel across–yours was the same pointer I got from the dietician, lean it slightly so it “sucks it up.” Of course, the one time I did it with the dietician it was NBD and I got a reading. Sigh.

    • That One Guy

      Sticking yourself is crazy painful, so if you have one that is adjustable play around with how deep it goes in so you’re not in too much pain and also don’t have excess much blood coming out of your finger tip.

      • Yeah I started with 1 now I’m up to 4 and sometimes it works too well but other times yields hardly anything–wish it wasn’t so spotty. On my finger with the best output, I’ve developed a permanent bruise which seems a bit drastic. My hope is that another week I’ll have a much better handle on it…and some days I think I do but this morning it felt like I totally regressed somehow.

        • I Dont Get It

          Have you tried a different lancing device? I had a fancy one that never quite worked and often when I had to take my blood sugar, I would just stab myself with the lance. Later I bought a cheapy Walmart brand and it is great. Which reminds me, I haven’t tested in a while 🙁

          • I’m starting to wonder if this is the way to go!! I hate the damn finger pricker because I like to see what’s going on and it always makes the anticipation really dreadful. I know I can just remove the cap and poke myself and maybe I’ll just start doing that.

    • I don’t have any suggestions, but I’m really sorry you’re going through the blood-sugar-testing thing. It’s okay to be frustrated. When my mom had to start pricking her fingers a few years ago I remember thinking that I don’t know how anyone deals with that even though it’s a small thing. One option might be — if you need a refill on strips, etc. — does your insurance cover a different kind that might suit you better?

      • Luckily the strips are free through my insurance–but it is a good question of if I keep having issues beyond a “learning curve” thing maybe discussing with my doctor that this isn’t the right meter for me. Most likely, my diabetes will go away upon the birth of my baby so I keep telling myself only 9 more weeks to go. My friend has type 1 diabetes and I keep reminding myself that this has been her experience for decades!! I can do it for 9 weeks.

    • My mom, who is diabetic, uses one of those electronic sugar meters. She was very squeamish about sticking herself and at first she wouldn’t test her sugar levels. Getting that monitor made all the difference.

  • Neither: not feeling up to ranting or raving today….super busy and overwhelmed with work…we’ll see how the rest of the day shakes out….

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’ve done a horrible job sticking to my health goals this week. I really need to get my act together.
    Rave: Mom’s birthday present arrived, it’s super cute. It’s a Lochness Monster ring holder.

  • Just heard about Metro not being open late tonight for the game. So we gave the Nats (aka the Lerner family aka the richest owners in baseball) a $700mn stadium. We give Metro tax dollars and seemingly endless patience. And some among us gave Mayor EmptySuit our votes. None of the 3 could figure out that spending a little cash to get people home safely on public transit is a good idea? Bowser’s stupidity and platitudes are especially noxious: “Nats fans are amazingly persistent and creative, and we know that they’re going to plan ahead,” Bowser said.
    Go NATS!!!

    • It isn’t the money, it’s the time.

      The Metro General Manager has decided that every hour that the system is closed is essential to being able to catch up on the decades of deferred maintenance that has gotten us to the bad situation we are in. The more time the workers have on closed tracks, the more they can get done and the faster they can get the system up to good repair, or so the theory goes. No doubt, the baseball playoffs (and hopefully the World Series) are a test of the regional resolve to get this work done.

      It remains to be seen if Metro can actually perform in a way that justifies that resolve.

    • That’s on you for not knowing. No late night service has been in place for a while, as has the “no exceptions” policy. This has also been discussed as a potential issue since the Nats made the playoffs. And, long-term safety for nearly a million passengers daily is way more important than the short-term convenience of 10k passengers on one night. It’s not based on money, it’s for safety.

      • Stessel is that you? And no, you’re wrong, this could have been done a couple times w/o killing safe track or impacting it. Ridership would be a little above 10k with 43k where, but you”d have to attend some games to know that. Clearly you haven’t. Nobody wanted to pay, that’s the reason.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I agree it could have been done a couple of times. If I were king of the universe, I’d make exceptions for the Marine Corps Marathon and New Year’s Eve. See what I just did there? Everybody wants exceptions, but not necessarily the same ones. So which exceptions do you honor? The ones *you* like, obviously. Wait, but what about mine? Ok, we’ll honor those too. And now every day is an exception, and no maintenance gets done ever.

    • Or, the stadium owners/baseball people/whoever who are making millions here, could simply have decided to START THE GAME EARLIER!!!

  • Rant: nasty cold running through the entire family.
    Rant: kept both kids home today to take them to urgent care. burning through my leave.
    Rant: kids are sick, but not sick enough to justify staying home instead of attending a ridiculous family wedding this weekend.
    Rave: after this weekend, I can stop bitching about this wedding because it will be done with 🙂
    Rave: really fantastic trip to visit family and friends this past weekend. mtpkiddo bunked with our friend’s son and they had a great time–and even both slept!
    Rant: mtpbaby’s sleep thrown off by travel+teething+cold. Will probably have to re-do sleep training once we’re back and he’s fully healthy.
    Rant: listening to both kids cough on the monitors.
    Rave: at least they are both hopefully sleeping and I can catch up on some work? Wish me luck….

  • Rant: I foolishly bought Halloween candy… which I have been eating my way through.

    • I bought mine at Costco a few days ago – not a sweets person, but I was hungry and do like the Butterfingers (which no child does!) and was sneaking out a couple as I loaded my trunk and a guy passing by totally nailed me!!!

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