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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • I have HAD IT with the pedestrian crosswalks on 16th & Kalorama. A driver was going about 50 through the light on Euclid and INSTEAD OF STOPPING when he saw me on the crosswalk, laid on his horn and swerved around me as I was walking. Sorry for the caps, but NO ONE stops for those crosswalks — what can fix this? Flashing lights (like on the GW parkway)? Bigger signs? I’ve had it.

    • That intersection is so dangerous. When I lived in the neighborhood, I would always walk up to the corner and wait for the crosswalk light at 16th and Euclid streets. Drivers rarely stop at 16th and Kalorama.

    • Those are awful. I’ve nearly been killed there multiple times…a friend who lives nearby got so startled there one time that she fell in the middle of the street. To be honest, I’ve stopped crossing there and just walk up to Euclid. I think flashing lights would help but not sure what else.

    • Ugh, I am so glad you are OK! Don’t apologize for the caps, vent away! It’s really hard to shake off incidents like that where you could have been severely injured if not worse, especially when there’s not much assurance it won’t continue to happen.

      • Yup. I was hit by a car two years ago and when things like this happen, I have a more severe reaction to it than I think normal people would. It’s good to know I’m not alone in how angry things like this make me! 🙂

        • That is awful! How are you doing recovery-wise? FWIW, I definitely get very worked up over things like that. Life is fragile enough, there’s no need to go around tempting it.

    • No one stops for Crosswalks in DC when the light is green. Personally I wait until the light is red or the intersection is fully clear to cross any intersection. Crosswalk or not.

      • Even then, drivers turning left or right from Euclid onto 16th often speed to make the light, barreling into the crosswalks. I guess I’ll use the Euclid crosswalk from here on out, but then what’s the purpose of even keeping those Kalorama crosswalks there? So frustrating.

        • “Even then, drivers turning left or right from Euclid onto 16th often speed to make the light, barreling into the crosswalks.”
          The number of drivers I’ve seen who barrel through yellow and red lights throughout the city even when there are proper crosswalk signals/lights/etc. is amazing. I see it on a daily basis and I wish just for a week or two DC would somehow give all these people really, really expensive tickets.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I agree with this. Aside from the fact that drivers are legally obligated to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks, there exists a large body of research conducted in numerous countries over a period of several decades showing that mid-block crosswalks at locations not controlled by a traffic light have disproportionately high rates of crashes with pedestrians – basically they do more harm than good. While the crosswalk in question is not technically a mid-block crosswalk, a crosswalk at a T-intersection is effectively the same thing as a mid-block crosswalk from the perspective of a driver on the main road.

          • I believe it. I wonder if the crosswalks were originally created to connect the east side of 16th to Kalorama just out of habit and without regard to the Euclid crosswalk? I do think speed humps and better signage would help, but not sure the investment would be approved as the community/council is likely to point to the Euclid crosswalk as a feasible alternative, at which point we’re back at Square 1.

          • HaileUnlikely

            A possibly-relevant anecdote: I work in a related field, and years ago, considered applying for a job as a highway safety engineer at DDOT. Then I saw that the position, which requires a professional license that is not trivial to obtain and bestows upon its holder the ability to get a well-paying job basically anywhere, paid about as much as a first-year teacher. My point here is absolutely not to diss teachers – they should also get paid way the heck more than they do, but when you are hiring for a position titled “Highway Safety Engineer,” which requires a PE, and paying that person about as much as a first-year DCPS teacher gets paid, it says something about the agency’s priorities as well as about the quality of the likely applicant pool. That was a long-winded way of saying I think they probably put the crosswalk there because nobody knew any better.

          • Oy vey. Not surprising, but disappointing still. Thanks for sharing!

      • Also, I’m a driver for about 75% of my transportation in DC and I stop at all crosswalks with pedestrians in them. I’m not talking about crossing when cars are coming at a light (I stop and wait for the light to turn red). I’m talking about the crosswalks without a light, with the signs that say “stop for pedestrians.”

        • You are in the minority. I see alot of folks try to squeeze by UNLESS its near a school but even this morning a guy tried to squeeze by as I took my daughter to school. I had to do the hand wave to make sure he fully stopped.

          • I agree with you. That’s what my original comment was about: what can be done for those crosswalks without lights, because families (like yours) are using them and drivers either aren’t able to see the signs (they are small) or don’t know that driving laws in DC mandate that a driver stops if pedestrians are in those crosswalks (or do know and blatantly disregard).

          • Yup. My bus routinely stops at the no-light crosswalks on 16th Street and cars continue to speed right past us. So frustrating (and scary for pedestrians that may not be able to see around the bus to the second lane).

          • Ever since I was hit by a car at the crosswalk at Rock Creek and Warder, I have been a defensive walker. I was 10 at time and actually flipped over the hood of the drivers car and landed on the sidewalk.

          • Whoa, stacksp! I don’t blame you for being a defensive walker.
            I think that intersection now has stop signs on all sides, no? Was that also the case then — was the driver who hit you also blowing through a stop sign??

    • Speed tables or a mini-roundabout. If you want to speed, then put the physical integrity of your vehicle at risk.

    • that’s a very dangerous cross walk, I usually only hit it during non-rush hours and only when theres clearly no cars coming at least on the side that I start….they probably need a cross walk thingy in the middle or some flashing lights installed

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Mr. Zelda and I finally got our act together and called someone to take down the dying silver maple in the backyard. It will be gone today!
    Rant: Silver maples.
    Rant: Work is annoying this week.

  • Rant: Feel stressed at work. I think Im actually anxious about the election, and am projecting that onto other areas of life. That’s so messed up! I guess 12 hours of CNN radio on Sunday wasn’t healthy.
    Rave: Am taking Friday off, so yay for a 3 day weekend

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: 16th Street Commute today. Glacial doesn’t describe how slow traffic was. Really need to consider a new bus route. Don’t really want to go back to the L2 because it’s SO infrequent and makes so many stops, but it has to be an improvement.

    • What time do you travel? I haven’t had much of an issue early, but I have noticed that cars seem to be parking in the rush hour lane during both morning and evening commutes after the towing people have gone through. The jerks -_-

      • maxwell smart

        Usually around 8am, which I know is prime time commuting hours, but since I’m going to be working until 7pm anyway, I refuse to come to work early.

      • maxwell smart

        It’s also very contingent on the E-bus schedule (I cross the park from Forest Hills on the E and transfer at 16th to the S). For whatever reason, between 7:20am and 8am, there will be zero E buses, at least on the tracker. I have found lately that a significant amount of buses are not showing up on the tracking system. I thought WMATA put a bunch of money into improving that?

        • Oof. That’s a pain. I have a similar problem with the tracker — buses show on the tracker and never show up at the stop, or they show up at the stop but are not on the tracker. Frankly I thought NextBus was better. At least it was possible to switch to desktop view and actually see the bus on the map and come to your own conclusions about whether it’d show…

          • maxwell smart

            Right. I was getting annoyed that headways, according to the app, on the S9 were 15+ minutes. Turns out, most of the S9’s are not on the tracker (like the one I rode this morning).

          • That’s been happening with the S1 in the mornings, too. It’s not just you or the S9. (The afternoon seems to have the opposite problem – the bus tracks based on “schedule data” and doesn’t always show up.)

    • Clueless

      I FEEL YOU. Adding to the glacial pace of traffic…5 sardine can-tight S-line buses on 16th bypassed my stop before I finally had a chance to board an available bus this morning. What’s up, Wednesday?

  • PoP, you might want to take the “We’ll be back to our normal posting schedule tomorrow” note off future RRRRs. :] As much as I wish it were still the holiday….
    Also, rant: Sick.
    Rave: Teleworking.

  • Rave: Trip to Iceland was great!
    Rave: WOW airlines has a TON of legroom
    Rant: Missed the original outbound flight , had to rebook for the next day because of Delayed MARC train/awful Traffic
    Rant: Jet lag, the struggle is REAL
    RAVE: 3 day work week— How is this not a thing all the time?

    • I did not think WOW Air had a ton of leg room except on our trip home because we were in the emergency row exit so it was like we were sitting in a living room! It took our pilot THREE attempts to land the plane on our flight to Iceland. That was not a fun experience!

    • Welcome back! I feel like we had a missed opportunity for a PoPville happy hour in Iceland. And yes on the jet lag. I’ve been falling asleep at 9:30pm since I got home, which is kind of a good thing because it means I’m getting loads of sleep and have no problems walking up for work.

  • Rave: Baby Artie only woke up twice last night, and we managed to be on time for school and work. I will take that as a win.
    Rave: Plans are coming together for a baby shower this weekend that I’m co-hosting. Costco for the win.
    Rave: The very best partner who runs all the errands during the week. Our house would crumble around us without everything that he does.

  • Rave: Amazing time at Story District last night. I highly, highly recommend it. I don’t think I’ve laughed that much, that long, for ages.
    Rave: Pushing things out the door at work as I move into my last week there. Amazing what you can get done if you put your head done and just work (someone tell my co-workers about that).
    Revel: Delicious dinner forecast tonight, and a lovely weekend ahead of me! Life is busy, but good.

    • YAY! Way to spread the word about Story District. LOVE IT. Missed the Oct one last night though. What’d you think of the September one??

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: some awful work just got put on my desk
    Rant: everything is annoying
    Rave: I have tea

  • Anyone been to Shobha? What’s the difference between waxing and sugaring? Prices seem reasonable, but I can’t tell from how they divide up the terrain, so to speak.

    • That One Guy

      Based on the terms:
      Waxing = This is going to be painful. Brace yourself.
      Sugaring = This wont hurt at all, it’ll just sting a little…tehehehe.
      Why not call and ask?

      • Hoping for someone who’s been there to tell me how the place is, and what the pricing is like (because it’s unclear from the website.)

        • I really only go to Shobha for eyebrow threading. Honestly, that does hurt a little more than waxing because it takes longer. However, it looks A LOT better, especially over time. highly recommend.
          Re: waxing vs. sugaring of other things. I didn’t notice much of a difference pain-wise. And sugaring seemed to be the less thorough method.

          I do love it there though. The staff is great. Pricing is on the website. If you click book an appointment, I think you can see everything without actually having to book.

    • I don’t know if you saw my comment yesterday, but they make small aquarium heaters that allow you to set a desired temp and maintain it, usually starting around $15 or $20. You just set the temp on the dial and clip to the inside wall of the tank. All different sizes to fit different tanks.

    • I have heard sugaring is supposed to be less painful because the mixture is only supposed to adhere to the hair versus the skin, however, because of that it’s not as effective. I have no personal experience as I am a complete and total wuss when it comes to the ripping out of hair follicles. But I always research the hell out of these things at the beginning of swim suit season swearing this will be the year I try it, only to inevitably chicken out.

      • Waxing’s really not so bad! I first went a couple of years ago and I was terrified, but it wasn’t really that painful. I was more bothered by anticipating the pain, if that makes any sense (I needed a benzo, not a painkiller!). After that first time when I knew what to expect, it was fine. The bits that actually hurt are over quickly.

        I wouldn’t call it fun, but it’s not the worst. Especially if you’re just doing the bikini lines.

        • skj84

          Agreed. While YMMV on pain threshold, I agree the anticipation of the pain makes it worse. Yoga breathing helps wonders. It goes so quickly that the pain doesn’t linger.

  • skj84

    Rave: Last night was one of those lovely fall evenings that bring me joy. I biked from Union Station down to Barracks row durning the sunset and got a beer at The Brig. Then watched a movie at home. I love Fall.
    Rave: The mystery of the missing gin has been solved. My roommate used it, and promised to replace.
    Rant: I think my youngest brother is going down a bad path. I don’t know if this is 20 something arrogance(No disrespect to posters in their early 20’s. But everyone is a bit of a shithead when they are young.) or something deeper, but he just seemed really dark when I saw him on Saturday. He’s always been a bit intense, but still had a sweetness to him. The sweet young man was not there this weekend. I need to figure out how to approach him without being perceived as meddling in his life.

  • Does anyone have any recommendations for people/companies that perform yard work? Work would be clearing up our back yard of ivy and weeds, as well as taking down our poor peach tree that was damaged a couple of storms ago and then hauling all the debris away.
    Is this a thing? All I can find are companies that cut grass or only do landscaping. Between work and grad school I just do not have the time/energy/correct tools to do this for myself. Thanks!

    • Andie302

      I would post the details on craigslist in gigs. You’ll get multiple replies, just find the person that makes the most sense for your schedule and that you feel the most comfortable with. You could also try Task Rabbit, but the last time we hired someone from CL gigs he said he does Task Rabbit too, but charges 30% more because of what Task Rabbit charges him. The more specific information you have the better. Ask them to provide a price (and that can help you decide as well).

    • http://www.littlelights.org/programs-all/clean-green-team/ – I haven’t used them yet, but plan to for work I can’t do myself.

  • Rave: English Beat and Squeeze at the 9:30 Club last night!
    Rant: Can’t it be election day already…?

  • Rave – Dinner with friends at Rasika this weekend!
    Rave – I have really amazing, supportive, loving parents. I don’t know how I got so lucky.
    Rant – Lots of work stress happening all at once. I’m thinking about doing some power poses in the bathroom to help me get through this.

  • Query: attempting to make macarons for the first time today – anyone have any tips?
    Rave: much needed mid-week day off.
    Rant: I am at that stage of adulthood where “sleeping in” equals waking up at 8:30

    • Please let me know how it goes and good luck! I have heard a few stories that have turned me off of trying, but I am still curious. I hope your macaron attempt turns out better 🙂
      This reminds me that I haven’t made croissants in a while and I should change that. And maybe fry some of the dough.

  • Bear

    Rant: Clients who don’t understand their own contracting rules.
    Rant: Crappy pregnancy sleep, compounded by allergy-related stuffiness. I’ve been a total zombie for the last couple of weeks.
    Rave: Finally made some decisions on renovations. We won’t be able to start until after the baby is here, which sucks, but it’s good to at least have a plan in place. And the best part is that we came to an agreement on how to move forward without totally exhausting our savings, while getting maximum benefit from our existing space. I really think it’s going to be a huge improvement for us.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Feel like my sister and mom have secretly considered to travel to Canada. Is it a coincidence that each mentioned the idea to me? Should I blame Donald Trump for them thinking of this idea?
    Anyone have any experience with Porter Airlines?

    • Yes, it’s an AMAZING airline, very efficient, inexpensive and a short flight from IAD. I probably fly on it 4 to 5 times a year. But did you mean conspired? And did they invite you? Is this a trip, or are they saying they’re moving to Canada? I am confused.

      • That One Guy

        Thanks for the feedback on Porter. I tried to call their customer phone line but hung up after nearly 15 minutes on hold. And, yes, conspired not considered (phone auto correct fail).
        In the last 24 hours, each has separately mentioned to me that Canada looked like a nice place to visit. I found that odd.

        • It’s a respected airline up here. Pretty much all my coworkers and friends use it. FWIW, it’s a good time to visit Canada from the US because the US dollar is a lot stronger than the loonie!

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: Was really hoping to see the Nats easily win last night, avoid the Thursday stress and move on to Round 2. Thursday’s game is going to be rough – 8pm start, so expecting to see a lot of empty seats by the 7th inning.

    • Will people really leave a clinching game early because it’s a weeknight? This is a strange city.

      • Yeah because I know so many fans who live out in Centreville, Manassas, Warrenton, etc. so it will take 1 to 1.5 hours to get home and then they wake up at 5am to make the commute to DC for work.

      • maxwell smart

        They will leave early because public transit shuts down at midnight, which means people need to be walking out the gate by 11pm to make the last connections at Metro Center. etc. Uber, Lyft, Cabs, etc. are going to make a killing Thursday PM.

  • jim_ed

    Rant: Nats couldn’t finish it off last night.
    Rave: Feeling bizarrely optimistic for friday.
    Question for the hive mind: Anyone have recommendations of somewhere in town to take a toddler for their first haircut? Said toddler is excitable and busy, so somewhere that specializes in this kind of thing is appreciated.

    • palisades

      You mean Thursday?

      • jim_ed

        Yes, though I guess I look forward to reading about how dominant Max was on Friday morning?

        • palisades

          I’ll be there wearing my Max jersey. His track record in playoffs is less than stellar, so I hope he can get it together tomorrow.

    • Bravado. It’s by Eastern Market (not convenient for me, at all) and they charge $25 for a 15-minute haircut, but the kids get to sit in chairs that look like cars, they have DVDs of kid’s shows for them to watch, and the stylists know what they’re doing. All of which means that, unlike the few home haircuts we tried, my toddler did not wind up covered in blood and looking like her hair got caught in the lawnmower.

  • Rave: Took the kiddo to the zoo on Monday, and saw Adele there doing the tourist thing. She was literally 2 feet away from me. Pretty cool.
    Rant: Said kiddo has now decided that sleep is for suckers. So tired.
    Minor rave: Pharmacy loyalty has its perks. I had a minor issue with a regular prescription, and the pharmacist said she would take care of the whole issue for me. Not need to call my doctor. Saved me a lot of stress/headaches!

  • Y’all will have to indulge me for a minute here. Last night, I went to check on the kids, and found only New Baby Kitty in Kid2’s bed. No Kid2 in sight. This is not uncommon. When she can’t fall asleep in her bed, she decides that the bed is to blame, and goes somewhere else. Often my bed, but not always. I checked all the couches, in the guest room, and UNDER her bed. Finally found her tucked under a shelf in the closet, with an old sweatshirt for a blanket, sound asleep. I thought about dragging her out and putting her back in her own bed, but she’s not tiny anymore, so I just put a real blanket on her and went to bed myself.
    To recap: My cat slept in a full-sized bed by himself, and my daughter slept on the floor of a closet.
    This seems strange to me. Does anyone else think this is strange?

  • Rave: Cubs

    Go Nats!

  • Late-ish posting, but RAVE! I did not have to punch my dermatologist in the face! He was actually super nice and helpful, and put my mind at rest that I’m actually not imagining things but that because of the change in season and lowered immune system (hello, stress!), my skin is all kinds of effed up Oh, and Textdoc, you were spot on re: the cracking lips thing. But there are real, actual topical solutions for me to use in addition to trying to decrease stress levels, so thank goodness for that!
    Rant: So much to do at work I want to just sit here and whimper a bit!

  • Rave: The east entrance/exit to the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro station is open again. Hallelujah!
    Minor rant: I had become so used it to being closed that on Tuesday I didn’t even notice that the construction barriers were down and walked to the west entrance. I didn’t realize until I was in the tunnel that the closer entrance was actually open again.
    Rant: The cynic in me thinks that WMATA deliberately made its escalator-repair estimate — 49 weeks — much longer than they thought it would actually take, so that they could then pat themselves on the back for reopening “early.”
    Rant: My mind is so sluggish in the morning that it takes me a few hours to remember the rants/raves I intended to post.

  • Things I forgot earlier:
    Rave: Got some gardening work done on Monday.
    Rant: My intent had been to plant bulbs. Instead, because it had been windy and there were golden-raintree seedpods all over the place, I spent the whole time picking up seedpods.
    Tiny rave: All of the work picking up seedpods now should save me some time as far as not having to pull quite as many volunteer golden-raintree seedlings in the spring.
    Rant: Golden raintree is one nasty invasive tree. (It’s almost as resilient as tree of heaven.) I don’t know what the hell DDOT was thinking when they planted it as a street tree.

  • Rave: Had an amazing time camping this past weekend in a national park
    Rant: Attempting to clean my tent (one night had rain so it’s dirty) in my apartment. I guess I can try scrubbing it by hand in the kitchen and then maybe setting it up there to dry. Hope the Roomie doesn’t mind TOO much. Ugh – camping cleanup without a backyard!

  • Read a tiny bit about a new non-smoking rule that is being proposed in D.C. Does this include bars with open rooftops? I doubt it but just curious….Would really like to breath when grabbing a drink.

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