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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • binntp

    Revel: N-A-T-S, Nats, Nats, Nats, Whoo!
    Rave: Finally done with work travel for the year, which has taken me out of town every other week for the past 2 months
    Rant: Except that I start jury duty next week, which takes me out of the office again

  • skj84

    Rave: My roommate apologized for the noise on Monday. Agreed to be more sensitive about making noise at night.
    Rant: someone in the house drank my bottle of gin. I bought it back in July and have barely used it. Early last week I noticed the bottle seemed to be emptier than I remembered, but brushed it off. Sunday I look again and it’s 3/4 empty. What the hell? We don’t even share food in the house let alone booze. I know it’s petty, but I’m pissed someone would use the bottle without asking. I don’t want to be accusatory, but I also don’t think it’s cool someone would take my stuff without asking.
    Rave: loving the crisp weather. Wore my fleece lined leggings today. Had hot apple cider and whisky as my nightcap last night. Can’t wait for the leaves to start turning!

    • skj, again, i totally feel you on your rant. taking without permission (and especially without replacement) is stealing, straight up.

      • That One Guy

        If you want to be passive aggressive or just vengeful towards whom ever is drinking your gin, maybe replace it with vinegar. Mwahahaha. <– evil laugh.

        • More vengeful: liquid laxatives.

        • That’d be pretty hilarious. Though instead of vinegar, use something less obviously off (they’ll know immediately it’s not gin upon opening the bottle if you do vinegar). Perhaps some grain alcohol would be in order? Top it off so it looks like there’s enough in the bottle for someone to skim off the top without oy noticing…

        • skj84

          HAHAHAHA. Y’all are evil. I ended up hiding the bottle, but if it happens again I may use your advice.

    • #1 rule of group house: don’t leave booze out, especially for a few months. Someone will eventually drink it (roommate or one of their friends)

      • skj84

        Nah. We are supposed adults in this house. With all other food its either offered or asked for. Never touched without permission. It was even sitting on ‘my’ self. Not cool to touch. I actually do think it was one of my roommates friends who has been hitting up the bottle, but thats even more uncool. I don’t ever touch food or drink in a house thats i’m a guest in without permission.

        • I get that, I really do. But I prefer to be a realist about these things. Someone will drink the booze eventually, if left out long enough. We had so many leftover bottles from parties that it was often difficult to tell what was available for consumption and what was off-limits. It sounds like you have a proper system with shelves, so people should know how to be adults. But I always expect the worst from people.
          And yeah, your gut instinct is probably right on this one – it’s The Friend. In your case, I would just sent a group email and tell them to knock it off. No use in beating around the bush.

      • Seriously? Rule #1 in all shared-living-space situations I’ve ever lived in is “don’t use other people’s crap whether it is out or not.” It’s called being a decent person.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Finally got to check out both Baan Thai and Tchoup’s Market over the weekend and had excellent food at both. For folks in NW / Petworth / Park View especially who’ve been clamoring for a divey atmosphere Tchoup’s feels super NOLA corner-market to me, and has cheap shitty beers on special ($1) during their HH, and the po’boys are legit.
    Rant: Got the Arlo camera based on suggestions on this site, only to find out that it can’t actually detect motion through a window (because it can’t read the heat signatures through glass), which basically makes it useless to me. I wound up mounting it outside the 2nd floor bedroom window pointing down, but now it picks up pretty much everything going by on the street as a result. What a waste of $200 just to get some minor evidence of who steals our packages for MPD to do nothing with other than catalog it. Sigh.
    Rave: The decimation of the Republican party as I’ve known it for my entire adult life, and more importantly the hope that this finally weens us off the two-party system we’ve become accustomed to. Let the racist and obstructionist have their own little tea party and take up 20% of the vote every year while those who actually want to work on legislation play at the big boy table.

    • + 1 to your rave!

      • Sorry, I should clarify, + 1 to your second rave, I haven’t checked out the suggested eateries..

    • skj84

      I’ve been meaning to check out Tchoups! Unofficial Happy Hour anyone?

    • If it makes you feel any better, you may be able to still get the DC government to recoup the cost.

    • I’m glad you had a good experience at Tchoup’s because that is the absolutely opposite of my experience. Food was decent but the service was absolutely horrendous, probably the worst I’ve had in my 6.5 years in DC. So hopefully they got their act together, but this NOLA native has zero desire to return.
      Also, couldn’t agree more with your party rave. Very well put.

      • justinbc

        What about the service was so bad? Ours wasn’t great by any stretch, but it definitely wasn’t memorably bad. We were out of water for a bit, but aside from that they took our order and brought our food, but we were out for a pretty low maintenance affair.

        • We went for a Saints game watch and sat for a good thirty minutes before being greeted/having our drink order taken. When the server finally came around, she hadn’t even heard of a Barqs, and had no idea what were in the other cocktails and couldn’t answer other generic menu questions (what does this come with, etc.). We were sitting outside and it wasn’t busy, but figured they must be pretty busy inside (Skins were playing at same time). I went inside to see if a manager could assist with the menu (and discovered all of 6 customers were inside so not busy there either) and was tossed between the bartender and another server for the menu questions. Not in an apologetic, “Oh man, I’m really not sure” way either, more of “This isn’t my problem and I don’t care enough to answer/find out.” I’m not sure there was even a manager onsite. We ordered on the side of caution, food came out at all different intervals, items were forgotten and had to be asked for repeatedly, and we had to go inside 3-4 more times to ask for drinks, utensils, etc. It took almost an hour after the game to settle our checks (the few tables that were around us earlier had already left and there were only about 4 tables total). After bringing our credit cards to the server inside to get the checks run, we didn’t see our cards for another twenty or so minutes. I went inside to demand to get my card back because at that point I didn’t trust what they were doing with it. There were only 2 customers inside. …And this is the short version.

          • wow…was planning to go this weekend but you’re making me think twice! what a nightmare

          • justinbc

            Holy crap, that does indeed sound terrible! Needless to say our experience was nothing like that, thankfully haha… If I were you I could understand not wanting to return. We just popped in kinda late on a Friday night, sat down right away and ordered, got our poutine and sandwiches pretty quickly and left.

  • Rant: Baby Artie was up every 3 hours for the past two nights. I’m really hoping that he’s just going through a growth spurt and his sleep gets back on track soon. No one in my house (besides the cat) slept well last night.
    Rave/Rant: Baby Artie moved up to the bigger baby classroom today. He’s getting so big (and it is going so fast).
    Rave: The lovely bus driver who pulled over a block early so I didn’t miss the ride on bus to the metro this morning. As a result, we were early for school and work (that never happens anymore).
    Rave: Coffee. All the coffee.

    • Allison

      Props to the RideOn drivers–especially the one that waits for me when I’m flying toward the bus bay like a bat out of hell from Takoma station.

  • Rave – Had an amazing time in Iceland, what an incredible place. Everything was so beautiful it didn’t even seem real.
    Rant – Having a hard time being back at work. At least it’s a short week.

    • I just got back on Sunday and couldn’t agree more with “Everything was so beautiful it didn’t even seem real.” It really felt like a different world! Holy crap is food and alcohol expensive there though! It made Toronto feel cheap.

      • Yeah, we had some serious sticker shock when filling the rental car with gas! What areas did you visit?

        • Welcome to Europe, where they’re serious about the gas tax!

        • We stayed in Reykjavík, but also drove out to see Gljúfurárfoss and Seljalandsfoss. We also went 15 minutes outside the city to go four wheeling. Another day we drove to Hveragerði and did the hot river hike, which was so awesome. Next time we went to do Southern Iceland and go to Diamond Beach. Luckily, we only had to fill up our car once! What about you?

          • Ah I wanted to do the hot river hike but we did not have time. We rented a car and drove along the South Coast to Höfn and back, then spent two nights to Reykjavík before coming home. We got to see a lot, including the Diamond Beach and the Glacier Lagoon, which was unreal. But it was a lot of driving and we didn’t have time to do longer hikes.

    • Good to hear! I’m going the first weekend in November. While I’ve got hotel and flight booked, I need to seriously sit down and plan out what we’ll do while we are there!

  • Rave? Rant? I managed to get an appointment with the dermatologist tomorrow because my lips continue to crack -and now bleed – at the corners, and it just looks and feels awful. I’ve tried every kind of lip balm, cold sore medication, neosporin, and nothing helps, and now I have what seems to be eczema or something in tiny spots right around my hairline and headed towards the outside of my eyebrows. I haven’t changed shampoos, facial cleanser, facial creams, toothpaste, nothing, nothing that I can figure out, and while it’s easy to hide right now under makeup, I have no clue what is going on and hope that the derm can figure out it. Rave because I was able to get an appointment, rant because I was highly unimpressed with the guy the last time I saw him…
    Rant: Feeling really nervous and depressed at the thought of moving…I don’t want to feel stranded without a car in the Silver Spring area, and for all its faults, I really love my little neighborhood, love bumping into Popville folks and friends I’ve made…sigh….
    Rave: Gonna try to make something yummy and apple-y tonight!

    • Do you have to move to Silver Spring? I’ll be honest, I miss the city every day. Not to wax poetic, but there’s something about being in the city that is good for my soul. I miss it every day. If I didn’t have kids, I would have never left.

      • I don’t see how I can continue to afford it, honestly. I mean, if I could find a roommate somewhere nearby and pay less than I’m paying now, then maybe, but I have two kitties, who’s gonna put up with me?

        • You’d be surprised! You never know unless you look, at least.

          • Yeah, I suppose! It’s just hard, because at least I know (and love!) my current roommate and her sister, we’re family! I think i just need to be really clear about how far out (or not) I’m willing to go and then work from there.

          • Have you given any thought to living on your own? Like a studio maybe? Also, does it have to be SS? Brightwood or Takoma might be good options, they are definitely cheaper.

          • Anonamom – I would LOVE to live on my own, but there’s no way I can afford it. Just no way. Not in DC. I think my current and future roommate are willing to look a variety of places just as long as they’re in our price range, but most places in the district just aren’t. (My future roommate is a first year teacher at a private school and makes sh!t money).

          • HaileUnlikely

            FWIW I live in Takoma just south of downtown Silver Spring (closer to downtown Silver Spring than to Takoma Park MD), and at present, the main amenity of my neighborhood is proximity to downtown Silver Spring, and the fact that I am nominally in DC, or half a mile “less far out” [from downtown DC], is at best irrelevant and possibly a negative. I generally like my neighborhood, but where I am, living “in the city” isn’t the point. I would have bought in downtown Silver Spring instead if I could have, but I couldn’t, and I found a really good deal and took it. I don’t know how rents compare. If you could save money by moving to Takoma or Brightwood rather than Silver Spring, great, but scout the areas you’re considering and don’t over-value having a DC address for the sake of having a DC address.

          • Also, LBP, I’m not sure if you’ve looked into inclusionary zoning units or affordable dwelling units in the District but it might be worth it to start looking now to get on waitlists for the future! That’s how I have my current apartment, but it took about a year or waiting and some luck.

        • maxwell smart

          Not sure where you are living now, but have you looked in Glover Park? It’s one of the last few affordable places in DC (i.e. less than $2000/1 bedroom rent).

          • I could look at a place with a roommate, but I can’t afford to live in DC without at least one!

          • If several posters on a thread last week are to be believed, Woodley Park apparently is affordable. I have my doubts, but just throwing it out there.

          • HA! Dcd, you’re funny, I like you!

          • Agreed with Glover Park, although it can still feel kind of far-out compared to Petworth/Columbia Heights/U St.
            I wish I was looking for a roommate sooner, LBP! I’d put up with you and your kitties!

          • maxwell smart

            Agreed with Glover Park, although it can still feel kind of far-out compared to Petworth/Columbia Heights/U St. – Maybe? U Street, yes, but Petworth is pretty far North. I live in Forest Hills, so everything is closer than I am, but I have a lot of friends in GP and I find it very easy to get to/from Downtown. I also like that it doesn’t feel like living in the city. Personally, noting appeals to me about living on/near 14th/9th/U Street.

          • Aw, thanks FridayGirl! I’m a pretty nice person and (if I do say so myself) a great cook, always wanting to share food! Ah well, we’ll just see what happens!

          • “but I have a lot of friends in GP and I find it very easy to get to/from Downtown.”
            It’s easy to get to downtown/Chinatown/Dupont, but north can be difficult, since you either have to take a bus that only comes once an hour, or get down to the metro and transfer at Chinatown or Penn Quarter to go back north. I suppose it depends on where your friends are.

          • maxwell smart

            @FridayGirl – that’s true. I wish they would add a circulator route that made a Dupont, Woodley, CP, GP, Georgetown Loop. Very few E/W bus routes in NW. I guess I rarely venture anywhere east of Rock Creek Park, so Glover Park seems accessible to me.

    • houseintherear

      I’m sorry, that sucks 🙁 I realize you didn’t ask for advice but I’m going to offer mine… I had to give up all cleaning/makeup/lotion products with any type of chemical in them, especially preservatives. I now only use Burt’s Bees and other similar natural products, and all of my issues (which were very similar to yours but also included deep cystic acne) totally vanished quickly. A doc wanted to put me on steroids and all kinds of stuff and I’m glad I didn’t go down that road. Apparently a person can develop reactions to many products even as an adult.

      • houseintherear

        I’ll add that I also use a lot of essential oils on my skin and lips now and that has also made a big difference.

        • Yeah, I’ve already done a massive change about 6 years ago in what I can and can’t use, I’ve identified particular oils and fragrances and chemicals that don’t work with my skin. Burts Bees actually doesn’t work for me, there’s too much fragrance and there are lots of natural oils / additives that I’m sensitive to….I’m willing to make some changes, but if “go without make up ” is all this guy suggests, i’m going to punch him in the face.

          • +1 to punching him in the face. Your situation sounds really frustrating 🙁 I half-understand because I was breaking out like crazy on my chin at the beginning of the summer and could not figure out why for the life of me. I never did figure it out, but it went away, luckily.
            I’m sure you’ve already been through everything in your mind but just in case, have you changed detergents, dryer sheets, or other laundry stuff? I’m sensitive to that kind of thing which is why I mention it. Is it possible that a product you use recently reformulated itself to use different ingredients?

          • 6 years is a long time. Might be time for another change?

          • Friday Girl – nope, no changes to laundry stuff…. so confusing!

          • houseintherear

            ughhh i’m sorry :-/

    • Totally unsolicited but could it be related to the rotation in chemicals used to sanitize the water? I’m sensitive to one of the chlorine-types and it makes my skin super dry and flaky every year when the chemicals are changed.

    • hammers

      I have noticed you are really stressed out lately; sometimes it can affect the body and skin… worth asking the Dr. about. Hope things get better. And RE silver spring; I’ve lived there- it isn’t really as far out as it seems, but I also think you should also look for houses in petworth; prices could surprise you.

      • Thanks hammers, I’m going to keep looking in both places! And I know stress can affect all kinds of things, but I need this skin/lip thing to be f-ing fixable, like right now!

    • As long as you move close to downtown Silver Spring it won’t be so bad without a car. You can walk to lots of things in Silver Spring – grocery stores, movies, shopping, bars, restaurants, and the farmers market. I live near Takoma Park and only use my car for big grocery runs or chauffeuring my dog to the park. I do miss walking around the different city neighborhoods though. Sometimes I’ll take the bus down to Columbia Heights and just wander down 14th St/Logan/Shaw etc. to get my fix. The city is still accessible, it just takes longer to get there. Plus I like coming back to my quiet little neighborhood.
      Also it’s totally normal to feel that way before a big move! Change is hard.

      • Thanks Pixie! I’m totally cool with downtown SS, but I’m worried that my younger soon-to-be-roomie may have trouble with the cost…it’s a savings for me, but I’m not sure what she can swing without undue pressure….we’ll just have to see….

        • You guys haven’t discussed price points yet?

          • My roommate and I had a few months ago, but my soon-to-be-roomie and I had not, not directly…She’s told my roommate one number but my roommate estimates that in reality, that’s going to be too much of a stretch for her. So I need to talk to her directly and figure out.

    • LBP, something similar happened to me (but full body hives as well) a couple of years ago. It turned out I developed an allergy to oranges…and I used to drink orange juice every morning. I had to do the no-makeup, no-product business for a while, and that sucked. It’s a pain in the rear to figure these things out, I wish you the best of luck (and if you think there’s any chance it’s an allergy, I recommend doing the blood test!)

    • I’ve had the same thing with my lips before, derm prescribed nystatin (sp?). It helped very quickly and I only have to use it every once and while. He suggested that the cracks might be from drooling in my sleep…I have never noticed it and it was a bit embarrassing to discuss but could be worse. Not sure about the other issues but good luck!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Productive long weekend! I fixed a broken doorknob, packed away the summer clothes, rearranged pictures in the hall and living room (thus freeing up some valuable wall space), and acquired throw pillows that look great in the living room. In addition to the normal weekend groceries/laundry/church/errands. Next up is rearranging pictures in the dining room and our bedroom, but I think I need Emmaleigh’s help for that.
    Rant: That little jerkface Winston popped off one of the tufted buttons on the new sofa. Fixing it will either be expensive or a PITA, and very likely both.
    Rave: At least he didn’t eat the button.
    Rave: Tights season has begun!

    • You can get an upholstery needle and thread and fix it yourself! The needles are large and curved so you can get under the button. They sell them at Joann’s for a couple bucks.

      • Quotia Zelda

        The sofa is all one piece, with no removable cushions, so it will involve taking off the fabric on the bottom, fixing the button, and then putting the fabric back neatly. I’m reasonably handy (see replaced doorknob above) but this scares me a little.

  • Rant: Poor night’s sleep due to significant pain in my broken foot. I’ve been walking too much, and it seems like it hurts more when it’s colder. Others, has that been your experience?
    Rave: Excellent, unexpected evening with a good friend. Manicures and life advice – yes please.
    Revel: 8 days left in my current job. So much to do, but I’m so ready to be out of here.

    • This is likely not useful but you’re not crazy re: the cold and your foot. I pulled a tendon in my foot and banged up the joint in my small toe a few years ago, and it would start bothering me when the weather was particularly cold for several months after. It’s fine now though.

      • It is useful! I’m not doing anything different (actually walking less than I did a few weekends ago) but it’s hurt much more since it got colder on Saturday).

        • Huh, that’s interesting. I’d just keep an eye on it. It’s supposed to get warmer later this week so you can see how it’s doing then.

    • My foot’s been hurting too – but I’m out of the boot and now worried that I shouldn’t have been out of the boot (the doc “diagnosed” me over the phone to get out of the boot after he canceled on me and didn’t return my calls for five days) or that I over did it with biking and lifting and walking. Hoping maybe it’s just the cold…? Bummer your foot doesn’t feel so good – might putting some heat on it help? Good luck!

    • I broke my foot in 1997 and I can definitely say when its cold and/or damp my foot hurts like crazy. I am also sensitive to when my running sneakers wear out or if I do extensive walking. I have to wear inserts I have found as I get older.

  • Rave: Bought new fall/winter clothes this weekend! It’s been a couple years since I’ve really gotten new winter clothes so this is exciting.
    Rant: Woke up with a low-grade migraine yesterday and a sore throat today. Ugh. Please let me fight it off….

  • Revel(?) update from DCRA says we are now at “Issue Permit”, status “In-Process”. Anyone know how long that takes? THe structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing were all approved, hooray!

  • Rant: Getting used to my new commute from Brightwood Park to Metro Center. Some growing pains for sure, considering I lived in Logan Circle/Bloomingdale the last 7 years and biked to work. I suppose I could still bike, but ughhhhhh. It was about 50 minutes door to door today on the 63, but I left later than normal. With no traffic (before 7:15am) basically it should be 35 minutes or so, which is tolerable.
    Question: A good amount of people get off the bus at Petworth metro. Do you out there in PopLandia think I should get out and take green line to chinatown (and either transfer to Red or walk?) Would that be faster? Even if a bit faster it may be more annoying, ya know?
    Rave: Love my new condo! Just so nice it being MINE and wanted to treat it well and spend money on nice things!
    Related Rant: do you people know how expensive custom shades and built in closets are? I do now! #SendMoney

    • Re: new commute. Are you anywhere close to the E4? You could bus to Fort Totten and ride the red line all the way to Metro Center. Alternatively, maybe you can compromise on the biking and take Bikeshare to the Petworth metro station so you don’t have to catch a bus? Of course, that would depend on living somewhat close to a Bikeshare station.
      For your current route, it’s likely that metro+walk from Gallery Place would be faster than the bus on a trafficky day, but I don’t know if it would be faster enough to be worth the extra expense. You could theoretically check google maps or some other app for traffic conditions and make a decision based on that?

      • the E4 picks up on my block so I’m going to try that tomorrow! Thanks! And the bus ride to Ft Totten is probably closer/faster than the ride the 62/63 to Petworth metro.
        In general I’ve had more luck with buses than the metro in my 8 years here, but I think I need to start trying the metro… or just get my butt out of bed earlier!

      • And yes, I’m super close to a bikeshare station and have a membership which I never use but always renew because I’m an OG bikeshare member and it feels like the right thing to do!

    • The 63 is pretty slow. If you are anywhere near Georgia Ave, I recommend the 79. It is a semi-express and will take you to 9th and H, which is practically Metro Center.

      • Ugh, I’m a little too far from Georgia for that to make sense, but I suppose if weather is nice I can walk and try it one morning!

    • I would bet that getting off the bus at Georgia Ave/Petworth and taking the Metro down would be faster. (You could also check the headways on a transit app to make sure there are no problems before getting off the bus.) Can you get over to Ft Totten and take the Red Line down?

    • I was going to write out a bunch of specific advice in response to your metro/bus question, and then I changed my mind. My advice is: try out all options a bunch of times, then pick the best one(s) for you. I think a lot of people sort of ‘commit’ to one or two specific options without trying out the whole universe of available ones. So try all of the things you asked about, and try the ones suggested by others; you may find that certain ones are better at particular times or on particular days or during particular weather. Having all of them in your bag of tricks will be very useful.

      • yes, good advice. I was just venting but the popville advice is helpful, if for nothing more that to commiserate! The other thing I’ve been doing is uber pooling, which takes just as long as the bus sometimes, but at least its a little less crowded/dirty, ya know? I’ve also taken an uberx, which i only $8 because I bought one of those promo things, but obviously not a long term solution!

        • (full disclosure, I also changed my mind because I realized everything I was going to say had already been said!) Also consider using stuff like car2go and Bikeshare (I think you mentioned that) as occasional alternatives for part or all of your trip. And really investigate all the bus options, knowing a few alternatives has really helped me at times. FWIW, my commute is sort of similar to yours and most of the time I take 63 (62 if I’m running late) and switch to the train at GA Ave/Petworth.

  • Rant: Not a great weekend. Not a great start to the week. I want a do-over.
    Rant: Prospective job that I thought would be awesome would not, in fact, be awesome. Although the people I would be working for would be great, and it would be great being back with this particular organization, the job definitely is not for me, and would not be worth it. Kinda sad about that one.
    Rave: Off tomorrow. I so need it.

  • Rant: Foot hurts.
    Rave: New job. New bike commute (I get to ride along the Mall! I’m tickled). New work computer. New outlook on life.
    Minor rant/Super rave: Back to working on a Mac and gmail/google drive for work! Now trying to figure out how to make it all work. Do I use “Mail” to organize my e-mail or stick with web-based gmail? Do I download all of the drives on my computer? How do I manage between personal and work google calendars and drives? Any tips?

    • I can’t wait to start my new job! For your broken foot, what do you think is making it hurt? Are you still in the boot? What are you doing to make it feel better?

    • I use “Mail” to check emails and sometimes send out a quick response. But I usually organize email and send more formal/important emails through web-based gmail. I’ve found Mail can autocorrect like my iPhone in unfortunate ways and sometimes has weird connectivity issues.

    • Also, did you ever settle on a good place to ride near NYC? Getting back into riding now and curious if I’ll be able to continue when I’m back in NY.

      • I was going to try out two new places a couple of weeks back and then I broke my foot :-(. I have a good list of transit-accessible places that I’m eager to try out – I’m happy to share them with you. That’s awesome you’re getting back into riding. It’s the best time of the year to hang with horses!!

  • I’m curious about driving rules where a road is three lanes going into an intersection and four lanes leaving the intersection. Where the lanes do not line up, is everyone supposed to stay left, or should everyone go right? I have this dilemma every day at Constitution and 4th Street NE travelling East.

    Best case scenario is to have the roads painted to indicate where to go, but alas…

    • I assume you mean NW, not NE? Looking at it, for example, on Google maps, I’d say that at that intersection, heading east (or west, for that matter) the “extra” lane appears on the left, so “everyone” should stay right by default. (BTW, on google maps, it looks to me like the lanes do ‘line up’) The absence of lane markings through the intersection indicates to me that this is the correct interpretation. It’s probably not the best traffic pattern for most efficient traffic flow though.

    • I don’t know if there’s a universal rule, but at the intersection you’re talking about (which is actually NW not NE… I was very confused), stay to the right. So if you’re in the curb lane, remain in the curb lane; if you’re one away from the curb, remain one away from the curb, and so on. The new lane there is added to the left, so theoretically it’s necessary to signal and merge into it. Not that anyone actually does so, and it probably doesn’t matter.

    • maxwell smart

      I would think of if similar to make a left turn where there are 2 lanes that turn left onto a 3 lane road. If you are in the inside lane (1), you stay in the inside lane (1). If you are in the outside lane (2), you could choose to take the middle (2) or the outside lane (3).

    • Oh I can’t tell you how many near-misses I had driving through that intersection when I lived on the Hill! Stay in the lines as instructed on the ground. If you need to switch to the far lane, use your blinker and treat it as a normal lane change. (The problem with this is how many people just decide to drive over their lines, causing you to swerve into the new lane to avoid getting hit.) It’s an awful intersection!

  • Rant: talking politics with parents. They’re appalled that I’ve “gone liberal”. I’m appalled that a man with three daughters is backing a man who has all but admitted to rape.
    Rant/Rave/?: clearly dad’s judgement is very off. So should it even matter to me if he disapproves of my dating choices?
    Rave: sleeping with the windows open!! Fall smells in the morning!
    Rave: waking up to puppy cuddles. He’s also crazy about the cool weather. And more snuggly!
    Rave: breaking out the fall wardrobe, and finding that everything fits a bit looser that it did when I packed it all up in May.

    • That One Guy

      One thing I miss about having a dog is the overjoyed reaction they have for autumn–how they roll around in the leaves and sometimes chase them when the wind blows. Enjoy the puppy experience.

    • Rightly or wrongly, politics is a pretty big deal to me. I simply could not be with someone who was not pro-choice and pro-equality (racial equality, women’s equality, LGBT equality) because being anti any of those things would be a significant affront to who I am. So if you feel the same way or similar, then I would say that no, it shouldn’t matter if your dad disapproves.
      Also, I’m with you on being appalled. My stepdad still insists that Trump is the only option.

      • skj84

        While thankfully no one in my in family supports Trump, my little brother wants to go third party. He lives in a swing state and I feel this is wildly irresponsible choice. I mean he is an adult and should be able to support who he wants, but its really, really bugging me he would do this.

        • One of my college roommates voted for Nader in THAT election. He lived in Florida. Actions have consequences.

          • skj84

            Oof. Yeah, lets not have history repeat itself. This is little bro’s first presidential and he was 7 during the 2000 election. I don’t think he gets the enormity of the situation. Hopefully he comes around.

      • Agree completely. I’ve been pretty good about staying quiet politically with the parents until lately, but I can’t take it anymore. I’m engaging in some long-overdue asserting independence, which is causing way more issues than I anticipated!

        • Ha ha, OK, good for asserting independence from your parents, it’s something that many people postpone or never get around to. But remember, asserting independence can mean choosing not to discuss certain things with them. That doesn’t mean you have to ‘stay quiet’ – you can say that you already know you don’t agree on political issues so is it something we really need to discuss?

          • I’m going to have to do that when they visit! My dad has always been pretty reasonable, but retirement seems to have made him crankier!

          • That’s a shame. From the younger years, retirement seems like it must be an awesome thing but I feel like it can actually be quite disruptive for some people. Luckily it’s made my dad much more mellow, though we still don’t discuss politics, because there’s no point.

  • Rant: Depression and anxiety ramped up yesterday and today. Irritation, anger, racing thoughts, and hopelessness on overload now.
    Rave: I get to see my therapist today so hopefully I’ll be able to beat this.
    Rave: Finally felt like fall weather this morning.
    Rant: I HATE my picture that was taken at my job. It goes no all of my emails that I send on Outlook to folks at the office.

  • Question: I need recommendation for move-in company. How much does it cost to hire one for in-town (6 miles) move and what is included in the fees? we are wondering if we should do it ourself and get some helpers or hire a move-in company.

    • Are you taking about a moving company like Bookstore Movers? When I moved (about 3 miles from my old place) it cost me a little under $500 + tip but they were fast (moved everything at exactly the 3 hour minimum, so I didn’t have to pay extra) and asked me exactly where I wanted everything placed, and even did things like putting the wooden slats back on my bed base and the mattress on top. It was worth the money to avoid the hassle of not having professionals do it.
      Of course, you should ask different companies what is included in their fees. They’ll send you quotes for free.

    • I have used Two Marines Moving twice and have been very happy both times. I was always able to find a deal on LivingSocial or something similar for $90 toward $200 in credit, and then paid an additional $100 or so. Ditto to what FridayGirl said about the quotes, they will send you one for free (often just from a form online) and you can select all the options you’d like (packing, etc.)

    • Andie302

      You can get an online quote from My Truck Buddy really easily. I highly recommend them (and will use them again if/when I move!)

    • For me, inviting over a bunch of friends and having a ‘moving party’ is no longer really a fun thing for me or my friends. Of course it depends on how much stuff you have, how many friends you have, and how much money you have; but for me, a few hundred bucks to move all our crap was totally worth it. We moved across town about 4 miles, and hired some guys to move our stuff (2 people in a 1-br apartment); it took about a half a day and I think cost around $350. This was five years ago so maybe prices have gone up. The company we used was HaulZing and they were awesome, but again the caveat that this was 5 years ago.

    • We used Town & Country. It was a 2 stage move, so I the cost was higher, but I remember being pleased with the price, and very pleased with the job they did.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        I used Town & Country both to pack up and to move. I was very pleased with the work, and when I dished with the guys I found that they had all been with the company 10+ years and were paid well. My crew were all immigrants from Cuba.

        • Another recommendation for Town & Country! We’ve used them twice and it went well both times. If you can afford it, hiring movers makes life much much easier.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Haven’t been on here in a while! SO busy with work! Hope all is well!
    Rave2: If the Nats win today, they will be the most successful team of any DC sports team in the last 18 years (last time any DC team made it to the conference finals)
    Rave3: Go NATS!

  • Rant: Being a mandatory reporter can make you feel really crappy.

    • Sounds rather grim. I’m sorry…

    • houseintherear

      Ugh, I’m sorry. Remember you’re doing the right thing for yourself and the child- that’s why they have the protocol.

    • Yes, I lost one of “my” kids because I reported her self-harm. She doesn’t talk to me anymore. I can’t say if it actually was better for her, or if I should have just kept quietly putting neosporin and cute bandaids on her scrapes.

  • One of the great joys in my life is sleeping with the windows open as the weather turns. Waking up in a chilly room, all snuggled under the covers…
    Just one of the many joys that kids have stolen from me. Their fish die if I let the house get colder than 65 degrees. Irrationally cranky about this.

    • That One Guy

      Um…why not McGuyver the fish tank so that you insulate it with bubble wrap overnight. I’m sure if you microwaved a sock full of rice and placed that near the base of the fish tank before you wrapped it in bubble wrap it’ll keep the fish cozy.

      • TBH, I’d probably let the fish die before I’d add bubble-wrapping the aquarium to my existing list of nighttime chores. That, or just keep my window closed and grump about it.
        If you don’t have kids and pets and a house and a full-time job with international travel and a bunch of community responsibilities, I can see how you might think that insulating a couple of $2 fish was no big deal, though. 🙂

    • Can’t you open the windows in one room without cooling the whole house?

      • Cat doesn’t approve of closed doors. He hooks his paw under it and pulls so it bangs against the frame. He’s an asshole.

        • Mine scratches, and yowls. Though when the door is open (as it always is) she jumps up on the bed at all hours, meows until petted (plus 30 seconds for good measure) and then settled down into a purr like a chainsaw. It’s astonishing how I can completely love and absolutely despise the little furball at the same time

    • They make fairly cheap aquarium heaters with built in thermostats that keep the temp at a set level. 20 bucks or so.

  • Rave: Incredible weekend with apple picking, pie making, and great falls hiking.
    Rave: was at the Nats game on Sunday and it was so much fun.
    Rant: Watched this group of 3 middle aged men move from seat to seat to seat, including my own. I think they had standing room only tickets, and were trying to sit in seats they thought were empty, only to get moved when their occupants arrived, complete with entitled eye rolling and sighing. It was so irritating to watch–like come on. I’m all for sitting in an empty seat at the 5th or 6th inning, but the first inning, really? Ugh entitlement like that really gets under my skin.

    • maxwell smart

      nevermind that the best thing about the Nationals stadium is there are so many great places to watch the game not in seats. Most of the games I go to, I get cheap 400 level seats and then never actually go to the seat.

      • Right? And we were in 405!

        • So wait, they were trying to steal people’s cheap seats?! That’s low.

          • I think “steal” is a bit of a stretch here, but hey, it’s the Internet: ALL THE OUTRAGE!

          • Even if steal is a stretch, they really could have waited until a bit into the game to make sure people didn’t show. People who sit in seats they don’t have tickets to are like people who won’t stand up from the handicap seats when an elderly person boards the bus — it’s rude. Except in this case, someone had actually paid for it.

    • skj84

      Wow. Maybe during a regular season game they could successfully pull that off, but playoffs? Agree that Nats Stadium has many great viewing points. The last game I went to we stayed in the Red Porch (I refuse to call it by its corporate name) standing room area.

      • maxwell smart

        +1 (to red porch). Not a fan of the Budweiserization of the park.

      • I love when people need to draw attention to the fact that they won’t say the corporate name, which just draws additional attention to the corporate name. If you had just said Red Porch, we’d have known what you meant.

    • We had partial season tickets with friends this year and had to kick people out of our nosebleed seats so often it became a joke for us. I mind less if they move without fussing, but so many people also complained or tried to negotiate. Totally annoying.

      • If people complained, tried to negotiate, or even eye-rolled when asked to move out of my seats, I would embarrass the hell out of them. “Oh, so sorry to make you move! Where are your seats again?”

        • Unfortunately, people who would complain, negotiate or eye-roll in such a situation are unlikely to be embarrassed so easily. Not that you shouldn’t do it, but it may only be for you personal satisfaction.

      • Seriously? People complained/ negotiated?? I can’t even picture that. Like you, I wouldn’t mind that they used my seat I wasn’t using, and then hopped up the minute I wanted to use it. I’d even approach them with a “thanks for keeping it warm for me!” rather than a ‘tude-laced “Ummmm…” (which I can imagine some people doing, not that I think you do that). But if I got any pushback, I would not respond gently.

  • Rave: After five years of livng in a building where you have to wait on management to switch over from A/C to heat in the fall, I finally figured out that, in an open-plan studio apartment, the oven is actually quite a good radiator. Duh! But yay for a toasty apartment.

  • topscallop

    Rant: fighting an annoying cold. Maybe it’s the weather change but it’s making me so tired and cranky and I skipped my workout this morning.
    Rant: big presentation tomorrow in front of our project funder will be rough as we don’t have as much to share about results as they (and we!) would like.
    Rave: I know I’ll get through it and then it’s a short week and I get to go home for the weekend and hang with my parents. Bringing BF so he can experience some New England fall weather and hopefully an Atkins cider donut or five.
    Rave: my new Frye boots from the Nordstrom anniversary sale are so pretty and versatile and the perfect height and calf size, which has been annoyingly hard to find as a petite person. Best wardrobe investment purchase I’ve made in a long time!

  • RANT: spotted a rat in my backyard. Pretty sure it went back under the wooden fence to the neighbors. BUT STILL.
    Related rant: rat spotting made me douse my backyard in fake predator urine to see if the buggers wouldn’t get scared away…

    • I’ve heard that all predator urine is created equal, for the task of marking territory and scaring off interlopers. So eat a steak and do the job yourself! And then let us know how it worked.

    • Ledroit Tigah, have you contacted the D.C. Department of Health’s rat abatement team? They are really good (and can treat rat burrows on your property if you authorize them to).

      • this is a great idea – thank you!!! I think the rat is more interested in the garbage cans my neighbors maintain in their backyards, but ive contacted the rat abatement team through the online portal, as it would be great to have my surrounds treated in any event. Thanks again!

  • Rant: I’m in a weird period at work where I don’t have a boss, therefore not much work, but have to stay chained to my desk. It was a nice break at first, and I’ve been finding ways to feel accomplished after hours so I can stay somewhat motivated, but my workdays seem endless. Any advice on fun, interesting online reads to get me through the day? I click on PoPVille about 238437437 times per day, plus CNN, MSN, Yahoo, Buzzfeed, Business Cat, ARLnow…suggestions appreciated!

    • Andie302

      Pick a topic that interests you and google what top blogs are out there, that should be a pretty decent rabbit hole. I always like home design and food, so some of my go-to’s are apartment therapy, young house love (which appears to be firing back up after a couple years of hiatus), the Bitten Word, Simply Recipes…these are the ones off of the top of my head. You could also download a kindle book and then read it in the e-reader tab thing. (I always see that option once I download it, but not sure how to return to it later.)

    • Can you ask if there is other work that you can take on? Are there oddball projects that no one has done, but that would be beneficial to the office? E.g., a template library of the documents people use a lot, maybe some kind of grand file reorg project? You don;t want to seem expendable by pointing out you are surfing the net all day, but you may earn some points for taking the initiative on your downtime.

      If you are stuck surfing all day, I like aldaily, which has a ton of content; slate; salon; geoguesser; and reading foreign papers online in English. It’s interesting to see another slice of the world’s news. Are there online courses you could take to pass the time?

      • I’ve been asking around and taking on odd jobs but they’re getting done really quickly. I agree it’s a delicate balance so as to not appear expendable – luckily we’re in the hiring process to replace my manager so this is temporary and the other bosses know that. Thanks for the tips, I particularly like the idea of foreign papers in English! Should be fascinating.

        • Haha, I checked out Business Cat at lunch. Funny! While you’re reading the foreign papers, be sure to check out the London Telegraph’s coverage of Larry the Cat and his frenemies on Downing Street.

    • The New Yorker has lots of lengthy articles online — a good way to kill time.

    • That One Guy

      Flipboard is a nice aggregator app to pull in articles of your interest.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: October is my BFF.
    Rant: Apparently I’m not very good at locker room talk.

  • Anyone been to Shobha? What’s the difference between waxing and sugaring? Prices seem reasonable, but I can’t tell from how they divide up the geography, so to speak.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: have a cold
    Rave: nice weather today.

  • Allison

    Rave: Attended a birthday dinner at Ottoman Taverna last night. We were a large party so we got lots of plates and shared. I tried so many new things and it was all delicious!

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