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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Query: New Haven, CT. Seems to have really cheap real estate, decent transit, good hiking, historic neighborhoods, some free museums, and easy access to NYC. Good place to move to for a retiree from downtown Washington, or am I missing some downsides?

    • I used to live in CT (further south, Stamford) and the CT coastline is quite nice — I wouldn’t call New Haven’s Public transit perfect, its mostly commuter rail toward NYC/other areas of CT. It is a city so you have the crime issues, shadier areas, but if you’re coming from DC… you are used to that. Most of my complaints about CT are similar things that you would find in DC (high taxes, etc).

    • Much colder weather?

      • It’s pretty close to the shore, so it’s not quite as bad as inland areas.
        I grew up in central CT, so I can’t say too much about New Haven, but it’s cute and has a great college, so you get that in your area. I’m not sure how much is walkable once you get away from the green.
        Traffic on 95 could be an issue, but if you’re retired I assume you can maneuver your schedule to avoid rush hours most of the time.

      • I like New Haven a lot. I lived in DC before moving to New Haven for grad school. I heard a ton of stories about how terrible New Haven was as a city. I brushed them off as whinings of spoiled undergraduates who came to New Haven after spending their whole lives in sheltered suburbs or boarding schools. But once I got there, I realized that most of New Haven is more dangerous and in worse shape than the worst parts of DC. It still has a lot going for it, but it is a bit rough.

    • The NYC suburbs are a much better value than ours. A couple years ago my sister and her husband paid less than $300k for a renovated SFH in a cute New Jersey neighborhood with shops and restaurants (comparable to a place like Del Ray) and good schools and the train station in walking distance. I can’t think of a single place in VA or MD where you’d be paying less than twice as much for all that, probably because those types of neighborhoods are more rare outside of DC.

  • Rant: Words cannot describe my complete exhaustion after working 14+ on the daily each day this week.
    Double rant: apparently folks heard gunshots in ledroit last night?
    Rave: Monday going to do nothing but stay in my pjs and make butternut squash soup. If anyone has any cozy recipes, pls send them my way!!

  • Rave: I’m running in the Army 10 Miler on Sunday.
    Rant: I’m running alone because I couldn’t convince any friends to run with me. Womp womp.
    Rave: I’ll make the best of it and hope to beat my last half-marathon mile/minute pace.

    • I have bunch of friends running, but I suspect I’ll end up by myself too because none of us are really the same pace. I like running races alone though. It’s good people watching! And my last half marathon I ran with a friend who ended up being a little slower than me and I ended up missing my goal time by 2 minutes, I think because I stuck with her for almost 6 miles rather than ditching her after 2-3. (My goal time was 2 hours, I finished in 2:02, and I think she finished in like 2:15.) Also – weather looks perfect! Enjoy your run!

  • Rant: Tried Uber pool for the first time last night. Nope. Took 25 minutes to go from Shaw to Woodley Park. I may have pitched a small fit when the driver turned yet again from the direction I needed to go. Ended up doing a solo Uber ride.
    Rave: Second to last Friday at this job, and working from a coffee shop. Here’s to getting things done, because I ain’t doing it this weekend. Feel bad for co-workers who increasingly don’t distinguish between the work week and the weekend when it comes to things. Just because you’re planning to send me something Saturday afternoon doesn’t mean I’ll look at it on Sunday, especially if it’s not due until that Wednesday.
    Rave: Feeling sassy. 35 is going to be an excellent year, I can feel it.

    • I am firmly convinced that the mid-30s are where it’s at!

      • +1. Advancement in career/money/maturity. It all seems to come together in the mid-30s.

        • Yeah, careers in many fields take a steep dive for women after 40 – enjoy it while it lasts – but don’t necessarily expect it to last, save your money, and start planning your next career in case you need one.

    • Uber Pool is terrible. It’s how I ended up being an hour late for my date last weekend because the driver kept trying to drop people off and pick new people up and getting lost and eventually I just got out and walked. What a waste of time.

      • I have increasingly low expectations for Uber (like having to point out Wisconsin Avenue to the driver last night), but this was a new low. Time has as much a value as money, and don’t waste either. Especially don’t waste my time on my dime.

      • skj84

        Yeah. I don’t mind if they pick one person up on the ride, but have major issues with drivers who treat UberPool like a jitney. Or go way out the way to pick up and drop off. Stick to the route! I made the mistake of picking pool when I got back from NYC. What should’ve been a 5 minute straight shot ride from Union Station ended up being 20 minutes, he went out of his way to pick up the second person and dropped her off first. That almost pissed me off more than the length of the ride. Drop the first person off first! I will give UberPool some points, there have been times where I had great conversations with my fellow riders.

        • UberPOOL automatically adds passengers to the queue and reroutes drivers accordingly; the drivers have no choice in the matter other than to not accept UberPOOL requests to begin with. I use Uber and have driven for Uber in the past, and I think UberPOOL is lose-lose for both parties.

          • It doesn’t really make sense though because in my case, yes, the driver got lost, but the additional time she spent trying to figure out how to get to Other Rider ended up costing me more than I was told when I requested my ride, which ultimately resulted in Uber having to refund me. I mean, maybe drivers shouldn’t allow UberPool requests to begin with if they aren’t super familiar with where they’re driving….

          • Uber makes a lot of money from UberPOOL, so they don’t let drivers opt out receiving UberPOOL requests. Drivers can choose not to accept pool requests while driving, but it’s hard to tell whether its a pool request while paying attention to the road.

      • justinbc

        I’ve yet to try the Uber Pool and stories like these are exactly why. For what’s usually $3 or $4 less it’s so not worth the headache.

        • I’ve used lyft line/uber pool 20+ times and have never had a bad experience!

        • Uber Pool can be a disaster if you live in Capitol Hill and need to head somewhere west of there, because there’s a good chance they’ll have to pick someone up from Union Station and that takes FOREVER.
          On the other hand, I’ve taken it to my office in VA many times for less than the cost of Metro and with no other pickups.

  • Rant: It’s 9:30 and I’m already bored to death.
    Rant: Having to work Monday but Rave: Getting a comp day for it! Need all the comp days/ leave I can get before the wedding!
    Rave: Really enjoying my gym membership, as I’ve missed Zumba/dance classes. Running is alright, but has mainly been a solo activity. These classes boost my mood x1000 but my body just doesn’t bounce back like it used to!
    Rant/Rave: Only 36 days until the wedding! So much to do, but YAY!

  • skj84

    Rant: Had some sort of stomach ailment yesterday, was so sick I stayed home from work. Thankfully it passed, but it was rough yesterday. Ended the evening with a gnarly headache too. At least I got to catch up on my TV.

    Rave: Visiting the African American History Museum tomorrow with my parents, aunt and brother. I’ve been looking forward to this visit for months! I realize its probably going to be very crowded, at least I have tickets for Feb as well.

    Question: Is there anywhere to rent wheelchairs on a short term basis? My dad has mobility issues. The museum has a limited amount of wheelchairs to lend out, I just want to make sure we are covered.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Booked a last minute trip through New England (ME, NH, VT) to do some foliage viewing and burn up all my leave before starting new job. Any tips for Bar Harbor, Portland, Portsmouth, Burlington (or any areas in between) would be awesome!

    • Andie302

      Lost River Gorge. The scenery around that drive is wonderful, and trail is like a boardwalk through a gorge. We didn’t do any caves (my mom is clausterphobic, so that was a no-go), but I think they are right there at the same location.

    • Portland has wonderful food. The old standard is Fore Street; the place they get their bread from, Standard Baking Company, is great for the obvious. There’s a potato-based donut joint that gets great marks – I’ve only had day-old donuts from there, so I can’t say for sure, but they were pretty tasty. Back Bay Grill has always been good. In my opinion, though, if you can time the drive (I’m assuming) between Bar Harbor and Portland correctly, the best place in the state (including the White Barn Inn) is Primo, in Rockland.

      • justinbc

        Primo looks fantastic, we love rustic Italian like this. I couldn’t believe the wealth of good food and cool drink options in Portland. I had heard they were booming but never researched it, pretty impressive for such a small town.

      • And there’s one other thing that’s right up your alley, Justin – in Unity, Maine (which is pretty far off the beaten path, but probably has some excellent foliage) there’s an Amish community, where a former fine dining chef (used to work at Charlie Trotters, the Inn at Little Washington, and the Ryland Inn in NJ), has opened a charcuterie. Everything I’ve had from there has been fantastic. My parents drive there from Portland (2 hours or so, one way) to stock up. Get there in the morning, because you likely will have to wait in line, he closes when he runs out, there’s no phone. I’ll post a link to an article below. If you want more info like the best times to go and making sure it’s open when you get there, let me know and I’ll investigate.

      • I feel compelled to add that although I love Maine – we plan to retire there, at least part time – the crazy is strong in many of its people. If you don’t believe me, watch Samantha Bee’s recent segment on Governor Paul LePage, unquestionably the most hateful, unbalanced person currently serving in a high level political position in the US. Astonishingly, that would even be true next year if, God forbid, Trump gets elected. He’s nuts, and got 48% of the vote in the last election. So there’s that.

    • I am a huge fan of the White Mountains in New Hampshire (maybe an hour and a half west and north of Portland). Really great hiking, AMAZING foliage, and really great little towns. Jackson, NH is a personal favorite. The Wildcat Tavern and Shannon Door pub are wonderful, the Wentworth Inn and Snowflake Inn are terrific, and the Inn at Jackson is an awesome B&B.

      • justinbc

        Good to know, we were going to try to take the Auto Road up there if time allows! I wanted to do the zip line tour up there but it’s basically a half day adventure.

        • It’s so so beautiful, I hope you can fit it in! Keep us posted, and have a wonderful trip!

        • On the food trail in the White Mountains, Polly’s Pancake Parlor, while not fancy and gourmet is third or fourth generation, everything fresh (they grind flour, make the maple products, sausage, etc), and has been in some of Jane and Michael Stern’s books. We eat there every time on vacation, and while sentiment plays a part it also truly is really good for breakfast.

    • Church Street in Burlington! It’s a fun downtown area lots of shops and excellent restaurants, it’s also home to many many college students. If you want super touristy things you can tour the teddy bear factory (worth it) and Ben and Jerry’s. Most of the VT mountains will be open for hiking as far as I know. I haven’t been to VT this time of year in a while so I can’t say for certain but those are an awesome way to see everything spread out beneath you if you can swing it.
      Eat at Hot Suppa in Maine- food is excellent if a little out of place there, it’s a sort of southern cooking meets New England restaurant.

      • justinbc

        Awesome, we’ll be staying about 3 minute walk from the Church Street Marketplace, it looks super cute. I have Hot Suppa bookmarked for sure, my wife is already swooning over the grits…

    • Maine Beer Company in Freeport! And/or any of the bazillion craft breweries in the region.

    • Go on a bike tour in Vermont with Great Bike Tours. If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet they also have an amazing B&B in a gorgeous setting. They can do tours for only 2 days if you like. http://greatbiketours.com/

    • Portland: definitely hit up the Allagash brewery tour. This summer we also had a fantastic meal at Central Provisions. It was nominated for a James Beard award for nest new restaurant.

    • Loads of great breweries in Portsmouth and kittery me across the river. Great rhythm and earth eagle brewery, both in Portsmouth, have great ipas and fruits respectively. Tributary in kittery is very solid. Kittery foreside area near the shipyard is emerging as a food destination. Check out anneke jans and anju. Flos hot dogs on rt 1 north of York, me are a cheap and amazingly tasty lunch.

      • justinbc

        I hadn’t seen Kittery but it looks super cute! Hot dog lunch sounds delightful in crisp fall weather.

      • I grew up in Portsmouth! A trip to the new Smuttynose brewery in Hampton, Nh, along with a drive along the ocean– Route 1A through Rye, Newcastle, and Portsmouth is a great way to spend some time!

    • We were just in Portland and Ogunquit ME in August! It was great. A few faves:

      – Central Provisions (No. 6 on Bon Appetit’s best new restaurant list in 2014)
      – Bramhall (good cocktails and very nice hummus plate)
      – Ohno Cafe (excellent egg sandwiches)
      – The Holy Donut (potato donuts)
      – The Lobster Shack (on Point Elizabeth; amazing views)
      – Urban Farm Fermentary (taste/buy kombucha, cider, gruit)
      – Maine Craft Distilling
      – Rising Tide Beer Company (Urban Farm, Maine Craft, and Rising Tide are all within walking distance of each other if you want to do a tasting crawl)
      – Bissell Bros. Brewing
      – Liquid Riot Bottling Co. (brewery; really good beer cheese popcorn)
      – Tandem Coffee (good pie too), near Bramhall

      Took a schooner ride with Portland Schooner. It was BYOB and food. Some people went all out with pizza, wine etc. Might be a little cold, though, depending on when you’re going.

      It won’t be beach weather when you’re there, but we really liked Ogunquit, about 40 mins south of Portland. We took a sunset cocktail cruise from Perkins Cove there that was really fun. You could walk Marginal Way (promenade overlooking the ocean) down to Perkins Cove and have a meal or some rum punches at the bars down there. FYI, parking was a PITA in Perkins Cove, but was free if you were dining at Barnacle Billy’s, which overlooks the cove.

      • justinbc

        Schooner ride sounds really cool, I don’t mind packing extra sweaters. I haven’t been sailing in far too long, and I’m not sure if she’s ever been.

    • For a great 30-60 min overview of Acadia National Park, take some time to travel the Park Loop Road. Tons of great pull overs and scenery. If you aren’t going to spend a ton of time in Acadia, at least do the loop road!

      • justinbc

        We’re actually staying at an AirBnB right next to the park, but definitely plan to do the loop along with some hikes. Hopefully it won’t be too late to catch some great foliage, it seems like they’re turning earlier than usual this year.

    • You driving? Bring back all the Heady Topper that you can!

    • Allison

      We had our honey moon in Bar Harbor. There’s an adorable Bed and Breakfast called the Balance Rock Inn that’s worth a stay. Book a ride on the Margaret Todd if you like big old sailing ships and don’t mind the cold (dress way warmer than you would on land, of course.) We enjoyed the gentle hike (more of a walk) to the Bass Harbor light house and grabbing a bite at Seafood Ketch afterward. There’s also a much more difficult hike (depending on which trail you take) to the top of Mt. Cadillac. Stop by the Oceanarium, which is a kitchy small museum on the history of lobster fishing, complete with “petting zoo.”

  • Rant: In my ongoing search for excellent Buffalo wings (nothing against with your ginger/teryaki and smoked sriracha versions, but sometimes I’m a traditionalist) I hit Buffalo Wild Wings the other night and found them to be adequate but unexceptional.
    Rave: They do make a tasty breakfast, though!

    • There’s a Pennsylvania Dutch market near me that sells not only the best crab cakes I have ever had, but the best wings as well. I am partial to the Old Bay wings myself, but all versions are amazing. I would highly recommend a day trip to get wings in Hunt Valley before hitting the Millstone Cidery in Monkton. Wait a few weeks and you will get to see some amazing foliage on the drive through Sparks-Glencoe.

    • justinbc

      That sucks. I had hoped to hit the new Navy Yard location up if a Steelers game wasn’t on TV, but if they can’t get the wings part right then I would probably just be frustrated.

    • jim_ed

      Try Bravo Bar for wings. They’re on the small side, but they’ve nailed the sauce better than anyone else in the city.

  • Rave: Three day weekend! I’m so looking forward to sleeping and shopping for some fall clothes. It dawned on me that it has been several years since I’ve purchased really any new fall clothes so it’s time.
    Rant: I really don’t want to just hang out by myself all weekend. But that’s the way things are looking. Everyone is traveling or has family visiting them here. Oh well….

  • Rave: We won our volleyball games last night!
    Rave: I managed to get tickets for the African American History Museum (though a few months out).
    Rave: This weather reminds me of my beloved PNW.
    Rave: Quiet Fridays are my favorite work days.
    Rave: Three day weekend and I get to catch up with some good friends!
    Rave: I really like the boy and enjoy spending time with him.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Sticking to my daily calorie allotment is proving very difficult.
    Rave: Went to bed later than usual but woke up easily and feeling refreshed. Maybe my problems with waking up early are b/c I’m sleeping to much. I’ll have to experiment with that.

  • Bear

    Rave-ish: Got close to 7 hours of sleep last night. I’ve been waking up a lot during the night lately, and the past few nights have woken up at 4:00/4:30 and haven’t been able to get back to sleep. I could really use at least one night with a solid 8 hours, but I’ll take it. At least I don’t feel like a total zombie today.
    Rant: Catching wind of potentially significant changes at work. I’m hoping it’s just rumors, I don’t want to deal with a bunch of change right now. I’ve got enough of that coming my way!
    Rave: I’m going to have a baby in 8 weeks (more or less)! So surreal. And awesome.

  • RAVE: Our offer on the house got accepted. They had multiple offers!!
    RAVE: Our last minute change of strategy paid off, we got it for a bit less than we would have if we didn’t change strategy.
    RANT: suddenly so much to do!
    Question: Any recommendation for good appliance repair company?
    Question: Any recommendation for good painter?
    Thanks popville!

    • Nice going! Fingers crossed on everything proceeding smoothly.
      Which of appliances need repairing? I can see the utility in repairing (say) an HVAC system, but in my experience, stuff like kitchen appliances, washing machines, etc. usually isn’t worth repairing unless the appliance is expensive and not very old.

      • Really? We’ve been happy with our appliance repair person and have had them fix a few things that were relatively easy and less expensive than replacing (without which, the appliances couldn’t be used). We use Wooten appliance repair.

        • I should note that my very pessimistic opinion is based on having dealt with the Worst Appliance Repair Company Ever, i.e., A&E Factory Service, in conjunction with a brand-new appliance that was apparently a lemon.
          I had a 6-month-old Whirlpool washing machine that stopped working. The company that was sent to repair it under warranty was A&E. I endured SEVEN unsuccessful repair appointments before I demanded that Lowe’s give me a refund and take the machine away.
          I wasn’t paying for the repair visits since the machine was under warranty, but from the receipts A&E gave me showing their charges, it looked to me like it would be entirely possible to spend $200-$400 to repair a $600 machine… and not even result in a fix. (I think $200-$400 was the cost of parts and labor for the first visit or two. The final cost of all the repair visits was probably $800-$1000.)

        • Mtpresident, thanks for the rec on Wooten. I’ll give them a try if I run into a no-longer-in-warranty appliance-repair situation in the future.

      • Fridge and Dishwasher. Thanks

    • I think mtpresident had an appliance (maybe a washing machine?) repaired recently, but I can’t remember who did the repair and can’t find the thread.
      Past threads with recommendations on appliance repair:

    • I just went through replacing a stacked washer/dryer don’t have anyone to recommend, but I do not recommend M&M Appliance. But if your appliance is more than about 12 years old you are probably better off replacing than repairing. (Unless the appliance is more than about 25 years old, in which case it could work forever with a little repair.)

      • I think Consumer Reports has some kind of guide showing for each kind of appliance at what age it makes more sense to replace than to repair.
        I guess I haven’t had to think about appliance repair too much because most of the appliances in my old place were already several years old (in some cases 14 years old) when I bought it. So when things stopped working or developed problems after several more years, I just replaced them.
        I think I did actually get someone out to take a look at my washing machine (the predecessor of the Whirlpool lemon) when it stopped working, but the repair was going to be $150 or something and the guy thought it would extend the machine’s lifespan by only a couple of years.

    • Andie302

      I’ve had good luck with Alco. (I got the recommendation initially for them from the HillEast listserv and they’ve come through several times since.)

      You could try Paintzen, if cost is your priority. If you would rather pay more and have the job done right the first time, call Roger Hall. 703-998-5991. I’ve used him for the interior of my rental and the exterior of my current home. He was excellent on both. The tenants said he was bare a disturbance painting nearly the whole house over 3 days. They said he cleaned up each day before he left. He gets his son to help him sometimes too. He’s not great with technology. The best way to reach him is via phone and be prepared to speak slowly.

      • I’ve used Alco a couple times and have been very pleased. We just had them out this week in fact. The service people are very knowledgeable. They ask for the model # and serial # up front to that they can be sure it’s one they can work on before they come. Their prices are reasonable. They repair most major brands. They probably won’t touch your $10k Viking range, but they do GE, Whirlpool, Kenmore, etc.

    • HaileUnlikely

      No recs for appliance repair or painter, but if you ever plan to hire anybody or buy anything, I highly recommend Consumer Checkbook. It is informative and cheap. $48 for a 4-year subscription. It’s probably paid for itself about 20 times over in the 3 years that I’ve been subscribing.

    • Making a note to myself to check out Wooten or Alco next time I run into a possible appliance-repair situation.

  • Rant/Rave?: Seems I’ve been locked out of my work e-mail and intranet. On my last day of work. Shucks.
    Rant: ER visit, x rays and doctors appointments in the middle of changing jobs and addresses – I’m sure there will be bills that get lost and I’ll end up fighting credit and collections agencies because of it.
    Rave: Last day. So looking forward to the weight off my back, taking a deep breath, enjoying the weekend and diving in on Monday morning.
    Rant: May have over done it with my foot. Doctor said I could wean myself off the boot but it had to go back on if I had significant pain… hoping I can find the right balance.
    Rave: Had a great lift and cardio session last night with the husband at the gym.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: I’m not sure it’s possible for my mood to be any worse, for no apparent reason.
    Rant: BIL had to cancel his and nephew’s visit this weekend.

  • Rave: I was EARLY to work and treated myself to a fattening breakfast sandwich.
    Rant: Young male coworker asked me, “what is that?” as I’m scalding breast milk in the office kitchen this morning. That made for an awkward moment (more so for him than for me).
    Rant: This is turning out to be the kind of morning where I feel like I need some bourbon in my coffee.
    Rave: A much needed long weekend is almost here.

  • Rant: Jealous of all you people who get Monday off for no reason (Columbus Day, really?)
    Rave: making some progress on things here at work
    Rant: But not enough. It’s a never ending pile of to-do and I just don’t have the energy today to keep it cheery.
    Rant: Went to bed close-to-on-time, but woke up feeling like I’d been hit with a ton of bricks. I am so, so so tired.
    Rave: When I woke up, I had 11 text messages and I was scared that something had happened, but it was just my brother’s girlfriend group texting some of us some lovely pictures of the little nursery she’s set up for their new baby that’s due in about a month! So excited for them!
    Rave: almost the weekend, almost the weekend, almost the weekend!

    • Whatever happened with your brother and his girlfriend wanting him to read a 400-page book on childbirth?

      • Ha! I have no idea, I decided to not get involved on that one, since I didn’t want to be seen as taking sides! I just quietly backed away, and I’ll let the cards fall where they may.

    • I hear you, all I get for Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Presidents Day, and MLK Day is less traffic.

      • How odd that your company isn’t closed for MLK Day. I know most private-sector offices don’t close for the other three, but my experience had been that they _do_ close for MLK Day.

      • I get Presidents Day (and for some strange reason we get Election Day off this year) but not the others. Same in my last job.

        • And because I take Metro, all I get a longer and more crowded commute because they’re running fewer trains. 🙁

  • Rant: I wish my husband would care as much about employment as I do. He did not get an offer from OCIs yet (he has one more call back, an unpaid job at the DAs office). So…yeah, I’m fairly annoyed and upset because I’m not earning enough to float us for another summer of him not getting paid. This summer killed us (our kid needs to be in camp, 8 full weeks = $4k, and that’s with a discount because my MIL works at the synagogue).
    Rant: Whenever I bring it up, he gets really mad at me, like it’s my fault. He doesn’t see any bills but the mortgage so he has no idea what it costs to feed our family, electricity, etc. I pay everything but mortgage. It doesn’t matter when I mention it. Downfall of being with someone on the spectrum is that he doesn’t pick up on many aspects of reality that would worry someone else.
    Rant: not knowing what to do besides cut back even more, which is getting harder and harder.
    Rant: I may have to find another, less flexible but higher paying job. I don’t love my job, but it’s flexible which ultimately saves us money.

    • Would it help to include him in making the budget strategy? Would he be more open to discussing overall budget together, asking for suggestions on ways to cut back that would also illuminate your total spending? Perhaps that would allow him to see the numbers you’re dealing with and drive home the point that he needs to bring money into the pot as well without explicitly saying so.

      • It would make sense for most people. He’s not most people. For all that he is incredible smart, he’s also not based in reality. I’ve given him tips on the summer job front – the one firm he REALLY wanted, but didn’t get after a call back, I recommended emailing the person he originally interviewed with to ask for feedback and to drive home that he really liked the firm, if something opens up, etc. Firms WANT people that want to be there. And the DAs office is totally fine – unpaid, but fine – but it doesn’t mean a job after law school because you have to live in the city limits to work for the city, and I am NOT living in Philadelphia.

    • Maybe breaking down the bills on paper vs the money you have coming in, so he can really understand what’s happening. Is there any sort of pt work available at school…library, etc?

      • the money that way doesn’t register to him. He doesn’t grocery shop (or cook). And you can’t work PT in law school yet. I’m trying to encourage him to tutor (he got basically perfect LSATs, and he’s tutored before), but he gets annoyed because he’s “very busy”. But I don’t see him studying that much and he doesn’t go to study group(s) even though he’s totally able. He just gets angry whenever I bring up anything about this.

        • Didn’t he just start his second year? Unless the rules have changed, 1Ls aren’t permitted to work, but 2Ls are. I certainly did (in fact, I taught a Kaplan SAT class, which sounds like what you’re suggesting for him).

          • Yes, many of my 2L classmates have jobs off and on campus. Lots of research assistant, teach assistant, and library positions are advertised pretty regularly.

          • +1 He can work in his 2nd and 3rd year unless his school has a different rule than most.
            Lsat tutors are paid very will… I’ve seen 100/hr, so he wouldn’t necessarily need to work much to make a meaningful contribution.
            Maybe there are some support groups in your area that can assist with helping him understand you can’t afford to keep this up without him working or taking out loans.

          • My husband worked PT 2nd and 3rd year at the firm that ended up hiring him out of law school. He made more than me!

    • Some practical advice: look for cheaper camps – $4k is a lot for one kid for 8 weeks and there’s enough time now to research other options; refigure your budget – can you stand to cut things out or to spends less on things such as groceries or entertainment? Accept that he will not be a partner in this or don’t; your choice. But chances are, you will end up banging your head against a wall every time and have a lot of frustration as a result.
      Also, I would at least put feelers out for a different job and start looking. I have been in the situation of needing flexibility and taking a lower paying job as a result, and honestly, that didn’t workout too well. Money brings it’s own sort of flexibility. Look for help in other way if you can; do you have family nearby? Are their babysitting co-ops? If you are in a college town, how about an affordable baby sitter to pick up the flexibility slack?
      It’s not easy being the main breadwinner, and that is made all harder by someone not being an active, participating partner in the financial aspects of life. I’ve dealt with this personally, and to be perfectly honest, it was a major aspect in the downfall of my marriage. You have my sympathies, it’s really difficult.

      • Another idea re: camp expenses: does your employer offer the option of a childcare flex spending account? That’s a way to save some money because it means paying with pretax dollars.

    • Not working next as a law clerk or intern, or something related that is legally substantive (not Kaplan LSAT prep, though that is a fine idea during the school year, but even then, a PT legal job will be far more valuable) will have more long-reaching effects than on the summer budget. Employers of all sorts hiring for after law school will prefer those with as much substantive work experience while in law school to those who do not have it. Maybe that point needs to be made to him – to get a legal job for the summer should be a main goal. And if he can’t get a paid one, a substantive unpaid one will serve him well in the long run.

      • Her primary issue is finances. Getting setup down the road is great, but he needs to contribute. If he actually can’t work during the year, then it would be really tough for him to take a ft unpaid position. That’s the best I’m getting.

        • Got that. But the law thing is a longer-term play, is the point I was making – the career should be the focal point, not immediate finances. Even borrowing is worth it, if it affords one the ability to work at a position that will take you far for years – better than making a bit of money in the short term and harming your future career by doing so. There’s no point in doing law school if you aren’t going to do everything you can to try to get the career you want out of it.

          • Fair and I agree. My impression was borrowing was off the table long ago which is why its a balancing act of sorts.

          • I generally agree with this, unless the financial situation is very dire. When I suggested Kaplan, I was talking about during the 2L school year. A legal job in the summer is pretty important, if at all possible. My girlfriend in law school worked at the Philly DA’s office one summer, and had a great experience.

          • I get long term strategies and all, but when you have a family, long term strategies often aren’t practical. It’s one thing to think strategically when you only have to worry about yourself or are a DINK, but add a kid to that and it changes things.

    • I know you said he doesn’t have the same mindset as you, but he absolutely should be mass mailing every firm in the Philadelphia area. Some of my friends struck out at OCI at our T-14, but mass mailing was extremely effective in helping them to secure paid summer positions. The Top Law Schools website (http://www.top-law-schools.com/forums/index.php) has great forums where people explain the best ways to mass mail and find jobs. It’s really an excellent resource for any prospective, current, or past law student. So, even if your husband isn’t interested in the job hunt, at least you have the resource if you’re curious to take a look.

  • Rant: I do have gestational diabetes. Not the end of the world but ugh.
    Rave: My numbers actually weren’t too bad so I didn’t fail so poorly they’re moving right to medical management. In fact, I don’t need to change a thing as of right now other than finger pricks & monitoring.
    Rant: Finger pricks day 1. Already blew threw a bunch of test strips and had to poke myself numerous times to get the hang of it.
    Rave: 3 day weekend with DH in Shenandoah and Charlottesville. So looking forward to it!

    • oh no! GD isn’t the end of the world, but you can do it! Everyone I know who had GD had a much easier time after birth with eating healthy and “losing the baby weight” (which I call maternity leave weight). Good luck!

    • Finger pricks get easier. I blew through a ton my first week. I wrote on here the other day that I had to take meds because I could not get my fasting numbers down. Hopefully this wont be the case for you and you can manage with diet alone but remember if you have to take meds its whats best for baby! Also, this may be vain but the GD diet caused me not to gain a ton of weight and I lost all my baby weight plus some by 4 weeks out. Good luck and hang in there!

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Don’t know how to take the casualness of the doctor saying that there’s nothing to really worry about my mom because if the thing on her liver was bad we’d have know about it, which I take as she’d be dead rather than complaining about pain, which she has for years.
    Rant: I have a bag full of bread/pastries. I guess I am more stressed out than I realized and will now proceed to eating my emotions away.
    Rave: This too shall pass.

    • Weird….Have they biopsied whatever is on her liver? I mean, livers are pretty resilient, but it’s odd your mom is complaining of liver pain – are you / is she certain it’s liver? there are a lot of little organs mashed into a fairly small space there!

      • That One Guy

        She’s getting a CT scan done today to double check, but the prior ultrasound showed what appear to be a hemangioma on her liver and nothing else that appeared abnormal. So for now it’s just a waiting game, and the waiting is always the worst part.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry your mother is in pain.

  • RAVE; I finally got the gumption to quit my job. Worked for someone who made me feel as though I was a lesser person, within an organization that gave no support and didnt care. I spent a year of my life constantly having to defend myself, which put me back into the chair of my therapist. I had to make a bold move to do this without having something else lined up.. ive always had something lined up… but my mental health (which thrned into physical stress as well) was in severe jeopardy. Did I do the right thing??

    • I think you did! Congrats!

    • Depends on your chances of getting a new job quickly – which varies by your field, level, age, and experience. I’ve done what you’ve done a few times, but will never, ever do it again. My advice is to work hard on getting the next job very quickly, even if it isn’t an ideal one, to avoid being viewed as undesirable for having taken some time off. That shouldn’t be the case, but I have definitely found it to be the case in my job search. Do enjoy the satisfaction of having left a bad situation, though, for sure – that’s a great thing to feel. You do know, undoubtedly, that you should come up with an innocuous-sounding reason for leaving, rather than telling any interviewer your real reason. Again, shouldn’t be the case (most people leave their jobs because of poor treatment), but it is the case.

    • Clueless

      I had a similar experience during the spring of 2012… I was in a huge mental and physical rut at my then-job, and the only clear option was to get out ASAP. I didn’t have anything lined up but I knew I had to leave or else I was going to implode. You WILL find a new job or life opportunity once you take the time to rest and focus on your new goal(s). There are certainly a ton of unknowns but I think you made the right decision. Cheers to your bravery.

    • Honestly, further rumination on whether you made the right call or not won’t help you in the slightest bit right now. ON TO THE NEXT!

  • Rant: two day weekend
    Rave: going shoe shopping tonight
    Rant: I’m sick of my hair and don’t know what to do with it.
    Rave: called WHS/WARL to ask which level class to sign DOG up for and they told me I get a free private class and that’ll help me figure out where to go next.
    Rant: walking by a restaurant last night, a large dog got up and came out through the patio barrier onto the sidewalk. DOG handled it for about 2 seconds, then growled and got angry. I pulled him away and got him moving, but noticed the owner and waiter looking at us walking away, talking about it, and shaking their heads. Could I have handled it better? Yes. But telling me your dog is friendly as he comes through the barrier, when he had been laying down and I thought you were keeping him there is too late. I don’t also need to feel like you’re talking smack about me/him as we walk away.
    Rant: my friends moved to VA and already missed the first normally scheduled event I see them at. I get that they’re unpacking and will settle in, but I took it pretty hard last night.

    • That One Guy

      You handled it well. Owners who don’t keep their dogs on leashes deseve to get yelled at.

      • +1. People who don’t leash their dogs when they’re not in off-leash dog parks or their homes don’t deserve to own dogs, in my honest opinion.

      • Oh, the other dog was on a leash. He was laying down on the patio, but his owner seemed okay with him getting up and coming through the barrier to us. My dog looks chill and was for 2 seconds.

    • Andie302

      You did the right thing! For the hair, you would look great with a shoulder length bob with just a slight angle to it. You have the hair for it!

      • Agreed! I’m also bored with my hair and considering a long bob. The issue is, I got the best haircut of my life in June and now am afraid to go anywhere else to get it cut… the amazing hair person is in Brooklyn!

        • I am growing out a long bob right now, and it is not pretty. They are great if you keep up on them though!

  • Rave: Got to adopt a puppy from WHS and training is going well.

  • Warning to all those who rent out places on Airbnb – go over your listing with a fine-tooth come to be sure there is nothing that can be remotely considered in violation of the Fair Housing Act. Even innocuous phrases such as “may not be suitable. . . ” According to a realtor friend, you shouldn’t even saying something is “2 min. walk to Metro” – only “Two minutes to Metro.”

    There are lawyers trolling the site and filing suit against owners for huge amounts. (Not me, but someone I know.) They do not actually request a booking, they just sue on basis of the language in the listing. Airbnb will not help you with this. Just look over your listing and be ultra careful.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Are you serious that they are ok with stating travel times with mode unspecified. I’d think that would be even worse. I’d think this could be completely solved by stating distances in units of distance rather than in units of time.

      • I think being dishonest in terms of time is probably not an actionable offense. 2 minutes away could easily be around the corner from or across the street though.

        • HaileUnlikely

          So using “able-ist” language is an actionable offense because it might hurt somebody’s feelings despite causing zero confusion, but being wildly off about proximity is not an actionable offense because it would only mislead people and cause them to make business decisions that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

          • The gdon has many examples of minutes to downtown that is anything but. One can easily research distances. The fair housing act doesn’t cover anyone’s lack of research.
            The whole thing seems silly to me since I’m sure not all airbnb units are handicap accessible. That seems like a much bigger issue than saying walk in an ad.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Agreed. I support the Fair Housing Act, but say “hear the birds chirping” and somebody will sue you on the grounds that you’re discriminating against them because they can’t hear the birds chirping. Give me a f*cking break.

          • HaileUnlikely

            And “minutes to downtown” is by its nature conveys no information (you can measure decades in minutes. Moscow is *some* number of minutes away), whereas “5 minute walk” can be demonstrably false if the distance is such that nobody could possible walk it in 5 minutes (e.g., 2+ miles).

          • Just an example for arguments sake, but we pretty well agree there are bigger fish to fry than walk v no walk x mins to metro.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Yes, I think we’re in agreement here. The “give me a f*cking break” was not directed at you (nor at Victoria), just at the idea that somebody will sue somebody else over this sh!t.

          • +1 to HaileUnlikely.
            I hope that realtor friend is misinformed, because it sounds ridiculous to me that stating “2 minutes’ walk to Metro” in a listing could be considered discriminatory.

          • Nails, I took it exactly how you meant it. These lawyers are ridiculous.

          • My goal in posting this is just to warn people. There are evil lawyers out there who know how to scoop up money by intimidating people. We can debate the merits of FHA for infinity. But no one cares about fair housing – only profit. So I’m just trying to warn people – if you are listing an apt. on Airbnb – know that there are predatory lawyers looking to suck you dry. Be sure there is not the slightest, most obscure, remotely possibly misconstrued phrasing in your listing because some lawyer is waiting to kill you for it.

  • That One Guy

    The universe has an odd sense of humor. I’m not sure if it’s life trying to immidate PoP discussion, but I had a co-worker approach me about shoes in a you want to buy comfortable shoes on the cheap sort of way. It was out of the blue. O.o

    • Did he quietly pull you off to the side and flash you a trench coat hung with a bunch of Clarks? What an oddball thing to have happen!

  • Rant: Almost 3 pm and no sign of early dismissal. I could’ve sworn we usually got early dismissal on the Friday before Columbus Day.

    • Same here. If they give it at this point, it’s going to be time for most of us to leave anyway….
      I’m almost wondering if it’s because half of the supervisors are already gone, so they just … forgot.

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