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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Timed passes to the Smithsonian African American History and Culture Museum have been acquired for January.
    Rave: The Other Mrs. Rabbit got to feel the baby kick for the first time this morning!
    Rave: The dark chocolate chip-dried cherry cookies I baked yesterday are amazing. I may have eaten a half dozen of them for afternoon snack.
    Rant: New bathroom vanity arrived with a crack in the marble top. Looks like the bathroom renovation project has now been extended by another week until the new vanity can be delivered/installed.

    • do you know the gender or are you going to be surprised? 😉

      • We’ve known for about a month but we still haven’t decided if we’re going to tell anyone or just announce it at birth.

    • topscallop

      Do you have a recipe you could share? Those cookies sound amazing.

      • You beat me to it – they sound terrific.

      • It was actually just a basic Toll House recipe. I subbed out the semi-sweet chips for dark chocolate and threw in about 1/2 cup of dried cherries. The cherries still have a bit of chew to them so it’s a nice textural element. Plus they’re a bit tart so it complements to the sweet base. My wife isn’t as sold on them but she’s not a big fan of cookies to begin with.

        • Those sound amazing!!

        • The Tollhouse recipe remains the best. I sub in various things– toffee chips, mini M&Ms. Will have to try dried fruit next!

          • Absolutely. It’s the base for our m&m cookies, too. Sometimes I replace vanilla with peppermint extract to make mint m&m cookies. Other times, I use almond extract and white chocolate chips/m&ms. Delicious!

          • I dunno – the apocryphal Neiman Marcus recipe is the gold standard in my book. They’re so good that I don’t really enjoy other chocolate chip cookies anymore, and won’t even touch commercial chocolate chip cookies.
            Rave: My daughter bakes them by herself, and likes to, so we have them more often.

          • dcd, totally agreed. I hate making them though since they’re more labor intensive.

          • What’s the difference between TH and NM recipes? Other than the espresso? How are the NM ones more labor intensive?

          • @wdc: I haven’t the foggiest – I love to cook, but I’m not a baker.
            A long time ago, before we had a kid, I acted like an ass (hard to believe, I know) and wanted to make apology chocolate chip cookies for my wife. I always tease her about not cooking efficiently – not looking at the whole recipe to see if there’s a better way to prep things, etc. So, being very efficient, I looked ahead, measured out everything, combined the dry ingredients – and neglected to cream the butter and sugar. In case you’re wondering, you get crumb topping with chocolate chips in it, not cookie dough. And when baked, you get warm crumb topping with chocolate chips, that takes exactly like cookies but has to be eaten with a spoon.
            As I said, I’m not a baker.

          • I suppose we may be talking about different cookies then. The recipe I have with that story attached requires grinding oats and shaving chocolate off a block – neither of which I particularly care to do.

        • I forgot about the Neiman Marcus recipe. I used to make that one a lot. I don’t know why I stopped.

          • Those cookies do sound amazing. A co-worker makes some chocolate batter cookies with chocolate chips and dried cherries that are also delicious. Fruit and chocolate forever!

    • dcgator

      Thanks for the NMAAHC reminder. Got mine for March!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Middle Zelda and I had a great trip to LA. The college visits brought some clarity to her application list, we ate amazing Korean food, and on our way back from San Diego we stopped on a whim at a gorgeous beach.
    Rave: I navigated the freeways quite well!
    Rant: God help me if I ever complain about DC traffic after experiencing LA.
    Rant: Flying back yesterday, Southwest gave our Milwaukee-DCA plane to another flight, so we had a 3-hour delay waiting for a new plane. Got home at 1 am, and I so tired.
    Rave: But they gave us vouchers to use on future flights, which will pay for a trip to visit my parents in the winter or spring.

    • Re your first rave: I didn’t realize Middle Zelda was looking at colleges in LA! That’s what I did and it was the best choice I ever could have made. I’d strongly encourage it and I hope it works out for her!

  • Rave: I managed to make the ride on bus this morning, and I was actually early for work!
    Rave: After slacking off on cooking and ordering take out entirely too much, I managed to cook dinner three days in a row. With my longer commute and Baby Artie, that really does feel like an accomplishment.
    Query: Does anyone have a recommendation for a good shoe repair place in Silver Spring? I need to get my favorite black boots resoled.

  • RAVE: Yesterday was our third anniversary!
    RANT: On our way back from the restaurant with mom, she took a fall. I can still see that happening in slow motion. She has some scratches and bruises and I think she is more in pain than she want to admit, sigh. I hope she recover fast
    RAVE/RANT: We put a “strong” offer on a house we like, we should know by the end of the day, but I hate the waiting. I hope that after a very looooong search we will get this one.

  • Rant? Rave? I’m not in Orlando – conference got canceled. I’m a little bummed since it was going to be a nice change of pace, lots to learn, and I was excited to present our research, but at the same time, I’m glad the choice was made for me so I didn’t have to agonize over it, and I’m not at risk of getting pounded or grounded by the hurricane.
    Rave: Some low-key fall fun scheduled for this weekend instead
    Rant: But I still have to get through two more days at work. I just wish I could work from home sometimes. In my pjs. And away from other people. Sigh.
    Rave: Remembered to pick up and send birthday cards to my dad and one of my nephews!
    Question: Anyone have any suggestions for brands of shoes that fit narrow feet with very high arches and are supportive / don’t aggravate your plantar fasciitis? I can’t make my Dr. Scholl’s custom insoles fit in many of my work shoes and my feet feel like they’re dying.

    • I have rather narrow but small feet and my most comfortable pair of shoes is a pair of kids’ Nikes. They are made more narrow than adults, and go up to surprisingly high sizes in boys. I know, not great for most things, but for every day walking around they are awesome.

      • Yeah, my most comfortable pair of shoes is a toss-up between my Merrell sneakers and my Birkenstocks. But neither of those will do for work!

    • I sympathize…I’ve been trying to find comfortable work shoes without much luck. I recently got a pair of Hartjes. Depending on how formal your workplace is they may still be too casual, but they have a removable insert so you can put your custom one on. They are super pricey though. :/

      • LittleBluePenguin: Not sure if you’re male or female but…if you’re the latter I just bought some Cobb Hill shoes that are pretty comfortable and look nice. I think they were in the $120ish range which isn’t cheap but semi-reasonable for a “comfortable” brand. My feet are wide-ish in front and narrow in back but you might give them a shot. Also, barkingdogshoes.com is a blog that recommends shoes for people with foot issues…yes, such a site exists. Good luck.

        • Thanks, I’ll check that site out! I just hate that most comfortable shoes are ugly as sin and/or really expensive! Mephisto has some that are pretty cute and comfy, but prices are too much for me right now…ugh!

  • That One Guy

    Rant: I wonder whether the effort to download the new Mac OS is worth the trouble right now. The connection last night was so slow I gave up. Has anyone had luck with Sierra?
    Rave: Work be darned…I’m not going in today. Take that immigrant work ethic.

    • I’m running sierra – although to be honest, I’m not noticing a massive difference… I’m sure I’m not using some of new features appropriately… Siri on my Mac did not appeal to me.

    • My office has banned Sierra after two early adopters lost a half-day trying to recover from it. I don’t know the details, I’m afraid, but it screwed up our machines.

      • That One Guy

        The update hasn’t crashed my computer yet so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it worked for me.

  • Rant: Packing for Iceland where it is colder. I just want to throw underwear, a toothbrush, a credit card and my passport into a bag and call it a day

    RANT: The wiener-pup has to go to the cardiologist #olddogproblems

    RAVE 36 is hours until vacay!

  • Rant: Littlest Anonachild got blamed for another kid using the f-word at school. Not because it was heard by an adult, but because another kid used it at home and when questioned by his parents, he said he heard it from Littlest Anonachild. The teacher calls to tell me that she believes Littlest Anonachild didn’t say it after she questioned him, and after we questioned him, I also believe it. He told us that another boy said it but he didn’t want to get him in trouble because he is always in trouble. Do I attempt to clear Littlest Anonachild’s name or leave it?
    Rant: I am absolutely astonished that a parent would go to such lengths because their precious little snowflake dropped the f-bomb. Most parents I know do not shelter their kids so much that their 5/6 year old has not heard swear words at this stage. I mean, most parents I know take the “please don’t say it, but if you do, use it in context” stance. I guess perhaps parenting really is a lot different here than in DC.

    • Sounds like the teacher doesn’t believe Littlest Anonachild said it–perhaps just fine to leave it alone? Or are you concerned that the other child’s parents will behave badly?

      • This is what I was thinking. My SO is concerned that Littlest already has trouble making friends at that these parents will (and perhaps already have) told their kid not to play with our kid, and that he will get labeled a bad kid. In my mind, if these parents take it take far, then that’s not the kind of people I want around my kids anyway and it works both ways. I’m not too concerned about Littlest Anonachild being labeled unfairly because he is incredibly well-spoken and plain and simple is not a bad kid at all.

        • I’m inclined to agree with you on not wanting that type of parent around my kid, though get that the potential “bad kid” label is tough. That said, that’s just a potential and hopefully he’d be able to dodge that by being his good-natured self.

        • I’d let it slide unless this scenario begins to play out…. If little anon is complaining that kids can’t play with him, then I would chase it… Maybe ask the teacher to be on a look out for that as well.

    • Where are you again? You’re right, that does seem like bizarre amount of investigatory energy to be spent discovering how a word every one of those kids probably knows already. I think you should spread rumors about the state of the complaining mom’s marriage in revenge.
      “I mean, most parents I know take the “please don’t say it, but if you do, use it in context” stance.”
      So, just out of curiosity, what context is appropriate for a 5/6 year old to drop an F-bomb? 😉

      • HaileUnlikely

        Growing up, in my household, “no f*cking way!” was accepted and occasionally used by adults, whereas “f* you” was not (except by my stepdad when he was drunk, and everybody frowned upon his being drunk and his behavior when drunk)

      • I agree – in this context, if my kid said, “I heard it at school” it wouldn’t occur to me to investigate the particular source. Now, if my daughter came back with directed profanity (calling someone a name – the c-word or the n-word, for example, and maybe even Eff you!), I’d likely want to know from whom, specifically, she heard that.
        @Irving Streete, last year, when informed that a much anticipated party had to be canceled because the host’s kid had a soccer tournament, my then 8 yo daughter looked at me and, with the perfect amount of disgust in her tone, muttered, “Fucking soccer!” I admit, I laughed, and then made her promise to only use that word when she’s with me.

      • We’re in hyphenated-town land in Baltimore County. It appears to be an odd mixture of people like us (ie, liberal minded, diverse families) and Trump supporters.

        LOL…. Ok, maybe not the f-bomb, but other words. Like, the s-word, for example. But, I have seen examples of “no effing way” or “oh eff”, or just repeating song lyrics. I mean, even if I never used a swear word in my life and only brought my kids around people who did likewise, one trip (of which we had many) on the 70 bus would have completely screwed all that up for my kids! For me, swear words have always been more about damage control than pretending they don’t exist.

        • “swear words have always been more about damage control than pretending they don’t exist.” Well said.
          Plus, Rule One of happy parenting is to pick your battles. My SIL chooses not to fight with her kids about food. Which means that every meal is two meals– the grownup meal and the kid meal, which is always something carb-and-cheese based. I have never cooked a separate meal for my kids, and I have never let them refuse something without tasting it first. And NOTHING happens in my house without a please and thank you. But swearing? That’s not the hill I’m going to die on.

      • I have a deal with my (now adult) kids that we try to remember were in a parent-child relationship and swear in front of each other as little as possible. Not sure why, but it still bugs me a little to hear my kids swear, and I don’t like to do it in front of them.

        • dcgator

          This is interesting; as an adult, I now swear way more in front of my parents (but never in a mean tone, or directed at anyone). I think I began pushing it around college, and then never looked back. They swear way more in front of me now, too. It’s pretty refreshing.

          • I swear a lot in front of my parents. My mom has expressed her displeasure, and I have expressed myself. The thing about swearing that really gets me is that all the studies have shown that people who swear have higher vocabularies and are generally better at understanding/utilizing language. Also, three years in the UK completely spoiled any societal issues I may have had lingering…. you can only here the C-word dropped casually so many times before the F-word just seems like nothing in comparison.

        • I wonder… and I’m going to tread lightly here… if it is a generational thing. I find swearing to be completely ubiquitous in not only popular culture but life now a days in a way that it wasn’t when I was a kid. I mean, I can recall getting a mouthful of soap for saying “that sucks” after hearing Bart Simpson say it, and I did get quite a few CDs taken away as a child/teen for inappropriate language. My parents were perhaps not the best examples as they took the ‘do as I say, not as I do approach’ versus modelling the expectation like you have described with your kids. I have found more of my peers take the approach that I have and the one described by wdc and dcd. Then again, maybe I just travel in ever-increasingly liberal parenting circles!

          • I think the most trouble I was ever in with my dad was that day I told him he sucked! That one really got to him.

        • My mom tries this and my brother and I frequently say “jesus f* christ” in front of her just to get a rise. My dad thinks its hysterical. But it’s all more in jest now that we are all adults.

        • I don’t even think of it as swearing anymore, just using words like any other words. Unless I’m around my nieces, then I try to reel them in.

      • saf

        My father had the rule about cussing – Use it if you can define it and justify its use.

        His standard illustration is, “You can say “Pick that shit up off the floor,” but it’s hard to justify saying “Oh shit!” when you drop something on the floor.”

    • The first time I swore in front of my parents was at age 17 and got more than a slap on the wrist. Even now in my late 20s, cursing around my family is unacceptable, even to make a point. Everyone raises their kids differently, and judging parents who don’t want their children swearing is a bit harsh.

      • While I get that some people do take a more conservative approach to parenting and that’s their choice, it was made fairly clear that these parents are judging my kid/my parenting to the teacher, and I take greater offense at this than if they had judged me in a random, anonymous blog.

        • Fair. I hope I didn’t offend you here, that isn’t at all what I meant. You parent yours, they parent theirs. That’s all.
          And re: concerns about Littlest Anonachild having a harder time making friends because of this; my parents were the crazy, over-involved conservatives. I got backlash from kids at school, even from teachers, because they didn’t want to deal with the wrath of mom and dad. I think Littlest Anonachild will be just fine! If anything, the other kid will have problems making friends.

          • No offense take Expat 🙂 I’m a veteran of the Mommy Wars, not much offends me anymore!
            And I agree with you regarding making friends. I’ve always had the personal mantra that you should be your own person, find your own awesomeness, and you will make friends – real friends – with people as a result of this. I’m sure he will be fine, and really, he couldn’t be bothered if he had any friends anyway.
            Also, now I’m picturing your mom as Beverly from The Goldberg’s, lol

          • I’ll have to watch it and get back to you! Based on the Wikipedia description of Beverly I’d say she’s pretty close!

    • I would probably make it clear to the teacher and anyone else who asks that I don’t think it’s a big deal, and I don’t intend to make a federal case of it with my kid. I would do this politely, but with an “are you kidding me” lift of the eyebrows. Then I would remind my kid “different families, different rules” and that she mustn’t make me look bad.
      Irving Streete, I honestly can’t think of a context in which my kids could drop an f-bomb and get away without a rebuke. But then, I taught them a few kid-friendly swears when they were little, and they’re still using them. Cheese and crackers! Son of a monkey! and of course Fuuuuudge. (It’s pretty well accepted among medical professionals that swearing has an analgesic effect, so these are to be used in case of stubbed toes and such.)

      • We did have quite a conversation about words (not the first, won’t be the last), and how they are offensive to some people. He is very aware that swear words should not be used until he is older, he is very aware of other words he shouldn’t use (ie, bathroom words). He was raised to use proper anatomical words versus cutesy names and then slang names for body parts (IMO and based on what I have seen, kids who are taught to be embarrassed over the words, penis, vagina, or breasts tend to be the same kids who as teenagers use vulgar terms). There are only certain words that would elicit much more than the eyebrow raise and a finger wag from me, but they all know what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. And really, having the judgment to understand this is appropriate, this is inappropriate is better in my eyes and makes them think more critically about the words they use IMO.

    • I curse like a sailor. And it is really hard for me to remember to edit language when I’m around little kids. I am pretty sure it will be my kid who drops the f-bomb in class one day. I’m trying to be better about it.

      • Hah. My 5 year old flipped me off (in the right context too!). I had to explain to him that he’d better learn when is appropriate to use that and when it’s just going to get him in more trouble.
        But I was kind of proud of him. Go NY!

  • Rant/Rave/Unsure: Supposed to fly to Tampa tomorrow to visit friends over our anniversary, and supposed to go to Universal Sunday to Monday…not sure if any of this is happening, American can’t tell me if the flight will be canceled and won’t allow me to change it to a connection to avoid the hurricane. On the one hand I don’t want to go visit during a hurricane (though Tampa shouldn’t really be affected at all) but on the other hand we’re out the money for our dog sitter and the Universal tickets regardless of what happens, both are nonrefundable, which combined are SO MUCH MONEY to just lose out on.
    Rant: Both dogs are very sick with separate issues that have been extremely expensive to begin diagnosing so far and will only be more expensive to treat once we have diagnoses for both. One is likely an autoimmune disorder and the other is likely a liver issue requiring surgery. We could use this weekend away if it can happen.
    Rave: Time off work regardless since we already put in for PTO for those days, I suppose!

    • Oh eggs! I sympathize so much on all this! I am so glad that my decision (go to FL or not) was made for me since they cancelled our conference. I know I personally would have a hard time leaving my animals if they were sick, but it might be difference having a sitter lined up. Hope you’re able to make a decision soon and that you feel at peace with whatever option you choose!

      • I don’t really want to leave them but at the same time, nothing will get worse while we’re away either. The sitter is very experienced with health issues and has handled dogs in way worse shape than ours thankfully, and he’s watched them before so he’s aware. Still not thrilled with it.

    • Not too late to get trip insurance. Try Allianz or similar.

      • That’s a good suggestion, I just looked at it and got a quote which seems very reasonable but also seems like it wouldn’t help at all here unfortunately. The airline is not stopping all operations for 24 hours and I’m fairly positive that we won’t miss more than half the trip if we have to be moved to another flight (likely to a Saturday flight). I’m interested for sure but just not sure that any of it would apply.

  • RANT: promising candidate for daycare director position is likely falling through in very bizarre fashion. UGH. We need to get someone in place by December or we may not meet our re-licensing criteria!
    Rave: impromptu playground playdate with a neighborhood friend after school pick up yesterday.
    Rave: Still mostly got the kids to bed on time.
    Rave? Mtpbaby’s cold doesn’t seem to be interrupting his sleep (and therefore not interrupting mine!)
    Rant: Still so tired. Need to get my rear end in gear on scheduling my annual checkup and get my thyroid checked. I doubt that’s the issue (more likely just the working/parenting thing), but should get it checked nonetheless.
    Rant/rave: 10 minute gap between buses yesterday afternoon so I didn’t even bother waiting to see if they would come on time and grabbed a cab instead. Much less stressful! I don’t love taking a cab with the baby, though.

    • Just a thought for a stop-gap measure, can you hire a temp to fill the position? Like a director at another facility who can assist part-time? I honestly do not know the regs for day cares or what the time requirement is, but there might be other temporary solutions available?

    • You may want to have them check your vitamin D too. I was pretty lethargic last year and learned my vitamin D was really low. I felt much better once it was restored to a normal level.

  • Rant: Flakey ass people
    Rave: F them 🙂

  • Rave: Been doing a ton of Flywheel/barre lately and am seeing results! I’m so glad I found a workout I genuinely love. It’s expensive, yes, but I’m justifying it as an investment in myself.

    Rant: Tons to do at work today and I need about 7 cups of coffee before I start thinking about any of it.

    Rave: Playoff baseball tomorrow!! Go Nats!

    Question: To piggy back off someone else’s shoe question – anyone have a good place in Adams Morgan? The heels are coming off a pair of boots I love and it seems cheaper to repair than buy new ones.

    • When I lived in DC, I would go to George at 16th and U streets.

    • what barre studio are you going to? I’m really interested in trying it out but the price has been holding me back.

      • I do Classpass – that’s the only thing that makes barre or spin affordable for me right now.

      • I do Flybarre (alternating with wheel). I’m lucky enough to have a membership and go a lot, but I second Artemis’s comment about it being pretty affordable on Classpass. First class at FB is $15 (and then they send you an offer to get 5 classes for $75).

      • I’ve never tried Fly Barre, but I think I paid around $125 for a month of unlimited classes at Pure Barre as a new client.

  • Restaurant help needed! We have a company party on December 12th and need to have 18 people in the Chinatown area in a private room for ~$100 head. Are there any good places in that area? The funkier vibe the better

    • Try Nopa – when the space was Zola, they did a very nice holiday dinner for my small company of about a dozen employees plus spouses. The remodel was mostly cosmetic, so the private room should still exist.

    • Related: You probably already know this but you should book a place ASAP. I was trying to find a venue for a work dinner last year and we started looking in late October/early November, and almost everywhere we checked was already booked because of holiday parties. Boss ended up taking his guests to VA.

    • Might want to try here: http://www.brickmortardc.com/

  • Rave: Last day in the office yesterday. Two more telecommute days and then on to the new position!! Feeling so much lighter and relaxed and eager to dive into my new role.
    Rant/Rave: Survived a lunch with a person at my work whose actions are why I’m leaving. Made it through (thanks to a small, harmless joke I played), left it behind me, and know I’ve made the right decision.
    Rant: Moving. Again. Well, just like a full year of small moves between cities and between offices, floors, and locations.
    Rave: Huge event coming up that only happens once every twenty years for my field. I’ll be there. My husband will be there. My former colleagues will be there. AND my grad school friends. I’m so looking forward to it.

    • Yay for your raves! Now I’m very curious about the joke you played…

      • I’m leaving because of a multitude of things but one big reason is because this person decided, despite considerable funds and considerable recognized successes with my team (externally validated but I sat outside his territory), that funding the work we do wasn’t worth it. So I bought the lunch, and made sure the lunch this person received had a card that said “Compliments of…” the team this person decided wasn’t worthy of getting their salaries funded.

  • Rave: Good night’s sleep

    Rant: My scale keeps moving up and I need to find a nutritionist. Anyone have any good recommendations? I’m feeling very discouraged.

    Rave: Feels like fall

    • That One Guy

      While it easier to try and boil things down to one number to look at, remember the scale is but one metric, right. If what you’re investing in your body (food, water, sleep, exercise) is balanced, and you feel great, what’s the value in getting discouraged in a temporary uptick in a number?

      • I know, I know, the scale isn’t the be-all end-all. It’s just hard because I have not been able to properly work out or walk as much as I have been due to an injury (doing stretching exercises the doctor gave me but she said no working out until this nerve issue goes away) — I have been doing well on eating healthy, I’ve been getting good rest and drinking water, probably not nearly as much as I should be. Hoping that this is just temporary and that once I am able to resume my working out in addition to all of these things, I will see progress.

    • I used Washington Nutrition Group — they have offices in MD, VA, & DC… The nutritionist I saw isn’t there anymore, but I had a good experience overall!

  • Rave: Gave my notice and have a plan to transition my work. Got accused of being unprofessional for giving only two weeks’ notice, so that was fun. I see it as an affirmation that I’m making the right decision to get out.
    Rant: I miss biking! Just a few more weeks until the walking boot comes off.
    Revel: Fun plans with friends and it’s my birthday weekend (for a milestone birthday). Happy and excited about where I am and what I hope is ahead of me.

    • “Got accused of being unprofessional for giving only two weeks’ notice…”
      That’s absurd. You’re totally making the right decision.

    • Unless it’s in the contract for more, two weeks is entirely professional. I think employers often have too great of expectations on employees in relation to parting ways. Good for you for getting out!

    • Since when is giving 2 weeks notice unprofessional?!

    • I Dont Get It

      “Since you consider two weeks notice unprofessional I may as well leave now.”

      Yeah I know you wouldn’t say that but isn’t it fun to think about?

      • As I stare at a long to-do list while stuck at a conference, that’d be so nice. I’d just settle for an end to the over-sharing emails and office prank wars. That’s the unprofessional part.

    • DC is at-will, so you actually went above what is necessary (unless you work elsewhere or your contract says otherwise). Trying to remember what you do and do not owe your employer was tough for me. Good luck! I’m two days away and it feels so good 🙂 (PS just saw office prank wars is something you want to escape, guess my office “joke” fits somewhere in there!)

      • Your prank was fine (and hilarious). I’m talking about post-it soccer games and hour-long YouTube video watching sessions.

        You’re totally right about the at-will. I don’t have a contract, so I’m doing exactly what’s appropriate. Now to just not get sucked into working nights and weekends between now and the end of my time there.

        • yeah, I saw “prank wars” and immediately thought of “The Office” – staplers in Jello, phones in ceilings, holiday-wrapped “desks,” etc!

  • Rave: Bought some flights to Morocco for Mr. S’s birthday in January! I know it’s kind of late, and the weather won’t be great, but why not? Any recommendations for Morocco are welcome – I think we’ll keep it to three cities, to keep traveling at a minimum, but I am SO EXCITED!
    Rant: So behind at work, le sigh.

    • topscallop

      I absolutely loved Fez! The riadhs are so beautiful, and my friend and I took a cooking class where you got to shop for ingredients in the market first. It was also the best shopping on our trip. We liked the High Atlas Mountains too, for a change of scenery – hiking, Berber rugs, lovely people. Chefchaoeun was cool for the pictures (that’s the city where everything is painted blue) and the best tagine we ate the entire trip, but it felt kind of like Disney and the people weren’t very friendly. I would love to go back to Morocco and see the desert next time!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave?: I have such a girl crush on my dermatologist. Yesterday I had my annual screening and I made sure I wore my extra ironic boxer shorts. I flirted like heck with her and even managed to work in a question on what super power would she like to have (flying). I hope she’s not on some website anonymously complaining about the creepy patient she had yesterday. I was almost disappointed that she didn’t find anything wrong that would require a follow-up visit. Now I have to wait another year for our annual date again. Sigh!

  • Rant: When getting off work late and wanting my wife to meet me in Chinatown for a 9PM dinner or drink, there’s not a way for her to walk from Logan to Chinatown that isn’t a wee bit unsavory at that hour.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I know the feeling. My wife and I used to meet in Takoma Park for dinner once in a while when I got home from work around 8 or so, but now that it’s dark by then and there are groups of 10 teen-agers assaulting and robbing citizens seemingly almost every day (actually 4 days out of the past 12) at that time in that area, we’re not doing that so much any more.

    • Mass Ave should be ok…

      • Mass Ave is ok and then you have the shitty blocks around the convention center. that’s the best of them, though.

  • Rant: This is the 8th day of my cold…and I’m getting really sick of it. Yesterday on the bus I was coughing like a maniac and the guy sitting next to me got up and wisely moved to another seat. I felt kind of guilty… REALLY miss being taken care of by my mom when I’m sick.
    Rave (sort of): Went to work first three days of week but decided to finally stay home today. Nice; perhaps will feel significantly better by end of day.
    Rant/rave: I feel like ordering delivery but have been spending WAY too much money on takeout. Cooking seems like a major challenge when I’m sick.

  • My rant is about commuting through Cleveland Park now that Beach Drive is closed. It took me 30 minutes last night to get from Cathedral Ave to Porter St. Anyone have solutions?

    • maxwell smart

      +1 – It’s terrible. It used to be if I left work at 7pm, traffic would have cleared out and I would get home in 35 minutes, tops. I left one night last week at 8:30 – bumper to bumper through Van Ness. They really need to extend the lane reversal hours AND extend parking restrictions until Beach Drive is completed.

    • It was unusually heinous last night. Took me nearly an hour to get from Arlington to Cleveland Park (CT just north of Porter), a PM commute that used to take a max of 30 minutes. Google maps has suggested Mass Ave to 34th might be better; I’ve been reluctant to try, though I may tonight.

  • maxwell smart

    RAVE: Going to Playoff Game 1 tomorrow! Go Nats!
    REVEAL: Struggling with making a life decision, boils down to either putting career growth ahead of personal/financial growth and have to give up some quality of life perks I worked really hard to attain OR accept less exciting career opportunities but get to maintain personal/financial freedoms.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: after a week of having little to no work to do, I don’t feel like working today when there is work. I’m just feeling lazy.
    Rave: I think I can get away with lazy today.

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