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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • maxwell smart

    Is it just me, or does it seem like WMATA is running FEWER buses lately. S9’s are supposed to come every 6 minutes during rush hour – it’s easily 15+ lately. The E4 runs on a Sunday schedule every day of the week. Is this their way of forcing people back into the Metro? Take away all alternates?

    • Yup. I’ve been complaining for 6+ weeks now that the S1 that used to show up at my stop around 4:20pm has disappeared. It seemed to come back for 2 days and now it’s MIA again. So there’s no S1 bus between approximately 4pm and 4:30pm. I’m tired of submitting complaints and getting the same form response.
      If they’re going to change the schedule, they should announce a schedule change.

    • Definitely. Headways on the 42, 43, and L2 have been ridiculous.
      WTF is going on? I thought WMATA was supposed to be increasing bus service during SafeTrack?
      The worst was Monday evening when four 42 or 43 buses were clogged together. I feel sorry for whomever missed the last bus.

  • Rave: mtpkiddo calling out to me this morning: “Bye mama! Have a good trip into work!”
    Rave: found smartwool tights, leggings, and pseudo-sock things to wear with flats on 6pm.com for half price!
    Rave: Loving the cooler weather!!
    Rave: mtpbaby did just fine sleeping on the cot for the first time yesterday.
    Rave: mtpbaby sleeping better than expected given that he has a cold.

  • Rave: Lovely holiday with the fella and the family. It just felt right.
    Rave: Giving notice this morning as soon as I make contact with boss man.
    Revel: Forward.

  • Clueless

    Revel: Dinner at Hazel last night. Wow, just wow. The sticky crunchy ribs and seafood pancake were incredible.
    Rant: Frigid office, brrrrrrrr.

  • skj84

    Rave: made it through a cross fit class in one piece. I’m stronger than I thought. Not super sore this morning either. Of course it will probably hit tomorrow.
    Rave: started Luke Cage last night. Only finished the pilot but I’m hooked. I won’t have time to do a true binge until Sunday. Also need to catch up on Younger.
    Rant: should’ve worn an extra layer this morning. I’m fine with the cooler weather, but it’s a bit too nippy today.

  • Rant: Every single escalator on my metro commute this morning was broken. ALL of them. 🙁
    Rave: Foot injury is much better today, so this wasn’t a a problem, just an annoyance.

  • Rave: wearing tights and boots.
    Rant: Found the sweater I was kind of glad to have lost on Monday because I didn’t like it very much and was planning to replace it with one I actually like. I may replace it anyway.

  • RANT: The huge guy who stood in the front row (and in front of me) at a show last night
    RANT: Vertigo kicking in right at the beginning of the headliner
    Rave: Weather

  • Rant: I think my breath stunk when I got feedback from my boss on a report I’m working on .
    Rave: Got tickets to the African American Museum.
    Rave: Got new jacket that I ordered. Looked darker than I expected but it was still nice.
    Rant: Can’t find any brown heeled boots that I like.
    Rant: I got to take a picture for work tomorrow that’ll go on my emails that I send around the office. I really hate this. I take bad pictures.

  • Rave: Feeling a little less overwhelmed today.
    Rant: Just got notice my healthcare premiums are increasing, but no info on how much. GRRRRRR! Our whole healthcare system is so incredibly f-ed up!
    Rant: People freaking about this stupid hurricane, and I can’t tell if it’s the normal over-hyped weather bullsh*t or if it’s actually something that’s going to impact my (planned) conference in Orlando tomorrow. Oh well. I can’t do anything about it, so I’m trying to take it in stride.
    Rave: Slept much better last night, even if it wasn’t for long enough.
    Rant: Still really cranky today!

    • houseintherear

      Ummm I would look into not going tomorrow! This is quite a big deal for much of the state. I was down in Vero until last night and everyone is already boarding up, closing schools, state of emergency for the whole state, etc.

      • But as far inland as Orlando is?

        • The state is a narrow spit of land sticking into the ocean. The entire state gets hammered, as hurricanes like to park themselves over the middle of the state and suck up intensity from water on each side of the state.
          My guess is that your conference organizers will cancel today.

          • Bah! That sucks. Well, I can’t do anything one way or another, so I guess I’ll just wait to see what happens later today. Stupid Florida.

    • You’ll be fine tomorrow. I have a flight to Tampa Friday afternoon that I’m assuming will be canceled, but if you’re flying in early tomorrow morning you should be ok. If you want to switch to flying in tonight you can – Orlando airport is one that’s marked by all the airlines as affected so no change fees.

      • yeah but then I’d need to sleep in the airport….not sure I want to do that! I just have to wait and see what the conference organizers are doing, they should know by mid-afternoon if they’re cancelling or not…

      • The problem is getting out of Florida post-hurricane. And eating. And maybe having potable water.
        No way in hell I’d go down there only to get stuck in Orlando.

        • Eh I don’t think Orlando’s going to have any problems other than some rain. But I agree, I don’t know that I’d risk flying into Orlando or any airport east of it. I’m crossing my fingers that I can still make it to Tampa Friday though, it shouldn’t be affected at all. It’s just getting there…

      • yeahhh don’t go. my coworkers live in Charleston and have already evacuated… Florida will be hit earlier and harder. Its not worth going and getting stuck. Getting out of there will be a disaster.

    • ….aaaaannndd my conference has just been canceled. Guess that decision was made for me. I was looking forward to it, but I guess if I can make it through the rest of the week I’ll have a low-key weekend.

      • That’s good, I was thinking it probably would be!

        • Good luck with your trip to Tampa, eggs, if it’s still on!

          • Thanks! My frustration is that my flight goes straight through where the hurricane will be, yet the Tampa airport isn’t “affected” so I can’t change the flight with no fees yet. Will probably just have to deal with it Friday when it gets canceled…

  • Rave: Doctor finally called – told me I could wean myself off the boot which means no more blood thinners.
    Rave: Had a great evening last night surrounded by great colleagues and friends. And my husband surprised me to be at the event!
    Rant: Got to remember I’m leaving and I can’t control what happens once I’m gone.
    Rave: Looking forward to diving in to my new role next week. And then off to Quito!

  • Rave: 1) Cortisone shot seems to be taking and already-diminishing back pain down to where I can (2) do an hour with girlfriend’s Yoda-like (in” wisdom,” not looks) trainer plus (3) beautiful weather and (4) sassy new suit/shirt/tie combination came together to make me feel like a million bucks walking to the metro. Let’s see how long before work crushes the spirit (though, spontaneous dinner at Hazel just scheduled, to keep me going.
    Rave: October. Beautiful weather; Green Day, Sturgil Simpson, Steve Early + Emmy Lou Harris on the music agenda; trip to New York City complete with swell hotel at someone else’s expense, reception at billionaire’s condo, “The Front Page” on Broadway, good friends and swell food; three day weekend to screw around with; class reunion; potential for life-changing job.
    Rant: coming soon enough, I’m sure, but for the moment….

  • Rave: I am loving this weather. It is just so so perfect.
    Rant: I feel like I quite figured out how to dress Baby Artie for this weather.
    Rave: Strong coffee.
    Rave: I have had a very productive week so far (both at work and at home).

  • Forgave my friend for missing my birthday party.
    Ultra-pumped about Adelle coming to town!
    Cat started eating her food again!
    Krispy Kreme donuts this morning!
    Plans for honeymoon are coming together
    Overcame a fear of walking on sidewalk grates!!!
    Placed by first ad in Craigslist- please don’t backfire!
    Very excited to announce I’m having my first kid!
    I am nervous about telling people too soon though ^^
    Literally can’t stand any more debates
    Loved watching the post debate spin happen though (only in DC)
    Eagles all day every day!

  • Rant: I can’t win with getting to work on time anymore, it seems. When I take an Uber/Lyft, it will sometimes be 15 minutes before a request is accepted, or, I’ll have 3 cancellations in a row, or, they’ll get lost, and it’s expensive. When I try UberPool/LyftLine I’m at the mercy of their algorithm in which order they drop people off and who they choose to pick up, but it’s cheaper. When I take the bus (like this morning) I have to take two of them, and the first one was late and almost didn’t stop even though 5 of us were standing there and it took me over an hour to get to my connecting stop and then we were stuck in traffic getting into DC. I don’t want to change my hours, and I think it is stupid that I might have to consider leaving my house before 7. This wasn’t such an issue until after Labor Day.

    Rave: I made it to work safely, and I have coffee, and I’ve decided to eat a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.

  • HaileUnlikely

    Pretty sure I almost got robbed last night. Was walking home from my bus (about 8 PM, completely dark out, and poorly lit block) and saw 5 young men or possibly older teenagers walking in a group. All normal so far, recent robberies committed by groups of 8-10 teens in other parts of my neighborhood notwithstanding. When they saw me approaching, two crossed over to my side of the street while 3 stayed on the other side. I walked from the sidewalk into the middle of the road, and one left the sidewalk and also walked out into the road and started looking back and forth between his buddies and me. I turned down another side street before our paths crossed, and the 2 who were closer to me started following me, in the middle of the road, while the others stayed at the end of the block and watched. I kept walking, but looking over my shoulder to see if they were getting closer. As I got about halfway down the block, another neighbor (a mature African American adult) turned onto the block in his car, parked, and got out, and the young men who were following me stopped following and turned back around. I hate feeling paranoid whenever I see groups of teens and I hate feeling afraid to walk from the bus or metro to my f*cking house, but I’ve been robbed at gunpoint twice, and there have been 4 robberies by large groups of teens in or near my neighborhood at about that time of the evening in the last week and a half. I’m not just making assumptions based on the demographics of the kids, their behavior was very obviously intended to at least intimidate me if not worse, and I’m pretty sure my neighbor saved my ass simply by getting home when he did which was nothing but pure luck. I hate the realization that even if they attacked me and I were to successfully defend myself (1:1 – decent chance, 2:1 – less good of a chance, the other 3 jump in and I’m likely done), they’d know where to find me and I’d probably be beaten by a large group or shot within a couple weeks. And I hate that my heart races when I see groups of kids that from a distance I could mistake for my Godson (a 17-year-old good young black man from a loving family of first-generation immigrants), and hate that other people probably have the same visceral reaction when they see my Godson and a couple of his teammates coming home from basketball practice at night because of experiences like this with kids with whom he has absolutely nothing in common other than a few physical characteristics.

    • Your neighbor showing up definitely helped but do not discount your initial street smarts that identified a possible threat to which you maneuvered in a way to avoid confrontation as long as you did.

    • I’m sorry you had this experience, and I can also completely understand how it’s disconcerting to have that sort of visceral reaction. It’s kinda funny, I have the same reaction to large white men who look like rednecks. They terrify me. I think every woman has in her head what a rapist looks like, and to me, he wears overalls and a trucker hat. We are all impacted by our experiences, and you can’t help that.

      • I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks that re: large white men.

        • +1.
          Also, I agree with stacksp that Haile should not discount his street smarts.
          I try to live by the rule of 3, which my negotiation professor taught me. If three things seem off, then you worry. For example, group of teens standing around and just talking with themselves — nothing to worry about, mind your own business. Large group of teens following you in the dark down the middle of the road — odd enough to be freaked out.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I think my paranoia in following neighborhood crimes might have finally paid off. The background knowledge that large groups of teens had beaten and robbed citizens within about a half mile radius of my location at roughly the same time of the evening 4 nights out of the past 10 nights definitely influenced my response as well.

    • Sorry that happened to you! You were right to trust your instincts. What you described is exactly what happened to my former roommate when she was robbed. Same pattern of splitting up and getting in the street so she had no option of turning back or changing sidewalk. The guy who followed her into the street eventually jogged ahead of her and pulled a knife. She couldn’t escape to either side because his buddies were there. Luckily she wasn’t hurt.

      I hate that feeling too, but after more than one nasty encounter with groups of teens I’ve learned to avoid them too.

    • I hope you called the police.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I did.

      • HaileUnlikely

        p.s. When I was safely home, not while I was 10 feet from the guys who were coming after me. Never occupy half of your brain and one of your hands doing something that might also escalate the situation when you are facing an active threat that is not yet under control.

    • Purchase pepper spray.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Thanks for the tip, much appreciated. I never even thought of that.
        More seriously now I have thought about it a whole lot, and almost did last night. The reason I did not was that in my judgment, which I think proved to be on point last night, it would have made things worse, not better. Yes, there exist plausible scenarios in which it might be of benefit, but last night was haile unlikely to have been one of them. With 2 guys coming at me plus 3 more hanging back, I really don’t like my chances of handling all 5 of them. If I take out the first 2, the other 3 are probably going to get me. Also, I was one block from my house, on a block that I basically cannot avoid walking on, unless I just never leave my house. I have no desire to cause a bunch of bad guys to want to come back and retaliate against me with more friends and/or weapons. If they decided to come at me, it would have basically been a no-win situation. The best possible outcome would have been if they got my stuff and left without a fight. The second best possible outcome would have been if they hit me a few times and got my stuff and I exercised enough restraint to refrain from fighting back. I guess I’d rather defend myself by hand and/or with pepper spray than have them incapacitate or kill me (the recent robberies in my neighborhood have not escalated to this level – nobody has been seriously injured yet), but I’d rather give up my sh!t and take a couple punches than spend the next several months looking over my shoulder for people who are looking to assault me–not just whoever is passing by but me, personally, as an act of retaliation–rather than simply f*k with or rob whoever happens to be passing by. It almost makes me want to get pepper spray to use when visiting areas where I don’t go very often and can easily avoid, but I would be very very hesitant to pepper spray somebody on my own block unless I feared for my life in that very moment.

        • I understand — the pepper spray is definitely a false sense of security… and in a multi-person on one situation, could make things worse.

          What I didn’t really think about until now if how I have 100% altered my routine because of things like this, without really thinking about it. I NEVER EVER walk home from the metro after about 8-9pm, even though I live in an area with incredibly low crime. I always take uber (now pool) — I never really thought about that as a safety reaction, but it 100% is. I do it so I never have to walk more than from a car (where there is another person!) to my door.

          It’s not a solution. It’s a terrible reality and not a solution that viable for everyone, at all.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Agreed. I avoid walking home from the metro after dark in the summer and after about 8 when it gets dark earlier. But I usually get home from work around 7:30 or 8, and have never had problems walking back from the bus before (2-5 blocks, depending what bus I use). The one with the the shortest walk home would also involve getting on in a much worse location and has significantly more risk of trouble on-board, though, so it is by no means a clear winner on that front. Taking an uber home from work (or even just from the metro station) every single day would be ridiculous. I waffle between continuing to risk it vs. cutting my losses and moving (not to DC suburbs, I mean to another part of the country).

    • If I see large groups of teens or grown men, I automatically switch course as in turn the hell around and go back to where I was. when you got off the bus, were there other people out?? or did you walk a ways before it got more ‘deserted’ for lack of a better term

      In one case, I went up to a random house just so they would think “oh, she’s home…” and they left.

      I am glad you’re okay, but it is sad that teens can be so dangerous these days. :-/

      • HaileUnlikely

        I got off the bus on a main road and walked two blocks off of the main road into the neighborhood where I live. It is a lower-density residential neighborhood in which it is not uncommon to walk several blocks without seeing more than 1 or 2 people on the street the whole time.

    • HaileUnlikely, glad to hear that you’re OK. You were right to trust your instincts.

  • Forgave my friend for missing my birthday party.
    Ultra-pumped about Adelle coming to town!
    Cat started eating her food again!
    Krispy Kreme donuts this morning!
    Plans for honeymoon are coming together
    Overcame a fear of walking on sidewalk grates!!!
    Placed by first ad in Craigslist- please don’t backfire!
    Very excited to announce I’m having my first kid!
    I am nervous about telling people too soon though ^^
    Literally can’t stand any more debates
    Loved watching the post debate spin happen though (only in DC)
    Eagles all day every day!

  • Rant: Friend dealing with ex-wife in court. He’s been stressing over it for days and he gets there and she doesn’t show up. CASE DISMISSED. I don’t know why people do this.
    Rant: Woke up with a headache this morning. and didn’t make it to the gym.
    Rave: Beautiful walk to work
    Rave: brought lunch today
    Rave: Mets game tonight!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m cranky this morning.

  • Rant: Looks like Middle Anonachild’s dreams of soccer stardom may not mix well with her skin condition. I noticed yesterday that her skin has suddenly and severely broken out, no doubt from contact with allergens and sweating. The agreement with her specialist was that sports were ok as long as her skin stayed intact. For now we are aggressively treating and hoping it clears up.
    Rant: Having two kids who’s activity schedules conflict is really rough. I can’t cut myself in two and support them both, so we split duties. But it’s hard that they both want me to be there to see them at all times. Then again, I suppose complaining about not being able to be in two places at once is the story of my life as a working mom.
    Adulting is hard? Yep. But Momming is way harder.

  • Rave: Soup weather. Soup soup soup! All day err day.
    Rave: Finally having the courage to post my first RRR after silently observing the Popvillagers for years.
    Rave: Red-eye for breakfast.
    Rant: Family anxieties. Abbreviated version of story- parents are coming to visit and refuse to meet boyfriend because he doesn’t fit the traditional mold of the person they envisioned me with. He’s one of the good ones. Hoping and praying I don’t have to choose between parents and boyfriend.

    • Welcome to Popville commenting. It’s fun.

      And good wishes to you regarding your parents. For myself and for what it’s worth, I’ve learned that the fastest way to be unhappy is to make a choice that doesn’t have to be made yet.

    • Welcome! We’re glad you joined us!

    • Welcome lurker! And I second your soup rave! Good luck with your parents/bf situation!

    • Emmaleigh504


    • Unless your parents have good reason to worry – he’s an addict or a criminal – is there really any choice? I mean, can you let your parents run your life choices as an adult? The only people I’ve know who do that are those who stand to inherit (or not, based on their life choices) a lot of money, and since I can’t imagine letting my parents be involved in any decisions about my life since I was 18 and on my own, it’s probably a good thing I’ve never expected to inherit anything much. Live your life, and hope your parents get on board eventually.

    • Expat: Happy that you’ve found someone who you love…who loves you. Nothing is more important. Hope things work out (eventually) with your parents, too. Do not mean to sound pat.

  • Bear

    Rant: Uber was late this morning, so I was late to my ultrasound appointment. The driver accepted the request while she was still dropping someone else off – the estimated arrival time was 9 minutes. 10 minutes later she was further away than when she accepted the ride, and she didn’t get to my house until 15 minutes after that. Luckily I was only about 10 minutes late and they didn’t give me any trouble about it.
    Rave: Got to see my little boy for the first time in 10 weeks, even got a straight on face shot. I can’t believe he’ll be here in 8 weeks (more or less)!
    Rave: The weather! Amazing.

    • Uber seems to be having major issues the past few days….

    • Bear

      Additional Rant: After seeing the Popeyes post, now I want fried chicken instead of the relatively healthy leftovers I brought for lunch.

    • Request a refund. Uber seems to be sacrificing riders’ time in an effort to keep drivers happy. There’s no reason you should have waited 25 minutes for a car.

  • Rant: My upstairs neighbor must have had an early flight – I was awoken at 4:30am by her stomping around. Once she left and I was able to fall asleep again I dreamed she was moving out… If only!

    • Forgot my rave! Finished Stranger Things – good stuff!

    • Ha!
      I always wonder what people are doing up in the middle of the night. My neighbors woke me up on Monday morning coming down the hallway talking very, very loudly at 3am. It sounded like they had been out drinking. Until 3am on a Monday morning. I was so confused.

    • She needs to buy some rugs. You may want to ask her to not put shoes on until she’s leaving the apartment. The click-clack of heels is terrible. My guess is that she has no clue how much noise travels between the floors.

      • I suspect that most people don’t, including people who complain about how much noise their neighbors make. I generally assume that I am as noisy as the people who live around me and then go from there.

      • I could tell that she didn’t put shoes on until she was about to leave. I have talked to her about it before, but it doesn’t really help. She’s just a heavy walker, and I get that it’s hard for people to change that about themselves (though I’ve always thought they must be exhausted by the end of the day…)

  • Rant: husband was laid off
    Rave: he has severance and health insurance through the end of the December
    Rave: he found a good lead on a job yesterday
    Rant: will still feel anxious/overwhelmed until he’s secured a new position
    Rant: Eldest kitty’s kidneys are failing, which is leading to other internal issues. I know the time to make “that decision” is coming soon, but it doesn’t feel right yet.

    • So sorry to hear about your kitty. Deciding on the time for “that decision” is always difficult, but if your cat has been failing for a while, clearly with health issues, it is a wonderful gift to give him/her an easy merciful death. Especially If s/he has stopped eating – it is time. If only we had that option for humans.

  • Rave: Excellent weather. Love being able to wear jeans and sweater.
    Rant: Upstairs neighbors are INCREDIBLY noisy. They seem to have an incredibly colicky baby and a toddler who is constantly dropping marbles on their hardwoods?? Unsure. But lots of noises… normal moving/walking sounds don’t bother me at all (thats apartment living) but I’m tired of my coworkers being able to hear your screaming child while I’m on a video conference! What do I do!?!

    • DCReggae

      I’ve had this issue with the upstairs neighb for a while – I now call him “Stampy”. I’ve tried everything, even professionally soundproofing the ceiling! Nothing will be as effective as a top floor apartment. You can try talking to them but unless its outside of normal quiet hours, you’re out of luck. If it bothers you that much, I’d move if you don’t own.

      • I do own — but they rent… so my main source of light is that 1) the baby will outgrow the screaming… 2) They will eventually need to move for more space (I believe their current unit is a 1 bedroom)

    • The “marble” sound is (from what I can find on the interwebs) actually noise from water in the pipes. Every single place I’ve lived in this area has had that sound happen sometimes and it finally bothered me enough to look it up.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Yes. It mainly happens when the weather is cool or cold (I don’t mean freezing, I just mean as opposed to summer heatwave) and hot water (sink or shower) is running through cold PVC pipes, causing them to expand very slightly and rub against other surfaces (the wall itself, the studs, etc). If you hear lots of marbles on hot summer days, it might actually be marbles, but if the kid seems to be more interested in dropping marbles on the floor on cooler days, it is likely the pipes.

  • Question: Can anyone recommend an EXCELLENT personal trainer who will not only help me with workouts but also nutrition/eating? Also, I have some injuries so need someone who has some experience with that. Thoughts?

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