“PSA: Today is the last day to register online to vote in DC!”

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“Dear PoPville,

Easy to do by email/online.

You do have to scan the signed form in when you register by email but can use a smartphone app like DocScan to do so!

Of course, you can still register in person even on election day, but I feel like sometimes the idea of an added step deters people from voting.”

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  • I did this two weeks ago and haven’t received a response by email or mail confirming my enrollment or assigning me to a poll station — am I just supposed to show up to the nearest polling station to my house and hope I’ve been registered?

    • You can check online! https://www.dcboee.org/voter_info/reg_status/

      Every now and then when registering at the DMV while getting a new license it unfortunately doesn’t go through. So double check!

    • Have you checked your status on the DCBOEE website? https://www.dcboee.org/voter_info/reg_status/

      • I registered at the DMV when I was changing over my out of state license mid- August. I’ve been checking the DCBOEE website for the past few weeks and it was showing that I wasn’t registered. So a couple of weeks ago after worrying that it hadn’t gone through properly at the DMV I submitted the form by email directly to DCBOEE. Finally, today I checked the website again and I’m registered and it tells me the polling station- and it also says I registered in August- so I guess the DMV did submit it, but it just took ages for DCBOEE to update my info in their website! So maybe give their office a call and see if you can confirm over the phone with them. I never received a confirmation by mail or email confirming my enrollment either.

  • Once you receive the PDF, can you just email it? I’m confused about what you’re supposed to do after you receive the form in your email.

  • I couldn’t find where to email it to. I ended up mailing to:
    441 4th St NW
    Suite 250 North
    Wash, DC 20001

  • Yeah, DCBOEE makes this more confusing than it needs to be. I was trying to help a friend register yesterday and he provided his signature via smartphone – seems great that they offer that option, but then they sent an ambiguous email telling him to follow the instructions in the attached PDF in order to complete his application. Said PDF contained no instructions whatsoever (just a copy of the application he had just filled out on his phone). He then forwarded the PDF to DCBOEE but received no response.
    Also some of the links on the DCBOEE website that seem like they might have been helpful don’t work. Frustrating!

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