&pizza opens 10th Location in DC

405 8th Street, SE back in April of last year

From a press release:

“&pizza, the D.C.-founded and headquartered chain of community-focused pizza shops known for its devoted ampersand-tattooed employees, handmade pies, and craft sodas, announces the opening of &pizza Barracks Row on Thursday, October 20 at 11am. Located at 405 8th Street SE, this is their tenth shop within D.C. city limits and 18th overall.

In what has fast become an &pizza opening day tradition, the first five guests to request a tattoo of &pizza’s signature ampersand will receive it gratis complements of D.C. tattoo partner Laughing Hyena, and in addition, will receive free pizza for a year. The brand makes the same offer to its employees – the &pizza Tribe – and to date more than 60 Tribe members have signed their allegiance on skin. Additionally, free pies will be given to the first 118 guests in line.

&pizza commits itself to each neighborhood it joins, down to the shop design, which reflects the neighborhood it serves. For &pizza Barracks Row, the brand partnered with local artist Matt Corrado to paint a mural for the shop’s interior using by “dazzle camouflage,” the term for bold geometric shapes of contrasting black and white colors used on ships in the first World War to mislead the enemy. The pattern pays homage to both the neighboring Marine Barracks as well as &pizza’s iconic graphic black and white shop design.

Additionally, through &CHARITY, the brand’s localized charity arm, &pizza will launch its Buy One, Give One campaign on Friday, October 21 through Sunday, October 23. For every pizza sold during opening weekend, &pizza will donate a pizza to either the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop or Ready, Willing & Working, at the guest’s choosing.

“Capitol Hill is our home, it is the heart of DC, and it’s where &pizza’s HQ is housed,” says &pizza founder Michael Lastoria. “Since planting our flag in DC in 2012 we’ve had our eyes on Barracks Row so we are thrilled to finally have a shop in the neighborhood that is so important to the identity of this city and our brand.”

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  • Hopefully they can keep the inside cleaner than the outside of this place will be.

  • I bet half the people in line are the people that hang out on that block and litter constantly, annoy folks walking down the sidewalk, and get in fights at the bus stop.

    Props to &pizza though! They’ve really expanded fast in the area (and elsewhere). It feels like not long ago that I went to their H St location when they first opened.

  • Well, hell must have finally frozen over! Seems like its been years waiting for this place to open.

    Now the streets and sidewalks will be covered in Pizza Boli boxes AND &pizza boxes….sigh.

  • Oh goody, another “fast casual” restaurant, just what an 8th Street littered with burrito wrappers and chicken bones needs

  • Ten locations–a testament to DC’s love of really awful pizza.

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