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  • justinbc

    Many gyms have cameras as you enter the locker room, however they’re not positioned in a way that would capture someone undressing. That also means they aren’t pointed towards a locker, so they can’t capture who steals something if you don’t put a lock on it.

    • Years ago someone broken into my locker at a gym and stole my phone, wallet and a pair of jeans (real nice considering it was January and I had to walk home in shorts). I was lucky though as it was late in the evening and, as the gym was pretty quiet, only one person entered and left the locker room during the time my stuff was stolen. I never got my stuff back, but the guy was caught and had to pay restitution.

  • Seems like a better use of her time would be to call the AG’s office.

  • I’ve gone to WSC for years. In January last year, the gym put up signs in the locker room saying that cell phones were prohibited in the locker rooms due to cameras. (Though it didn’t stop anyone. People are constantly on their phones in the locker room.) Also they put up signs in the group exercise rooms in both English and Spanish that said no photography. I wondered what happened to prompt the signage. This was almost a year ago though, and I am specifically talking about the Columbia Heights location. I haven’t been to the downtown location.

    • I go to the WSC in Columbia Heights. My bar is set lower and lower with each new way people find a way to be completely self centered, rude, and obnoxious. I’ve moved checking the phone down the list, replaced by blasting your music through your phone in the locker room for everyone to hear (above the music already being piped in), but that recently moved down, replaced by Facetiming in the locker room.

      • Shut the front door! Facetiming in the locker room???? I haven’t seen that yet. Every once in a while I text my husband from the locker room to tell him I’m on the way home, and I even feel guilty about doing that! My biggest complaint about rude people at WSC in C Heights is dudes who think they can make unsolicited comments about my body. No thanks, bro. I did not put these compression shorts on because I want you to tell me I have a nice ass. I just want to work out. kthnxbye. Also, I’m endlessly frustrated that the instructor often doesn’t show up for the group class and nobody from the front desk bothers to come in and tell us that class is cancelled. We just stand around staring at each other for 10 minutes. It’s happened SO many times.

        • justinbc

          In their defense, that type of unwanted / unwarranted gym flirtation is not limited to WSC. They are kind of in the sweet spot though where it’s not totally cheap like a PlanetFitness, but not expensive enough like a VIDA to keep some of the skeezers out.

          • I feel like planet fitness has been my least skeevy gym experience. People are just there to work out. Even the ladies in skin tight spandex are working out in peace. You’d think the opposite is true, but it hasn’t been my experience.

          • uh, rich dudes at fancy gyms are creeps too. it has nothing to do with income and everything to do with knowing how to keep your gd mouth shut.

          • justinbc

            Of course rich people can be creeps. You’re less likely to be screwing around instead of working out though if you’re blowing $100-200 on it instead of $30.

          • This is Awkward

            I used to go to Planet Fitness in NYC and was CONSTANTLY creeped on by dudes. To the point that I complained to the management a few times. This has happened at WSC, but not to the same level of offense. Only other comparison is when I used to belong to a YMCA, and I don’t remember ever being bugged there.

      • The list of what’s wrong with Columbia Heights WSC is unending…
        – a shortage of free weight equipment
        – cardio equipment with TVs that haven’t worked in over a year
        – guys who work out in groups of 3 so you can never work in with them
        – locker rooms that are always too hot, but when you complain the answer is “we don’t control the thermostat – the building does
        – filthy dirty water fountains that make me uncomfortable even filling my bottle
        – rude members

        Frankly, I wish there were cameras in the locker rooms, maybe that would keep people from hanging out in there indefinitely.

      • What is wrong with checking your phone at the gym? It is not church or school or a lecture

        • There’s nothing wrong with checking your phone while you’re on the treadmill or in the main gym area, but WSC has signs asking people not to use cell phones in the locker room because cell phones have cameras and they want people to be able to change their clothes in peace knowing nobody is taking a pic of them on the sly. This was just in the news recently with some airhead supermodel taking a naked photo of a woman in the locker room and then making fun of her on social media. You’d think this is the type of thing that doesn’t really happen in real life, but unfortunately people are jerks sometimes.

          • Dag. Never even thought of the camera angle. I just like to listen to my own music while I lift. I am not a selfie type of guy or much of a picture taker so that didnt cross my mind.

        • Or a movie theater.
          I can see checking one’s phone at the gym being annoying to others if the ringtone was on, though. Or if the phone was on the “vibrate” setting. (Too many people don’t seem to realize that vibrating phones can be audible to others.) Of if the person was checking voicemail and it was audible to others.

  • I’ve had problems with dirty workout equipment and towels scattered on the women’s locker room floor at this gym. I’ve made complaints but nothing seems to have changed. Not the best wsc in the area.

    • That seems like the patrons are the ones abusing the gym and not cleaning up after themselves. Patrons are to wipe down equipment after use and place towels in the bins

      • Yes, but even so, I don’t think there is routine sanitation – at least at the WSC in Columbia Heights. I cancelled my membership there several years ago after getting a bad case of ringworm on my wrist, that I can only assume came from the exercise equipment (since that’s a super unusual place to get ringworm).

  • I had my lock broken and pants (containing my wallet) stolen at this WSC location back in 2006. Considerately, they left my keys and bag. I complained to management and they said, tough luck, we have signs saying we’re not responsible.

    After catching MRSA at WSC in 2011, I quit and never looked back.

    WSC sucks!

    • west_egg

      Just goes to show how terrible the Columbia Heights WSC really is — this person had his/her pants stolen from there in 2006, a full two years before the place even opened!!

  • WSC Dupont North is alright if I went in the morning. After work it was way to crowded and there were lots of annoying bro’s and people on dates there. I also got really tired of all the big buses parking out front and idling though. Nothing beats the smell of diesel before/after working out. It was $80 a month though and I found I preferred using the city pools and trails more than the gym.

  • Wow, look at me! I’m FAMOUS!
    Seriously, this is a story about WSC being assholes. TRUE story–Years ago I caught WSC Gallery Place with a security camera in the Women’s locker room NOT guarding the door to the outside like it should have been doing, but instead peeping into the locker room. I took photos of wayward camera. The gym’s employees notified me they could see me taking my clothes off! Plus it was being RECORDED by the security firm.
    NOT NICE! Illegal too! Next day large white tape is covering camera lens.
    I did not sue because I am an idiot, but instead worked out 2 small free lockers for me for as long as I am a member. That’s all I asked for! Fast forward, my office moves to the Dupont Circle WSC. Deal still stands, I happily work out there for years. THEN a new manager takes over, old manager neglects to inform him of my deal, he cuts locks and throws away ALL MY stuff, my clothes, makeup, hair products, etc. My new sneakers! Not put in a bag and saved for that loyal member, but thrown away! They say they are SORRY but NOT responsible. Executive office offers to pay for 2 items. No one will take responsibility and do the right thing so…..I am protesting! A peaceful, all-American protest. Can’t be more than a few hundred bucks worth of stuff, right? Instead they have an angry 12 year long-standing member standing outside with a stupid sign! No wonder they have a D minus rating with the Better Business Bureau.
    Think they will listen now?

    • So WSC are only assholes for filming people in the locker room now that your free locker rental agreement ended?

      • Nonsense. I’m not sure what personally offends you about this lady that caused you to post such a sarcastic, demeaning comment. She clearly outlined that her protest revolves around the theft and destruction of her personal items by WSC management. Agree with her or not, she is BRAVE. Others sit around on their computers complaining to websites and blogs about their grumbles, but this lady is DOING something that is putting herself out there. This is not easy to do. I respect her.

      • They apologized and offered, and I was happy to have a place to keep my gym clothes. The rental agreement was for as long as I was a member. That was the deal. I am still a member.

  • I’ve only been at the Connecticut Ave location for two weeks, and was surprised to see the sign about “no phones in the locker room”. Have we really come to that? I’ve been at the south Bethesda location for the past three years and no signs there.

    On the plus side, Sandra the Connecticut Ave Zumba teacher is AWESOME.

    • http://laist.com/2016/07/14/dani_mathers_snapchat.php

      Unfortunately, yes. We have come to that. People are unbelievable. This model isn’t the only person to do this stuff, she’s just a famous person who got caught.

    • I’ve also been going to the South Bethesda location lately. Do you know what the deal is with the UXF class? It’s listed on the schedule every day, but I’ve never actually seen a class. It’s supposed to be on the little area with the astroturf right? Supposedly there’s a UXF class every day at 5:30, but I’ve NEVER seen one. Just a few randoms working out by themselves or one person working with a personal trainer, but i’ve never seen a class. Am I missing something? Is that not where it is? Is UXF a real thing??? Seriously, someone tell me what’s up with UXF. I’ve never seen it happen at C Heights either. It’s on the schedule, but…? It’s a ghost class… instructors and participants are invisible to me…

      • I can’t speak to the South Bethesda WSC, but I have taken UXF at the WSC north of Dupont. It is one of the small group classes (or whatever they call it now) and you have to pay for it. When I have taken it sometimes it is just the instructor, maybe 1 or 2 other people and myself. It is always taught by the personal trainers. They might not have class if people haven’t signed up/paid. If you have paid or you just want to try it, you should ask the manager. They usually let people try it for free. Also, because they are only a couple people, sometimes the times change.

      • Also, it doesn’t always happen in the astro turf area. Sometimes it is in one of the small studios.

        • aha, so it’s a paid class. Well that answers a lot of my questions. When I see it on the group class schedules, it looks like just a regular class I can just sign up for.

  • I left horrible WSC and went to Vida two years ago. Never been happier with a fitness center in my life.

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