Knowing the history makes the signage well…


Thanks to a reader for sending: “It needs to be said that this used to be a gay sex (not strip; sex) club”, along with the new coming soon signage for J. Crew The Men’s Shop, opening in November.

14th and Corcoran St, NW

1618 14th Street, NW


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  • I don’t get it. Just because of the word “men”?

    • If you don’t get it…. you don’t get it.

    • I didn’t get it until I saw the whole building. Wow, that’s…interesting. A realtor told me about it, years ago. I lived around the corner and had no idea this was the dungeon a few of my friends were talking about.

  • The J. Crew Club

  • Linc Park SE

    Was nt a patron murdered there?

  • I knew the guy it happened to. He was in his 20s. FYI.

  • I kinda hope at some point every mention of this new shop can stop mentioning the past of this building. They have done a good job with the renovation. Let’s stop with the wink-wink comments – they are getting old.

    • That’s ridiculous. DC is a city with a huge checkered past filled with sex scandals. And they are so much more interesting than your run of the mill DC history type stories. Also, the fact that it was an underground sex club/dungeon type thing really puts it over the top. If it were a strip club or just a seedy bar fine. But legit dungeon porn? Yes….yes I would love to be inundated with stories.

    • Right. This is not the only building in DC that has a checkered past…I’ve heard some crazy stories about the former bars/nightclub/souvenir shops turned office buildings along F Street between 7th and 11th, the buildings along 14th and K.

      Some buildings still seem to operate as ‘seedy’ establishments – what is the deal with the two buildings on 14th Street (next to Dolchezza and next to Crew Club) that are always empty but carry the most strange looking trinkets?

  • Heard that the Birch and Barley building has a similar past.

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