“Why would the tree have a protective barrier around the base, only to be smashed in half via a hydraulic excavator?”


“Dear PoPville,

Shaw is undergoing a lot of construction for the DC Clean Water act. This morning, left my house btwn 6th and Rhode Island ave to a tree debacle.

Why would the tree have a protective barrier around the base, only to be smashed in half via a hydraulic excavator? Doesn’t seem to make sense.

Isn’t there a permitting process for tree removal?

Sure — “it’s just a tree” , but there’s only so many older and larger oak trees east of rock creek park. It’ll only take another 30 years to get a similar tree canopy back.”

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  • Um, it was an emergency: DC Water reports the following street closures for approximately 10-12 hours due to emergency repairs: West lane of 6th St between R St & Rhode Island Ave NW. Please avoid the area.

  • DC Water does whatever it wants. Your $20+ monthly Clean Rivers Fee on your water bill covers the cost.

  • Aw – f**** that! RIP pocket park.
    If it’s any consolation, the existing trees there weren’t -that- old. But still – I have to imagine that it would’ve been possible for DC Water to work around the largest of the trees? Then again they don’t care the slightest bit.

  • It could have something to do with the roots effecting something underground, ya it sucks but it was probably researched and done for a good reason

    • LOLOL

      • The research was what area of town the park was located in order to do an analysis of whether it was a neighborhood that would raise a stink about removing the tree.

      • DC Water is not DC government [email protected]!

    • You high mate?

  • Their is no DC Clean Water Act. DC Water sent out an alert about an emergency at this location and the street is closed. DC Water is not a government agency (to reply to another comment). The picture seems to show an emergency and/or accident and not a planned tree removal. Who removes a tree by smashing it from above?

    • Maybe the OP meant something like “DC Water’s efforts to get into compliance with the Clean Water Act” — wasn’t D.C. Water getting fined every time sewage runoff went into the Potomac/Anacostia?

  • OP – get in touch with Casey Trees for more info on how to replace the tree and how these things are supposed to work. I’m sure they have helpful answers.

    • Love Casey Trees, but they were useless for advice on how to help the trees maimed along P St NW a couple of years ago by an insane latitudinist trailblazer. This is another outrage.

  • If DC Water or any other entity is interesting in mercilessly murdering any trees, there are a few really annoying ones between 8th and 9th on Rhode Island that have turned the sidewalks into roller coasters.

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