Halloween, When Police Lookouts Get Particularly Weird

via google maps

From MPD around 8pm Sunday night:

“Rob F& V / 300 block of U St, NW LOF: (1) male dressed as turtle green and yellow color/ (1) W/F 22-25 YOA & (1)B/M dressed up as a skeleton

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  • what does force & violence actually mean? Its not breaking and entering is it?

    • No, it’s a robbery, not a burglary. So it means they used force and violence to rob the person. E.g. punched a guy and took his phone vs. just snatching the phone out of his hand and running.

      • I’m not sure that actually physical force is necessary for “force and violence” – just the threat thereof.

        • I think in those cases the category is “Robbery — Fear and Intimidation” rather than “Robbery — Force and Violence.”

  • I saw some late-teen boys wearing masks last Monday around 7 p.m. when I was coming home.
    It gave me the chills — somehow I had the feeling that they were up to no good, rather than getting into the Halloween spirit a week early.

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