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  • justinbc

    Much like the graffiti on the Trump hotel, I don’t advocate for public destruction of property, but this person cannot be surprised when and if someone leaving Giant hurls a dozen eggs in his window’s direction.

    • Yeah — if I were the building management company, I wouldn’t be too thrilled about this.
      Are the residential units condos, or apartments?

    • Oh, this is very different. The Old Post Office building is a historic structure, whereas this is just a cheap brick facade. I’m giving my “go ahead” on this one (though, I feel like only that window is fair game).
      Just kidding of course, as I too don’t advocate for the destruction of property. But you know, I wouldn’t necessarily fault someone for chucking an egg or two over yonder.

    • People have a right to free speech. It should never be okay to retaliate in that manner, just as we wouldn’t want them to retaliate against ppl with Hillary or Obama stickers on their cars in Rural America… A lot of non-minority people will vote for Trump because racial issues don’t concern them, and even though it’s possibly harmful ignorance, its their right… :/

  • Wonderful.! Good to know I’m not alone and moreover that even seeing the sign causes severe triggering in liberals.

  • Jerry Grundle

    This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, since those with the amount of personal wealth necessary to afford living in some of DC’s higher end developments are often conservatives.

    • It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, since those who inhabit apartments and condos tend to be humans, many of whom are conservatives. You could find a Trump sign on a trailer park window and it would equally unsurprising.

  • If H Street could be made great again, America couldn’t be too far behind

  • The fourth and final stage of gentrification. First singles, then childless couples, then families. And finally, Republicans.

  • Not the ultimate hipster? IRONIC TRUMP sign……

  • Oh the horror. Someone please think of the children….

  • At least this Trump supporter lives in DC, where there is little to no chance his/her vote will matter. I’d rather have Trump supporters voting in DC than in VA

  • I live in Shaw. My neighbor, who is black, has a Trump bumper sticker on his truck. I’ve noticed, however, that he has taken to backing the truck in so that the bumper sticker is not visible from the street.

    I think that my neighbor is self-loathing, but sadly about 40 percent of the voting public is going to vote for the racist cretin no matter what.

    • skj84

      Well that is something else. Is your neighbor Don King? Also why put the sticker on your car unless you are going to own up for it? Maybe he lost a bet? And yeah, he for sure is self-loathing.

    • Are you implying that your black neighbor can’t make an informed decision for himself? That’s really insulting. He obviously has his own reasons, but since you disagree with them, your neighbor must be a “self-loathing” black man. Do you call him an Uncle Tom as well?

    • Yes because the only possible reason he could be voting for Trump is because he’s “self-loathing”. Who’s the ignorant one?

      • skj84

        Dude. He’s self loathing. Trump wants to take us back to Jim Crow times. Any person of color who wants to vote for him must be out of their minds. and self loathing. The ones who thinks they are than the rest of us black folk, he’s the model minority and better than the rest of us. I can’t stand people like that, “I got mine so screw the rest of you”

        • Come on. While I agree that Trump supporters couldn’t be more wrong, skj84, you can’t just paint entire races of people who vote for a particular candidate with so broad a brush. That’s just the other side of the “minorities voted for Obama because they want their free stuff” argument, and it’s equally distasteful no matter which way you point it.

          People have complex, nuanced reasons for voting the way they do. As an upper middle class white male, one could argue that I “vote against my interests” because I reliably vote for liberal democrats – or if they’re not available, just whatever Democrat is on the ballot. After all, I wouldn’t mind the extra dollars in my pocket a Republican tax cut would provide. But I still vote for the liberal democrats, because I believe it’s the best thing for the country. Isn’t it a better approach to believe that minority Trump supporters perform the same assessment, and that their votes reflect their honestly held beliefs about what is best for the country, rather than the (fairly insulting) dismissal that they must be self-loathing because of their preferred candidate? I think all Trump supporters are horribly, tragically wrong too, but that’s a different conversation.

          • I never understood the free stuff angle with Obama. I certainly never got anything for free in account of him. Whatever was given away, I missed out on.

          • +1 dcd

          • skj84

            I don’t claim to speak for all black people, but I stand by my words. I know exactly the type of black person who votes for Trump, and I’m not here for it. Its like the “cool girl” archetype, the one who think they aren’t like the others, who thinks their race is some sort of detriment they must rid of than, take pride. They will throw other black people under the bus to maintain status quo, they stick by respectability politics and think anyone else who doesn’t follow the rules gets what they deserve. they refuse to acknowledge injustice, they loath themselves deeply. Call me dramatic or lacking nuance, but I know people like this. They are exactly the ones who would vote for Trump.

          • @skj84 You are making assumptions and stereotyping, which I am sure you would have an issue with if someone said “all [insert race] do this”. Why do you think you get a pass or feel superior? You’re coming off as ignorant and miserable for not even granting other people the ability to make their own decisions.

        • “Our African-American communities are absolutely in the worst shape they’ve ever been before. Ever, ever, ever. You take a look a look at the inner cities, you get no education, you get no jobs, you get shot walking down the street. They’re worse, I mean honestly, places like Afghanistan are safer than some of our inner cities.”

          “What have you got to lose?” – Donald J. Trump

          So according to Trump, if you’re black your situation is so miserable and degraded that anything would be an improvement, so vote for him and your terrible life will get better. Buying into that line of thinking is the essence of self-loathing.

        • @sk

          You should probably watch this. Nuance is critical, context is key and generalizing doesn’t help anyone.


          • skj84

            Nope. I just love it when white people try to tell me how I should feel about other blacks. How delightful. Thanks for putting me in my place guys!!

          • justinbc

            People aren’t telling you how to “feel” about other blacks. They’re telling you that black people can be as multi-dimensional in their reasons for voting as white people, and that it’s entirely possible for someone to vote for Trump, be black, and not be self-loathing. They might be in the far, far minority, but so are transvestites and vegans, and we still care about their rights, feelings, and opinions.

  • I love it how many of the liberals and Hillary supporters can’t say enough about how crazy Trump is, and then in the same breathe they are inciting violence towards a person for having a Trump sign or sticker displayed. Ironic!!!

    • Not one person mentioned violence.

      • breaking a window, throwing eggs at it, calling this person derogatory names…. feel better now “reality”?

        • Yes. Those things are very different from violent actions against another person, which basically negates his point.

          • I mean they’re low on the totem pole, but breaking a window of someone’s home is violence/intimidation I think.

        • Did anyone say someone SHOULD throw eggs at the window, or just that it’s likely to happen? I don’t think the former is any different than someone saying a car window is likely to get smashed if there’s a visible laptop inside.

  • No trump fan–but these liberal comments just sicken me.

  • Ban for what? The whole point of a blog is for the sharing of opinions and dialogue. I like hearing other people’s POV

  • justinbc

    Why is it trolling if he truly believes it?

  • Ally

    Maybe they put it up ironically? lol

  • I guess if these condos really were sold or $600/square foot, you should expect that the 1 percent might be the only ones that think that is a good deal and can afford it.

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