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  • Hopefully whoever take over this property will shovel the damn sidewalk.

  • I’m so glad there’s gonna be space for 9 new people. Seems like a productive use of the space

    • Given the cost of condos, its probably going to be like 20+ people. Very few people can live on their own (without roommate) nowadays.

    • With 9 units, they will not be required to provide “affordable housing.” The inclusionary zoning requirement kicks in with 10 units.

  • I am a person of faith, but I am not overly religious. The way they mishandled the crucifix rather bothers me.

  • I’m happy about the condos. I hope the Autozone block will soon get re-developed too and I am looking forward to seeing the progress on 8th and H at the site of the now-nixed H St Connection. Yippee!

    • It will once the AutoZone lease is over or if they decide to let the developer buy out the remainder of their lease.

    • I like the Autozone. Considering how many people in NE have cars I’d say it still serves a valuable purpose.

      • I believe their lease is good for another year or two. I don’t believe it will get renewed.

      • Yeah a valuable purpose – I can see that for car-owners, but at the end of the day, that land is too valuable to have AutoZone on it. AZ will move further out and rent will be cheaper out there anyway. Were they to renew the lease, I’m confident it would be way higher rent than their current rent.

  • Too Bad Gentrification has Forced Out us LONG TIME residents. What will the Over Priced Condos do for the neighborhood?

    • Given how violent, litter-ridden, and otherwise unsafe the neighborhood was pre-gentrification, I’m hard-pressed to see that as a bad thing. Does anyone want to go back to the violent and corrupt days of pre-gentrification DC?

      • I totally agree. What’s more, I know of some “long time residents” who received their property via their grandparents’ estate, did very little if any maintenance whatsoever for decades and have since cashed out (made a comfortable amount of money) and moved to somewhere where they could afford easily a new house, new cars and still have cash left over. All I am saying is that those moaning about the plight of “long time residents” who have been uprooted are also buying into some cliches.

      • Interesting comment considering the crime within 1,000 feet of that intersection is more than double what it was in 2008. Map the address for Toki Underground on MPD’s crime map and you’ll find 42 violent crimes and 145 property crimes for 2008, and 53 violent crimes and 222 property crimes for 2015. Let’s not just assume that putting up luxury condos and high-priced restaurants magically eliminates crime.

        • Meh, my bad on the math… crime didn’t more than double. It’s up 47 percent. Which makes me still more right than the original post.

          • Haha, are you really implying that it’s the gentrifiers who are committing the additional crimes? You and I both know that’s not what’s happening.

          • +1 Chocolatier City!

          • I’m not implying anything other than there were more crimes in that area in 2015 than in 2008. Any further inference is yours alone. By contrast, you very plainly stated that pre-gentrification H Street was “violent, litter-ridden, and otherwise unsafe.” Sorry if you feel unsafe walking down a street where the people maybe don’t look like you, shop like you, or live like you… but that doesn’t make it dangerous.

    • Yeah, because the neighborhood was so great 5 years ago… “Over-Pirced Condos” bring in people who economically reinvigorate the area.

    • “What will the Over Priced Condos do for the neighborhood?” What did long time residents do that new residents can’t? In what way were you forced out? Who’s fault is it, and who are you trying to blame?

      • You really don’t get it, do you? Anyone who doesn’t think the District has a housing affordability problem must be siphoning off a trust fund somewhere.

    • i think dc needs some more “Respect” and “Manners”. i see many of you still hold your European Christofer Columbus mindset, that any area not “settled” by Your Types is “unsafe”, “violent and corrupt”.

      Despite what you think, this was a neigborhood with love, joy, sorrow, and success. based on what i’ve been seeing here (from the window of the X2 METROBUS, not an uber taxi), this just seems like the suburbs brought to the city.

      but as the Good Book says, to every season turn, turn turn. I guess Courtland Milloy was right about “the plan” all along. we should have known, we should have known…

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