Today in ‘What are these crazy long lines about?’ – Gilmore Girls, Luke’s Diner Edition

3064 Mt Pleasant St, NW

Chelsea sends us the scene in Mount Pleasant above:

“People are reeeaaally jazzed about the #GilmoreGirlsRevival. @DCFlyingFish”

Charlie also sends the scene from Flying Fish:

“It’s been a line down the block since at least 7 AM.”


And Jessica Simpson sends us the scene in Petworth below:

“The line for @QualiaCoffee turned #LukesDiner is half a block long. Love their coffee, never seen #GilmoreGirls tho.”

3917 Georgia Ave, NW

And Laura Hayes sends the scene from U Street below:

“This is the START of the line @three50bakery this morning. Free cups of Luke’s coffee for #Gilmoreversary.”

1926 17th Street, NW

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  • justinbc

    I don’t understand any of this. Are these people lining up to get into a movie or something? What does coffee have to do with Gilmore Girls? So many questions…

    • Ditto. Are they filming inside?

    • All 3 of these coffee shops have been decorated as replicas of Luke’s, a diner that features prominently in the show. Netflix paid each of the coffee shops to give out 250 free cups of coffee. I think it’s to publicize the new episodes they’re going to be airing.

    • The two main characters’ obsession with coffee was a backbone of the series as was Luke’s Diner, where they ate daily.

    • This is where the different strokes for different folks mantra comes in handy. I’m sure many of the people in these lines would ridicule me for waiting in line for a couple of hours at Little Serow or Bad Saint, or for paying for dinner at Alinea or Le Bernardin. Conversely, I think waiting in a line of any length for a free cup of coffee to see decor that (presumably) will be there at less busy times is just this side of insanity (along with wandering the city staring at your phone looking for virtual representations of characters rom a kids game.). But hey, whatever makes you happy, that’s what you should do with your leisure time.

      • I think the catch is it’s only open today until noon today and then they are taking the decor down.

      • …not to change the subject, but, was Le Bernadin as good as people say it is? I was thinking about trying to get a resv for a trip in November, but since we will be going to dinner with some folks who aren’t as committed, I’m leaning towards opting for the less pricey Blue Hill.

        • The food was fantastic. I found the service and atmosphere to be uptight in the extreme, with significantly more attention paid to those who (i) dine there often, and/or (ii) go home at night to Scrooge McDuck sized piled of money. Glad I went, but I have no desire to return, and there obviously are many other options in NYC I’d love to try, including Blue Hill.

        • justinbc

          They’re both great. Personally I prefer Blue Hill although Le Bernadin was probably technically “better”.

      • I think achieving the Aristotelian Mean that brings happiness and fulfillment demands both a little Alinean pomp and a little Gilmore groupiedom.

        • I don’t know that word, alinean. Nor does the internet in that context. Teach me something, please!

        • Absolutely. I allocate my groupiedom to other things, but it has its place.
          Re Alinea, when the French Laundry was at its pinnacle, two of Thomas Keller’s sous chefs were Eric Ziebold (formerly of CityZen, now of Kinship and Metier), and Grant Achatz, of Alinea. He’s enormously talented, and has a compelling story (he was diagnosed with mouth cancer, refused standard treatment that would have ended his career, underwent some (at the time experimental chemo and radiation therapy, and is now cancer-free). Along with Jose Andreas and Wylie Dufrense, he’s one of the leaders in molecular gastronomy in the United States.

          • If you haven’t watched it yet, highly recommend the Chef’s Table episode on Netflix about Grant.

          • justinbc

            Grant’s cookbook is one of those that looks cool on my coffee table but is full of stuff that I can’t even begin to attempt to make at home 🙁

          • @Justin: I feel like I collect those – French Laundry, Momofuku, Le Bernardin, etc. Though I expect Alinea is in a different league – I can’t make many of the recipes in the French Laundry cookbook because of the time commitment, but for Alinea it would be because I can’t fins knotted hedgehog hair to smoke something, or because it employs a technique that is completely out of my experience.
            @Mike – thanks, I’ll check it out.

    • Marketing stunt for new Gilmore Girls Netflix revival

  • Judging from the pictures of those lines, whoever dreamt this promotion up absolutely nailed their target demographic ….

  • If your under 35 female employees are late for work today, we found them!

  • to each their own, but there has been a total bread and circus thing going on in the NW part of this city for the last few years.

  • I thought it was a pumpkin spice latte release or something. ? At least that’s what I thought the sign in front of Flying Fish said as I was biking by this morning. I have no clue what the Gilmore Girls things is?

  • The line for 350 Bakery on 17th Street was around the block on U Street, stretching almost all the way to 18th Street. My wife and I did a double take as we drove by.

    I agree, whoever came up with this promotion ought to get a raise!

  • It was a harmless and fun gimmick. The line moved pretty fast because you could just grab your free coffee, which takes 1 second to pour and no transaction time, and go. Barely anyone was ordering food as well, and frankly the coffee was better than Starbucks…I would say it’s similar to the bike to work day when you grab your free coffee from Peregrine, etc. Anyway, something to change up the routine and ‘obvi get a cute pic for Insta.’ haha Let these people have their nostalgia. I think most people in line appreciated the silliness, but hey, free coffee.

    • Harmless? But what about all the fans duped into believing these wholly unrealistic relationships as portrayed on the show?!?
      (I kid, I kid.)

  • I really wanted to go, but didn’t get there early enough because I didn’t want to drag the boyfriend out of the house too early (I should have just snuck out while he was in the shower!), and actually needed to be at work in a timely fashion. Everyone in line seemed to be having a great time, though–I think it was less about free coffee and more about a chance to chat with fellow fans. Sort of a miniature fan convention (Gilmore Con?), as it were. All in good fun and a fairly genius marketing ploy!

  • Barre, Flywheel, and yoga classes were decimated this morning.

  • hopefully Flying Fish made enough $ in sales to replace those 2 disgusting chairs in their front window

  • NH Ave Hiker

    Netflix doesn’t have a good history in reviving old shows – Arrested Development is a prime example.

  • I had no idea this series was so popular. All I remember about from spotting it while flipping through the channels back in the day was the hot mom.

    • It represented either the relationship we wish we’d had with our moms, or the relationship we hope to have with our daughters. Hence the demographic.
      Also, it was Melissa McCarthy’s big break, and she was completely brilliant.

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