Friday Question of the Day – What Will We Talk About After the Election?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Victoria Pickering

I can’t remember the last time everyone I know was talking about the same thing. I mean there are obvious examples like 9/11 and the 2000 election aftermath and Bill Clinton’s, uh, indiscretions and subsequent impeachment. What other past national obsessions come to you?

As for “regular”, even presidential, elections they don’t seem to come close, for me, as to how all consuming this one is. For obvious reasons. So I’m just curious what you guys think will fill the void in a couple weeks? The weather? Every restaurant the Obamas go to after they retire to Kalorama?

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  • Whether it’s now okay to drink ourselves blind before noon, our retirement accounts disintegrating, and the ideal location to build a bomb shelter. Or, if Hillary wins, then yeah, probably just the weather.

  • Linc Park SE

    Depends who wins- where to emigrate OR what’ll be Hilary’s Cabinet picks .

  • Joshua

    Protesting 7-11’s, ridiculing popups, longing for Wegmans, leaving passive aggressive notes stapled to trees, and reading the plight of heterosexual females in gay bars.

    In regards to the photo – every time I see those ANSWER Coalition signs (usually bright yellow) I wonder how many people carrying them understand what the organization supports. Go to their website and you’ll see repeated defense of North Korea, Hamas, Castro, etc. It’s run by leaders from the Party for Socialism and Liberation (proud defenders of Lenin) and International Action Center (founded by Ramsey Clark, defender of Slobodan Milošević, Saddam Hussein and Lyndon LaRouche, among others).

    I’m all for protesting Trump, but not with that group.

    • ^^^^+100^^^^

    • Let’s not forget that the photo also includes remnants of where someone spray painted a Federal building (that just happens to be leased by Trump). Ridiculous. The paint is so bad that they couldn’t scrub it all off. Go America?

  • The second American civil war.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      I vote to just let the South go. No war needed. Our government will be so much better off.

      • +1

      • As long as the take their portion of the national debt with them.

      • Yep. Return Texas to Mexico. Let everything to the south and east of Oklahoma secede.
        I want to keep the north and northwestern states, though, because I don’t trust my soon-to-be-former countrymen to protect the wilderness.

      • Well given that the most solidly trump states are in the midwest, and in OR it’s okay to take over and crap in federal buildings, I don’t think the south is the main holdup. Particularly since many southern states are now purple or maybe even blue a la GA, NC, FL (if you consider FL part of the south).

  • My fear is that we will still be talking about the election after the election is over. Quite possibly, the loser will not quietly fade away, and neither will many of the loser’s supporters.

  • jim_ed

    Can’t we just talk about shoes?

  • What color to paint rooms, what tile to put in the kitchen, and when to renovate the bathroom. I bought a house this month to help distract me from the election. Unfortunately, the house seems likely to still want my undivided attention after the election is over.

    • We bought a house at the end of June (first!) and it still requires our undivided attention and likely will for another year. 🙂

  • binntp

    Metro. We’ll always have Metro.

  • It seems like the behavior of the staff at JRs is trending . . .

  • Uhm, I don’t think we’ve reached a conclusion in the “Gay Bar Beckys” thread yet …

  • Planning a Christmas party and not inviting anybody who can’t seem to shut up about politics and the election.

  • I’ll be talking about the Gilmore Girls revival for as long as possible.

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