7-Eleven coming to (part of) former Dino Space in Cleveland Park?

3435 Connecticut Avenue, NW

It’s been sitting vacant since Feb. 2014 and now the new iterartion, Dino’s Grotto, is located at 1914 9th Street, NW.

A resident on the Cleveland Park listserv noted a permit for 3433 Connecticut Ave for a 7-Eleven. Thanks also to lrothschild for sending a shot of another permit now posted in the window for two new spaces coming.

Updates as progress is made:


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  • Oh man that’s rich. That landlord kept hiking the rent on Dino until Dino finally told him to go blow. Now after carrying it vacant for two years it will be HALF filled. By a 7-11. Dinos was a great spot. Hope the owners enjoy the extra couple hundred bucks they are getting now after declaring a loss the last 2 years.

    • maxwell smart

      I think I also remember Dino also making some snide comments on how the ONLY food scene in DC was on 9th Street and blamed his lack of customers on being in CP. Look, I get CP isn’t the hottest dining scene in town, but plenty of other places are doing just fine. Maybe your food isn’t as good as you think it is, Dino (which the one time I went there I would agree).

      • “One time I’ve been there” well, okay then Tom. I’ve been to the new location with a group and tried a bunch of things off the menu. I liked most dishes I’ve tried.
        I think the CP/dining scene comments were more directed at the landlord who kept raising rents to ridiculous levels beyond what CP could sustain. Dino did just fine in CP in terms of customers.

        • maxwell smart

          Part of the problem, Gold believes, is that Cleveland Park just isn’t a destination—dining or otherwise—anymore. “What’s there to do? Go see Snakes on a Plane at the Uptown?” he asks. “They don’t have good movies there anymore. It’s a dead theater except for that one week during Christmas when Harry Potter is out.” And dining-wise, that’s not where the new hot restaurants are heading. Strolling down 14th Street NW is far cooler than hopping on the Red Line.

          • Well, he’s not wrong… I’d guess that if he got the same stream of folks you see on 14th at his old place he likely would’ve stayed through the rent increase. The landlords seem to have highly unrealistic expectations of their CP property. (I doubt they’re waiting for someone to buy/develop the whole block as the NIMBYs wouldn’t let that happen.)

          • maxwell smart

            But by that logic, every restaurant would be closing in CP and moving on, which isn’t the case. And I see plenty of people at Uptown for movies. I’m not saying he’s completely wrong, but I also found his attitude off-putting.

          • The service at Dino’s was god awful in its later years. I’d rather that space forever remain a vacant wasteland than pay good money to be treated like crap once again.

          • “But by that logic, every restaurant would be closing in CP and moving on” – that only makes logical sense if they all share the same landlord, which I don’t believe to be the case.

          • Well Palena closed. Which was also excellent. And the old Four Ps is still vacant. If Cleveland Park was more of a destination than Dinos wouldnt be getting replaced with a 7-11 and the other vacant restaurants would be leasing up. I went to Dinos old place often as well as Palena and enjoyed them both more than the restaurants that are still in CP. Here’s to hoping that Palenas and 4P’s find better tenants than 7-11

    • I’m not happy about the 7-11 but let’s not pretend that Dino was great, either. It was ok sometimes, but that’s about it.

  • Ugh I live right on Connecticut and I”m so disappointed. There’s a 7/11 right across the street from the zoo, just a few blocks away. Why do we need another one? I was hoping for a fun new restaurant or something else!

    • maxwell smart

      With the incentives given at Cathedral Commons and I am guessing at Park Van Ness to attract retail tenants, I would not hold out any hope this stretch of Connecticut is going to see anything remotely interesting opening anytime soon. The landlords in this area are all to happy to run out local business by jacking up the rents so they can secure some bland corporate entity.

    • I wouldn’t hold your breath. Maybe after Logan Circle, Shaw and 14th/U have all peaked, some of the older, more established neighborhoods will get some attention.

      • maxwell smart

        Doubtful. There will be some small infill here and there (Cathedral Commons, Tenleytown which is getting some new places), but between H Street and the Waterfront area, upper NW (talking west of the park) is not going to see a resurgence.

  • Surely CP residents will be as thrilled with this addition as we were when our 7-11 opened on 14th, especially when they get to pick up all the colorful food wrappers floating through their neighborhood.

  • I hope 7-11 has the institutional knowledge to know that its location at 3530 Connecticut closed a few years ago. This is likely a better location, given how many tourists get off at Cleveland Park for the Zoo.

    • maxwell smart

      There’s already a 7-11 across from the Zoo, plus the CVS and Walgreens at CP. I feel like this area is covered.

      • I should have been more specific:
        “This is likely a better location [for 7-11 than the previous location in this section of Cleveland Park which was on the north side of the metro station], given how many tourists get off at Cleveland Park for the Zoo [which also has a 7-11 across from it, which was there when the prior 7-11 existed in Cleveland Park].”

  • maxwell smart

    Hahahahaha. What a wasted opportunity. NIMBY’s of CP – I hope you are happy. Enjoy the continually demise of your neighborhood.

    • “Demise of your neighborhood”? CP doesn’t have the hottest restaurant scene but it is a stable scene with a variety of options (no I don’t live there). Not everything can be the next cool thing like 14 St. or Shaw but I’d consider taking CP over being caught in cross fire but that’s just me.

      • maxwell smart

        I live in the area… it’s been in a slow decline over the last 5 years due to greedy landlords running out as many tenants as possible and NIMBY’s doing everything in their power to discourage any development. Dino, Palena, 4Ps/Upton Tap House have been vacant for years. Retailers in the Park & Shop rarely last a year. Fat Pete’s has managed to hold on longer than a year, which is rare for that location. I’m not saying it can or should be 14th street and I would not want that at all… but it could be a lot better.

        • “Retailers in the Park & Shop rarely last a year.”
          The facts do not support you, Mr. Smart.

          CityFitness has been there since 1993.
          Weygandt’s has been there since 2010.
          Yogiberry since 2008.
          Parcel Plus has been there since at least 1994.
          Petco has been there since at least 1998.
          GNC has been there since 2013.
          Capital One has been there for awhile, at least more than 2-3 years.
          Paragon Thai has been there since 2008.
          Toe Tally Nails has been there since 2009.
          California Tortilla has been there since 2006 or so.

          Secolari is not yet a year old, so we’ll see.
          I don’t remember offhand who is moving into the PR Running Store, but even they lasted longer than a year.

  • As someone who has recently had a new corporate owned 7/11 move into my neighborhood, I hope you don’t get the additional rats, littler, drunks, and various vagrants that the establishment has brought to the neighborhood. Corporate 7/11 (it is not a franchise) does not care about any of this and they have proven to be worse neighbors that anyone on the block has feared.

  • You did it NIMBYs and greedy landlords! Well deserved pat on the back is in order, me thinks.

    • I think this is more a case of greedy landlords rather than NIMBYs. I live in Cleveland Park and would LOVE to see the Palena space and Dino filled, but the landlord for Dino has been the holdout in this case. According to the former ANC commissioner, other landlords shared with her they don’t want to deal with local businesses and would rather work with national chains. They can afford to wait it out.

  • Disappointing to say the least. 7-11 may pay the rent on time, but they are terrible neighbors. Of course, if they do keep opening new ones, surely people frequent them? How else can you have two 7-11’s 6 blocks from each other on Connecticut?

    • I am not a big 7-11 booster, and if I lived in CP I’d be peeved at this news. But I feel I should point out that 7-11s are not inherently bad neighbors – the neighborhood itself is playing a big role in how it turns out. I lived near the one on P St near Rose Park (Gtown) and they were really good neighbors. Stayed open extra hours during big snowstorms, only business on the block that shovels sidewalks, adjusted some of what they carried due to neighbor demand, and no extra litter or vagrants. And more than once it served a a refuge to me when I was walking home and was creeped out by someone walking too close behind me.

    • It’s not even 6 blocks. Plus there’s 2 food stores already on the block. What a waste.

  • But 7-11 can be a decent neighbor. I live near, and shop at, the one at 17th & R Sts and there is no particular problem with vagrants or litter. Maybe that’s because the area immediately outside the store is fenced so that it doesn’t provide hang-out space, or maybe it’s a franchise store rather than corporate owned (I don’t know), or maybe it’s because MPD drops in pretty frequently… but the point is, a 7-11 is not always a bad addition to a neighborhood.

    • maxwell smart

      I think it’s an unnecessary addition to this area, that already has a CVS, Walgreens and an Exxon Station

      • Sure, but being unnecessary or redundant is a lot different from the claims above that 7-11s are always bad neighbors. I think a 7-11 in CP is not likely to increase the density of drunks and vagrants. So it will be a disappointing addition, but not one that will bring the whole neighborhood down.

    • True. I think the perception of 7-Eleven being a bad neighbor honestly has more to do with its neighbors than the 7-Eleven itself. The one across from the zoo doesn’t seem to be destroying the neighborhood, for example. Cleveland Park is not home to hordes of vagrants.

  • Haven’t seen anyone mention that the Immediate and Primary Care Center on the southwest corner of Porter and Connecticut used to be a 7-Eleven – guessing it was 6 years ago or so now? Seemed to do a big business but not big enough to stay around. I too, foresee this 7-eleven not lasting very long with all the nearby competition.

    • I referenced it (3530 Conn. Ave). I think this one has a better chance of lasting mostly because it will also be en route for those who exit Cleveland Park Metro to visit the Zoo. The only new competition for this 7-11 compared to the old one is the Walgreen’s, but the Walgreen’s isn’t in between the station and the Zoo.

  • I for one shop a lot more at 7-11 than in restaurants. 14th St. and Logan Circle could certainly use a few more.

  • Just adding my voice that the 7-11 is a very disappointing development for the community. It’s not that 7-11 is all that bad in my opinion. It’s just that we already have Walgreens, CVS, Brookville, Yes, and the Exxon. I was hoping for a coffeehouse/bar (like Busboys & Poets), diner, or even a boutique exercise studio (pilates, interval training, etc. — all we have is the City Fitness Gym). I’m sad that we didn’t get something that would add to the landscape of retail / services / restaurants in the neighborhood.

  • Crap addition to a declining neighborhood.

    Glad to see the ANC is being proactive about creating a climate and cooperative relationship with the retailers (that is sarcasm).

    The community is getting what it deserves by its protectionist and NIMBY ways.

  • Cleveland Park – this is delightful karma for blocking any new development for decades. Designating a strip mall as “historic” instead of allowing a mixed development to be built on top of a metro station might be why there are not enough patrons to get better businesses than 7-11. It will fit right in with the vacuum repair store and other hip businesses that this NIMBY neighborhood attracts.

    • Chevy Chase DC seems to do just fine with lower density retail. I’d rather see the variety of independent businesses and restaurants like in Chevy Chase, than another Catherdral-Corporate Chain Commons on Connecticut Ave. With perhaps one or two exceptions, most of what went into Corporate Commons is just more chain restaurants and businesses, including the World’s Longest CVS.

  • I heard that when the old 7-11 closed at the corner of Porter & Connecticut, various crime stats also dropped. It was next to the E-W bus line, and there were sometimes sketchy types hanging out there. I hope that the new 7-11 doesn’t bring them back!

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