Early Morning Fire Hits the Great El Rinconcito II in Columbia Heights

1326 Park Road, NW via DC Fire and EMS ‏(@dcfireems)

Hoping for a speedy recovery of injured firefighter!

One of the “hidden” great outdoor dining options in Columbia Heights.


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  • Oh no! And the same day that NPR (National NPR, not just WAMU) ran a nice story about them: http://www.npr.org/2016/10/22/498954218/with-food-central-american-migrants-work-to-hold-onto-history-in-gentrifying-d-c

    • DIsagree that the NPR story was nice, or about Rinconcito. It was a weak story about how gentrification is ruining the neighborhood for the old residents under the headline of rising papusa prices.

      Weak reporting overall, they should have delved more deeply into the story instead of producing the ridiculous sound bites of yuppie white people talking about having a hankering for nachos and looking the place up on Yelp.

      • The story seems to me to be a capsule/spotlight piece about El Rinconcito and how the change in its customers reflects changes in Columbia Heights. “[G]entrification is ruining the neighborhood for the old residents” seems like a bit of a stretch.

        • maybe a bit of a stretch, but i felt that was the underlying bias given by the reporter. I just wish she had asked deeper questions about whether or not the old customers where bothered by it, or the owners. It gave a hint as to her leaning but never actually got a solid quote or opinion on the matter from those being interviewed. Just seemed incomplete to me.

  • Oh no! Get better soon, El Rinconcito!

  • Oh No!!! I’ve been living in Columbia Heights and going to El Rinconcito since 2005. It’s been around before all the new, hip restaurants. Their seafood soup is something to behold! I hope they come through this alright 🙁

  • So sad. Love Rinconcito. I hope everyone is okay and they can get back up and running soon!

  • I love Rinconcito! If they’re reading this, please let the community know if/how we can help.

  • Hoping for a speedy recovery for Rinconcito!

  • What is the latest on this? Will they recover??

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