“Does anyone have any good recommendations for gas fireplace replacement and repair.”


“Dear PoPville,

Does anyone have any good recommendations for gas fireplace replacement and repair. It seems after a little investigating on google that everywhere in the DC area will either cause a gas leak or charge $$$$$$. Any recommendations would be very helpful!”

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  • Patrons of the Fireplace, prepare for a deluge!

  • Acme stove in Merrifield

  • I used Cyprus Air in Alexandria. They always have ads in the Post, and they seem to always have a sale going on, so I was expecting something sketchy, somehow. They were great, though. Got all of the necessary permitting and inspections lined up, and did a first class job turning a non-working fireplace into a gas fireplace. Keeps the whole house toasty. Totally worth it.

  • We went to Cyprus air and they quoted us an arm and a leg. In the end we found a set we liked online, ordered it, and had Pletsch Plumbing install it for a couple hundred bucks. Saved us over $1000 off going to any fireplace company.

  • Rooftop Chimney Sweeps in Alexandria. We had to get our whole chimney rebuilt – replacing the entire structure over the roofline and inserting 2 stainless steel liners (one for fireplace, one for gas burning appliances), and retrofitting the original open (coal-burning) fireplace with a wood burning stove insert. It took 2 guys 3 days. Our total was ~$9000, but at least half of that was supplies/hard costs. They were extremely professional and clean, and came highly recommended by 3 sources.

  • NOVA Green Energy. Really excellent service.

  • We used Jiffy Plumbing and Heating last year to put a ventless gas fireplace in the space where our Mt Pleasant row house had an original gas fireplace (i.e. exposed pipe with holes). They had to fix a lot of the gas pipes in the basement, and I think the total cost ended up being in the $3-4000 ballpark. We had a good experience with them.

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