“Gunfight” at 14th and Taylor Street, NW around 8:30pm Last Night


A reader reports:

“There was a gunfight at 14th and Taylor Street NW tonight [Tuesday] around 8 or 9pm. I just wanted to share some photos of my friend’s car which got hit in the crossfire. Pictures include a shattered back window, cracked front window, bullet hole in the driver’s seat headrest (!!!) and bullet sitting in the driver’s seat. Sheesh, this town sometimes…”


MPD wrote:

“The 4000 block of 14th Street, NW, between Shepherd and Taylor Streets is closed in both directions while the Metropolitan Police Department investigates multiple calls for the sounds of gunshots.”

and about 20 minutes later:

“The 4000 block of 14th Street, NW, has now been reopened in reference to the earlier sounds of gunshots.”

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  • “Sounds of gunshots”

    • My thoughts exactly. I like to hope that they’re investigating this Very Diligently and just don’t want to let the public know that, but calling *actual evidence of gunfire* just “sounds” doesn’t inspire much confidence.

      • Don’t overthink it – “sounds of gunshots” is just the report that the police responded to. These announcements weren’t supposed to be a comprehensive account of what happened, just a heads-up that there is police activity.

  • Man that sucks (and is very scary). Curious as to how an insurance company would handle this – would they cover? Seems it’d be rare enough occurrence (though in DC anymore, maybe not so much).

    • Our insurance company treated bullet damage to our vehicle as vandalism and did cover the repair.

      • Tom

        Did you have comprehensive insurance? I’m curious because I just got an old Civic on the road and didn’t spring for that package, but I’m starting to think it might not be a bad idea since I’m parking on the street and there are a lot of trees in Bloomingdale. One fell on my neighbor’s car in the unit block of U St. NW last year.

    • I’m assuming its covered under Comprehensive (same as if you hit a deer). It’s optional so it’s not guaranteed the owner has it.

  • Paging Brianne Nadeau… Sure would be nice to have the vice squads around to help get rid of all the illegal firearms floating around.


    • do you mean CM todd? this is north of spring in ward 4.

      • Honestly, it’d be nice to see some coordination between Todd and Nadeau in addressing the various issues present on that stretch of 14th. The problem areas don’t abide ward boundaries.

      • Nadeau’s opposition to VICE affects all Wards, especially Ward 4 which is experiencing a surge in drug related violence. She is indirectly responsible with her unfair characterization and subsequent removal of VICE from our streets

        • Sources please. I doubt one relatively new Council Member has “removed Vice from our streets.” For example. I still see “jump-out” units fairly frequently around the City.

          • Maybe not single handedly but she was instrumental in leading the charge for their removal. Jump out squads all around the city huh? Doubt it

  • Maybe the police won’t even need to file a report since it was just “sounds of gunshots”? I hope it just turned out to be fireworks or car backfire or something like that.

    • Did you miss the photo of the bullet in the original post?

      • dcgator

        Did you miss the sarcasm?

      • It does look like a bullet, I agree. But the police are saying it was just “sounds,” right? If they investigated and found evidence of actual gunfire, I don’t think it would make sense for them at that point to keep talking about “sounds.” Maybe the thing that resembles a bullet is really just a weird-looking rock?

        • Prince Of Petworth

          I hadn’t thought about the whole “weird-looking rock” angle. It’s a good point.

          OK side note: Now I’ve been thinking about this a long time and I don’t really want to do it but I could use a few extra bucks. Now seriously, it pains me to even offer this up – but I’ve got stock in this bridge over Brookland and I really really don’t want to let go of it but I think now I have to sell it. So if you’d like first crack – it’s only $1000 a share and that’s expected to triple over the next year. Anyway, I don’t really want to sell but if interested please let me know.

        • Zora, Your faith in how you think the MPD reports incidences is astounding… In all seriousness, if you think that the bullet in the pics above could be a rock that is capable of putting a hole in a head rest through a window, maybe you should look up “contrarian” personality type. Might be enlightening.

        • Please tell me you just moved here yesterday from a place with only cornfields and zero urban presence.

  • I’m 99% sure this was classified as a destruction of property. I can confirm later when I get to a work computer if anyone is interested.

    Sounds of gunshots is classified as an incident, whereas when property is damaged/destroyed it becomes destruction of property, an offense.

    • What always confounds me is why this is not classified as two attempted murders.

      • Well, if someone came forward and said “someone just shot at me” if would get classified as ADW gun. Needless to say, in the vast majority of sounds of gun shots (excluding days like 4th of July and New Years where it’s “celebratory” shots and one wouldn’t expect a victim) no complainant come forward.

        And honestly, as has been discussed at length here and elsewhere, even if there is a cooperative complainant and we are able to make an arrest, it is now in the hands of the DC courts.

        Time and time again, the DC judicial system refuses to protect the community from the individuals doing these things. Try that same crap in Virginia and see how the judicial system deals with you.

        We have all seen the cycle, young and single people with high paying jobs, move to DC fresh out of college from suburbs and small towns all over the country wanting to live in the big city.

        They move in, love it for a bit, then get older and maybe start a family. They realize they don’t want to raise a family in this environment, or just simply grow weary of the endless crime and other inconveniences of living in the city and move to the suburbs. The city gets a boatload of income and property taxes with very little in return (no kids in public schools, not many calls for service from dcfems or mpd etc). After they move to the suburbs for the next chapter in their life, another new arrival takes over their studio at $2k per month and the cycle repeats.

        Are there people who stick it out? Sure, and I’m certain that those people are over represented here. Hell, if I’m correct, didn’t PoP himself move west of the park? (Sure, still in the district, but a far cry from 14th and Taylor)

        Until the residents of the city vote in a mayor and city council who will actually take a stand on crime, and stop pandering to the criminal element, and the sjw’s who stand up for the same criminal element victimizing them, nothing will change.

        At all.
        Get used to it.

        I know I’m probably mostly preaching to the choir here, but there it is.

        • Yes, yes, we know. Crime in the city is the fault of, and can only be stopped by, gutless politicians, the people that elect them, citizens who don’t complaint, people who work for civil rights, gentrifiers who leave the city after they have kids instead of sticking it out, and judges and prosecutors who don’t do their jobs. The cops have no responsibility here whatsoever.
          It’s like our resident MPD posters have degrees in blame-shifting from Trump U.

  • “Attempted murder,” now honestly, did they ever give anyone a Nobel prize for “attempted chemistry?”

  • Neighbors are watching drug territory escalation happen and all engagements with MPD have made us feel like nothing will register until someone gets killed. Recent neighbor exchanges with MPD on this area:

    Crime is down, don’t worry about indicators of increased dealing and return of violent offenders to area. It’s worse elsewhere.

    We’ve asked for more resources but there are higher priorities.

    There hasn’t yet been any violence from the increased drug and prostitution activity.

    Threatening you/your family not worth crime report. (Sympathetic but likely wouldn’t go anywhere)

  • I was standing in my yard on 14th and Taylor when this happened. It was not a gunfight. It was 6 gunshots. It was not a rock!

  • Oh No! Right by the Iglesia de Pentecostal Primitivo!

  • Why are you holding, touching or disturbing evidence of the crime? Though deformed, you still contaminated that evidence or if the officer let you do that then he or she was wrong.

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