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  • Looks better. The sign still looks like it would be out front of an urban liquor store. While doing a refresh why not spend more money and get something more modern looking?

  • Now they just need to do something about their pizza. This place is really close to my house, and I would love it if they made good pies. Citi Pizza: work on your pizza! Use better ingredients! Making awesome pizza isn’t super hard, you can do it.

  • justinbc

    So it went from terrible to not as bad. They should have put more effort into not making such shitty pizza or trying to rip people off with misleading website promotions they refuse to honor when you order.

  • Granted I haven’t eaten here since the owner died, I’m so happy this place is still around. I think their pizza is great especially for the price. My roommates, neighbors and I have had many a pizza gatherings on the cheap from this place. If you want something “better” you can definitely spend $40 at We the Pizza (pizza, tax, tip, & delivery) or take a walk down to & Pizza.

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