Best Chinese Food for Delivery?


“Dear PoPville,

What are your recommendations for the best Chinese food that has a delivery option? I live in NW and have had a hard time finding something solid. Best I’ve found so far is New Dynasty on P Street (but very pricey). Any recommendations, whether it’s in NW or any other area that has a wide delivery range, would be incredibly helpful!”

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  • Great Wall on 14th St. is pretty good.

    • +1 The Ma La menu is fantastic. Some of the more standard Chinese dishes aren’t anything to write home about but the Ma La is amazing.

    • +1. Best Chinese in the city

    • Great Wall is definitely great, but 14th Street Asian Bistro which just opened across the street might be even better. Their food feels less oily while still being really delicious.

  • Meiwah is by far the best Chinese I’ve had delivered in NW. Not cheap though to be honest

  • Mr. Chens on Connecticut/Calvert.

  • Ironically, the restaurant in your picture – Mayflower on Mt Pleasant – doesn’t deliver!

  • Eddie’s Cafe on Calvert in Woodley Park!

  • Hill east opinions anyone? I have not ordered in Chinese yet over here but I have had a few different thai places.

  • Aside from Mr. Chen’s, who delivers to the Woodley/Cleveland Park and doesn’t suck? I’ve been getting delivery from Dumplings and Beyond in Glover Park lately, but they’re really expensive for what you get and the quality has gone downhill lately. I’ve had enough bad experiences with Mr. Chen’s that I’m done with them. It’s a shame, because they used to be really good.

  • I second Meiwah. City Lights is also one of my favorites.

  • Dannies on upshur is my all time favorite. Though won’t deliver to me anymore (near safeway in Adams Morgan) which is a awful. Wok & Roll is really good though too.

    • Egad

      I love both the shrimp wonton noodle soup and duck noodle soup from Wok & Roll. It’s a solid choice.

    • What is good at Dannies? We live near and none of our neighbors (both long timers and new comers say they eat there)

      • samanda_bynes

        shrimp egg foo young, the yat, the singapore rice noodles, the beef and broccoli, the egg rolls, and the dumplings are all dank.

  • Meiwah and Great Wall are our go-to’s. Though neither deliver to Bloomingdale w/o going through a Grubhub/Seamless, etc. Have tried the places closer that did deliver and wasn’t really impressed. Lately now we just grab a cocktail on 14th and pickup Great Wall for takeout.

  • City Lights of China is my go-to, followed by Mei Wah.

  • Hong Kong in Petworth. Their General Tso’s bean curd (tofu) is pretty tight.

  • 14th Cafe Restaurant in Logan is awesome!

  • jim_ed

    Keeping in mind that none of these exactly set the world on fire, in the northern reaches of Petworth I rank them: 1. Hong Kong Carryout 2. George’s 3. Dannie’s.
    Twin Dragon is pretty terrible overall, but worth going to once to say you’ve tried their novelty sized egg rolls.
    George’s by far has the best chicken wings if that’s your jam.

    • Novelty sized in which direction? AA battery sized or Chipotle burrito sized? Very curious about this.

      • jim_ed

        More Taco Bell Burrito Supreme size, but they certainly seem to weigh about the same as a Chipotle burrito

        • samanda_bynes

          twin dragon is passable, but agreed with every other choice. Hong Kong is a+, George’s as well. We live on Kennedy and 3rd, so it’s not a bad epicenter for carryout.

  • Folks, I’ve tried all the places listed in the comments above, and I live in Logan right next to great wall and the Asian cafe bistro (both pretty bad imho unless you are into strange numbing spices)… Take my word that Sichuan Pavilion on K street is the real deal, best kung pow and everything is solid. I can’t get Chinese anywhere else as a result, it’s gotta be Sichuan

    • If by strange numbing spices do you mean authentic Chinese Szechuan spices? Because if that’s what you’re after, then yes, Asian Cafe Bistro is your spot. If you want American Chinese food though, then Asian Cafe Bistro probably isn’t for you.

    • Agree completely- sichuan pavilion is the best by far… so amazing! Great wall was way overloaded with the numbing spice to the point that your whole mouth was numb and couldn’t taste anything. Sichuan pavillion is spciy, garlicy and favorful without overly numbing.

  • Pretty much all the Chinese places inside the District line are mediocre at best. Great Wall is vastly overrated — a one trick pony who whose one trick is fatty and gloppy — Meiwah hasn’t been particularly good for a decade, City Lights for two decades and a recent trip to Banana Leaves was sadly disappointing. Panda Gourmet is pretty decent, but doesn’t deliver and is way out of the way for many of us. We tried Dong Ha Pao (new joint on 14th) and it showed promise, but I’m not sure it delivers.

    “…(unless you are into strange numbing spices)… Take my word that Sichuan Pavilion on K street is the real deal, best kung pow and everything is solid. I can’t get Chinese anywhere else as a result, it’s gotta be Sichuan”

    Dude, to each his own, but you can’t talk claim to love Sichuan and then denigrate the sichuan peppercorns that make it distinctive, and you can’t call something “the real deal” and then praise a completely inauthentic (though, delicious) dish like Kung Pao.

    • Yeah, I agree with this. I think the reality is if you want consistently legit Chinese food around here, you have to get out to the ‘burbs, which is a shame.

    • Kung Pao Chicken — my pinyin ain’t great but it’s something like Gong Bao Ji Ding — is absolutely an authentic Chinese dish. I had it many places in China. The better place to buy it in the DC region, by far, is Hong Kong Palace, which you can get to by taking a bus to Seven Corners from Rosslyn or Courthouse Metro stations. I’ve had the food at Sichuan Pavilion, and while they typically do twice-cooked pork and Ma Po Tofu and cumin lamb a bit better, I prefer HKP overall for authentic Chinese food, by a wide margin. It is in the ‘burbs, but you don’t need a car to get there.

    • Egad

      +1 – Sichuan Pavilion is fantastic!

  • You can have another answer besides Meiwah, but you would be incorrect.
    Sichuan Pavilion is good as well but both require using a delivery service like Door Dash.

    As a rule of thumb, the further away from Chinatown it is, the better the quality.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I like Mei Wah. I used to live around the corner from them. When I was having my kitchen redone and stop in and get take out – they have an area dedicated to take out. It was also a big favorite of the Clinton’s, even after they moved out of the White House. So I imagine in Jan 2017 it will be hopping again!

  • Peking Express, or whatever it’s called (in the basement on U Street) is surprisingly good.

  • Dumplings & Beyond in Glover Park (NW) is by far my favorite in the city for authentic Chinese dumplings (through premium delivery service Doordash if you aren’t in their 2 mile radius). I like Great Wall for their ma la chicken and szechuan boiled fish dishes but haven’t tried their delivery. Chao ku is pretty decent also – especially for their meats platter (would call this Chinese fusion rather than Chinese American).

  • Go with consistency and value — North Sea in Adams Morgan (they also own Young Chow on the Hill). Where else can you get a pint of ben & jerry’s and tsingtao delivered with your meal?

  • Îs the Meiwah location in Friendship Heights good too?

  • Eastern Carryout

  • The answer is Meiwah by a mile. And they have a huge delivery range. But you have to put up with their 1994 system of rubbing your credit card at the door — SO ANNOYING. And the woman that answers the phone (since 1994!) is a pain in the ass.

  • RBlackDC

    For the Cleveland Park area, my go-to is Spring Garden, on Wisconsin, just north of Fessenden. Highly recommend the Lake Tung Ting shrimp!!!

  • Little China Cafe was my go-to for authentic bullet proof glass chinese, best general tsos out there, and their delivery was fast

  • Shanghai Lounge on Wisconsin Ave is great!

  • I’m partial to 14th Asian Cafe Bistro.

    Mr. Chen’s used to be our go-to, but I got food poisoning from there once and never looked back– even before that happened, the quality of their food seemed to tank. Delivery also takes from 1 to 2 hours, which is absurd. Mei Wah isn’t awful, but it’s pretty much on par with most of the Chinese restaurants in the area.

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