B-Holes Bakery now also available on U Street Wed. and Thurs. Mornings

1340 U Street, NW

From an email:

B-Holes Bakery is excited to announce a new patio location on U Street Wednesday and Thursday mornings! Starting this Wednesday 10/5, b-holes will be available from the patio of Sudhouse [1340 U St NW]. This location will be open from 7-10:30 AM, serving fresh b-holes and hot coffee. We invite our neighbors to come say hello and try a free b-hole this Wednesday or Thursday; simply show us the coupon posted on our website. Stop by for a quick breakfast on the go, or pick up a dozen b-holes for your coworkers!”


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  • halfsmoke

    What types of fillings will you be putting in your fresh b-hole?

  • B-holes be not the most appetizing of names

  • Ugh, why do no bakeries open before 7? Is a 7am starting that radical of a concept to everyone?

  • I would have tried this place if they had picked a different name. This is so unappetizing – I’ve never understood why they thought this was a good idea.

    • I could see how people might think that. It’s definitely a risk for them. Me, I think it’s hilarious and doesn’t influence my interest in trying them at all (but then, I work in a hospital, so maybe I have just developed a tolerance for grossness). Kinda delightful in a 3rd grade kind of way…think of all the jokes I can make!

  • I hope they have corn ones. Oh! And peanut ones, too!

  • Location has been moved down the street to Duality Bar [1301 U St NW], still from 7-10:30 AM. And still giving away free b-holes tomorrow morning!

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