Anyone Know What’s Coming to 4th and T Street, NE?


“Dear PoPville,

Any intel on a large building at 4th and T NE right on the MBT trail? The building is fenced off and it looks like they are beginning some kind of renovation. I think it’s an old “Sanitary Grocery” building and has appeared to be empty for a number of years.

It’s just north of where the new Pepco park will be.”

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  • EckingtonDoodle

    Been wondering myself. I’m hoping for condos and first floor retail!

  • JBG bought 1901 across the street a few months ago for 9.8mil and did some sort of soil boring around the same time. 1845 (this property I think) has not recently changed hands though.

    HITT-GC are the ones who did the Atlantic plumbing building. This could be cool….

    • JBG also owns Atlantic Plumbing which makes sense given the connection to HITT-GC. I wonder if they recently acquired the building shown and it just hasn’t been recorded as public. Or I just have my addresses off…..

  • I thought Verizon owned this building — there are always Verizon trucks/vans in the connected parking lot immediately south of the building?

  • If I recall correctly it was something disappointing– just going to store overflow books for MLK library, particularly while it gets reno’ed…

    Still hoping it actually turns into something useful for the neighborhood.

  • It’s going to be a verizon building

  • I emailed HITT public relations a couple weeks ago asking what was up with the building, but never heard a response. I finally just asked some of the workers what they were doing. The current work is just repairing the facade of the building, which was long overdue. Chunks of concrete have been falling, which is why the building has been fenced off for quite a while.

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