Anyone else see this insanity at the Dupont Metro?


A reader reports:

“Saw 3 bashed rats laid out at entrance to Dupont Circle early this morn. Then see the culprit w/ a large stick hunting more rats. with like a 4 x 4 stealthily creeping around clearly hunting for more. I gtfo of there…because creepy.”

Creepy indeed, tell me somebody else saw this?!?!

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  • You witnessed a hero. Very jealous.

  • NH Ave Hiker

    Charlie, King of the Rats?

  • I saw this reported on the DC 311 app! I get emails when anything is reported near Dupont. The picture was pretty disgusting – 4 dead rats in a circle.

  • I saw four dead rats seemingly placed across the sidewalk into the park from the north side about 7:45 this morning. I did not see a guy with a long stick impaling them, however. It was very strange, but I was walking my dog and didn’t want to get him anywhere near dead or dying rats. The city has been spreading rat poison out for a couple of weeks now in the park.

  • maxwell smart

    We’re gonna need a bigger boat… er, Truck.

  • There’s a farmer tale that says if you incinerate rat corpses, you can sprinkle their ashes around your corncrib and the other rats will stay away.
    Maybe someone is applying this method in Dupont.

  • Was this a city worker/contractor/Metro employee? Or a crazy homeless dude with a stick?
    He’s the hero Metro deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

  • Sounds like a trip to the looney bin is in order for this deranged individual.

  • I don’t understand. Was the person beating the rats a city worker? The picture implies that the person beating rats works for DOH but I hope that beating rats isn’t DOH’s method of rodent control.

  • I am no fan of rats, but whacking them with a plank to kill them does not sound very humane.

    • quick death, no?

      • Assuming the first whack kills them.

        • I am glad someone else said this. It breaks my heart. They are sentient animals for godssake. And I say that as someone whose yard is absolutely infested with rats thanks to neighbors on both sides who don’t secure their trash. I have two rat dens in my tiny row house back yard and see multiple rats every day. I wish we would focus more on fixing the root cause of the problem (trash everywhere) than treating the symptoms.

          • You can get the Department of Health’s rat abatement team to treat the burrows in your back yard — call 311 or visit the website.
            Unfortunately it can be very hard to get people to change their (literally) trashy ways. 🙁

    • I bet if you had a rat in your home you might feel differently. Every rat killed is one that isn’t trying to creep into someone’s home.

      • I don’t have rats inside my home, but thanks to my neighbors’ inability to manage their trash properly, I’ve had to deal with rats behind my house.
        I bought a RatZapper to use on my covered patio. I killed one rat with no problems… and then there was a second rat that the RatZapper didn’t quite kill. I had to put it back in the zapper, REPEATEDLY, and listen to it squeal each time during the lengthy shock process. It made me question whether this was an unusually strong rat or whether the RatZapper wasn’t really as humane as it proclaimed to be.

        • *shudder*! I hate rats, but I cringe every time you tell that story!

        • Bucket of water, donk rat….much quicker than multiple electrocutions.

          • Still not as quick as you wish it were, though. Rats and mice can hold their breath a reeeaaallly long time.

          • I thought the second electrocution would be sufficient. It didn’t occur to me that a second, a third, and even a fourth wouldn’t be quite enough. (I left the rat alone for several hours after #4, and when I came back, it was dead.)

          • A friend made me a CD of David Sedaris reading his stories. One, “Nuit of the living dead,” involves an attempt to drown a mouse (in the French countryside). I can’t even listen to the story, let alone actually try to drown a mouse.

        • Emmaleigh504

          oh god, that is horrible

          • Yeah. I haven’t quite gotten my courage back up to try the RatZapper again, but I think I’m almost there.
            The experience was so traumatic as to make me seriously consider becoming a vegetarian. And although I hate rats, watching that rat suffer was really, really upsetting.
            If the RatZapper is not only shocking its victims for a good 30-60 seconds but also failing to kill them within that time — just mortally injuring them — I don’t know if I can justify using it.

        • My rat zapper killed rats as big as opossum. Seriously, I had to squeeze the legs together to tip in into the bin.

          • I don’t think this was a size issue; the rat wasn’t unusually large.
            The RatZapper said the batteries were fine when I armed it prior to unsuccessful electrocution #1. After U.E. #1, I found the rat lying half-paralyzed about 3 feet from the RatZapper. I changed to fresh batteries before unsuccessful electrocution #2.
            Perhaps this was just the Rasputin of rats.

  • I used to be “with it”, but then they changed what “it” was. No, what I’m with isn’t “it”, and what’s “it” seems weird and scary to me.

  • “3 bashed rats” sounds like the start of a very unsettling nursery rhyme.

  • I saw the 4 cardinally aligned rats still there at 8:15 this morning. They looked to be freshly killed and there was a broken red broomstick nearby. I hate rats as much as the next DC resident but the display was certainly intended to creep people out.

  • Until that SenesTech rat sterilization food is deployed all over the city (which can’t happen soon enough), this will have to do

  • Yes! But when I passed by at 7:51 there were four, arranged in a cross. Totally creepy.

  • He was trying to send a warning to all the other rats.

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