“Another day, another Trump Hotel protest.”

1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Another day, another Trump Hotel protest. Appears to be a union protest, and the signs refer to a Las Vegas project. Been out there for a few hours now.”

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  • Ally

    So many, many reasons to protest the man. They should coordinate t-shirts so we can determine if it’s labor issues, blatant racism/cultural insensitivity, or sexual harassment.

  • Why aren’t they protesting that building on H street with the Trump sign?

    • Because Trump doesn’t own and/or operate a business out of that location…..

    • as odious as I find him and many of his supporters, let’s not forget that everyone is entitled to protected free speech. They’re as much within their rights to display a Trump sign as I am to deride their embarrassing decision to do so.

    • skj84

      The sign is gone! I walked past the other day and it wasn’t in the window anymore. I

  • I hope they don’t disturb the five people staying in the hotel.

    • First off, Trump hotels are EXPENSIVE. You can stay at a very nice hotel in the cities he has hotels for much cheaper. So I’m not sure what the urge was to begin with. But I can’t imagine the hotel business is hurting for him right now. I still eat at Chick-Fil-A, but I’d NEVER choose to stay at a Trump Hotel unless it happened to be significantly cheaper than all of my other options.

  • This is the closest they get to generating a crowd.

    On the plus side the new northbound light at Penn/11th feels like an extended pass for bikes to blow off the red light on west/eastbound Penn. There is NEVER any traffic coming out of the Old Post Office driveway.

  • I heard the hotel offers wine by the sip, because glasses of wine are too expensive. Can anyone confirm if this is true?

    • That is not true – I was there for birthday drinks last night. Cocktails are $20 (there is one for $100) and glasses of wine start around $14 if I recall – but obviously go way up. And don’t rain on my parade for being at the hotel, I really wanted to see the interior and enjoy something “fancy” on my birthday.

      • It was true. Did they kill off the “expensive wine by the crystal tablespoon for the plebs who can’t afford a whole glass” service after only a month? It’s still on the website (Benjamin Bar, Libations menu), but we know how restaurants are about keeping those updated.

      • Nothing about a Trump hotel is fancy. They’re faux fancy, like a Coach bag.