“Another day, another Trump Hotel protest.”

1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Another day, another Trump Hotel protest. Appears to be a union protest, and the signs refer to a Las Vegas project. Been out there for a few hours now.”

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  • Ally

    So many, many reasons to protest the man. They should coordinate t-shirts so we can determine if it’s labor issues, blatant racism/cultural insensitivity, or sexual harassment.

    • This one was labor. But all others do apply.

      • Was about to say…get a job….

        Or that these were paid protestors by the democratic party.

        Either way, pretty lame

        • Trump refuses to negotiate with his union staff in Los Vegas. Labor union members came out to support the hotel staff. A lot of us don’t think it’s lame to stand up for the rights of workers. Also, as a general rule, when labor members show up, we have a job.

        • skj84

          cause they are handing jobs out like candy these days…I think the point of this protest is his workers are being screwed at their jobs. Look what happened at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

  • Why aren’t they protesting that building on H street with the Trump sign?

    • Because Trump doesn’t own and/or operate a business out of that location…..

    • as odious as I find him and many of his supporters, let’s not forget that everyone is entitled to protected free speech. They’re as much within their rights to display a Trump sign as I am to deride their embarrassing decision to do so.

    • skj84

      The sign is gone! I walked past the other day and it wasn’t in the window anymore. I

  • I hope they don’t disturb the five people staying in the hotel.

    • First off, Trump hotels are EXPENSIVE. You can stay at a very nice hotel in the cities he has hotels for much cheaper. So I’m not sure what the urge was to begin with. But I can’t imagine the hotel business is hurting for him right now. I still eat at Chick-Fil-A, but I’d NEVER choose to stay at a Trump Hotel unless it happened to be significantly cheaper than all of my other options.

  • This is the closest they get to generating a crowd.

    On the plus side the new northbound light at Penn/11th feels like an extended pass for bikes to blow off the red light on west/eastbound Penn. There is NEVER any traffic coming out of the Old Post Office driveway.

  • I heard the hotel offers wine by the sip, because glasses of wine are too expensive. Can anyone confirm if this is true?

    • That is not true – I was there for birthday drinks last night. Cocktails are $20 (there is one for $100) and glasses of wine start around $14 if I recall – but obviously go way up. And don’t rain on my parade for being at the hotel, I really wanted to see the interior and enjoy something “fancy” on my birthday.

      • It was true. Did they kill off the “expensive wine by the crystal tablespoon for the plebs who can’t afford a whole glass” service after only a month? It’s still on the website (Benjamin Bar, Libations menu), but we know how restaurants are about keeping those updated.

      • Nothing about a Trump hotel is fancy. They’re faux fancy, like a Coach bag.

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