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  • yes and it’s a huge improvement to have that and thomas, but V, Adams, and first above Channing are all still closed. sorry to be a bummer but it’s been THREE YEARS ugh. alright. great to have first though.

    • houseintherear

      It has been a long a$$ haul, for sure. I’m keeping my old dream alive that the city will come to its senses and leave 1st closed at Channing permanently.

      • That’s an awful idea. Sorry you moved onto a street with traffic. First needs to be open all the way from florida to the hospital center. Its a major north/south artery. The residents who moved there should have realized that and weighed that when they made their decision, whether it was in 1960 or 2016. This is even more important with the development of McMillan, whether its a park or the current plan.

        • houseintherear

          Have a great day.

        • I live here and agree. As it stands now ambulances are using North Capitol which is often completely jammed and they lose potentially life saving minutes navigating traffic (often needing to cross to the other side of the median and go the wrong way for couple of blocks, which is it’s own issue!). Having the most direct route to the hospital open is important, more important than the occasional disruption to our lives (or sleep).

    • Adams is looking closer. Looks like they’re close to paving the remainder of Flagler today. They told me this week they’re still on track for the end of October for opening. Not getting too excited yet, but its looking close.

    • Ah, so not really open yet. It’ll be nice to have the straight shot to Children’s Hospital available again.

      • Agreed. We had both our kids at WHC & it was SUPER DUPER easy to go from south B’dale to hospital. Also, driving up 1st & left on Michigan is the best way for us to go to the Zoo via Beach Dr entrance. (Which of course is irrelevant until that section of Beach Drive reopens next year after that road repair. Sigh.)

        That said, I hear you @houseintherear on why you want it to stay closed 🙂

        • houseintherear

          I’d also take some stop sign enforcement measures… that would solve the same problem, in my eyes! 🙂

          • houseintherear

            that was a smiley face. I miss seeing faces on Popville!

          • Yeah, that’s an on-going prob. Almost got smoked yesterday by a MD driver who rolled right thru at 1st & R because she just had somewhere super important to be, clearly.

          • Why not some speed humps while they’re at it? I also sympathize. We have quite a few of the big speed humps on 4th NW from R Street down to P and NJ Ave. They help, though people still try to fly through what is a completely residential area with more than a few children. Drives me crazy.

  • What’s the story here? Did DDOT rip the road up for some reason and need 3 years to redo it?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It was a major DC Water project to mitigate flooding issues.

      • Although the area still experiences flooding. These guys are 10+ months behind schedule. It is amazing what the neighborhood has had to endure…not even just from the construction standpoint, but the lack of solid leadership on this project and DC Water to effectively interact with the community and neighbors DIRECTLY impacted by the project.

  • Of course, pretty sure they have to rip that up again for the small diameter waterline replacement project. Plan was to do it while they still had the street dug up for the tunnel project, but I guess the 7 month delay pushed that off.

    • Would have been nice to have broken ground on McMillan at the the same time but…yeah I’ll just leave it there, not trying to statrt anything on a Friday morning.

  • I’m gonna miss the peace and quiet that the shutdown brought to First Street. Now we’ll get all these yokels using it as an alternate to North Cap.

    We talked about this at our last Civic Assoc meeting, but I really hope the city is able to add more to First Street to discourage drivers using it as a pass through.

    • Given the amount of crime that sprung up as a result of these road closures, I’m pretty okay with dealing with drivers instead.

    • waaah. people using a road to *gasp* drive on. give me a break. you sound like the yokel when you expect your road to be complete devoid of cars, despite living in a big city.

      • houseintherear

        People use the road to *gasp* almost run over people, children, and dogs about a thousand times a day. 1st NW between Florida and Michigan Aves is a residential street with stop signs at every single block, which by definition shows that it is not designed as a commuter route. Hope you have a good day and find somewhere else to point your anger.

        • I live on a street that’s entirely residential with lights or stops signs on every block and people use it to commute downtown because it’s still faster than the nearby “main” commuter thoroughfares (16th/14th/Georgia Avenue/NH Avenue). The same thing is happening here (sub N. Cap). I’ve learned my lesson; I’m never buying a house on a street with a double yellow center-line again.

        • Streets are meant for, and designed for, moving people efficiently – not being prematurely terminated because of a bunch of whiney neighbors. “being designed as a commuter route” plays no role in a decision to completely shut down what is one of the only links in the area north to south. Sorry you think the transportation policy should exclusively suit your narrow needs – but the reality is the roads are here for everyone and the transportation system should be designed with the common good in mind. Its unfortunate you think your special needs are more important than everyone elses.

      • If you don’t live on First, then I don’t think you understand the situation. Three schools within spitting distance, so traffic is already heavy from parents dropping off kids. Intersections south of Florida Avenue are repeatedly blocked by cars and trucks: “Don’t Block the Box” doesn’t exist here.

        But sure, I’m a “yokel.” Grow up, Anon X.

        • You were the one who used the word yokel first. So, if you are unable to take it… you know?

          Also, everything you described happens on roads across the city. Sorry you think we should just start shutting them down in front of the most vocal whiners in the city.

          Your problems are, much like you, not special or unique. The quicker you realize that, the quicker you stop asking for absurd special treatment because you think you have a special problem.

          I dont doubt that there are morons driving up and down your street like its Daytona 500 – but that was a pre-existing condition and one that is rampant. What makes your street full of children more important than another street full of children? Get the drivers to slow down.

    • A lot of traffic has been pushed to 2nd now, which is not as well set up for it.

  • If anyone from DDOTDC is reading this – will the big ugly electronic board be removed from the median in the 100 blk of Rhode Island Ave NW now?? Or not until road opens past Channing?

    • Rhode Island Ave NW and NE is about to experience 5+ years of DC Water digging it up. Maybe this electric board will be joined by other electric boards….

    • They’ll be moved down the street, but they won’t disappear altogether.

  • **It should be noted that though this part of 1st St NW is now open, it is basically TEMPORARY. Portions of 1st will again be blocked off from Channing down to Rhode Island in sections for DC Water to do small diameter pipe replacements starting in November and going through February, with roads not being finished until April-May (these dates were communicated by DCWater to Bloomingdale Civic Association on Monday–website below seems to have an outdated timeline). It’s not just a traffic issue, it’s also a noise, pedestrian, and safety issue for residents. It seemingly never ends!


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