“Three victims were walking, when they were all struck by pellets from a BB gun.”

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From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department’s Second District Detectives Office announced two arrests in two Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (BB Gun) offenses which occurred in the following locations:

  • 3000 block of Veazey Terrace, Northwest, on Tuesday, August 30, 2016, at approximately 9:42 pm. CCN: 16-146-541.
    • Three victims were walking, when they were all struck by pellets from a BB gun. The victims sustained minor injuries. One of the victims is a special police officer.
  • 3000 block of Van Ness Street, Northwest, on Wednesday, August 31, 2016, at approximately 12:08 pm. CCN: 16-146-808.
    • The victim was walking, when he was struck by a pellet from a BB gun. The victim sustained minor injuries.

Upon further investigation, it was determined that the pellets were fired from a residence located in the 3000 block of Van Ness Street, Northwest.

On Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 19-year-old Hudson Edmund Taylor and 22-year-old Daniel Eduardo Hernandez,  both of Northwest, DC, were arrested and charged with two counts of  Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (BB Gun), Assault on a Police Officer, and Possession of a BB Gun.”

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  • I understand all of the charges but “Possession of a BB Gun” is a crime in DC?

    • DC has some weird laws. After I found out that my slingshot was not allowed, I had to give it to my cousin.

    • In New Jersey, BB guns are considered the same as traditional firearms. Growing up, I couldn’t by BBs at the local sporting goods store. My father had to get a firearms license to get me a BB gun, and needed it to purchase the ammunition. This was 30+ years ago, but I doubt it has changed. 12 yo me thought this was a travesty, but 44 yo me applauds it.

  • ChenChen

    glad they caught them

  • also, these guys are Jackasses. . .

  • Play silly games, win silly prizes.

  • Basically how DC law is written anything can illegal. A BB gun in its self isn’t illegal but the reason you are carrying could make it illegal. So hypothetically you are carrying a BB gun and the police stop you. An officer says “why do you have this?” You respond in short “for protection.” You will then be seeing a judge tomorrow. But if your answer is “I have a BB gun match with some friends of mine down the street.” You will make your BB gun match. This scenario mostly plays out with knives. Also using a BB gun to shoot random people will never be legal do hence why they got arrested.

  • These guys are in a lot of trouble. Maximum sentence for the first two charges is 10 years, so 30 years total for each guy. I’m sure they’ll plea down to lesser charges but they’re both likely to see time in prison.

    • This must be sarcasm or you are new to DC!!

      • Seriously. 🙁

      • I was born and raised in DC. The city sends plenty of folks to prison. It has the 6th highest incarceration rate in the nation.

        Personally, I don’t think prison time would be useful for these guys if they’re not repeat offenders. What they did was reckless and stupid but if the goal is public safety, i.e. that they not break the law again, I can’t see prison helping. They should be held accountable for their actions, but there are other ways to do that including probation and parole and restitution to the victims.

        • I agree that a felony conviction is not going to be helpful. Letting them sit in the DC jail until trial (or, more likely, a plea bargain for a misdemeanor with probation and time served) is probably enough of a learning experience.

        • I could not disagree more. These guys were basically snipers shooting at pedestrians. That they used a BB gun is, in my mind, immaterial – if their aim was slightly off, they easily could have killed someone (at least if the BB gun was anything like the ones I had as a kid). I believe they could have been charged with attempted murder.
          Also, they WERE repeat offenders. One shooting happened on August 30, the other was August 31. Plus, during the first attack they shot three people.
          Part of the goal is public safety, but part of the goal also is punishment for committing a serious, violent crime. This is assault with a deadly weapon.
          Finally, if these were 2 black high school dropouts who randomly assaulted 4 people over two days on the streets of DC, would you be saying they shouldn’t go to jail?

        • It’s my considered understanding from childhood that they could have put someone’s eye out

        • They intentionally shot people. Then decided that wasn’t enough shooting, so they found another person some time later and shot her too.

    • Good. Actions have consequences.

    • lol. good one!

    • I understand the skepticism of the previous posters but they found suspects in less than 24 hours. I think the location in upper NW is going to make prosecution of this crime different from other parts of the city.

      • Oh come on, if indigent perps charged with assaulting a police officer routinely plead that down to next to nothing, a couple of (presumably) wealthy lax bros should be able to get out with nary a slap in the wrist

    • according to the dc courts site they’re charged with misdemeanors.

      • If they avoid jail, I’ll hold out hope that they at least get suspended from UDC, get evicted by their landlord (Van Ness South?), and head back west.

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