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  • Joshua

    That’s a creative way to reuse popsicle sticks.

    I like it.

  • We just got back from Lisbon (BTW 1/2 chicken piri + 2 sodas + rice + fries = €8.50) and loved Belem Cakes. The interwebs informs that Nando’s sells this tasty treat, is this true?

    • I’ve seen them at Nando’s.
      Sweet Diablo, on M at 19th NW, had really good ones, but they closed a few years ago. 🙁

  • Don’t you mean CLUB NANDO’S?

  • In the first photo you can see those things sticking out into the sidewalk, look like bike holders or something? Well, weeks ago most of them were already snapped in half.

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