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  • Sweet! My grandfather had one similar to this but in gold. I think it was a ’79 or an ’80.

  • This most likely has a sumptuous blue velour interior with lots of tufts and buttons on the seats. Mmmmmm

  • Sweet ride? Is this sarcasm?

  • I saw this same exact car driving down U Street on Labor Day. It’s a white dude in his 20s and he was straight up cruisin’. I only noticed this because we were driving next to him for a few blocks and I said to my GF “Damn, you don’t see Chrysler Fifth Avenues anymore! Pretty sure they get 14mpg.”
    It’s truly a land yacht.

    • Land Yacht is a relative term. For the time, these were quite compact when compared to the competition (Town Car, DeVille, Electra, 98). The smallish size and trunk were a frequent criticism. The ride was not floaty like the GM barges, which was a turnoff to some “traditional” buyers, but on the other hand it was easy to drive, park and maneuver. I love big old pimp tastic American cars, and this technically isn’t in that cohort, but it would be an easy car of that type to live with in today’s world.

      • True. But it looks positively huge compared to today’s sedans.
        This still had the crystal hood ornament – that made me smile 🙂

  • This really doesn’t count as a “sweet” city ride. It’s one of the reasons why Detroit fell apart and I drive a Honda. My parents had an ’88, and the thing was a complete pile of crap. In 3 years the door fell off its hinges, the ac stopped working, the vinyl “landau” roof wore out, the power windows stopped working, and the paint even started to go – after 3 years! After 4 years, the transmission also blew out and it developed a problem with overheating. After 5 years, it was properly put to rest.

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