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  • Remember when it was rumored that a Rays Hell Burger was going to open there and Ray released a statement saying Adams Morgan had too many problems for him to consider opening there? and then like all of his restaurants suddenly closed and he was embroiled in lawsuits. Guess it was HE who had the problems.

    • The guy doesn’t seem to be a very good businessman, but it’s true that Adams Morgan has its fair share of issues. Chief among them are pests and old, run down buildings that need a lot of work.

      • He may have been a terrible businessman, but he sure knew how to make an amazing burger. Easily the best burger in the area and it was not particularly close.

  • Meh, we’ve already got more than enough pizza, but at least it wouldn’t be vacant I suppose.

  • can there be a moratorium on the amount of pizza places allowed to open up in adams morgan? Its amazing that all these places can stay in business….&pizza is the next cupcake fad. Fast casual pizza is so 2015

    • Yeah, I really don’t understand how so many rather nasty looking pizza places stay afloat in adams morgan. I know it’s not great pizza, but I still like Mellow Mushroom. And while I don’t understand why people like &pizza they at least put some thought and care into their store fronts.

      • As Tony Soprano wants said: “Pizza shops are a cash business.”

      • I really like mellow….that’s one of the ones I would hope stays around but all the others, eh

        • I worry about Mellow Mushroom because it never seems as busy as it should be, at least when I’m there. But the staff there are awesome, the beer list is different and the pizza is reliably good.

      • Nasty pizza doesn’t taste nasty after you’ve downed 8 Miller Lites and it’s 2am.* That’s how they stay afloat. My guess is they do 90% of their business between the hours of 12-2am on weekends.
        *Not speaking from personal experience – Miller Lite is nasty, too.

      • Other than Mellow Mushroom, are there other non-jumbo slice type pizza places? I think &pizza and Mellow cater to a different audience, and I wouldn’t really consider Mellow fast casual in the &pizza/Chipotle/Roti sense, it’s more casual sit-down restaurant, no?

    • Or a moratorium on & Pizzas at the very least. The food is not that good, the employees act like they’d rather be anywhere else, and it’s too much food to “grab and go.” What we need are more NYC style holes in the wall where you can grab a slice (a reasonably sized one smaller than your head). DC’s food scene has improved a lot of the years, but we’re still challenged in the cheap, grab it and go style of food that NYC has in spades. Our attempts are too expensive and too gimmicky.


  • although there is a lot of pizza in AdMo I think this will fill a nice void between Mellow Mushroom and all of the Jumbo slices.

  • All I want in Adams Morgan is a place to get a salad when I work from home or on a weekend. Not more pizza.

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