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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • That picture is from the watergate no?

    • It is! Taken last night.

      • Did you eat there? I was going to try to grab a bite before the Kennedy Center and was wondering if the food was good or if it was more a whiskey/cocktails bar.

        • We didn’t eat there. I can’t really recommend it for cocktails, though, mine came with a paper airplane in it, which was bizarre/terrible. My buddy’s two drinks, one of which was a variation on a Manhattan, weren’t good either.

    • sure is. the watergate hotel looks awesome now. They did a great job in renovating it. 🙂

  • Rave: Finally got to test out Takoda for happy hour last night 1/2 riced whiskey and wings. Super tasty!
    Rave: 2 weekend Brunches with good people
    Rant: My front door is getting worse… I have already ordered the replacement, its just a waiting game now

  • Rant: I had to say goodbye to my cat yesterday. I did end up going into the vet’s office, which I think was the right decision given our history with his vet, but I really appreciate Popville’s suggestions for home care earlier this week.
    Related: The weather matches my mood today.
    Rave-ish: I have some out-of-town company this weekend, and I think it’ll be a nice excuse to get out of the house.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: So tired. Why do I stay up so late when I KNOW the next morning will be miserable?
    Rave: Middle Zelda hit the ACT score she was aiming for.
    Rave: Taking MZ to California to visit colleges this weekend. A few days in LA will do both of us good.
    Rant: A college friend had been in LA for the past month, but she’s leaving the same day we arrive.

  • Random: A girl on the metro was wearing nude colored corduroy tights. I had to do a doubletake but she definitely appeared to have no bottoms on at first glance.
    Rave: Partner gave Baby Artie and me a ride to the metro this morning. Yay for staying dry during our commute.
    Rant: I am just generally grumpy about work today.
    Rave: Miso soup for second breakfast

    • We really need to all agree that nude colored fitted pants of any kind should be a no no.

    • Did you ever read Go Fug Yourself (a snarky fashion blog)? Reminds me of the category “Look Into Pants”.

      • I’ve never heard of that blog and now I’m terrified I’m on it…

        • You’re probably not; it’s celebrities and “celebrities”, mostly. They do great post-awards rounds up, for example.
          One of the reasons I stopped reading it was that I stopped recognizing most of the starlets when the kardashification took hold.

          • OK phew! In college the weekly newspaper called out fashion bloopers and I worried about being in there until I made myself just stop reading it. My older sister is very fashionable (and looks good in absolutely anything) and I am the complete opposite. Her ridicule growing up gives me anxiety over these things!

      • Bear

        I love that blog. Especially Fug Madness in March.

      • Go Fug Yourself is one of my favorite sites. It’s by two women who worked as recappers at Television Without Pity (RIP). Snarky and hilarious (and generally SFW – they warn you on the rate occasion that something isn’t).

        • Once in my misspent youth I got reprimanded for reading TWoP at work. They caught me because I was snortling. (Chortling + snorting, what happens when you’re trying hard not be heard laughing and fail)

          • Sigh, I miss that site. There were one or two shows that I watched only because I liked the TWOP recapper so much.
            GFY nearly gets me that fix. I was dying at their Kardashian coverage last week. And the Letters of Fug back when Britney Spears was married to KFed are classics.

  • Rave: Learning the full details of another job offer today, and I’m very excited about it. I have a very good sense about this.
    Rave: Good times with friends last night, and getting ready for a 4 day weekend with the fella and his family.
    Rant(?): Giving notice the week after coming back from a 4 day vacation. That’ll be fun. Any tips? I have the sense it will come as a shock and may not go well.

    • ” getting ready for a 4 day weekend with the fella and his family.”
      I may have missed an important development but this reflect positive developments in the relationship which — as I recall — concerned you a great deal earlier this year? (Yeah, I’m nosy).

    • Rant: caught my SO’s cold earlier in this week and now it feels like it is settling straight into my chest. I really hope this isn’t another pneumonia winter. Even if it is, I will certainly work through it, because that’s what I do. At least I have something in common with our (hopefully!) future president.
      Rant: Work. It’s starting to feel like a pressure cooker in here and my boss is not handling it well.
      Rave: Finalist for one position and it’s looking really great at another. It’s good to have options.
      Rant: Final interview at the first place won’t happen for a week and a half due to scheduling issues, setting me up for the potential of simultaneous offers. I’m not the best at negotiations, and can struggle with decisions sometimes (never ask me where we’re going to eat…), so this makes me a little nervous.

      • Sorry I have no clue why this posted here, Bizzinger!

        • Ha! Good luck on the job front! September is shaping up to be awesome for a lot of people.

          Also, I can’t sing the praises of AlkaSeltzer cold and flu enough. It won’t cure pneumonia, but it’s made me feel much better several times.

      • Good luck with the interviews and negotiations! You’ll figure it out. Having multiple offers to work from can only help on the negotiation front, since it gives you more cover/backing for asking for more.

    • Those are great raves, congrats! As far as the notice goes – eh, timing of those things will never be ideal.

      • So…it wouldn’t be terrible to give notice on a Wednesday after being on vacation that Monday and Tuesday? Would I then need to stay until the next Wednesday to make it officially two weeks?

        • IMO, if you’re giving two weeks’ notice, it needs to be in two business weeks beforehand. So if you want your last day to be a Friday, you should be giving notice either the Monday of the week before, or the Friday two weeks before your last day.

          • How would you suggest factoring in (previously planned) vacation days? If I give notice on a Friday and then take the next Monday and Tuesday off, that’s terrible -right?

          • I wouldn’t worry about previously planned vacation days… but I don’t think they exempt you from giving less than the expected two weeks’ notice.
            Ideally you would give your notice in writing and have a brief (?) in-person discussion with your boss the same day. I’d say either do both on Friday, or send an e-mail on Sunday/Monday with a note that you’ll plan to come chat when you’re back in the office on Wednesday.

          • I think I got by with less than two weeks once because the Monday was a holiday… but I felt like even that was a little borderline.
            It’s courteous to give them the full two weeks.

          • I will just offer a word of caution… be aware of your company policies. I had a friend who thought she could take a pre-planned vacation that coincided with her notice period who was then shocked to learn she couldn’t; she chose to take the vacation and was considered to have not given proper notice and thus not eligible for re-hire. This caused two issues, one, when a position opened up that she wanted and other wanted her for she simply was not eligible, and two, when verifying references/employment, employers always ask “are they eligible for re-hire” a no is definitely a negative mark. I have also worked places where vacation days will not be paid during the notice period.
            If it were me, I would either offer my two weeks on the Wednesday and then leave the fortnight after, or offer it on the Monday of return from vacation and then work the two weeks. If your policy does not address vacation days, you may be ok.

        • I once had to go a funeral in the middle of my two weeks…. which isn’t ideal… but it was obviously unplanned and out of my control and for a very close family member. I got a lot of crap for it… but in the end I made sure that the time i was in office I was working really hard and doing everything in my power to make the transition smooth…. I’ve heard comments back that that is what stood out… not just phoning it in, but putting in noticeable effort while there.

  • skj84

    Rant: I don’t mind the cooler weather. I do mind the rain. All I want to do is stay on my sofa with a cup of hot cidar and a book.
    Rave: At least I can wear my sweaters and boots. Going full basic for fall. Did I mention I’m reclaiming basic? If loving leggings, scarves, boots and fall is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!

  • Rave: The First Lady. Way to bring it, ma’am.
    (Very Minor) Rant: The proliferation of European country code stickers. It’s fine to put your “MV” or “OBX” sticker on your car to advertise your favorite vacation destination. A bit precious for my taste, but fine. Whatever. But . . . the line has to be drawn somewhere, and it is well short of manufacturing stickers to advertise your DC neighborhood. So no, you shouldn’t drive around with an “AU Park” sticker (on your Prius, as if there was any question at all). It makes you look simultaneously insecure and braggadocios (I’m going to use that word whenever possible, so that SOMETHING good will come from Trump’s candidacy). I judge you, and I hope I am not alone.
    Befuddled Rant, or maybe a Rave?: I am at a loss as to why The Donald thought it was a good idea to attack a Hispanic woman about gaining weight. Is it because he believes women and/or Hispanic voters aren’t going to be at all important in this election? Is it because he believes that gaining weight isn’t a hot button issue with women, and men, of all ethnicities? With due credit given to someone here (wdc? mtpresident?), what the actual f**k? The answer, of course, is that it isn’t a plan, it’s him demonstrating yet again what an extemporaneous jackass he is. What astonishes me is that there appears to be no one, or who he’ll listen to, who will tell him, “Remember that time when you went after the Kahns? How’d that turn out? Well, this could be worse, electorally speaking.” So I guess this is a half rave, because anything Trump does to further hinder his candidacy is OK by me. But still.

    • Oh, forgot a rant. A friend from college is running for, and most likely will be elected to, the US House. That in and of itself is a rave, but our politics could not be more different. I went to a fundraiser for him yesterday, to show my support, because that’s what friends do, and even contributed, because again, that’s what friends do. I rationalized it to myself by saying that he’s pretty close to a sure thing, and my contribution won’t make any difference at all, but I still am a little grumpy about it.
      Rant: I’m old enough to have friends in Congress. What did THAT happen?

      • Re: Your final rant — I am older than the president, by about six months. Always surprises me every year when his birthday comes along – how can that be?
        I am looking forward to the new administration – no matter who wins, they are older than me.

      • Lol, one of my buddies married a congressman a number of years ago. It’s still weird for me.

    • IMO, all fake country-code stickers are equally bad (or equally OK). I don’t see anything worse about an “AU Park” sticker than an “OBX” one. If anything, a neighborhood sticker is better (in my opinion), because it’s less common/less of a cliche.

      • I’ll take it a step further and say that I don’t see the point of bumper stickers, period. Why do you want the whole world to know where you vacation, or that you “rescued” a dog, or that you ran a marathon? Is the approbation of people you actually know not enough for you?

        • “I’ll take it a step further and say that I don’t see the point of bumper stickers,”
          I generally agree with this. (And it goes double for the stick figure families.) I developed an abiding hatred for bumper stickers after I lost a bet on the 2000 election, and in addition to buying an expensive dinner and a ridiculous amount of booze, I had to drive around with a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker on my car for a year. I still get a little ragey when someone mentions a hanging chad and/or Ralph Nader.

          • dcgator

            AHHHH Stick figure families!!!!!!! The Worst!

          • Worse than an LSU bumper sticker? (ducking – yes, I’m an instigator)

          • Hey dcd, you watch yourself with your fightin’ words! 😉

          • I always wanted to construct a stick figure family that made it look as though we were a menage-a-trois who was little too close to their pets, but couldn’t figure out how to make such wholesome figures appear quite so “deviant” (not that there’s anything wrong with that) just through their arrangement on the back of the car.
            I can’t see hatin’ on bumper stickers. I’m not so keen on the brag-y ones (26.2) or the cheery ones (“Life is beautiful”) but putting a few tribal identifiers on the bumper (note to self: buy dancing terrapin decals) or a souvenir from someplace odd strikes me a nice way to individualize your mass-produced driving machine.

          • Generally I don’t see the appeal of stick-figure families, but I had to chuckle when I saw on a Mini Cooper a stick-figure family consisting of two dudes and a dog.

          • I like, how Irving Streete called them, the tribal identifiers. Especially when I’m driving to a sporting event – I often wave at those on the good guys’ (and gals) team and snicker at those supporting the other guys (particularly UVA and UNC fans….). But otherwise, meh. Sometimes its amusing and can be worked in to a new alphabet-type game during long car trips. And the stick figure families are the worst, except we saw one the other week that with random body parts all over the windshield (had obviously been damaged by the wear wiper) and found it amusing for half a second.

          • Emmaleigh504

            LSU bumper stickers are the only good bumper stickers.

          • Even the clever stick-figure families are tired now. But a few years back, I liked the family running from a huge stick t-rex, the family of storm troopers, etc.
            On a more serious note, in on of the many professional security trainings I’ve done for my job, the trainer showed us a picture he had taken of a car in the parking lot of his hotel. Within 10 minutes, we knew EVERYTHING about that car’s owner and family. Literally, workplace, financial info, his ex-wife’s name and address… The idea of giving away that much information for free is unsettling. How many kids I have, their sex, where they go to school, what neighborhood I live in, where I vacation, what sports my kids are into, what kind of dog we have… This is information that can be used against your family. Not that most of us are at any risk, of course, but why make it so easy?

        • Our two bumper stickers (well they’re window decals but whatever same idea) are themed to match our license plate and car. If you ever see a Tardis driving around, Doctor Who fans, (you’ll know it when you see it) that’s most likely me or the mister!

          • There is someone in our new neighborhood with a Dr. Who themed sticker. I always want to knock on their door and ask them to be our friends!

        • I think pretty much any decoration of a car is ridiculous, except of course the window stickers I have showing my support of a local sports team.

      • That One Guy

        On the topic of car stickers can someone explain what the “Salt Life” ones mean? I see them around VA and am perplexed.

    • I used to have a Mt.P “Country Code” sticker on my car and I thought it was kind of fun (before everybody got one). I think the more obscure they are, the better — who’s impressed by ten thousandth OBX sticker they’ve seen that week?

    • Quotia Zelda

      You will pry my oval LSU sticker off my car when I am cold and dead. And then I will haunt you. 😉 I draw the line at the RKV stickers, though.

  • Bear

    Rave: Today is my friday, taking a couple days off to catch up on sleep and life.
    Rant: I reeallly need the sleep. I don’t know what’s up this week but I’m sleeping horribly, It was so hard to get out of bed this morning.
    Rave: Refinance is complete, officially switched OB practices, tying up some loose ends at work…things are finally moving forward on a few fronts, which definitely helps with some anxiety I’ve been having.

  • Rant: Found out our landlord kicked us out illegally (said they were reoccupying the house, but we just saw it go up for rent, at a MUCH higher price than we were paying). I have no need/interest in any sort of legal action but I kind of want them to know that I know what they did and that it was super shady (I have a feeling they assumed we just wouldn’t find out). Not sure it’s worth burning that bridge but it makes me angry, especially because we had lived there for a long time and had a really good relationship.
    Rave: Thank you to whoever suggested reading A Little Life. I’m only 80 pages in but loving it. Getting ready for all the feels.

    • How would you be burning that bridge by saying something? What’s weird is that they just didn’t raise the rent to the new price with you? I mean you could have stayed, or you could have left.

      • I guess it’s more that I don’t know what the point of saying something would be, other than to get it off my chest.
        They raised the rent more than $1,000 (it was pretty under market when we lived there but I thin way too high now, so we’ll see if it gets rented) so they wouldn’t have been able to raise it that much while keeping us as tenants. They only raised our rent once, very minimally, in the many years we lived there so it is weird that all of a sudden they thought they needed so much more.

        • Money issues, realized how under market they were and trying to catch up, etc. Some ppl are just greedy and stupid. I’d report it to dcra.

      • Might be rent controlled, so they can only do a big increase with a new tenant.

    • The same thing happened to me with my former landlord. Told us he was selling our place and we had to move out (there was no way we could afford to buy it), we moved out, then saw it posted on Craigslist for rent at a much, much higher price. It sat on Craigslist for months because the rent was too damn high.

    • Please report this, if not to get it off your chest, then to serve as a warning to other landlords who want to use this as a loophole to jack rent up substantially. If your landlord tells a friend who is a landlord about this One Weird Trick to Make Money Fast, then others will be kicked out like you were.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I agree with this. I’m not a vindictive person. I personally wouldn’t try to sue my former landlord for damages or anything, but I would report it to DCRA, in the interest of doing what little I can to prevent this landlord or other landlords from taking advantage of other tenants in a similar manner.

        • What exactly would happen if it was reported to DCRA? I don’t want to screw anyone over (though I supposed that is what they did to me) but I do want them to know what they did was wrong.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I honestly do not know, and in my honest opinion, probably nothing. It is possible that they might investigate, and if your landlord failed to cover his ass sufficiently, issue a fine or something.

    • Oh my god, A Little Life is probably the best book I read all year. I absolutely devoured it.

    • This happened to me, too. I don’t think reporting to DCRA does anything. If you want to do anything, you can keep tabs on if they ever put it up for sale and then assert your TOPA rights – which you still have – you might get bought out with enough money to pay the the unnecessary move you had to pay for.
      It is crazy that DC has a law against this happening, but there doesn’t seem to be any remedy for it if the landlord violates it. I suppose you can sue for your moving costs and expenses. Has anyone successfully done this? It happens a lot. I’m wondering if small claims court knows enough about landlord-tenant laws to try to it there. Collecting can be difficult, though, once you get a judgment, depending on your landlord’s circumstances and what you know of them. I wouldn’t worry about burning bridges – they burned them by acting illegally.

  • Rant: Fell back asleep after the alarm went off–for nearly an hour!
    Rave: Still got mtpkiddo to the bus on time.
    Rave: Can stay a little late today since my parents are picking up mtpkiddo & bringing her back to their place through tomorrow.
    Rave: extra sleep?
    Rave? mtpbaby is taking steps
    Rant: I’m not ready for my baby to not be a baby anymore : (

    • I can’t imagine how bittersweet seeing mtpbaby walk feels. I do the ritualistic mourning over the outgrown sleepers on a regular basis.

      • I haven’t even actually seen it yet! All of these steps happen at day care–we haven’t been able to replicate at home. Though mtpwife got to see him show off two steps this morning : )
        But yes, bittersweet indeed. I don’t thing I’m up for another round of the early months of infancy, but I will miss the later infant stages. I’ll just have to borrow friends’ babies periodically : )

        • I am trying my best to be very present and enjoy each stage with Baby Artie. We are one and done, so I really want to savor it as much as one can (easier to say than do in the midst of the daily grind).

          I hope you witness it with your own eyes soon!

  • Rave: Headed to Cuba in a week or so. Any recommendations from anyone who has been recently? Hoping to pick up some nice art while im there

    • Envious! Hope you have a great trip (and come back with lots of ideas for future PoPville travelers).

    • I went recently but on a diving trip so much of what I did isn’t really transferable. If you do go to/through Vinales I highly recommend the restaurant el Indio. Had the biggest lobster tail I’ve ever seen. Wandering around old Havana is great, felt really safe, people are nice and it still retains an old charm. Skip the Havana club tour. If you get all the way to Guanahacabibes and can catch the green turtles hatching it’s amazing. Enjoy.

      • Was this a land-based diving trip? I had looked into diving Cuba a few months ago and all that was offered was live-aboard. How did it rate compared to other dive sites?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Have a great time and don’t forget your Popville shirt!

    • How long will you be there? If you have time to get outside of Havana, Trinidad would be my #1 recommendation.
      One specific recommendation is to take the ferry to Regla and visit the church/museum

  • Rave: Hiring process for New York City Dream Job accelerating — first hurdle cleared; I should know if I’ve made it to the “finals” nect week.
    Rant: Girlfriend convinced I have the job in the bag and that relationship is doomed.
    Rave: She loved the restaurant and the birthday present, though.

    • Ugh on your rant–not sure why the relationship has to be doomed?
      What did you end up deciding on for her birthday present?

      • I don’t think it’s doomed but she’s convinced that I will be seduced by legions New York Girls the moment I unpack my suitcase, and forget all about her. Worst case scenarios come easily to her.
        I asked about getting tickets a pre-opening performance of the The Front Page on Broadway for a trip to New York we had (she’s in New York every month for something, right?) planned and it came out that “His Girl Friday” is her favorite movie. So by accident I found a group of five original publicity stills from the movie (they even had “property of Columbia Studios” stamped on the back) and framed them up for her.

        • That’s amazing! What a lovely and thoughtful gift. And oy on her worries, but sometimes adjustments take time.

        • ” Worst case scenarios come easily to her.”
          I can already see this tendency in my daughter. Squabble with friend => “everybody hates me!” Headache => “I have a migraine! Loud noises and bright lights hurt!” (She doesn’t – and if she does, I have discovered that a frozen chocolate covered banana is an instant migraine cure.) I know some of this is natural 9 yo behavior, but any tips on how to get through it are appreciated (recognizing that your girlfriend is orders of magnitude more reasonable than a 9 yo girl).

          • Yes, tips? I’m a 28 year old girl and now “fight with friend ==> everyone hates me” has turned into “watch sad internet video ==> my partner is going to get cancer at 30 and die”

          • This problem is called “catastrophizing”. I am a champ at this when it comes to work.

            Google the term and you should get some tips from psych websites. Basically, every time you jump to the terrible conclusion, examine your thoughts – why is that conclusion the worst thing ever? What are other possible outcomes that are not that conclusion? You have to learn how to short circuit the thinking.

            Example: at work, no one was actually assigned to reserve a conference room for a meeting while two people were planning the meeting. You (one of the people) have to scramble to get a conference room that morning. My initial thought here is generally “OMG, I’m going to get fired for not getting a conference room and never work again”. Actual outcome: no one was assigned the task so both parties feared duplication of effort, boss wants someone to take initiative next time and just communicate on it, and the meeting happened in a conference room at the time planned, so there wasn’t a disaster.

            Fight with friend: you have other friends. What might friend have been feeling other than hating you? What do you think friend is feeling right now? If you think she is gleeful that you’re sad, why do you want to be friends with her? Looking at the reasons you want to be friends with her, why do you think a great person like her would think awful things of you? You try to turn the feedback loop of terror into a feedback loop of your own resilience.

        • As a former NYC woman, I have to say the women in NYC are a lot sexier – its a different culture. So I can see her concern. But … the men are, too, so I don’t know if she does indeed have anything to worry about, not having seen you…

          • I’ve know the girlfriend for years and I’ve always found her very sexy in a really understated way — more the way she carries herself with a lithe sort confidence and holds your eyes with her ice blues. Of course, she was a new York City Girl herself. As for me — She thinks I’m pretty hot (for a guy my age) but she’s biased. Plus, she knows details about my life in the time between my wife’s death and our relationship that — in retrospect — it would be better if she didn’t.

          • Really? Whether (or not) she has something to worry about depends entirely on (I) her attractiveness relative to women in NYC, and (ii) Irving Streete’s attractiveness relative to men in NYC? Wow.

          • What dcd said. My SO has a receding hairline and a slight beer belly, and you know what? He’s still sexy to me. I’ve had three kids and the body to go with it and I am still sexy to him. Sexiness is completely and totally within the eye of the beholder, and if you are with someone and where you want to be, others just don’t matter.

          • +1 dcd
            Shame on you, anon. Why do you have such low standards for behavior?

  • Rant: Trying to work from home while demolition is going on may have been one of my worst ideas ever.
    Rave: Watching the steady stream of items from the master bathroom slowly leaving the house is exciting. I can’t wait for this project to be complete.
    Rant: My oven died. I hope the repair guy can fix it because I really don’t want to have to shop for a new one.
    Rave: Multiple date nights with the Other Mrs. Rabbit this week makes me so incredibly happy. And it involves things we love to do: theater and soccer.

  • Question: did I mess the posting of the recipe for the Indian-inspired chili that I hope will carry me to victory in an upcoming chili cookoff?

    • Oh crap. No. Just forgot to post it. Sorry about that. Can you send me an email to mtpresident.popville at gmail? I can email it to you–and then that would also make it easier to post since I’d have it in my email to access at work. Someone else wanted that recipe, too–perhaps wdc or anonymom?

  • Rant: Work has been crazy
    Rave: But it’s nice to be busy. This is the first job I’ve had where I actually have a lot of projects and I am not just waiting for the clock to hit 4:30.
    Rant: In the middle of the busy work week, our tenant texted me and said the spout and diverter broke on the bathtub! Umm, thanks a lot Moen…it only lasted 14 months?!
    Rave: Ordered the replacement on Moen.com and it was there the next day plus the tenant just fixed it himself.

  • Rave – I love wearing my bright red rain coat on gloomy days.
    Rant – Husband snored like a freight train and kept me up alllll night. I am so, so tired.
    Rave – Compass coffee is the reason I am awake and functioning right now.

  • queston: I just got engaged in July. anyone ever experience this phenomenon: I’m getting blisters on the sides of my ring finger knuckle that get aggravated every time I take my ring off and on. It didn’t start right away (probably started about a month ago), but now that they are there, it doesn’t seem like they are going to go away unless I stop wearing my ring. I’m confident that the ring was sized correctly – if anything it’s a little big, because it slides around and spins once it’s on. But the blisters/calluses on my knuckle are making it uncomfortable to take off and on.

    • You may be having an allergic reaction.

    • Have you tried not wearing your ring for a few days to see if it improves?

    • That One Guy

      Maybe it’s residue that gets stuck under the ring from normal daily activities that rubs against the skin?

      • I don’t think it’s that. I should’ve been more specific – the irritated area isn’t at the base of my finger near the knuckle where the ring sits. Based on Dr. Google, that is a pretty common phenomenon and can be due to grime or friction (or both). I’m having problems on the knuckle on the middle of my finger – the wide part – it rubs only when I’m taking it off and on. I’m thinking the solution is just to not wear my ring for a while and see if it goes away.

        • It sounds like you are taking your ring off an awful lot. Perhaps consider keeping your ring on? I’ve never understood why people take it off for lotion, hand washing, showering, and the like. Just keep it on.

          • Rings with stones/settings can get icky if not removed for that kind of thing.

          • that was actually another thought that I had. I do take it off a lot. My original solution was just to leave it off but maybe instead I will just try leaving it on and try not to fiddle with it too much. The other reason why this is important is because I ordered my wedding band 1/4 size smaller. My engagement ring constantly slipping around and spinning was driving me crazy so I went and got sized again and determined that a 1/4 smaller would be better. But now with these knots on the sides of my knuckles it’s almost impossible to get the smaller wedding band on.

  • Revel: dodged a giant tinder date bullet
    ?: big boss has been gone several days with no explanation to anybody, not even ap.
    Rant: freezing classroom

  • Rant: So I’ve had my job for nearly over a decade and I’m in high level management.  I’m looking for a new job but I find indeed,  monster and all the websites so overwhelming and feel like I’m fishing in a sea with waaaay too many fish.  I can’t even imagine being a recruiter.  I keep reading recent posts of poppers getting offers, what all are your procesis? Are you actively applying on the large websites?  Or do you post your resume and get good inquiries?  Are you just tapping into your network and passing along your resume and it’s working? Do the general websites really work? I feel like I waste my time with all of those sites,  even USA jobs, which takes 10 days to fill out one application. 
    Any advice would suffice. 
    Rave: The typical “it’s almost Friday,  yey,”  hurray. 

    • It’s been a combination for me. The responses I’m getting have been through things submitted through speciality websites for my field, and i’ve been referencing that website in my cover letter (as in, look at me, I know enough to know about this niche resource). I’ve gotten some leads from friend and other networks, but mine have been through the application process. I think the key difference was when I started cold writing each cover letter specifically for the position, explaining why I was excited and would be an asset. I think that level of engagement stood out compared to other copy and paste cover letters.

      • Thanks for the feedback!

      • I agree — I knew there were a few orgs I would be comfortable leaving my current position for, so I was just kinda watching their job board, waiting for something to pop up that fit my skills & then custom wrote my cover letters… I always thought I would rely more heavily on my network to get a new gig, but in the end it was a great cover letter, good set of skills, and rocking the interviews.

    • If you are in “high level management,” you shouldn’t be looking for a job on those sites. I’m not in “high level management,” though I am highly educated and skilled and very experienced (and outlearned many in “high level management” in many other fields), and I barely find those sites useful. Networking is how it happens after a certain level. Or getting on the radar of recruiters. It really will be specific to your industry. It is really a hard way to do it. So I do apply for some jobs online.
      When I do get an interview, I am convinced that it is the strength of my well-writeen personalized cover letters, as bizzinger notes. But even that is not enough to get a job in a market that is oversupplied with applicants like me.

    • I’m not looking really hard, but I’ve gotten two interviews from searching on LinkedIn.

      • Thanks for the feedback!

      • Yeah, linkedin is worth looking on. Most of the stuff I see there I also see on Indeed, but occasionally I see stuff on Linkedin that I don’t see elsewhere. I’m guessing it is because it is easier for a manager to post something there than on an official job site (like maybe they don’t have to go through HR to post?) .
        When I do write, I mention where I saw the ad, and if I’ve seen it in more than one place, I list the more specific site (linkedin or an industry site) rather than the aggregator sites like Indeed.

  • rant: Dotandbo is closed forever it seems

    that’s all I got. I loved dotandbo


  • Rainy days are much brighter with kittens around! Check out my new batch of foster kitties looking for a home (the “Candy Store” kittens is you don’t want to click the link to CL) http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/pet/5803073721.html

  • houseintherear

    Rant. I found out last week that my parents are “voting party,” which means not good stuff. I sat on that info for a few days and then wrote them a very impassioned but respectful email last week asking them to at least consider voting for someone… ANYONE… else, especially since my job sorta depends on who becomes president, and they are both pro-choice, pro-LGBT rights in every sense, non-racist, and many other wonderful and kind things. They didn’t respond and haven’t mentioned the email, and our phone conversations are now weird. We are a very close family and have a great relationship, and this is making me so sad. Earlier this week I asked if they were going to watch the debate and Mom said, “Yes but we will watch it on PBS without the banners, because I don’t want anyone telling me what to think.” Obviously a jab at me. I feel almost guilty and like they are disappointed in me, but also I know this is the right time to speak up because this is a very important election cycle. There’s no good solution here but I wanted to rant.

    Rave: As always, my pets, who are perfect in every way and definitely the best animals on the planet.

    • Sorry to say it, but I think the solution is that you know they probably didn’t appreciate the email, it was something you felt you wanted to say, but that you may have crossed a line and you’ll leave politics out unless they want to discuss it, and you’re sorry if you made things weird.

      • Oof, I didn’t type that quite right. I meant “the solution is to tell them that you know they probably didn’t appreciate…”, etc. If it make any difference, I’m speaking based on my own experience.

        • houseintherear

          I just really don’t want to apologize, I guess. It doesn’t feel like the situation warrants an apology. But you’re probably right. Once the child, forever the child… heaven forbid I express an opinion. Side note: My dad sends me anti-Obama chain emails frequently (not the racist ones), which I probably should have written above… so he started it!!

          • I don’t know if this has much to do with expressing an opinion rather than telling someone else that you believe their opinion is wrong and that they should change it (depending on how you phrased it).
            You could acknowledge that you’re very concerned about topics x, y, and z and that you’re really hoping they’ll take a closer look at those issues outside of mainstream media reporting before they they make a final decision. And leave it at that, no apology but also less room for them to be defensive.

          • I don’t think you should apologize. As long as you weren’t insulting. You are entitled to your beliefs, and you are entitled to share them, especially considering you get unsolicited negative Obama emails. If they are going to give it, they need to be able to take it.

    • You can’t change people’s minds, and you can’t tell people how to vote. I’m convinced that my catholic mother would vote for a republican candidate that planned to execute gays – including her own gay child (me.) Not that she’s trying to kill me, but, party. There’s no logic to trying to tie voting for your best interest. My parents did vote, I’m sure, for anti-gay marriage laws in their state – I mean, why wouldn’t they? – it’s what they believe. You are best off just not discussing it. No need to apologize. But I would block anyone’s email who sent me such chain letters – so warn and then do it if they don’t cease – that’s gotta stop.

  • That One Guy

    Question: Anyone know of a Bolivian restaurant or bakery around the area? Craving an api (drink) and a salteña and/or fried dough.

  • Rant: My incredible boss left our company and the last few weeks have been a mix of either last-minute chaotic scenarios that I have zero power over or complete boredom. I’ve been feeling unaccomplished and found myself slipping into general apathy/depression.
    Rave: I’ve had enough growth to recognize these things in order to reel it in. I’m very proud of that…therapy isn’t cheap, and change isn’t easy! So I’m putting more time into my volunteer efforts, cleaning my apartment, and applying for new jobs.
    Rant: Digging through job postings takes ages! Someone recently ranted about companies not listing salaries on the postings and I’d like to join that rant. It takes so long to apply and I feel like I’m potentially wasting both my and the recruiter/hiring manager’s time.

  • Rant: F’ing doctor cancelled my appointment and can’t see me until mid-October. Contemplating busting out of this boot on my own. It’s taking all my will power and knowledge that I know nothing about orthopedics to keep this damn boot on.
    Rant: Found out I have elevated levels of stuff that put me at higher risk for cardiovascular disease – have to go through that wormhole.
    Rave: Tea.
    Rave: Husband is home. And were in the same place. And it’s so wonderful.

    • That is very frustrating. Was there no one else in his office who could have seen you? It seems silly to make someone walk around in a boot for an extra few weeks because he couldn’t keep the appointment.

  • Question for Maryland residents: I recently moved to Maryland, and need to get my new driver’s license and title/register my car. The MVA website says you have to do this within 60 days. My 60 days are up Sunday, and my car won’t be ready by then with the safety inspection certificate. I plan to do all this next Monday, which would be within 70 days. Do they ask for proof of when you moved in at the DMV? Thanks!

    • I don’t know the answer to your specific question but I’m sure you’ll be fine. Just be sure you have whatever documents they require for license and registration (detailed on the MVA website), and go through the steps.

    • Maryland doesnt give tickets like DC for being seen with out of state plates too often to my knowledge. The dmv wants proof of residency, but I’ve never heard of you being penalized for taking longer than 60 days. Just get it done when you can.

    • The point of the law is to get you to register. I’ve been late in various states – no state I know of asks people to prove when they move – that would defeat the purpose of getting people to register.

    • So, as a fellow DC to MD transplant, I can tell you that the 60 days actually starts the day that the MVA receives your new title. So your count hasn’t started yet. Also, the ‘count’ is just for tax purposes; if you register in the 60 days, they credit you for whatever taxes you paid on the vehicle in DC, if you register after, you have to pay taxes again in Maryland on the value of the vehicle. You should be fine. If they do ask, just lie. But, if you are really concerned about it, you could always go down and get temporary plates.

      • “I can tell you that the 60 days actually starts the day that the MVA receives your new title.”
        I’m not 100% sure what you mean by this but it doesn’t seem to make sense. The requirement is that new residents register within a certain amount of time of moving to MD – what does the MVA receiving paperwork have to do with it? If you never initiate contact with the MVA, how do they “receive your new title”? So if you don’t do anything, the count never starts? That doesn’t sound right. What am I missing?

        • If you have a loan on your vehicle, you have to request that your loan holder request a new title. My title is a DC title, not a MD title. When I called and spoke to the MVA, I was told that my clock would not start until they had received the request for new title from the bank. So yes, if you never do anything, nothing happens. The only time something would happen is if you were pulled over, in an accident, whatever, and asked directly by the cop if you had moved, at which point he/she would write you a warning ticket, remind you that you have to change your registration within x number of days, and then you take your merry little self to the MVA and do what you’re supposed to do. Unlike DC, it has not been my experience that cops go out actively looking for violators in MD. Also, it’s not like the DC DMV and MD MVA actively “talk” to each other; for example, I magically have two licenses, one in DC and one in MD. When I got my DC license, my MD license was voided, but I was/am still in their system.

          • OK, but that’s a different clock. There is a clock that starts when you move to the state (though I realize it’s not really enforced unless it comes up in some other context, as you say).

          • Ryan was asking about enforcement, I answered to the best of my personal knowledge. Should he have his car registered in MD in the exact time that he is allotted? Yes. But shit happens, life happens. Not all of our lives are perfect and by the book, Anonymous.

          • Jeez, relax Anonamom. I was just stating the rule in the context of trying to figure out what you were talking about. Everything isn’t a judgement of your life.

    • I was late — more than your 10 days—and I don’t recall them giving me any hassle, requiring extra documentation, or anything. I was not asked for for proof of date of my move to MD.

      • Thanks all for the advice! These DMV rules can be so confusing, sometimes it’s better to just hear real-life stories/advice to understand everything.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave/Rant: There’s no work to do at work right now.
    Rave: more time to read Popville.

  • I am going to Puerto Rico for Christmas. We are staying in a villa near El Yunque rainforest. Would love some recommendations for places to see, places to eat, great beaches, and great hikes!

    • The hike to Mina Falls in El Yunque is popular, but great. Fun swimming hole at the base of the falls. Better to park at the lot above the falls and hike down – less crowded. We also loved the numerous food kiosks on the main highway (Hwy 3?) at Playa Fortuna. Not fine dining, but tons of good food and local vibes. Definitely get some Mofongo wherever you go.

  • Rave: big hairy meeting is over, Yay!
    Rant: No matter how many times I do these something always goes wrong. Sometimes it’s out of my control, sometimes it’s not. Today it was not within my control, but I could have been more on top of the details.
    Rave: someone else has to drag my dog out of the house and down the stairs in the rain. I left my dog walker a note encouraging her to drag him. I hope it goes okay.
    Rant: I have to do it tonight.
    Rave: Ft Totten transfer station this weekend!!!! Some guy on tinder asked what I’m up to this weekend I told him the dump and that it’s awesome. He stopped writing back. His loss. The dump is awesome.

  • Question: Is the Aldi video commercial on the side freezing anyone else’s browser? It keeps freezing my chrome browser at work.

  • Late question, please help! I went to whole foods yesterday because I couldn’t find brisket at any of my closer, cheaper stores. Do you know how much they wanted for brisket? $11/ pound!! Crazy.
    Anyone got suggestions for where else I can look? I’m making corned beef, and I need to get it brining today.

    • Not the answer to your question but which brining recipe do you use? I made my own corned beef for the first time recently and was really happy (and no one got came down with botulism) but want to experiment more. I’ve had a really hard time finding brisket in DC–maybe a kosher butcher with Rosh Hashanah coming up or try calling Harvey’s at Union Market–I’ve had luck finding things there not always stocked in Giant/Whole Foods, etc.

      • Recipe? What’s a recipe? 😉
        I use Morton’s Quick Cure, and make a rub with ground allspice, a bunch of black pepper, brown sugar, and whatever else from the spice drawer strikes my fancy. The allspice seems to be the non-negotiable for the flavor we’re looking for. I’ve also used mustard, clove, and ginger. I might not repeat the clove experiment.
        Let it cure for a week or two in the fridge in a ziplock with all the air smooshed out. Then simmer with onion, celery, a cinnamon stick, and some bay leaves.
        Would anything at Union Market be less expensive than WF? The appeal of corned beef is that you can get cheap meat and make it delicious with work.

    • It may not be convenient, but Costco has had brisket every time I’ve looked.

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