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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Feeling a little better today. Thanks for the support, all.
    Rant/Rave: Is RRRR 20 minutes early today so we have extra time to rant about the debate? Hahahaha!

    • Ha! I was wondering about that too! Luckily for me, I opted to not watch the debate and not put myself through extra misery / anxiety. What’s the point? Short of a public resignation on Trump’s behalf, there’s nothing I want to see or hear, so screw it.

      Glad you’re feeling a little better, I’m pulling for you, FridayGirl!

      • If you ever wanted to learn how to be a serial liar, there was a free 90 minute course offered by Trump University last night.

        • skj84

          indeed. Note to Trump, repeating “thats wrong” when someone calls you out on your lies does not make the lie go away.

          • Haha @ justinbc.
            also I felt kind of bad for Lester Holt, but really he could have been a little stronger it telling Trump to stop talking over Clinton. It was so rude.

          • On the interrupting Clinton, I think he could have stepped in (especially early on when there was constant interrupting), but at the same time – Clinton handled it fairly well (although I think she could have pointed it out). The overall impression it leaves is probably not good for Trump (especially with women and college educated – two areas he needs to do better in) and if the moderator jumps in too forcefully, it can then become about the moderator.
            That being said, Holt could have stood up for his own dignity some. He was constantly talked over.
            Clinton kinda took the “let him talk” road and didn’t really interject much. And while it’s a bit safe, also probably smart given it is the first debate and he was doing his own spinning around. If Trump stays on message more in future debates, then I think she’ll pounce more. Trump spoke a lot more than Clinton last night.

      • dcgator

        Ya, good on you. In my humble opinion, these “debates” really reinforce my politics-as-sports feeling. At least in sports, you have a winner (but commentators will still bloviate about what we just saw in both).
        I still can’t fathom that his candidacy is being taken seriously, nor do I think any of this will change the minds of people who already strongly support him. Thus, I do not plan in engaging in more of the dog and pony show. #imwithher

    • I think Sec Clinton knocked it out of the park last night. And Trump’s insane comments about how opening 1 club in florida that doesn’t discriminate suggests that hes not a racist, combined with his reflections on how hes smart not to have paid income taxes, and that china should just “go after north korea” were all just…absurd. I truly miss the days when debates were fought on substance,

      • justinbc

        I wish she had called him out on all the work visa exemptions he requested to staff that club.

      • Also, I’m pretty sure China is not thrilled with Trump’s comments on North Korea. They’ve already told us they don’t have as much power as we think they do….. he’s not making any “friends”….

        • The comments regarding North Korea just showed his complete and total lack of understanding regarding international politics and diplomacy, as did his lack of understanding regarding mutual defense treaties. He’s a goddamn joke. Everything is about money to him; you can’t monetize everything.

          • And his constant plugging of his businesses is absurd. There’s zero chance if elected he completely separates himself from that. It’s an absurd double standard the amount of time spent on the Clinton Foundation vs. Trump’s businesses. He does literally everything he complains about the Clintons for MAYBE doing without any proof.

          • +1 to “his constant plugging of his businesses is absurd.” I almost feel like there should be some law that prevents sitting presidents from having businesses — it’s such a conflict of interest.

          • He really can’t help self-promoting. It’s the narcissism showing through.

          • I like his standard answer about the businesses, if he’s elected:

            “Eh, the kids will handle the businesses.”

            As if that creates some kind of impenetrable barrier between him and them.

      • The problem is how the news media works now. Everything has to be even – so when they do fact checking on TV, they point out 1 of his many flat out lies, then to be even point out one of her very few misleading statements. Never mind that he was lying at a rate of like 20:1 last night. He lies so much yet nobody calls him out on it.

      • I wish she’d looked at him and said (after the club comments) “that’s very white of you, Donald.”

        • But I thought you were Team Clinton? That phrase would make for great Fox News fodder and could risk her losing a not insignificant number of (latently racist) white votes.

    • glad you’re doing better!

    • That One Guy

      I don’t understand why Donald Trump is held to a lower standard vis-a-vis preparation for the debate. If you have a test and you come in unprepared to respond to the questions that should be a fail, not oh he’s Donald Trump and he’s more spontaneous and off the cuff.

      • justinbc

        Even his spontaneity was bad. He sounded like the Nicholas Fehn SNL skit.

      • I think it speaks more to the demographic that he is targeting. They really like this “unpolished/nonpolitical” thing…. which is terrifying.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Agreed. And I do not think it is necessarily true that Trump and Clinton are held to different standards; I think it is more that the people who have a non-zero probability of voting for Trump value different things than the people who support Clinton value. They may well also hold the two of them to different standards, but I don’t think we know that. It is pretty clear, though, that their respective audiences have different standards.

          • justinbc

            I still can’t believe that there are “undecided” voters. Whichever side you like, whatever, but how is that even possible to be torn between the two?

          • I doubt people are truly undecided between the two… more like “will i vote for person X or not vote at all?”
            Although I know a lot of VERY conflicted Republicans…. They despise Trump… but also Hillary. This election is going to have a very low turnout.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I wonder how many voters there are who might actually vote for either of these two but just haven’t decided which one yet. I know lots of people who are undecided regarding whether they are going to vote for Clinton vs. a third party candidate vs. write somebody in vs. stay home, and there are probably some people on the fence regarding whether to vote Trump or stay home as well.

  • skj84

    Rave: Wonderful time at the conference in Anaheim. I learned so much about my industry, everyone was so welcoming, it truly was a great experiance. Both flights to and from LA were smooth, I actually got some sleep on the flight back! Next time I’m giving myself some more time to spend exploring the area. I will say I didn’t love how spread out LA was. It took us an hour and 20 minutes to get from my hotel in Anaheim to dinner in LA on Friday. And while I wasn’t tired per se, the jet lag confused my senses. Especially later in the day, the kick off happy hour was 6:30 LA time, and it just felt late to me.

    Rant/Rave: Stayed up to watch the debates yesterday. Whoa Nelly. My blood pressure was through the roof by the end. Hillary more than held her own, but Trump? How could anybody watch him and think “This person should be president”. It was unnerving.

    • +1 to all of the above. I agree about LA being unpleasantly spread out, but if you go back when you have more time, there are so many different neighborhoods to explore! I find it a lot more charming than the small sprawl we have outside of East Coast cities.

      • skj84

        I am looking forward to going back and checking out the rest of the city! I didn’t even get and In-N-Out burger, the closest one was a 15 minute drive from my hotel. I couldn’t justify ubering back and forth. I did love seeing the mountains. They but the ones I grew up by to shame.

    • maxwell smart

      re: LA. I think something people often forget when they visit LA, is that things are much further away then they seem. Depending on where you went in LA proper for dinner and where in Anaheim you were staying, they were probably 30+ miles from each other. As a former LA resident, I can say that I rarely would venture out of 5 mile radius – There are so many great micro-communities within LA that become your little city within a city. It’s hard for visitors I admit – they want to see and do the typical LA things, which are often 30-50 miles apart – traveling that distance takes time with no traffic. To put it in perspective – it routinely takes me an hour to travel 5 miles in DC!

      • justinbc

        Yeah, LA is weird in that so much of not-technically-LA gets called LA. It would be like calling the drive from McLean, VA to Columbia, MD a trip “across DC”.

        • Agreed. Although in LA’s defense, a significant portion of the sprawl is still in LA County (except for the southern sprawl in Orange County). It just happens to be a really freaking huge county. According to Wikipedia (not always accurate), DC proper is only ~60 square miles but LA County is ~4,700 sq miles.

    • Anaheim is not in LA. its in orange county. I’m not saying LA traffic isn’t bad, or LA isn’t a large metropolis, but Anaheim is literally a different county! Whoever planned a dinner in LA related to a conference in Anaheim clearly doesn’t know the area! It would be like having a conference in Manassas and planning a dinner in Metro Center!

      • skj84

        Oh, it was my great aunt and uncle after the conference! They wanted to go somewhere where they could drop me off at the airport afterwards. Which worked in theory, but it still took forever! That traffic is no joke. The Airport was 5 miles away, it took 30 minutes to get there and to my gate. As a non driver I was ready to pull my hair out.

  • justinbc

    Rave: “I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. And, yes, I did. You know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be president. And I think that’s a good thing.”
    Rave: “Well, as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a cease-fire, a release of dissidents, an opening of new opportunities and nations around the world, or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina.”
    Rave: (paraphrasing) “It’s hard to complain about the quality of roads, schools, healthcare, veterans, etc when you pay zero income taxes.”
    Rant: One of the worst debate moderators ever.

    • Holt got better as time went on (I think someone in his ear may have had a word…). But the first half was bad when he let Trump walk all over everyone and constantly interrupt, including Holt himself. The audience was also a bit annoying with the cheering (which started with Trump, but eventually delved into both sides). Why there even needs to be an audience is beyond me.

    • Rant: “ICE has endorsed me! First time ever they’re endorsing a presidential candidate!”

      Rant: “I pay zero in federal taxes.”

      Rant: “I take advantage of the laws of this nation.”

      He is sooooo awful.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Yesterday’s headache is still hanging around.
    Rant: Winston was a little jerkface this morning.
    Rave: He’s an adorable little jerkface.

  • Rave: Last night’s Borowitz Report
    Rant: why are we, as a nation, still entertaining DT as a viable presidential candidate?
    Rant: after spending day with SO shopping for a wedding dress on Saturday, during which SO selected a dress she loves, future MIL decided to surreptitiously visit bridal salons in Georgetown because she “happened to be walking by” before her flight home, take photos of dresses, and bring them to (surprise) lunch with SO. She said her dress has a “severe neckline,” which is now going to be in her head. This came after an hour of interrogation about our very low-key wedding, to which every preference my SO expressed MIL met with exclamations of what we ABSOLUTELY MUST do (“you HAVE to have a bouquet! What do you mean you don’t want your dad to walk you down the aisle? Well I’m sure you’ll be doing X,Y, and Z”). SO spent most of the evening in tears and I played bar tender.
    Rave: I learned I make a mean Old Fashioned.

    • I was the sibling to your SO (pretty much), but throw in a completely different religion for a MoB who’d only ever been to Catholic weddings. It’s hard and I feel sorry for your SO and you.
      Does your SO have a sibling? My mom tried to go through me to get them to change their minds about things. Sadly, I was not nearly strong enough with my boundaries with her almost 10 years ago. It might be good to make sure any of her sibs are read in and on the same page as you two.
      Good luck! And congrats!

    • If my offer any unsolicited advice, it is to please remember that your wedding is about you and your SO, not about her mother’s grand idea about what her daughter’s wedding should be. I’m sorry that it upset her so much, and hope that as time goes on you can both stand up to the MIL as a united front. Think of it as practice for future battles πŸ™‚

    • Husband and I managed to pull off a small low-key wedding and we both have large, not low-key families. We pulled it off by not talking with them about the specifics. Whenever someone said to me, “You HAVE to do xyz!” I replied with, “Sure, we’ll see” or “we’ll think about it” and I changed the topic immediately. I adopted this strategy after my mother in law had me in tears by criticizing every. single. detail. of our wedding plans. So I just stopped talking about it. As the wedding got closer if anyone complained, we said it was too late change things, because everything was booked and ready to go.
      Good luck! Those bar tending skills will come in handy.

      • THIS! People make so many suggestions. Them: Oh you have to have a videographer! Me: Oh, how much? Them: Oh, we spent about 6k. Me: HAHAHAHAHA, yeah that’s not in our budget.
        With that said it’s much harder to fend off parents. Agree not sharing details helps.

      • Thank you for the wishes! We’ve been doing a lot of “we’ll see” or “thanks for mentioning it–we’ll think about it,” but MIL takes advantage of every opportunity to get SO alone, and going on and on about how she wants to “help” and “be involved,” and how we “can’t take things away from her.” My SO is such a giving, generous person, and has been practicing kind but firm boundary setting for the last couple of years–MIL has had a really hard time adjusting to me, and the fact that SO is now part of a new family unit that often takes precedent over parents’ wishes. It’s just so hard because now the boundaries have been seriously breached and things have to get firmer.

        • Your SO’s mom sounds exactly like my mom, I’m sorry. But good for her for creating boundaries now and sticking to them.

        • Some more unsolicited advice – have your SO hand over wedding tasks that she doesn’t care about to her mother. I didn’t care about welcome bags or wedding favors, but my mom cared A LOT about them, so I asked if she could take over that chore for me. I have to say her welcome bags were adorable and she even put together little goody bags for the kids.
          Yeah, I have a difficult MIL too. I completely sympathize. Remain a united front and soon it will be over and you’ll be married, which is the important part!

          • +1. Great suggestion.

          • This is great advice we’ve heard from many, & have tried to do that – that’s the whole reason we invited her out her to help me pick a dress in the first place! The problem is we’ve purposefully structured our wedding to have as few decisions & moving parts as possible, bc we’ve seen the stress & associated drama destroy our friends. It is clear that whatever we *do* relinquish to her could never be enough.

            Super grateful for everyone’s kind words & advice, and even more grateful for my excellent bartending rock of a partner.

      • This is exactly what I went through/ended up doing. Great advice.

    • That is one of my biggest fears. If and when I decide to get married, Im letting my mother know the color scheme so that she can pick out HER dress and telling her what time to arrive to the wedding venue. -the end- I dont have time for input. Its not about anyone but the two ppl getting married. Your poor SO. :-/

    • I’m so sorry – that’s tough! Another piece of unsolicited advice here – sometimes you have to choose your battles and enlist them to plan certain parts of the wedding. We did this when my family was trying to get really involved and we had to be on defense the whole time, it was exhausting. So we switched tactics (went on offense) and handed over details we didn’t really care much about (the linens, chairs, tables, the order of the reception, flower arrangements, etc. etc.). It gave my family a feel of control, took loads off my plate, and meant that what I really cared about I could control. Just food for thought.

    • That is EXACTLY what my mother did. We gave in on some stuff, stood our ground on other stuff.
      With 20 years of perspective on the whole affair, my advice is to remember that it’s the marriage, not the wedding, that counts. You could knuckle under to every single silly demand (jordan almonds! disposable cameras! a barbershop quartet! a bishop with a boston accent!) and you will still be married at the end of the ordeal. Or do NONE of that, and go to city hall on your lunch hour, and have your wedding portrait be a selfie where you’re both giving your MIL the finger. And you will still be married at the end of it.
      Guard your future marriage against the stress of a wedding, at all costs.

      • A bishop with a Boston accent?! lol, reminds me of my Church wedding; ex-FIL complained that the priest wasn’t Irish. This was also the first time I had ever met ex-FIL since he disowned my ex and refused to meet me or our son until we were married in the Church. Great guy, my ex-FIL.

      • What’s hard is thinking about precedent-setting. We don’t want to send the message that bad behavior will be rewarded by getting what you want because it’s easier to avoid the stress–for instance, this is the first of big life events as a unit, and we both agree there needs to be clear messaging that steam rolling will not be tolerated for things like babies, where we live, etc. However, picking battles is also essential, and as someone who is constantly guided by the principle of a situation rather than the specifics, it’s hard to know where to balance addressing troubling trends in behavior vs letting things go because the consequences of the specific event aren’t that high.

        • You can set all the precedents in the world. But no where in the rule book does it say “If you let your MIL choose the wedding flowers, you are contractually obligated to ask for and follow her advice on sleep training.” (Sorry. There are just some people who will fight you forever, on everything.)
          But, if you and your intended agree, that’s the important bit!

          • Ha, don’t be sorry. I’m someone who is good at anticipating challenges and addressing them before they arise, but I have trouble letting go and dealing with things as they come up, so this is sound advice.

      • Amen so much to this! Divorced by the age of 28 after a short marriage. I have lovely wedding pictures, the problem is the wrong man is in them! Honestly I would want my current boyfriend to propose with a booking/tickets/plan for an elopement instead of a ring.

  • Rant: Just got word that our friend lost her 7 year battle with cancer. We knew it was coming but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. I’m just glad that she’s no longer in pain.

  • Rant: The debate, obviously, and the fact that I still know people who would think Trump did an excellent job last night.
    Rant: trains single-tracking and turning around at U St again this morning, got to work 30 minutes late because the green line trains were so infrequent. The train was so overcrowded. Nothing about this on the wmata site.
    Rave: Cooler weather here at last!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: woke up a little earlier than usual and still managed to be late for work.
    Rant: Donna knocked over a ginger jar that I love and it broke.
    Rave: Longmire on Netflix.

    • Yes on your rave! It makes me want to go out west so badly! Sorry about your rants.

      • Emmaleigh504

        It makes me want to travel out west too! It’s filmed in New Mexico, but it still makes me want to go see Wyoming.

      • Quotia Zelda

        It reminds me of the short trips I’ve made to Montana, during which I was shocked at how deeply I loved the place. I’m an easterner at heart, but there’s something about the West.

        Watching Longmire, I also really got, for the first time, the whole tight jeans/big buckle/cowboy thing. #Branch

  • Rant: Second night in a row of terrible, interrupted sleep. My roommate and I both leaped out of bed at 3:30 am because of some sort of hideous, screeching, thundering, awful work being down on the roof of the cursed fast food joint next door. I would firebomb that place if I could. I don’t know how people with babies do it – being constantly awoken from sleep, I would lose my mind within days.
    Rant: Feeling anxious thinking about moving, just in terms of worrying about whether anyone will want to rent to 3 young ladies, some of whom are brand-new in a not-lucrative career, others who are simply in non-lucrative fields, etc. Talked to another resident last night who is getting ready to move, and he was saying how you basically have to be ready to go with cash as soon as you see a place that looks promising. Uh, that’s not happening, for me at least, since I got slammed with various hospital bills. Ughh.
    Rave: Coffee
    Rave: Didn’t watch the debate and slept peacefully (until I was unceremoniously awoken by power tools).
    Question: Anyone have a good recipe for madelines?

    • If you’re in DC, you can just go month to month until you all get your finances in order. Moving in the winter lessens competition, but you’ll still need to be able to put down a deposit before you get the old back.

      • Oh yeah, I figured a deposit was necessary, but this guy was talking about offering deposit+ first and last month’s rent, + whatever else you could throw out them. Which scares me.

        • *at them

        • I know people who do that in NYC (sometimes up to a years rent up front!) but DC is far less competitive… Especially if you look in larger buildings in the winter that just need to fill apartments…

        • They can’t collect more than 1 month deposit and first months rent in DC. Md may be different. I don’t see that being necessary in 1 of the many big bldg in silver spring.

      • Winter is less competitive, but there’s also fewer listings.
        That being said, it totally depends on where you’re looking. If you’re pro-active, it’s not that big of a race. I think the “cash on hand” instances are more the studio/one bedrooms. There’s obviously a lot fewer people looking for 3 bedrooms. But if you’re trying to get the cheapest place in Logan Circle, then yeah there may be some competition.

        • oh god, no, we’re looking out at Silver Spring area this winter….I was feeling hopeful but then I got really nervous when this guy started talking about what he and his wife were up against.

          • There could be a million reasons why your situation is totally different from this guy and his wife. Don’t be nervous about things for no reason before it’s even happening. Things work out when they need to.

          • There definitely can be competition, but I don’t think it’s as aggressive outside of the rather popular areas to live in DC (although I’ve never looked in SS so maybe not…).
            When I first moved to DC years ago (when I would argue it was a bit more competitive as there were not as many areas/options to live in), I looked at 6 one bedroom places when I first moved – all over the place. Mt Pleasant, U Street, Dupont, Capitol Hill….
            There were some places I was interested and was not offered, but I believe I had the “option” to sign a lease with 4 of the 6 (I did not get offers on one in Mt. Pleasant and Capitol Hill because they strictly did it by first come, first serve). Others I wasn’t first in line, but other people in front of me didn’t sign.
            So being pro-active is the key. If a landlord is shady in their rental practices, it’s probably not worth signing a lease with them anyways. Just don’t get frustrated and give yourself some time (you may not find a place until 1-2 weeks before the lease starts).

          • Thanks, Anonymous and JohnH – I appreciate your insight and encouragement – I really had been doing better about managing my anxiety, but I guess it’s just finding new places and ways to manifest itself – not to mention that I f***ing HATE the whole process of moving! But I appreciate your feedback!

    • My boyfriend and I just leased a 1 bedroom and saw a variety of up front costs. Some were no security deposit and no move in fee, others were 1 month rent for the security deposit. We didn’t want that to be the deciding factor, but of course ended up with security deposit + first month’s rent. Surprisingly, the companies that had multiple properties seemed to have low security deposits, anywhere from $300-500. Moving is so stressful, but hopefully this is a little encouragement that you don’t always have to fork up a few thousand dollars just to move in.

      • True, but some of those same large management companies have really shady, shitty business practices, as we have discovered.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I wouldn’t say “surprisingly.” Bozzuto Management is able to absorb the cost if a dozen out of their several thousand tenants break their lease, damage their property, don’t pay rent, etc. Larry the Landlord who is renting you his second home or a unit in his 4-unit building is likely less able to do so.

    • I had the same anxiety about moving and having enough cash. What I can tell you is that I worried over nothing; not a single place we looked at expected anything more than a deposit (plus pet deposit) and first months rent, and this was with some challenges on our application that I thought for sure would require more.

      • Thanks Anonamom. You guys always help calm me down when I feel ready to start spinning out of control. (In my head. If only I could just spin these problems away in a spin class or something!)

  • Rave: Rosh Hashanah cards are ready to be mailed! Mostly on time this year!
    Rant: Dad has an elevated PSA level. I thought they didn’t do that test anymore since it is so unreliable. He has a follow-up appointment on Wednesday. A little worried about overly aggressive medical decisionmaking, but we’ll see.
    Rant: mtpkiddo fell and bit her tongue badly enough for it to bleed last night. Fortunately, she didn’t seem to panic about the blood and was still able to eat her dinner. We got it to stop bleeding shortly thereafter. Hopefully it heals quickly.
    Rant: Nats injuries. This is not the time!!!

  • There are one million things to regret about this current election, but I’ll add one more: the thousands of high school kids who are watching these “debates” and thinking that lying, dodging, interrupting, and insulting makes you a good debater. Just cringe-worthy all around. How did we get from Lincoln-Douglass to this? So, so depressing.

    • Living in DC, I have to have a conversation with my kids along the lines of “Sometimes people make bad choices, use bad words, etc. but that doesn’t mean that you should. Here’s some context.” We have had the 6 year old version of it. I imagine the high school version would be more interesting. But so far, my 6 year old is with her!

      • “You can only control you” is pretty much the mantra as we walk around this city and my kids point out the smokers, litterers, spitters, nose-pickers, potty-mouths, etc.

        • Yep. These smokers that walk their kids to school while lighting up or even worse drive their kids while lighting up, windows up and all really make me smh.

          I get the addiction aspect but for 10-20 min can you not smoke while walking your kid to school? You can light up as soon as you drop them off.

          • +1. Same with cell phones. Can you stay off that app for 20 minutes on your drive home? You have the rest of the day to do that. If you want to be on your phone, take the bus.

          • “If you want to be on the phone, take the bus” LOL – nope, cause then we’ll hear “you wanted kids, no pay attention to them!”

    • My oldest was woken up (…by my shouting) last night and decided to watch the debates on YouTube. He told me this morning that the youngest (5) could form a better, more persuasive argument than Trump.

    • Imagine anyone doing the format of the Lincoln-Douglas “debates” today – first candidate gets 60 minutes, second candidate gets 90 minutes, first candidate then gets 30 minutes for “rejoinder”, end of debate. Does anybody even still have a 90-minute stump speech? Ah, the good old days of oratory!

  • Rave: Made a grain bowl last night with basmati rice.
    Rant: Made a little too much rice and now my apartment smells like basmati rice.
    Rant: I feel fat. I think I gained back the 10 lbs I lost.
    Rant: Felt like shit yesterday. Depression and accompanying irritation and anger hit me big time. Don’t know what I’m going to do.
    Rave: Walked 3 miles last evening. Was sweaty but felt good afterward. Want to work up to running 5 miles a day but it seems like a long road from where I am now.
    Rant: Feeling tired even with the latte I just had.

  • Rant: looking for a new dog sitter and none of these people on Rover and Dog Vacay have up to date calendars. So annoying. I still have Doozy Dog as my fall back, but I would like something less than $78/night.
    Rant: if he weren’t terrified of slippery floors I would have free dog sitting.
    Rant: it’s already dark when I leave the house with the dog in the morning.
    Rave: we’re getting to the cool part of the year where I can just put a coat on to walk the dog instead of putting a bra on.
    Rant: sushi dinner with friends tonight and I feel like an uncultured kick for not liking sushi.

    • Ha! Love your coat/no bra rave – I do that in the winter, too, if I’m just running to the corner store or something.

    • your rave is the best!! i am the same way whenever i run errands this time of year. enjoy the freedom!

    • I get so sick of the sushi snobs. Just have some teriyaki. Don’t waste your money on something you don’t like that’s probably not very good for you anyway.

      • Same. Very few foods gross me out as much as sushi and I really don’t get the appeal.

        • I’m so glad I’m not alone. Honestly, it’s the seaweed more than anything, but I also have a low threshold for too much raw fish.

          • Ha! Are we the same person? I don’t like fish usually (although I’ll eat tuna) but it’s the nori texture that gets me. I find if I end up at a sushi place that the rolls with the seaweed inside the rice are much more edible…

          • I grew up with a large pond/ small lake in the backyard. I spent my childhood catching frogs and turtles and wading around throwing pondweed at the other kids. And sushi, especially the seaweed, reminds me of the smell of warm mud and healthy aquatic decomp.

          • Ugh, I don’t know which is worse – the raw fish itself or the seaweed. Can’t handle either. Like FridayGirl, I’m not a big fan of fish generally and allergic to shellfish so I try my best to just steer clear of seafood at all but have to say no to meeting friends for sushi. I just can’t make myself pay for something that makes me squirm.

          • justinbc

            If you don’t like the seaweed then just ask for pieces of nigiri. There are also just a lot of really mediocre sushi options in DC, and only a small number of good ones, so many people’s experience here is an unfortunate one, comparatively.

          • I love seafood, but I only need a little raw fish to reach my limit.
            We share everything at these dinners, so I’m pretty sure I’ll just try theirs and not order any sushi myself.

      • Same. I don’t like sushi either.

      • Wait – sushi’s bad for you? Aargh . . .

        • Anything can be bad. Some fish have high mercury, etc, but I’m sure if you’re going to reputable/clean places, you’ll be fine.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I do the same with jacket/bra this time of year. It makes life so much easier.

    • When do you need a sitter? I sit for my friends all the time, if you want another option! I definitely do not charge $78/night πŸ™‚

    • That One Guy

      You can always go for tempura veggies and some rice or some sort of grilled salmon dish. Those are typically thing available at Japanesey sushi restaurants.
      Sushi is one of those foods that’s a lot about the texture rather than the full on flavor of what you’re eating.

    • That One Guy

      You can always go for tempura veggies and some rice or some sort of grilled salmon dish. Those are typically thing available at Japanesey sushi restaurants.
      Sushi is one of those foods that’s very textural rather than just being about the flavor.

    • Ugh, SAME thing happened to me re rover & dog vacay 2 weeks ago. Between the two sites I contacted, no joke, 20-25 people and most said ‘oh whoops can’t this weekend guess I should update my calendar!’ WTF. A ton didn’t answer, was super disappointed with the whole experience (was my first time). With that said, I DID manage to find someone who was nice and worked out!

      • Same, I ended up finding a company that sends someone out to our place to stay in our home with our dogs after contacting at least 20 people through Rover or DogVacay. A bit more expensive but worth it.

      • Just wanted to note that it might be “can’t *this* weekend” that is your problem. I sit with Rover. There’s a good chance I’m not available “this” weekend, if that parlance were appropriate (i.e., it’s less than 7 days before the weekend in question). My calendar is always up to date, but I’m usually booked at least a few weeks out. Sometimes people still send me requests for weekends that I’m booked. Rover said this happens when people search without entering dates…I dunno if that’s the cause or not, but just a little explanation.
        tl;dr: make sure you’re entering fixed stay dates and book more than a week in advance if you want to find someone well-rated, reliable, and available. I’d wager that most people available with less than 7 days notice aren’t Rover’s/Dog Vacay’s best sitters.

        • Wasn’t the case for me, I entered specific dates.

          • But was it a week or less in advance? You’re probably going to be scraping the bottom of the barrel for sitters with less than 2 weeks’ notice, more from May – September, even more for holidays.
            I was indicating two possible scenarios: (1) you didn’t enter dates and it gave you all sitters who aren’t inactive/away, but who may be booked on the dates you were looking for; (2) you waited too long to book, so by the time you booked (within a week of your trip), all the good sitters were booked and you were left with the “oops I should try harder at this” crowd who think it’s an easy way to earn money.

    • My friend Tina has a very reliable in-home dog boarding business but it is in Arlington. Boarding is $50-60.00/night. Called NOVA Ultimutt Pet Care. http://www.dogsrulecatsarecool.com/

    • topscallop

      When are you looking for a dog sitter? I signed up for Rover to house-sit for dogs but haven’t had any takers. I can only do nights and weekends, which is probably why, but if that’s something you’re looking for, please let me know!

  • Rave: Skipped watching the debate and went to see an incredible play that also put on display fierce fearless females. It was about a girls soccer team and was oh so good and tough and brought me back to my childhood.
    Rave: Seeing another play tonight with my friend at the Folger, such a beautiful space!
    Rant: Foot hurts from overdoing it all weekend. But not ready to slow down.
    Rave: See the doc on Thursday. Fingers crossed there’s good news there.
    Rant: Technically one more day until the husband returns. But I’ve got to fit two full work days in and return to NYC while he travels for hours on end to return. Time goes so slowly when the one you love is stuck in a flying tin can…

    • re: your last rant – i totally understand. my SO flies the DFW-SYD route pretty frequently and it seems more like 30 hours instead of 17. she writes me a continuous email (sort of journal entry-like) when she’s on board and sends it once she lands. it gives me time to read about her flight/trip while she’s deplaning, getting through customs, etc. and i feel a little closer than the 9500 miles it really is.

    • Sense and Sensibility is SO MUCH FUN. have a blast!

  • Rave: My recent guilty pleasure – “Scream” the series from MTV. I highly recommend the series if you are a fan of the original films. It’s the perfect series to usher in the fall/Halloween season. All of Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix. It’s very dark and decadent!

  • Two questions for the PoPulace:
    Family coming to town this weekend, staying around K & N. Cap. What’s the parking like around there? How about safety etc? I read the description of the apartment they’re renting, and the owner must be a real estate agent, because he claimed that N. Cap is within walking distance of U Street nightlife. I’m worried, but I don’t actually know anything about that area.
    Second: a friend (gay man) once told me that cufflinks on women are a gay thing. But he’s always claiming to be an expert on all things gay, and has been wrong (or maybe intentionally misled) before. So, while i was rocking the cufflinks yesterday, was I also sending unintended signals?

    • WHAT? I know very few lesbians who wear cufflinks. If I saw a woman wearing cufflinks I wouldn’t take away anything about her sexuality. And since when are gay men experts on gay women? Please.

      • +1 “If I saw a woman wearing cufflinks I wouldn’t take away anything about her sexuality.” I think cufflinks on women are tasteful and my fashion-forward friends who have spent time working in Europe wear them regularly. I haven’t been able to find a French cuff shirt that fits me well here but I plan to look for one in London this year. I don’t think they say a thing about the wearer’s sexuality.

      • Yea, that’s the thing about this friend. If gaysplaining is a thing, he’s a major gaysplainer. And like mansplainers, he’s not always all that well informed on the topic. Which is why I had to ask!
        Remember in the olden days, when a man could wear an earring in his left ear without it meaning anything, but if his right ear was pierced, it was like a blinking neon GAY sign? I don’t want to appropriate anyone’s signals, but I really like my French cuff shirts and cufflinks.

        • News to me on the cufflinks. Maybe a full tie is kind of a lesbian thing, but even then, that’s not foolproof.
          Walking distance to u…further up, I’d saw n cap at florida is closeish to u st but not k st. That area is near gonzaga, but can be a bit isolated and sketchy at night. Parking….I don’t recall much over there, but I think it’s mostly meters depending on the exact location.

      • This sounds like the type of thing someone tells you in middle school to make you paranoid about your new earring/bracelet/belt/whatever. Essentially bs.

      • I Dont Get It

        And since when are gay men experts on gay women?


    • K and N. Capital is delightfully near the legendary Sursum Corda housing project so there are likely to be interesting locals on the street. A friend who lived at N. Capital and M described them as not nearly as dangerous as they look (usually) but not a crew that a lot of out-of-towners feel comfortable with, so there’s that. Some interesting bars and restaurants in the neighborhood, though, if you wander up towards Rhode Island.
      Socio-sexuo-statistically, it’s not whether most lesbians wear cufflinks, it’s whether a disproportionate number of the subset of women who do wear cufflinks are lesbians that would make them a “gay thing” — my girlfriend has a couple of pairs but is apparently not a lesbian or even as fluid in her preferences as all straight boys hope their girlfriends would be at least once are twice, maybe on vacation in a Caribbean. And frankly, It doesn’t strike me that the subset of lesbians who dress “as men” (as opposed to jeans or khakis and flannels/button-downs, which are practically pan-sexual these days despite being nominally male) dress formally enough and do enough accessorizing to really get a a feel. The blaze-wearing woman I work with just goes with button cuffs. On the other hand, Butchwonders.com does have a selection. I will keep my eyes peeled and report back, because we cufflinkers can always strike up a conversation with one another.

    • If you’d rather your family stay in Columbia Heights (and who wouldn’t?) My vacation rental apt. is available Fri & Sat. nights – only $125.00/night.

  • Rave: I avoided the debate last night and went to bed early. I slept so much better than I did on Sunday night.
    Rant: Work stupidity. I just have no patience these days.
    Rave: Dinner is crocking away as we speak. I love coming home to an already prepared meal!

  • Girl on a Hill

    Rant: So much mansplaining at the debate last night and saying Clinton doesn’t have the look to be president? ‘scuse me?
    Rave: Had a lovely dinner and watched the debate amongst great company πŸ™‚
    Rant: Forgot to bring a sweater to work..Brrrr
    Rave: Halfway through a new book called ‘The Girls.’ It is based off of the Charles Manson’s commune/cult. Pretty good read, but definitely creepy.

  • Rave: Working from home today.
    Rant: …Forgot they were shutting off the water in my building for repairs today….

  • Rave: The press. Overwhelmed with shame at the way they’ve badgered Hillary and butt-kissed Donald, they’ve elevated a mediocre debate performance that was at best a decision on points into a knockout. We’ll see if their penitent worshipfulness is enough.
    Rave: Trump determined to step in again spends all of his post debate time talking about Iraq, Mexican beauty queens and birtherism — his three lowest points in the debate — rather than trade and jobs, where he beat her bloody in the opening round. He really is his own worst enemy.
    Rave: Hillary, she kept the debate on her terms, like the Swedes against the Americans. I keep waiting for Donald to say She “played like a coward” because she out-thought him.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Checking in on Facebook yesterday upon my arrival at Ruth Bader Ginsburg National Airport. If only!
    Rant: Dinners at 4:00 pm.
    The I’m Not Surprised by Anything in Florida Anymore Sign in the Bathroom at the Flea Market (if only PoP covered Central Florida I’d send the image):

    (Several Cub Scout logos at top of sign)

    Cleaning of the Bathrooms
    Is done for tips only.
    Please let us know of any issues.
    Scouting Troop ###
    Assisting youth to reach their full potential
    Through fun rewarding experiences.

    (More Scout logos)

  • Rave: Had a pretty good interview yesterday, and they want to schedule a follow-up with the COO. It appears they are looking at me for a management level position, which would be an awesome boost for my career. I had been having some misgivings about whether or not I wanted to continue to pursue the application, and then I came into:
    Rant: Yet another commute from hell.
    Rant: Notice that our employer is changing health insurance offerings leading to increased costs on the employees with less coverage, despite having posted a significant profit for several years. Company has always stressed profit-sharing and the importance of health and wellness programs. Until now.
    Rant: A boss who sets priorities for people then changes them at the drop of a hat with little concern for the impact on other projects. A boss who does not appreciate her employees and celebrates their successes as her own without fully appreciating the role the entire team plays.
    Rant: Having to wait an additional two weeks for second interview. I can’t wait to get the hell out of this place.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Was your employer going to get hit with the “Cadillac tax” next year if they continued to offer the same health insurance plan that you now enjoy? Mine was, and is thus going in the same direction as yours. It blows, and I do have some serious concerns about it, but I get why they are doing it.

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