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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Great weekend exploring the city, gorgeous wedding of my college roommate, and dress shopping for my childhood friend – all with incredible weather!
    Rant: Still in a boot – getting tired of it.
    Rave: Excited for the new job.
    Rant: Trying to capture my professional contacts and the work I’ve done over the past years – so I don’t lose that knowledge as I move onto my new position.
    Rave: Two more days until my husband is home!

  • Rant: My mom’s health, family — I feel like I’m watching a car crash in slow motion and I can’t do anything to stop it.
    Rant: Feeling pretty alone. Wishing I had closer friends and a reliable significant other. But also feeling like I lack the energy that trying to find/build these relationships has been taking. I feel like I’m always the one reaching out and organizing things or else it doesn’t happen, and I’m tired.
    Related Lol: For anyone who remembers my curiosity over why a Friend’s acquaintance asked me for a business card at friend’s birthday party at 9pm on a Friday (imo, strictly outside of the realm of business), we have our answer: it must have just been for business’ sake — he’s getting married in a couple weeks. Ha! Whoops. (Friend didn’t know either!)
    Rave: Getting out of bed and doing the best I can do today.

  • Rant: we didn’t finish moving until 1 AM. Ugggh. I haven’t slept more than four hours a night for five straight nights and my brain is imploding.
    Rave: But it’s our first house! We went over the plans with the architect on Friday and it looks lovely. I can’t wait to get started.
    Rant: SO MANY MICE. We knew it was a gut job but oh my god. At 2:30 I was startled awake by the sound of mice skittering in and out. I didn’t see any myself but it sounded like the entire supporting cast of Ratatouille. How do we contain mice when we’re about to start renovation (= holes everywhere?)
    Rave: my fiance, who held me tight all night long.

    • Wow- You I do not envy you living amongst the renovation. Good luck with that. Think mice will be least of concerns. lol

    • albany

      Get a cat, or at least some cat fur. The mice should leave once they smell the predator around.

    • Andie302

      The mice may start to dissipate when construction starts – they don’t want to be disturbed. It may be worth treating the house now, and then treating it again just as the renovation finishes. Also, good luck and please be kind to yourself and your partner. Inevitably things will not go as planned, may be delayed or cost more than anticipated, and it is very stressful. If things get bad, try to take a step back and recognize that the best part is that it will eventually pass and you’ll end up with the space you want! Good luck and please keep us up to date!

    • Do you want to borrow New Baby Kitty? He could use the exercise and stimulation. (Don’t let the name fool you. He is 18 pounds of cold, calculating murder.)

    • Peppermint oil!

    • gotryit

      Are you living there during the renovation? If not, I’d set a few traps in out of the way areas. There will be no other food source for them (stay on top of the workers re: food / trash), so they’ll either get caught by the traps or disperse elsewhere looking for food.

  • Rant: Soooo tired and cranky today because I swear there was night construction or something going on across the street last night. In a murderous rage at everyone.
    Rant: Including myself. I discovered about an hour ago that my zipper was down. I can only assume it’s been like that since I got dressed and I have no idea how many people I may have inadvertently flashed, but I’m enraged at myself. What a rookie mistake!
    Rave: Coffee. All the coffee.
    Rave: Conference last Friday went really well, helped give me that boost of feeling like “Yeah, you know what, I love what I do and what I do matters, at least a little bit.”
    Rave: Getting better (at least for now) at taking things one day at a time.

    • dcgator

      If it makes you feel any better, I have biked home from work multiple times with my fly down. You’re welcome, NW DC.

      • maxwell smart

        I once had the crotch rip as soon as I got on my bike. Biked 5 miles home with a 9″ hole in the crotch of my pants. And that’s when I stopped shopping at the Gap.

    • That One Guy

      I swear there’s a bathroom ghost at work who pulls my zipper down as I leave the restroom sometimes. O.o

    • SO lives in Lucky Jeans, and for some reason, the zippers in those jeans have a tendency to give up after a few months of wear.He needs frequent reminders that not everyone needs to be told ‘Lucky You’.

    • I went to a wedding wearing this great-fitting pair of medium gray wool slacks that I thrifted some time back. The beautiful fabric had this very subtle windowpane pattern that matched perfectly with my jacket. I looked like a million bucks.
      When it came time to do the Hora, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity. I grabbed the mother-in-law with three others and we made our way to the middle of the dance floor. As we squatted and thrust (being careful not to throw her off the chair), I couldn’t help but think that my ass and thighs HAD to have looked great in these pants. People couldn’t help but stare. Then, all of a sudden, mid-squat, I feel this distinct breeze upon my buttocks. The back seam in the middle of the seat just burst. My hands were busy hoisting the mother-in-law. All eyes were on us, in the middle of the dance floor. And I now had this seven-inch tear across my ass, completely helpless to do anything to try to cover it up.

    • The back seam of this great, fit like a glove, second hand sheath dress frayed apart.
      Right on my butt.
      At work.
      I do not wear appropriate underwear for that kind of thing.

    • I must say, knowing I’m not alone in having potentially exposed vast swathes of DC to the sight of my undergarments is helping immensely, especially since my flashing was pretty subtle compared to some of these! Thanks guys!

  • Rave: National Book Festival this weekend was amazing! I’m so glad I got to see Stephen King, he’s a great storyteller/public speaker.
    Rant: Spent far too much money this weekend, on books and other things, I’m now experiencing buyer’s remorse. (more for the other things than the books tbh.)

  • Rave: really fantastic weekend!
    Rave: mtpkiddo all of a sudden really got the hang of her balance bike! She spent much of yesterday afternoon/evening riding it.
    Rant: started to get a taste for the craziness of multiple kids’ activities. At least it’s only a once-per-month occurrence for now.
    Rave: weekends are so much more enjoyable when both kids nap well. sleep training for the win!

    • RANT: traffic downtown Thursday and Friday has been horrendous! It shouldn’t take an hour to get from near the white house to Mt Pleasant. And 16th st has been just fine for the relevant stretch–it’s I and K that have been problematic. Is that really from the Beach Dr. closure? Or is the timing coincidental? I guess I’ll find out this week. UGH!!!

      • I feel you on this. I think I’m just going to start walking over to 16th until it gets cold/snowy. Walking feels slower but lately it’s gotten me home at least 15 minutes earlier than the S1.

        • On Friday, though, I waited nearly 15 minutes on 16th st for a bus. I started walking, figuring I could catch an S1 if it came faster if I got up to L St, but then the other S buses finally started making it through–but they were so packed that I couldn’t get on. In hindsight, I should have just waited, but they were “3 minutes away” from the I St stop for so long that it was hard to know where they were. ARGH!

          • Ugh. I feel like that sign gets stuck on 3 minutes a lot. I wonder why. Then again, half the time my S1 bus is a ghost bus too, so… sigh. I guess we just have to roll with it.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I think it gets “stuck” on 3 minutes because when the bus hasn’t yet departed from the beginning of the line and is scheduled to have done so already, the sign shows how long it will be (ignoring congestion) if it leaves right now. I live off of Alaksa Ave on the other end of the line, so for me, they often get stuck at 6 minutes, because from the Silver Spring end of the line to my stop is 6 minutes.

          • Good point, Haile. I forget the end of the line is so close to that 16th & I St stop (mostly because I am almost never east of 16th downtown).

          • maxwell smart

            Yeah, getting the L2 on Connecticut and M is like the Bermuda Triangle. 2 minutes actually means anything from 2 minutes to 25 minutes (or sometimes never).

          • Good point. Ugh, though. Makes it very hard to get to mtpkiddo on time, though! I’m already leaving work at 4:30. Hard to leave much earlier.

          • I’ve ended up adopting drastic measures in response to the fiasco that is the S bus: I am able to take the metro one stop to Federal Triangle; the bus stop there is very close to the beginning of the S bus so it is never full, and I can get a seat. I always position myself strategically near the rear door because otherwise it can be hard to exit – the bus is still so crowded where I get off I have almost missed my stop otherwise.
            I wouldn’t put up with any of this except the bus stop is very close to my apt and there are some days when I just couldn’t deal with a longer walk.

          • Mtpresident, I have had trouble the past week getting the kiddo on time as well. I take the S1, last week I left at 4:30 and didn’t get home to upper Petworth (I walk home from 14th & Jefferson, the last S1 stop) until 6. It should absolutely NOT take that long at that time.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I hesitate to share this because then all the selfish people will crowd my bus, but when 14th Street appears to be moving ok (by rush hour standards) and I St is obviously gridlocked, I sometimes take the Circulator up to Columbia Rd, walk up to Irving, and then get an S bus from Irving. On a good day, this will get me on an S bus that had already departed from downtown several minutes before I got on that Circulator. On a bad day, I think this basically breaks even. I don’t think it’s ever significantly slower than taking 16th all the way up. For those just going up 16th to Mount Pleasant, there is always the option of walking 2 blocks east to 14th and getting the Circulator instead.

          • Haile – a few times I have taken the circulator or the 50s line buses up 14th, but I work near GW so by the time I’ve walked to 14th (even though it’s only a few blocks farther than 16th) I might as well have just walked up New Hampshire all the way home. Hah.

          • Thanks for the circulator tip!

  • justinbc

    Rant: 2nd package stolen off the doorstep this month. Wouldn’t happen if USPS would just toss over the fence, but they refuse to read delivery instructions. Picked up one of the Arlo wifi cameras someone here recommended, and although I doubt it will deter any future thefts it will at least provide us with some footage to send to police next time.

  • Rant: I missed the ride on bus by two minutes because I couldn’t get our front door locked. The original fixtures on the door are lovely, but man it makes closing that thing a pain.
    Rave: I managed to walk to metro while wearing very getting heavier every day Baby Artie and did not die.
    Rant: A plague upon my house: everyone, except for the cat, is sick.
    Rant: Because of the plague, the baby was up so many times and I slept on the couch so my partner could avoid my snoring and actually get some sleep.
    Rave: Very strong coffee to fuel me through this Monday.

    • So glad the carrier worked for you! It’ll get easier as you get used to it. Yuck, though, on being sick again. So sorry ๐Ÿ™

  • Rave: Incredible weather.
    Rave: Accepting an incredible job offer officially today.
    Rant: The cat did not let me sleep last night.

  • Rave: my new pink rug is amazing.
    Rave: my repainted pink bathroom is fantastic.
    Rave: The pinkening is complete.
    Rave: got approved to go to a conference in London! I’ve never been. I might get to go to the Consumer Electronic Show in January too. I never ever thought I would go to something like that for work.

  • rant: saw a girl and her bike laid out on the pavement at 17th and M st this morning. seemed to involve an uber
    bigger rant: i pulled up and took my phone out to call 911 and looked around to see if anyone else was on the phone calling. saw 4 people with their phones TAKING PICTURES then walking away. wtf is wrong with people.

    • people are actually the worst. glad you were there with some sense.

    • maxwell smart

      If this is the same accident my coworker saw, sounded like the car stopped in the crosswalk and the passenger opened the door to get out and doored the cyclist (one of my biggest fears biking in this city). Sounded like the girl on the bike was also not wearing a helmet. WEAR A HELMET!!!!

      • yeah- sounds like it was the same one. my first thought was that she got doored. the uber driver and who i assume was the passenger stayed there with her and i think the passenger was also on the phone with 911. she was not wearing a helmet, but by the looks of her arm, that’s where she was injured the most and not the head, thankfully.

      • maxwell smart

        Uber/Lyft/Cabs are at the top of my list of things I fear most on my bike. There has been a huge increase in A: drivers who have no idea where they are going, trolling for fares, waiting for riders and B: riders who are not used to taking cabs and also don’t know where they are going, have no awareness when and where they open doors. I almost 100% avoid bike lanes now because they have become the taxi loading/waiting zone there days.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I suspect that people who not drive regularly are, on average (read: your being an exception does not negate the general point), substantially less mindful about opening their doors into bike lanes (or hell, even other cars for that matter) than are people who drive in the city regularly. I will freely admit that I am – I have never owned a car in the city, used Zipcar perhaps a dozen times or so in total, and might take an uber or a taxi about once a month. By virtue of where I live, work, and travel, I probably enter or exit a vehicle from the traffic lane (as opposed to from my driveway or directly from the curb) less than once a year. I am thus nowhere near the point where thinking to check is automatic, I have to actually be thinking about it to remember to do it. A lot of people getting out of Ubers and taxis are likely in the same boat.

          • Lots of people getting in/out of Ubers are drunk as a skunk. No way in hell they are checking their surroundings.
            And yes, Uber/Lyft drivers are now the bane of the roads. At least taxis are painted red and you can actively avoid them, you know to expect some crazy antics from them. Now? Every damn Corolla is a potential “ride share” driver and will drive erratically when a fare comes through or is trying to find their pick-up/drop-off point.

  • Farragut

    RAVE: I had a great time at the National Book Festival this year. I got to see Sarah Vowell, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Gene Luen Yang, Elizabeth Hand, and Charlie Jane Anders.
    RAVE: Allison and I went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival yesterday, also very fun–definitely recommend “Blades of Danger,” probably the best show I saw of yesterday, though DangerSlash wasn’t bad either!

    • topscallop

      Oh I’m sorry I missed it – Carlos Ruiz Zafon is my favorite author! Is he writing anything new?

      • Farragut

        Yes! The 4th and final book in his Cemetery of Forgotten Books series (The Shadow of the Wind, The Angel’s Game, & The Prisoner of Heaven) is coming out (in Spanish) in November. The English translation should come out in 2017.

  • Rant: I have a very elderly cat–he’s 17–for whom I’ve been managing multiple chronic illnesses for several years. Over the weekend, it has become apparent that the spark has really gone out of his eyes and he’s likely in a lot of pain and discomfort. I have a call into his vet, but I’m 99% sure that when I take him in, he won’t be coming home with me. I’m sure the vet will have suggestions, but I remember folks here who had suggested some local vets who would make house calls in this sort of situation. Does anyone remember?

  • Rant: Just because its fall, doesn’t mean everywhere needs to smell like sweet cinnamon/nutmeg things. #noseoverload

    RAVE: 12 days and counting to vacation time

    Either/Or: I feel like now is when the acceleration to the Holidays begins which is great for more time away from work but not so great in the WHOA things to do way

  • Rant – Spent all the money on wool base layers, real hiking boots, and a gore-tex rain jacket at REI in preparation for my Iceland adventure. Their salespeople are really good.
    Rave – Going to Iceland later this week!!
    Rant – So many things to wrap up here before I leave and not enough time.

    • Do you think it’s going to be that cold? I have been following the weather and it’s been in the mid to upper 40s, even low 50s. Of course I am bringing a jacket and long sleeves, but I didn’t think about bringing layers!

      • Yeah it won’t be freezing cold, but with temps in the mid 40s with wind/rain, I will feel chilly. I’m not bringing a parka or winter coat, so I got some lightweight wool layers to wear under my usual clothes and a good rain shell to wear over my fleece. That way I can stay warm and dry without packing bulky jackets. The REI folks taught me all about layering!

        • Okay, I have a nice Columbia jacket that has the fleece on the inside and gore-tex rain jacket on the outside so I will bring that one! I am trying to fit everything in a carry on so need to be efficient. I find wearing a hat helps too.

    • I’m going to Iceland in November and was thinking of checking out the REI store myself. I’m sure it will be pretty cold by that point. Have fun!

      • gurrity dot com – personal blog by Cava’s Art Director – has some great tips on Iceland. I believe she visited in November a year or two back and did a roadtrip then. Iceland is next on my list and I plan to use her notes extensively.

    • I went to Iceland last December and it was HELLA cold. Obviously that’s not October (it was so dark all the time! So dark) but I felt pretty unprepared with my base layers and non-performance jacket (I was coming off a business trip). It’s tough because it’s very, very windy in Iceland – there are almost no trees and a lot of the main sights are very exposed to the elements. It was also (I thought) surprisingly damp. I was freezing.

      What I’m saying is, you’ll be really happy about those wool base layers and Gore-tex once you get there! Good windproof gloves, a solid hat, and serious socks were also key for me. I loved Iceland. It feels like another planet. Have a great time!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Saturday was awesome – volunteering at the NBF, followed by a delicious lunch with Emmaleigh at Mintwood Place.
    Rant: Sunday was busy – running errands all over MoCo.
    Rant: Could find neither fresh figs nor Concorde pears.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Still having problems waking up in the morning. I think I need to quit sleeping late on the weekends.
    Rave: Wonderful brunch with Quotia Zelda on Saturday.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Fantastic trip to Germany
    Rave: Because my body feels like it’s 4pm, I’m widddeeee awake
    Rant: Playing catch-up (but it was totally worth it)!

  • Rave: SO glad to not have to be in DC this week
    Rant: three r/t Amtrak trips last week
    Rave: Love seeing DC. Now that I don’t live there anymore, the changes when I come back are overwhelming.
    Rave: All Purpose. Good lord I’m glad I don’t live nearby – I’d be SO much fatter. I’m still dreaming of that pizza
    Rave: The Mason & Rook hotel – I definitely miss the Helix, but the renovation is gorgeous and typical friendly Kimpton service.
    Rave: Compass Coffee. You don’t know how good you’ve got it in DC until you no longer have Compass lol
    Question: If anyone in DC is an event planner for their organization and is willing to let me pick their brain for a few minutes, please have Dan put us in touch. I increasingly need to have a list of great spaces in DC for events, but I don’t know enough of them to throw them out as ideas…

  • RAVE: leaving for Ireland vacation in 48 hours!
    rant: i’m a terrible packer, but am determined pack for 6 days in a carry-on (the iffy, middle-of-the-road weather isn’t helping)
    RAVE: last two full days at my job and starting the new one in 2 weeks. I am so ready to be rid of my terrible PM and a job that is sucking the life out of me and that’s also responsible for this period of depression and terrible health
    rave: it finally feels like fall. I get so nostalgic around this time and always feel the shifting of the earth and seasons in my bones, and it is even better to shift some pretty big life things with it. closing chapters and starting new ones on my own terms is the best.

    • Have the best time in Ireland! Where will you be?

      • Thank you! We are roadtripping from Dublin to Wicklow, Kilkenny, Cork, Cliffs of Moher, and back to Dublin.

        • I’ve done a very similar trip and it was lovely. Ireland is such a comfortable and pleasant place to visit. I can’t wait to go back. The driving part is interesting, if you haven’t done it before, but provides for good stories!

        • Oh wow, I am so jealous!! I have always wanted to do an Ireland road trip since doing a bus trip from Dublin to Waterford/Tramore. If I ever get married again, this will be my honeymoon!

        • AliceInDC, I am glad to hear you enjoyed a similar route. I am nervous about driving (it’s a double whammy with a standard aaand the other side of the road), but I’ve managed to talk my SO into doing most of it. Now, whether we are still together by the end of the trip will be the big question. lol
          Anonamom, a bus trip on that route sounds lovely. If you’re looking go to back (honeymoon or not), keep an eye out at TheFlightDeal dot com. That is where we found sub $400 RT flights!

          • Admittedly, I haven’t actually done much of the driving myself… being the passenger is also kind of stressful though. My mom usually does the driving in Ireland (we’ve done a few family trips there) since she’s the best driver generally and the best at driving a manual. In subsequent trips, we have taken a train across the country and just done shorter drives to save time but it was fun to do the whole drive the first time. It will be good bonding time for you and the SO! ๐Ÿ˜‰

            I highly recommend horseback riding. I’ve done it on every trip (mountains, beach, general trail). The best way to see the country and get out into nature!

          • AH, that makes total sense about it being stressful as a passenger too. We are taking a train back to Dublin from Galway after seeing the Cliffs of Moher, and I think it was a good planning move.
            Thanks for the horseback riding recommendation. I’ll see where we can fit it in!

          • I’ve done a similar route as well, though I was not the one driving. My advice is do NOT try to drive IN Dublin!! Maybe if you have GPS, but navigating is near impossible…

          • A word of advice: whether you are the driver or the passenger, you might become nervous by the width of some of the roads or how close you will have to drive to the wall/hedge/whatever by the edge of the road. I know from experience that a nervous passenger can be as bad as a nervous driver on a road trip, so whichever seat you are in you should acclimate yourself to the roads (and as ridiculous as it sounds, if necessary it may be easier for the passenger to just sit in the back seat.)

          • thank you all for the advice!

    • That’s awesome! Ever since doing 12 days with only a carry-on last year, I’ve been converted to the light packing style of travel. Everything coordinates, bring layers, and don’t be afraid to launder an item or two in the hotel sink, or send it out. We’ve saved in bag fees, time waiting at baggage claim, and, depending on the number of people and the size of the car, stress in where to stow all of our stuff. Have a great trip!

      • I got a Tortuga backpack for a six day trip to Asia, and it was life changing. Key – synthetic, quick dry fabrics for as many articles of clothing as make sense. Socks, underwear, shirts, etc. My trip was in the summer, which is easier, but still it’s completely doable for winter.

        • Oooh, the Tortuga looks nice! And they are having a sale! I’ll have to keep that in mind. I have an Eagle Creek Gear Hauler and my wife has a Thomas Bihn bag. My only criticism of the Gear Hauler is that it looks a little “tactical.” Sometimes I wish it looked a little more chic. Totally agree on the quick dry fabrics. My other favorite packing trick is to use packing cubes. Keeps my bag from looking like “clothes soup” after a few days on the road. (I saw that term on the interwebs somewhere and it’s stuck with me.)

  • Revel: Lovely weekend of friends, good food, interesting conversation, and lots of rest!
    Rave: Which I needed because I have three final interviews this week, and am then off next weekend to meet the fella’s parents. Lots of moving pieces, including edging toward making the counteroffer at the job offer in hand, and then seeing where the dice lands.
    Rant: Still in the boot, and I get tired so easily. But if that’s my biggest complaint – the thing that’s making me better actually makes me get rest so I can heal – then I should just simmer down.

    • good luck with the interviews!! there is a light at the end of the tunnel I am sure.

      • I sure hope so. There’s a balance between having cunning and having integrity. Trying to balance that while also maintaining work-life balance during the last week of the fiscal year.

  • Rave: Opera in the Outfield was fantastic. They seem to have fired the costumer with the clown fetish who was responsible for the eyestrain of the last several operas I’ve seen; costumes for this production were lovely. And Figaro had the cutest dimples.
    Rant: I set up a cheap little aquarium for my kids, followed all the time-consuming best practices even though they were begging me to cut corners, and three-quarters of the fish STILL died overnight. Sad kids this morning. I might insist on going back to a betta in a bowl. Maybe we’ll spring for the $10 betta instead of the usual $3 one.

    • The girls want a beta, but I have never been a fan of fish tanks. How easy are they to take care of?

      • I never found it to be a problem. When we had one in a glass bowl, I scooped him out every two weeks, dumped and washed the bowl, re-filled with a $1 jug of spring water (not DC tap water), and put everything (marbles, plant, fish) back in. It took me 10 minutes or so.
        I’m afraid that the aquarium, with its multiple parts and larger water volume, is going to be a much bigger headache. I had a 30 gallon aquarium pre-kids, and loved it, but it was definitely as much hobby as decor. As in, it took quite a bit of expense and time to maintain.

      • as someone who once worked at an aquarium and has owned several fish… Betas are the way to go. So easy to take care of. My college roommate left her beta in our dorm over xmas break…. It was still swimming we when we came back…

  • Rave: Fall weather, finally!! Saturday night we had a fire out back and roasted marshmallows. I don’t think I ever realized how dark it gets in my new neck of the woods. I can see stars!
    Rant: Feel like an old lady. I had a misfortunate/clumsy spill down a hill, quickly followed by Littlest Anonachild who attempted to come to my aid and subsequently fell down the hill himself. Thankfully I broke his fall, but both my ass and ego are quite bruised.
    Sad Rant: Elderly Lady Lab just is not well. She was at the vet on Friday with a major ear infection (both ears) and an eye infection, not to mention her glucose levels are still not under control after 3 months of insulin. SO has finally gotten around to the fact that maybe it is not fair to ELL to continue treating her and that perhaps the kinder thing might be to allow nature to take it’s course. At the appointment, he brought this up to the vet, and she was very judgy, making it sound like he just wanted to kill his dog. The pooch is 11, the last survivor of her litter by at least a year, and has lost about 40lbs in the last 6 months. If she had never been treated for the diabetes, she would have passed a few months ago. Now we have to deal with recurring infections with the vet just saying “well, diabetics get more infections.” How is this fair to the dog? He already feels guilty for even entertaining the thought of allowing nature to take it’s course versus intervening medically, and the vet just added to that.

    • Boo on your vet. Can you get a second opinion elsewhere?

    • Oh, I’m so sorry about ELL. That’s terrible that your SO’s vet would be judgy when clearly he’s been trying to deal with both chronic and acute issues. I hope you and he are able to figure out what the best next move is, irrespective of other people’s judgement.

    • I am so very sorry you all are dealing with this, too. At the end of the day, your SO is in the best position to do what is right for ELL–he knows her best.

    • Totally agree on the second opinion. Just like some human doctors are not good with end of life, quality of life, pain management options, some vets are the same. Are you way out of the immediate DC area? If it’s not too far, I would recommend Bradley Hills Animal Hospital in Bethesda, especially Dr. Weiss. We haven’t had to explore these options yet with our animals, but they were very compassionate when our guinea pig died suddenly. And they have a “Pet Loss” section on their website that talks a bit about end of life and preserving a pet’s dignity in their final days. Even if Bradley Hills is too far from you, maybe they could provide a recommendation for your area.

      • You and mtpresident bring up a very good point; I will gently bring up the idea of a second opinion in the next day or two. This whole thing really has torn him up, and he feels incredibly guilty. We are no longer in the immediate DC area, otherwise that vet sounds perfect. I will absolutely check out their website – thank you for the recommendation!

    • Whoa that is so not typical of my experiences with vets with these situations. The vet should never, ever give an opinion one way or the other in these kinds of situations. Definitely time for a second opinion. I’m so sorry you both are going through this, and I’m doubly sorry this vet just made it worse.

    • Emmaleigh504

      So sorry to hear ELL isn’t doing well. Ending care is a tough decision, I’m sorry the vet was judgey and not supportive.

    • It’s hard enough dealing with these issues as a pet owner, and a judgy vet makes it even worse. I hope you seek out another opinion.

    • That One Guy

      At the end you have to make the decision you feel is right given the circumstance. If there are doubts on your part that’s one thing, but the vet really doesn’t see the day to day of why life is like for your dog.

    • I’m sure I’m too late in the day for you to see this – you’re in Baltimore, right? I take Old Man Dog to Belvedere Animal Hospital, and they are fantastic. I’ve had a few serious health issues with him over the past year and they helped me decide what was reasonable to treat, and what would put more stress on him (he’s 13). Highly recommend!!

  • Rave/Rant: Remember how I thought I got friend-ghosted after being bailed on multiple times? We finally met up again last week briefly after about six weeks of us planning and him bailing/ignoring me completely. He suggested we meet up again this week and I said I’d follow up and I did and I haven’t heard back yet. There’s a pattern here.
    Rant: allergies! got a pimple on nose after rubbing it so darn often because of my allergies! UGH!
    Rant: work. mention of potential layoffs next year has caused slight panic. let the job hunt begin!

    • It’s not you! Time to bury that friendship, how annoying! Had a friend like that and he would even text multiple people to meet him at a local bar and then bail or show up so late everyone had given up – when it was his idea! Was super funny and had other good qualities but he ended up getting a nickname – the Flake. Actually, we are still good friends with him, but we don’t make plans to waste a day waiting around for him to show up anymore. Just tell him to meet you somewhere you were going anyway and that way if you get together it’s more like a bonus than a disappointment.

  • Rant: overuse of administrative leave

  • topscallop

    Rant: feeling down today, not really sure why. Very good things happened this weekend but also emotional so maybe I’m feeling the aftermath of that. My sleep schedule was also significantly altered so being tired may be a contributing factor.
    Rave: fall has arrived! It’s time to pull out boots and jackets and cozy sweaters.

  • Rave: I know the closures on Beach Drive are a rant for many people, but it made for some beautifully tranquil hiking near the Zoo this weekend.

  • Rant: I had a really strange experience last night (Sunday) at 8th and Florida. Wondering if anybody else has ever had this happen? A guy was being friendly with my dog. He then asked me for a favor. He was doing a scavenger hunt for charity (“cancer”) and needed pictures of the bottoms of people’s feet. I agreed he could take a quick photo of my foot but was quickly put off when he seemed to take multiple shots (they were “blurry”) and then asked me to point my toes like a ballerina. I put my shoes back on and walked away with no further trouble from the guy. This seems really strange. Anybody else?

    • dcgator

      Luckily, no, but this is definitely not for real, and someone using a fake cause to feed his fetish.

    • weird. sounds like you just foot fetish modeled.

    • I was walking with my boyfriend last Sunday morning and saw a woman posing with her foot out for a man taking multiple pictures at 13th and G NE. We at first thought they knew each other, but they went separate ways. I thought it was super bizarre at the time, but it sounds like it could have been a similar situation?

      • Do you remember what the guy looked like?

        • He was a lighter skinned black guy. We’re disagreeing on whether he was bald or had grey hair. He had a bike with him, and was taking photos with an iPhone. She was also pointing her toes, but he was taking a picture of the top of her foot and she still had her sandal on.

    • Meh. Figured it out after about 20 seconds and walked away as soon as he started trying to take multiple photos/asking for poses.. Jokes on him. I have ugly feet.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: At the gate. Home in 2 hours. I have rants for days… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Late day Rant / Question: My lips are splitting right at both corners, and I have no idea what to do! Opening my mouth much wider than it takes to mumble hurts like hell, and I’ve tried chapstick, neosporin, ceramidin, pretty much everything I can think of – any ideas, o super-helpful PoPulace?

    • It’s probably a yeast infection, so use the appropriate cream on the corners of your mouth.

      • Oh weird. I’ve never heard of that before. I usually use the Blistex (is that how it’s spelled?) ointment for super chapped lips when that happens. It’s medicated. But then again, that doesn’t usually happen to me unless I’m sick or it’s the middle of winter.

        • Allison

          Try using lanolin, brand name Lanisoh (yes, often sold as nipple cream, but trust me, it works). Blistex contains menthol, which will temporarily relieve the pain, but ultimately make the cracking worse.

    • WHAT?! Yuck! It better not be! I don’t even want to google that to try to figure out what the hell…!

    • Did you use neosporin with the pain reliever? If is just a cut, it won’t stop the pain without that extra bit.
      I googled it and yeast infections on mouths are pretty common and not indicative of anything. Saliva gets trapped in the corners and wrinkles. Anti fungal or cortisone would help that.

    • Clueless

      I’d say it’s maybe from the sudden change in temps/weather? I recommend using Aquaphor, which is a little bit more pricey than a standard Chapstick… but it is so velvety and really heals my lips overnight.

      • Oh, I do have Aquaphor, I’ll dab a bit of Cortisone creme in the corners and then slather some Aquaphor all over before bed, hopefully that combination will help – I remember as a little kid my lips would get super dry and brittle when the weather would get colder, I have a scar from where my lip just completely split in half – thank god my grandpa was a dentist and had some sort of salve concoction that he gave me, I wish I could remember what it was called, because that fixed everything right up after a day or two. Best stuff on earth.

    • Have you switched your toothpaste or mouthwash recently? A few years ago, I tried Crest ProHealth toothpaste instead of my usual Colgate and the corners of my mouth cracked so badly they bled. I went back to Colgate and the cracking cleared right up!

  • houseintherear


  • That One Guy

    Late day rant: work sucks and that’s that.
    Should I break my foot and start applying for other jobs? I believe that’s the trick, right?

    • Come join us!
      Speaking of jobs, in the last hour I’m making a dramatic shift toward taking the job in Tysons Corner. It’s a place for growth (and spot bonuses), and the silver line means more time for reading. (Right?)

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