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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Prince Of Petworth

    Rant: Good lord Connecticut Ave was a mess this morning.

    • Ugh. I wonder what 16th looked like….

      • Feeling grateful to live South of (most of?) the Beach Drive closures, so fingers crossed won’t be as badly affected? Need to make a mental note to leave some extra time for pick up this morning, though….

      • Prince Of Petworth

        I can’t even think about it. Silver lining is that this will push me to walk more in the mornings now 🙂

      • The southern part of 16th (between K and V St.) was totally fine around 7:30, but I know that’s still pretty early. We’ll see how it is going back north today.

    • I drive out of DC on 16th every day. Today, the other side of 16th coming in looked terrible, at least above Columbia Heights up until about Silver Spring.

    • The residential side streets in Adams Morgan were a mess (I live near the Harris Teeter). A lot more MD plates than usual, half block back-ups at 4-way stops, drivers not waiting for pedestrians to cross the street, etc.
      It’s bad and will probably get worse. Lots of traffic is spinning off 16th and 18th due to back ups. This was at 815am.

    • saf

      11th was also a mess, and Sherman was worse than usual too.

  • Rave – just a moment to say thanks to folks who keep this website going. Not to be too much of a sycophant, but I enjoy reading posts & comments here. As opposed to comments on news websites which can be about a new recipe for chicken and comments still end up with “Obama is the devil” or some such nonsense. I always enjoy checking this out in the mornings. Keep on keeping on.

  • Rant: Person I’ve been seeing for past six months and official for the past three- decide to break up cold turkey over text, with no explanation other that it’s not working and not willing to discuss.
    Rant: Work is so busy right now- and add first rant- make it even more harder to focus at the moment.
    Rave: None

    • Wow. I’m so sorry. That is incredibly rude, no matter the situation. No one deserves that kind of breakup.

      • Sorry to hear that. It stings, but on the bright side you’re no longer wasting your time with someone who’s immature and cowardly. Better to find out now than later.

        • Come on now. You don’t have to insult someone you don’t know to make someone else you don’t know feel better.

          • But, I mean, anon isn’t really wrong… breaking up with someone you’ve been seeing in any capacity for half a year through text is cowardly. It just screams “I don’t want any responsibility for my actions so I’m going to avoid you as much as possible.”

          • I agree with Friday girl. Someone who can’t pick up the phone and string together two sentences about why this is working for them anymore is putting their discomfort above anonymous’ feelings.
            Any time you start any kind of relationship you should imagine that you are signing a contract that says “I accept the risk that my feelings may be hurt or that I might hurt someone else” but a lot of people don’t want to be accountable for other people’s feelings, not to mention their own actions. Those people shouldn’t date, but they do anyway. There’s nothing wrong with calling them cowardly.

          • FridayGirl: I have no idea, and neither do you. Maybe it screams “mental illness.” Maybe it screams “something really bad is going on with me.” Maybe it screams “I’m a coward.” Maybe it screams “I have deep flaws like just like you do.” I don’t know and neither do you. If you want to comfort OP you don’t have to speculate on what kind of person the other is. That is my point.
            And one small difference – you’re saying the act is cowardly which is arguably reasonable. anon said the person is cowardly, which to me is not reasonable or necessary.

          • I’m the one who made the original “cowardly” remark, and I stand by it. He or she is perfectly within their rights to end the relationship, and on some level is doing the right thing by ending it as soon as they realize they’re not into it. But text message is such a lame move. I remember once when I was young (23), deciding to break up with someone very sweet and well meaning who I just wasn’t that into at that time. It hadn’t been that long, but we met up with a restaurant and had a brutally hard conversation. I felt like crap and definitely hurt her, but she respected and appreciated me for doing it in person.

          • “And one small difference – you’re saying the act is cowardly which is arguably reasonable. anon said the person is cowardly, which to me is not reasonable or necessary.”
            I’m usually the most pedantic person in any given conversation, but come on – on an anonymous forum, this is hairsplitting even for me.

    • Sucks. But, you are probably better off without discussing it anyhow. In my experience, it just tends to be painful with no insight gain, and processing the conversation(s) means it takes even longer to get over – as much as you want as sense of understanding why, sometimes you just don’t get that anyway – you get meaningless excuses. Perhaps the person gets that this is the kindest way to do it, based on what explanation(s) they would have. Tell yourself the best explanation you have based on what you know about what they were looking for, so you can move past this person as soon a possible.

      • “as much as you want as sense of understanding why, sometimes you just don’t get that anyway – you get meaningless excuses.”
        I agree about this but you should at least CALL the person, if not tell them in person. Texting is so cowardly.

        • Agreed – this should’ve at the very least happened over the phone, even if it didn’t involve a productive conversation about reasons, etc.

      • I somewhat agree with this – imagine that the reason they broke things off is something that you can’t/won’t change about yourself. As such, I can’t imagine that such a conversation would end up being particularly healthy/helpful for you.

      • Agree, to some extent. The things they tell you over the phone or in-person may end up harming you more in the long run than the lame text. The text is disrespectful, but at least it’s not brutally honest. 95% of people’s egos can’t handle a brutally honest conversation.
        I guess the conclusion to all this is that it just sucks to be the person getting dumped.

        • “95% of people’s egos can’t handle a brutally honest conversation.”
          What is your definition of “handling”? People are allowed to feel hurt. We’re human.

    • My condolences on that break up! Last year someone I’d been seeing very seriously for six months (traveled to meet each other’s families already, etc.) broke up with me via email. Total coward. His own friends apologized to me for it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      That sucks, I’m so sorry.

    • So sorry to hear this, anonymous. It was rude, cowardly, and selfish of this person to break up with you via text.
      And anon 10:27, who said “Perhaps the person gets that this is the kindest way to do it, based on what explanation(s) they would have” — That’s not the “kindest” way to do it, and there’s no obligation for the breaker-upper to be brutally honest.
      I occasionally see people trying to justify “ghosting” or breaking up with someone by text. But I have yet to hear anyone say, “My SO broke up with me by text, and you know what? I really preferred it that way.”
      If you’re going to break up with someone, you owe it to them to have a conversation and to let them ask whatever questions they want to ask. It’s the courteous thing to do.

      • Spot on, textdoc. Breaking up is hard to do and there’s no easy way to do it but there are sure as heck crappy ways to do it e.g. by text. Unless you fear they’ll hurt you if you do it in person, do it in person.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Charlotte, my hometown, is all at once saddening, embarrassing, exhausting, depressing, and abandoning me. The videos I’ve been seeing this week of Reginald Denny style street vigilante justice are so sickening. For all these protesters know they’re going around assaulting people who are / were champions of their cause…can they really afford to lose allies? Or purposely drive the wedge further? It’s so unfortunate that for many people that will be their only perception of a movement, and they’ll ignore the good actors. Growing up in Charlotte I was assaulted multiple times because of my race, because my high school had a pretty bad gang problem, up until my senior year. I learned early on to hold individuals accountable, not groups of people, but I’m not so ignorant to think that everyone can compartmentalize so easily. I’m both at a loss for words, and have so much more to say, I’m really glad that I’m about to roll into a 4 day weekend to contemplate.

    • Bro, it is no longer a wedge, its a full blown chasm with only one remedy at this point and it doesnt involve rhetoric or talking points or training or conversations else these scenarios will be replayed out every few weeks in different cities.

      • What’s that one remedy and how do you see it playing out? Because I can’t imagine there’s anything resembling sufficient political will to make it happen at this point.

        • Prosecution. If these things keep happening and no one is ever held accountable or prosecuted, the same scenarios will continue to play out. Every case/situation is different but in the minds of the protesters, justice is never served in these instances. At some point, that has to somehow change or else we will never move past where we are currently and it may even get worse.

          No amount of sensitivity training or outreach or “dancing” by politicians and political heads in urban communities will fix what is currently going on.

          When people see an armed terrorist captured with a flesh wound after setting off bombs across NYC or a guy actively eating another human being, it is just bad optics and sends a poor message.

          • I feel like we need Federal prosecutions at this point – it’s become increasingly clear that the local jurisdictions aren’t willing to prosecute themselves. But again, I can’t discount the political angle here either: Obama likely doesn’t want to advance the existing rift that might risk Hillary’s chances in November.

          • justinbc

            There absolutely needs to be Federal intervention, unless the government is willing to accept the eventuality of more cities burning like Ferguson and Baltimore. Federal standards need to be in place for things like training, body cameras, oversight panels, etc…the problem with implementing that is too many people will fight it as a “militarization” of state and local governments, something which has already increased with DHS funding in the wake of 9/11.

          • “the problem with implementing that is too many people will fight it as a “militarization” of state and local governments, something which has already increased with DHS funding in the wake of 9/11”
            Yes, and others will fight it as an unwarranted and unwelcome federal interference with state’s rights. ‘Cause states have such a terrific track record so far, we should just let them keep doing what they’re doing . . .

      • “only one remedy at this point”
        What is the one remedy?

      • Unfortunately, I agree with you that police violence against the populace is going to get much, much worse for a long, long time before anything changes. We’re heading into some very dark times in this country, and have been for the past 15 years.

        • justinbc

          I don’t think that violence by police against citizens is increasing, but it’s inarguable that the public’s awareness of the violence that has and does exists has increased, along with a proliferation of video evidence that can show the circumstances that lead to violence. Unfortunately police departments haven’t been required to track those statistics on their own, but at least a few independent sources have taken it upon themselves to do so:

          • Violence by police may not be increasing, but the means and the tactics they use certainly have changed. Police departments have been militarized in this age of the war “against terror” with military-style training and new weapons and tools for police to use against civilians that were not designed for use against civilians.
            Part of what black lives matter is pointing out is that the police are viewed by many as a military occupying force. Many of those whose lives are not touched by this don’t see that this is so in some communities, or to some people anywhere they are depending on who they are/what they look like.
            For further insight, read up on the prison strike currently going on in prisons across the country. Perhaps more insight can be gained when you read about our crazy amount of mass incarceration, largely of non-whites, who are forced to work in prisons for hardly any wages for for-profit corporations. The Thirteenth Amendment did not outlaw slavery – it specifically excepted slave work for prisoners with the words … “except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.”

          • justinbc

            Oh I agree, and I alluded to that above. It’s going to be a delicate line for police and feds to balance if they actually try to tackle what to do about this issue. With so much public demand for transparency going on I can’t see them sweeping this away for much longer, citizens are standing up and forcing them to do something about it, even if I wish they would use slightly different methods.

  • Rave: Commute seemed to work ok this morning. On the advice of Anonamom and Mtpresident, I ordered a better baby carrier yesterday. I may just forego the stroller all together if I feel strong enough to wear Baby Artie. If nothing else, it will be a good workout.
    Rant: I have just been feeling out of sorts lately. I don’t really know what’s up with me. Just feeling kinda blah and disconnected. I’m not quite sure how to fix that.
    Rave: I randomly ran into a friend on the metro platform. That was a nice start to the day.

    • Awesome! Which one did you go for? I was thinking about it driving home yesterday (yes, I randomly contemplate the woes of my fellow Popvillagers on my long commutes) and was going to suggest that perhaps the issue is the type of carrier you’ve used in the past as some are more ergonomic and supportive than others. I’m glad you’re giving it a shot!

      • lol, so do I 🙂

      • I got the Lillebaby instead of the Ergo. Baby Artie has very tall people genes on his father’s side, and the reviews I read online indicated that it tends to fit bigger babies better. I also think the carrier will be better during inclimate winter weather – I can keep him warmer and dry under an umbrella when needed.

        • Yeah, I had no luck with Ergo either. I used the structured carrier when the kids were older and went with a Boba because it was for longer kiddos too (although a quick search reveals they look more like a simple MeiTai these days). They are definitely better for weather too. There are special hoodies and jackets you can get that zip baby up in the carrier, but aside from that, it’s just easier to tuck a blanket of whatever weight around baby in a carrier too. And for rain, it’s the only way to ensure a dry baby. Best of luck!

          • The ergo has a ran cover & a fleece cover that you can attach for inclement weather–and they snap together for winter use. Perhaps lillebaby has something similar? Or the ergo version might work if the two carriers are similar enough. Those have been great for keeping my kids warm during the winter months.

    • Awesome! Good luck! The ergo is one of our most-used baby purchases, perhaps outside of the crib. Btw–the back carry position is also super handy once Baby Artie is big enough (he may be already), so long as you’re not looking to sit.

  • Rave: Last Chance U. Very interesting doc on college football.
    Rant: College football and all the BS surrounding it. I feel like it’s so corrupt and we don’t even know about it all.
    Rave: Tenants renewed the lease! I didn’t even want to think about finding new ones so that’s a relief.

    • Yes! I consumed Last Chance U in like a day and a half. I thought there were moments that were a little “poverty porn”-y but overall it was fairly nuanced. I’m such a sucker for sports drama.

  • Rave: Lush @ 9:30 last night.

    • Took me way too long to figure out that you were not talking about the bath products store called Lush.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Oh man, that takes me back to the very first mixtape Mr. Zelda made for me when were dating. For some reason that made sense to him at the time, it included “Untogether.” Oh, the 90s.

      Now, Middle Zelda and her boyfriend made a Spotify playlist together. I guess that’s the modern mixtape?

      • “Untogether” was a great song… if not exactly appropriate for a romantic mixtape. 😉
        Alas, they didn’t play it at last night’s show.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Still dealing with this stupid cold.
    Rant: Eldest Zelda also has a cold and feels even worse than I.
    Observation: Middle Zelda had a cold, but she’s over hers now. I think that makes her patient zero.

  • Rant: parents going hyperbolic on bus-related concerns.
    Rant: makes it harder to see/react/respond to the real safety issues that need addressing.
    Rave: level-headed people responding to help reduce the hyperbole and organize concerns.
    Rave: responsive school staff who try like the dickens to make everything work as smoothly as possible.

    • A school bus? Your daughter takes a school bus? How’d that happen?

      • They are busing to the temporary location a little over a mile away while their school is renovated.

        • Blech. That stinks. Do they pick the kids up at home, or you drive them to school, and they transport them from there? Is this a DCPS or a charter?

          • It’s DCPS–they pick up from the permanent location & bus to/from the temporary location. People also have the option of transporting their kids to/from the temporary location, but the temporary location is out of the way for the rest of our commute, so we are happy to use the bus. I would, however, prefer that if they are making the effort to use car seats & booster seats for the PK kids, that those devices are properly installed–otherwise they are less safe than not using them!
            The alternative was kids being in trailers for two years without access to outdoor play space. The temporary space is much better–and, frankly, other than the inconvenience, is better than the pre-renovated permanent facility.

          • I am already practically salivating at the prospect of both kids being in the same place so close to the house in three years. I can only imagine how nice life will be then!

  • Rave – Stopped by the new Compass Coffee this morning, it is awesome. I’m so happy to have them near my job, although I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot more money on coffee now.
    Rant – 25 minute commute home yesterday turned into a 45 minute commute. No tweets, no alerts, no explanation. Thanks, Metro.
    Rave – Today is my Friday!

    • Re: commutes – the green line northbound has had a significant number of trains only going as far as U street every night this week, in the 5:30-6:00 range. There were messages about it Monday, but I’m wondering what’s causing it to still happen. .

  • Rant: Why has the green line been so slow this week?
    Rave: I am getting a lot of reading done this week while sitting on the train. I’m only 2 books away from my Goodreads goal.

    • Edit: Just saw the above comment. I guess that explains it, although it was slow this morning too.

    • Any favorites? Always love some recs!

      • Just finished Devil and the Bluebird by Jennifer Mason-Black and I recommend it if you like YA fantasy. It reminded me a little of Francesca Lia Block’s books, which I loved when I was younger.
        . And My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand was a funny retelling of Tudor drama with a supernatural twist. I’ve been on a magic realism kick.

  • Rant: There are days where I honestly feel like this country is going straight to hell in a hand basket. This is one of them.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: I’m all for kolaches, but I wish a Korean bakery would set up shop somewhere downtown so I could get some cream filled pastries along with a coffee. I know, I should shut up and move to Korea.
    Rave: Bye bye contact dermatitis. I can actually wear shorts without people thinking I’m carrying the plague.
    Autumn! If not pumpkin spice, what other food thing would embody/symbolize this season?

  • Revel: Roomie is home infrequently, and pretty chill when she’s around. Any complaints are minor ones which are easily trumped by having the apt to myself so often.
    Rant: Long meetings at the end of the day.

  • Rant: If you put me on a 15+ minute hold, you are going to regret it. I will hound your ass until I get what I need. Grrrrr! I do not have time for these shenanigans today!
    Rave: Um…Almost the weekend?
    Rave: Coffee. Sweet nectar of life.
    Rave: These cooler mornings! I want full-blown fall so badly! Boots and sweaters and scarves, bring it on!
    Rave: Got to chat with my best friend last night. I miss her and her family, but it’s good to catch up even if it’s just on the phone.

  • Rant: I thought I liked my new position but today I hate it. I keep asking questions and asking for advice, no one’s answers are helpful if they answer at all, and after being scolded for a stupid thing this morning I feel like I’m doing everything wrong and people just haven’t noticed yet. Cue panic attack that almost threw me into tears at my desk. First one in 6 months.
    Rant: I really hope this feeling goes away. I almost stayed home today. Maybe I should just call in tomorrow.

    • This is obviously presumptive, but I’m willing to bet that you’re internalizing (whatever happened) much more so than necessary. Everyone makes mistakes – be it your mistake or that of your supervisor who scolded you – and I assume you’re not senior enough for that mistake to carry that gross of a negative outcome to your agency. It will be okay, promise! 🙂

      • Probably. And actually it wasn’t even a supervisor that was scold-y. It was someone from a different office! Geez. So yes, you’re probably right about all the other things. Thank you….

        • Can you take a short walk around the block for some air? Some deep breaths and a few minutes away might help.

          • Thanks, mtpresident. I actually did that pretty quickly, as soon as I felt I couldn’t recoup here. I’m back now and feeling a little better. Just tired and grumpy (part of which is just me being particularly tired this week on the whole…)

          • That One Guy

            Are you sill having trouble sleeping? Maybe that’s also adding to the tired/grumpy.

          • That One Guy — Yeah, that’s definitely adding to the tired grumpy. Not sure why the sleep issues though because I haven’t felt particularly stressed or anxious until this morning.

    • Additional rant: Even when I feel better anxiety-attack-wise, it makes me so fatigued for the rest of the day.

    • Need to thicken up your skin a bit, in government you will very rarely receive ‘praise’ for work well done, and at the same time…if you mess up its usually not that big of a deal. While it took me a little to realize this, the first time It got to me but then talking with other folks about the particularly grumpy govie…they all hated that person. It sounds like you might want to start looking for work outside government because it seems like it might not be your cup of tea

      • This is your experience, and not true in all agencies. In my agency I saw someone who was there 10 years get fired. I also saw people who hated their jobs at HQ, but once they got to the field they loved it. Also, do you not consider awards to be “praise” because I do and they also gave those out…

      • Anonynon, I thought you were a contractor. No?

    • “I keep asking questions and asking for advice”

      This. I’m sure you’re doing this for all the right reasons (how to do your new job the right way) but sometimes you have to play the fake-it-til-you-make-it game and not be asking all the time.

      And best of luck with your new job!

      • So I found out that it turns out that I was right originally, before I started asking, which in turn led to the scolding by the other office, because I may have actually been told wrong. Boooooooooooo.

        • [I should note that at the same time, it’s hard to do fake-it-til-you-make-it in my office because we can kind of mess people up if we give them the wrong information and I’d rather not single-handedly cause an international incident.]

    • When I first started my job my (former) boss once yelled, “you’re a pain in my a**!” because I hadn’t filled my timecard out yet (still before the deadline). Sometimes people yell or scold someone for really stupid reasons, often because there’s a lot going on that has them stressed out. Don’t let it get to you too much.
      You’re new, you’re going to get things wrong. Even when someone snaps they know that in the back of their head.

      • thank you, anonymous. i know this is late, but your response made me laugh and actually made me feel much relief! i guess it really does happen to everyone.

  • Rant: Second time this week I’ve biked past a bicyclist who got hit by a driver in Thomas Circle. Drivers in DC are dangerous.

    • Drivers everywhere are dangerous. I wish I could feel safe biking but I don’t trust drivers or myself in a city. BUT also some bikers are not great. Earlier this week I saw a biker riding up 15th Street in the car lane when there is that entire protected bike lane to use…. not that it’s reason to hit someone but sometimes bikers can be very unexpected/unpredictable, just as much as cars.

    • How did you determine who was at fault? I drive through thomas circle daily, and I see just as many unsafe driver as cyclists.

  • Bear

    Rave: Hit the 30-week mark today and everything checked out at my appointment. Fingers crossed for a similarly smooth remaining 10 weeks!
    Rant: 10 weeks. Cue panic attack.
    Rave: Some possible very good news at work. Trying not to get my hopes up but things are looking good.

  • RAVE: Iceland is so close I can taste it! 2 weeks!

    Question for the masses: Clothing resale places…. Buffalo Exchange, thredUp, or somewhere else to sell some mid level in excellent shape clothes?

    • I hope Iceland doesn’t taste like that fermented shark thing they eat over there! 😉

      • justinbc

        That’s literally the worst thing I’ve ever eaten in my life, and I will try pretty much anything anywhere.

        • Me too! Hands down the worst.
          Although there was this Japanese snack food… it was tiny whole dehydrated crabs, filled with dry sweet bean paste and rolled in sugar. They tasted like beach rot, and stuck in your teeth. That’s the runner-up.
          Rounding out the medalists for worst thing I’ve ever eaten: calf brains pureed and served like deviled eggs.
          These three things each have a trifecta of terrible taste, odor, and texture.

      • Gross! I’ll be in Iceland in 12 days. Anyone have any food/restaurant recs?

        • Are you sure you want to think about food after those suggestions?

          • Yes, because I want to avoid food like that, haha! Though my wife is a pretty adventurous eater so she’ll prob try some weird stuff.

        • I was told the Hot dogs are not to be missed, Kex for biscuits on the harbor and aptly named Reykjavik Roasters for coffee.

          I think also Dill for something fancy

        • If you see a donut cart, stop at it, especially if it’s by the Pen!s Museum in the little park with the statue of some horses.
          Do not bother to try the “Black Death” liquor, it’s gross.
          Make sure to try Bjork, the birch liqueur, it is delicious. You can sip it, neat.
          If you go to the Saga museum, at least have a snack at the cafe. it’s cute and has some good traditional food and beverages.
          I wasn’t really impressed with the hot dog I had and I love hot dogs.

        • best late night food – Hlöllabátar, a little stand in the center of park in Reykjavik.
          and the shark, while not good, is not that bad. Wouldn’t go out of my way of ordering it but just tasted like a smoky ammonia. And there is a nice little brew pub by near the parliament. can’t remember the name but very good beers.

        • Thanks everyone!

        • I mostly only know Reykjavik, but we liked:
          – Microbar for beer (wide selection)
          – Lobster soup and fish kabobs at the Sea Baron (they also have Minke whale if you want to try it…pricey though)
          – Grey Cat for breakfast
          – The Laundromat Cafe (yes, there’s really a laundromat in the basement)

    • It takes a bit of time, but I love the app Poshmark. They keep 20% of the purchase price (They keep $3 if the sale is under $20.. or something like that) and send you a shipping label. I’ve bought some great J.Crew work pieces that were a steal and sold some nice pieces I just don’t wear or don’t fit me anymore.

  • Rant: Back seems to not be getting better. Cancelled PT, stopped stretching, scheduled cortisone shot, lost sleep, snapped at girlfriend.
    Rave: Found present for girlfriend’s birthday. Thanks again for all the suggestions.

  • Rant: so confused from sleeplessness that I’m logging in to PoP using my work login.

    • I hope the cortisone shots relieve your back pain.
      Like you, I tried PT and stretching but in the end it was the shots that worked. Plus, stretching when my back hurts seems counter-intuitive.

  • Rant: Sick coworkers sneezing and coughing over everything and everybody. Cover your mouth or go home!!
    Rant: Eat too much this morning.
    Rave: Discovered Cava Grill yesterday. It was really good.
    Rave: Teleworking tomorrow.
    Rant: I got a headache.
    Rant: Charlotte. This seems to be happening every few weeks now.

  • Rant: vendors coming into the teachers lounge trying to sell you crap. I just want to eat my lunch in 23 minutes!

    • Wait, what??
      The front desk guy at my kids’ school is like the the bouncer at the hottest club. You HAVE to be on the list, or you are not getting in. Is this really a thing?

      • Well, vendors that have permission to be in the school. Last guy hounded me about why I didn’t know they were coming and were so damn pushy about me buying a life insurance policy.

        • Life insurance salesmen are the worst. I once told one who told a group of people I was in that everybody needed life insurance – I called his bs and said that as a single person with no children and no one dependent on me, or who needed money if I were to die, I decidedly did NOT need life insurance. He proceeded to mock me in front of the group for having no family.

        • houseintherear

          This is why I eat in my classroom now. This and the smell from the never-cleaned refrigerators and microwaves. Solidarity, fellow teacher!

  • Rave: Today is my Friday. Sleeping in tomorrow!!
    Rant: I’m off tomorrow to drive to PA for my grandmother’s funeral. Not looking forward to this weekend.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Happy World Rhino Day!
    Rant: Office mate is the loudest eater I have ever heard. ugh
    Rave: There’s a scent that is hot for men right now and it is yummy smelling. I wonder what it is.

  • Rant: Lived in DC for three years now and STILL can’t find a decent place to get my hair cut without paying $100+. Suggestions?

    • Yes, but it involves going to Rosslyn. It’s so close to the metro though, or if you want to drive I never had a problem finding parking in the neighborhood. Miracles 1501 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA

    • You are just looking in the wrong places. I’m female, and have never paid more than $35 for a haircut, not here or in NYC, even when I started making a lot of money. And I get good haircuts – I often get compliments. My hair is straight, so not terribly complicated, but is so straight and fine (thin strands though not a particularly thin head of hair) that it can be very limp so it needs to be cut to have some body, which takes some skill. I’m not particularly good-looking, so having a good haircut is one of the things I have going for me. There are plenty of local salons with good haircutters you can walk into and ask the price and try someone out – you might like what they do, or the next one. That’s how I’ve always found my haircutters, by trying a salon or two near my home. Start with the neighborhoods you live and work in or otherwise frequent. A $100 haircutter, to me, would be primarily a bs artist.

    • Zoma on Georgia Avenue, just across the line in Silver Spring. It’s an Aveda salon; Jane’s excellent haircuts are $50; the other stylists there look like they give good cuts too. I switched to there about 2 years ago after getting tired of costly cuts.

    • Eastern Confederate. It serves men and women and is hip and affordable. Whenever I go, there are always a mix of men and women getting their hair cut and most people are regulars.

      • I will agree with Eastern Confederate. Been going there for a bit and always happy with the haircut. I believe it’s around $55.

    • Jonathan at Michael Anthony Salon on the Hill (at Eastern Market). He’s awesome! $66 for a women’s haircut.

  • Rant: Allergies have been SO bad this week. I keep taking the generic version of Benadryl sinus and walking around in a drowsy, Zombie-like state.
    Rave: Costco run tonight with the fiance. We have way too much fun there and I always get a giant frozen yogurt at the end… I’ve been doing this since I was little and went to Costco with my dad every weekend.
    Rave: Parents who are willing to take things off my plate when I’m weighed down. They are currently on the hunt for a wedding officiant (they have more connections to the geographic area than I do).

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I had awful allergies last week and zyrtec finally worked for me! Don’t know if you tried that one yet?

    • +1000
      My allergies EXPLODED yesterday evening while going on a walk around the neighborhood. And I take 2 Claritin pills every day. I’m a mess today, looks like I spent the night crying.
      I’m pretty sure it’s due to the changing of the seasons.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Rave: I know we have a bunch of Drive by Trucker fans – the new album is streaming on NPR today http://www.npr.org/2016/09/22/494571497/first-listen-drive-by-truckers-american-band and it is awesome.

  • houseintherear

    Rave: Gave up all liquids except water (and occasional weak tea) two weeks ago, and have not died.

    Rant: I’m halfway through my teaching career, and realizing that the children of the world are changing. Drastically. The majority of my students are terribly behaved and disrespectful, to each other and adults and everyone. It’s sad and very scary.

  • Helped myself to a little pepper oil a colleague left in the office kitchen. Knowing said colleague and her alimentary preferences, I used the smallest smidgen physically possible. And I still have the urge to shout “hoo boy” or “hot damn” or something similar.

  • Rant: Crazier-than-usual dreams. Not feeling rested after waking up. Feeling almost permanently groggy and like my mind is in a fog.
    Rant: As far as last night/this morning is concerned, the above was probably aggravated by going to the Lush show and not immediately going to bed as soon as I came home.
    Rave: But the show was good.
    Rave: It’s almost the weekend.

  • Rave: Job offer came through. However, it’s a tiny bump in pay so there’s negotiations to plan. Not going anywhere without asking for 20% pay raise. Decision due next Tuesday.
    Rant(?): Timing. I have two potential final interviews tomorrow (with places that had gone radio silent for a while. Both could conceivably be ready to make me an offer by next Tuesday…
    Rant(?): I also have two final interviews early next week, one of them on Tuesday.
    So that’s five pending opportunities, one of them a bird in hand (and a commute to Tysons). Thoughts? Suggestions? Jokes to calm me down?

    • Focus on the money negotiation, but not ONLY on the money negotiation. Because even with a very hefty raise, other stuff can matter a lot too – enough to make the pay raise not worth it. Job satisfaction, room for growth (and future pay increases), less boredom, more learning and challenge, and not-crazy managers (though it can be hard to tell, there are some signs in interviews) can matter as much as money in making for a happier life. If you get enough offers at the same time, you can always go back and forth between them to get the best money. But then choose the best place for you.

      • I’ll add to this: employer contribution to health care and retirement savings? professional development stipend? PTO? Onsite amenities? These are all worth money and should be factored in alongside the salary itself.

    • Could you metro?
      It would have to be a huge raise with opportunities to telework before I’d accept a job in Tysons.

      • It’s about a mile from the Tysons metro. That’s really what i keep coming back to – I don’t have a car, and it doesn’t make sense (lifestyle and budget) for me to get one. I live on NW and while I want my life to change, this is a big jump.

      • Yea, 10k isn’t getting me to commute to Tysons. Big ole NOAP!

    • For me personally, I wouldn’t take a job in Tysons. I commuted from Arlington to Herndon for a year and it was pretty terrible. I cannot imagine DC to Tysons would be much better. The problem is so many people reverse commute now. Even with metro, I couldn’t do it every day.

      • This is my thought process too. The traffic in NOVA is like a new dimension of hell to me, period. If it’s metro accessible that is one thing, but non-metro would be no go.
        Personal views aside, it sounds like a car would be a must for this commute (unless a mile walk is ok for you, and it will be for some), so factor in this cost too – car payment, insurance, gas, parking (home and work), repairs and maintenance – and don’t settle for any less that the percentage you want plus this amount.

        • Right–oh and I took the toll road, which is expensive and keeps getting more expensive. The worst was the evenings. Unless I left work by 4:15 it was hell once you got off the toll road onto the ramp to get onto 66! Complete clusterf. Oh god, this is bringing back nightmares. I’m so thankful that I now have a ten minute walk to work.

          • This is really helpful. I’m just not excited about the job because of the commute. I don’t want to move (except for moving in with the fella, which is a whole other bag of wiggly things). You should be excited about something before you agree to it. I’d enjoy the day-to-day, but I can see the commute sucking me dry.

  • Rave: the mere existence of Crestwood as a tranquil suburban oasis in the middle of the city
    Revel: a beautiful morning for a stroll through Crestwood

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