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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: I know we don’t get political here much, but, FFS, how are the polls narrowing?! I feel like I don’t even know my country anymore.
    Rant: the red line. I was already getting a late start, and then my stupid train got stuck behind another train down at metro center. gr.
    Rave: From the farmer delivery – my first! excited to figure out what to do with those delicious heads of corn Ive been given.

    • skj84

      It’s frightening. This summer I felt like we were in the clear, and now not so much.

    • Because the media wants a tight race so they soft ball Trump and go after Hillary. A tight race means better ratings. Seriously, if he wins, I will greatly blame the media.

      • To be honest, I will too. It is unconscionable.

      • Are you one that believes her health issues are allergies? There is something wrong with her health, i don’t think that is a conspiracy theory…why has she not done a press release in months? For the record, i don’t like trump either. Just playing devils advocate/3rd party supporter

        • Personally, I’m more surprised that Trump would be as healthy as he claims than HRC having some medical issues. Just because older folks have some medical issues doesn’t mean they are unfit to serve — it’s really very common. We’ve had many presidents with health issues in the past, and if pneumonia is all it was… I know high schoolers who have had worse pneumonia than she seems to. I’m not a hardcore HRC supporter, but let’s not forget that she did travel a very significant amount very successfully during her time as Secretary of State — I think that speaks for itself that she is doing fine.

        • skj84

          Why does it matter? This whole health concern trolling is tiring. You know whats impressive? Coming in and doing her job even if she’s not completely healthy. Even if she had Parkinsons, so what? That doesn’t disqualify her from her job. You people are grasping at straws.

        • Uh, no – Im someone who believes she had walking pneumonia, that’s it.

    • If you really want an answer, look at yourself. The “better than thou”, “bag of deplorables” attitude of the anti-Trump crowd may provide satisfying high-fives for the Hillary supporters, but ignore and deride a clearly large, vulnerable voting bloc at your own risk. Obama came close with “guns and bible”, but he was smart enough to never cross the line and he won.

      • skj84

        Why are Trump followers so thin skinned? How is it he(and them) can dish out the most appalling statements, and yet can’t take it when someone calls them on it? Fragile, Fragile babies.

      • +1 No one is enthusiastic about HRC. Honestly, who really cares who wins south park put is correctly in last nights episode. “Turd Sandwich or giant Douche”

        • Not true (that no one is enthusiastic about HRC). Most (all?) of my friends are VERY enthusiastic about her.

          • Really? I mean i guess when i said no one i meant most…IE a lot less than were for obama. What are the reasons they are so enthusiastic? And being lesser of two evils doesn’t count 🙂

          • I was going to say there wasn’t a lot of enthusiasm around HRC in the beginning, but now I know a lot of enthusiastic supports. The two main reasons seem to be 1. First woman president 2. Not an irrational, deranged businessman who makes all sorts of promises, but has no actual plans.

          • Appreciate the responses! Civil conversation is good! I think more people should be open about specifics on why they support their candidate without fear of being labeled, i think its the only way next time around we can try to get the right people to compete for the job

          • I second Formerly ParkViewRes here. The people I know are similar — most of us were Bernie supporters, but many have now become quite passionate HRC supporters given the situation we’ve found ourselves in this election cycle.

        • I hate to say it, but I think there’s a fair amount of truth to this. I absolutely will vote for her, because I generally support the same policies she does, she will appoint justices with whom I agree to the Supreme Court, it’s high time a woman was elected president, and the country has taken a turn to the right for far too long. Also, Trump is wholly unfit to be President of this (or any other) country, and has the potential to cause a real disaster if elected. I compare the two candidates and say, “Her. Between the two of them, I absolutely, unequivocally want her to be President, not him.”
          But, do I look at her, in a vacuum, and say to myself, “Hillary. THAT’S who I absolutely, unequivocally want to be President.” No, I don’t, and I know I’m not alone. And that scares me, to be honest.

          • In past elections have you always said “THAT’S who I absolutely, unequivocally want to be President.” I don’t think I could have said that about Gore. Honestly, I didn’t really think that about Obama. A one-term senator with not a lot of experience wasn’t really my number 1 pick to be president of the US. If you lean Republican, did you think that about GWB? I just think Hillary gets extra scrutiny. All this stuff about how untrustworthy people think she is. I would venture if you picked any politician and asked a group of people how trustworthy they thought he/she was, the answer would be similar to Hillary’s.

          • Yep, exactly. I’m guessing voter turnout is going to be pretty low, which is bad for Hillary and good for Trump.

        • skj84

          I’m with her and have been since the beginning. And most of friends are too. Just because she’s not your cup of tea doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same way.

      • Oh please. Those she insulted weren’t going to vote for her anyway. Hillary isn’t doing well for a number of reasons (disappeared after the convention in August, her awful answers explaining the e-mails, goldman sachs speeches, her health, the Clinton Foundation situation et al), but not because of that particular statement. And to Trump’s credit, he’s held himself a bit more in check the last few weeks, so he hasn’t continued to shoot himself in the foot.

      • justinbc

        Zero of the people she was referencing were on the fence about her anyway, so it’s not like she lost any support there.

    • As a progressive democrat, I don’t think I’ve ever voted in a general election where I was thrilled about the candidate. Occasionally in a primary vote there was a more progressive candidate I was happy to vote for, but they didn’t win primaries. It is always a “more democratic policies” vote, lesser of two evils kind of vote.

      As a result, being a DC-resident voter, I’m voting Green Party – just to have on record a vote (hopefully there will be many) for a more progressive agenda. I’d like to see us put our tax money toward education, health care, repairing our crumbing infrastructure, housing, and jobs than stating multiple wars always over pipeline issues. DC’s 3 electoral votes will definitely go to Clinton – by well over 90% – there aren’t a lot of republican voters here. I would likely do a lesser of two evils vote if I lived in a state where the outcome was not definitely going to be Clinton, but living in DC I can safely vote Green Party to register my anti-war, progressive preference.

  • Rave: The weather is beautiful and snallygaster is this weekend. It will be so nice to be out doing things.
    Rant: Still not sleeping well.
    Rant/Wow: Friend is moving to a new job next week. Her office has been trying to hire her replacement but the person they offered it to (over a week ago now) first delayed by saying she was waiting for the formal letter from the contractor and then said she needed until the end of the day to decide… three days ago.. and still hasn’t said a word. Am I wrong to hope that the office just rescinds the offer and finds a better replacement? What are people thinking?!
    Rave: So glad I am neither a hiring manager nor a contractor.

    • Sounds like she might have a competing offer but her decision on which job to take is about to be made for her

      • Agreed. I was always taught that its okay to take 2-3 days to decide but at that point you really just need to make a decision and stick with it — not leave people hanging. It’s rude.

        • Disagree. You should have a week, or at the very least 5 days. If you receive an offer and have a good relationship with your employer/manager you may want to discuss it with them first. At my last firm they tried to keep some people. That could take a few days if they want to match or counter an offer. People need time to think.

          • Maybe… but if you say you’re going to get back to someone with a decision by the end of x day and you don’t, that’s not fair to the party waiting for your answer.

          • Hm, that’s interesting — everyone at my federal agency is almost always given a 24-hour deadline to respond unless it’s a holiday or something.

          • Agree it’s tacky to say you’re going to get back to someone by EOD and then wait 3+ days. Yeah, govt is a bit different than private sector. I remember getting my offer letter and them basically wanting me to start in a week when I still had to give my current employer notice…

        • I’d prefer a long wait versus someone immediately accepting then bailing 2 weeks before his/her start date. That happened TWICE to my office this summer. In one case, we had even agreed to push that person’s start date back a couple months to accommodate them (not sure why, it was for a position that’s really easy to fill).

    • It’s a negotiation. People need to do what’s best for themselves, no? There’s no rule on days. You do what you need to, you risk what you need to (sure, they can rescind an offer, but they’d be smarter to give her a deadline and let her decide.) It isn’t like employers (in most cases, unless you have an actual contract for work, which few do) have any commitment to you – they can get rid of you anytime – that’s what employment at will as all about. Why are you, who I presume are a worker, taking the employer’s side, and why are you so upset about this, which is none of your business? Just because you feel oppressed is no reason to speak badly about others who are better at negotiating the best job for themselves than you are.

      • ” Just because you feel oppressed is no reason to speak badly about others who are better at negotiating the best job for themselves than you are.”
        Huh? Oppressed about what? Why are you taking this so seriously? Are you the person? I’m not upset at the person specifically! I just don’t want to make a similar mistake (if it is indeed a mistake). And it’s stressing my friend and her boss out, so I was curious what the general consensus was. Also — she was given a deadline, she asked for an extension on the deadline, and both the original deadline and the one she set have already passed.

        • Also that was really offensive anon, “better at negotiating than you are”? I have an amazing job, thank you very much, which I worked VERY hard to get into. So you mind YOUR business and stop hiding behind an anonymous name if you’re going to personally attack someone.

      • Agreed- It kills me when people are so loyal to their current positions etc– Do you think if there comes a point where they are laying off or firing etc- that they will give you a three day lead way? I’ve learned it’s all about MY best interests when it comes to jobs leaving/staying etc.

      • “Why are you, who I presume are a worker, taking the employer’s side, and why are you so upset about this, which is none of your business?”
        It looks to me like FridayGirl is basically taking the side of her friend. The friend is leaving the employer, but is annoyed at her would-be replacement for being flaky to her employer. FridayGirl is annoyed at the flakiness.
        It’s like one or more anons got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Jeez.

        • Thank you, textdoc. That is it exactly. Because of the flakiness, friend and her employer are both ending up in less than ideal situations this week and next week until things get sorted. I’d hope that most people (myself included) would at least look out for my best interests with some level of clarity to those who are trying to hire me. But I could also be completely wrong (as Formerly ParkViewRes noted above, which is totally fine!).

        • Further, judge much? FridayGirl can rant about whatever she likes. It’s the reason for the forum. Doesn’t have to be justifiable, just something that bugs her.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Negotiating is an active process. Requesting more time to make a decision is negotiating. If this person was able to get the prospective employer to affirmatively agree to hold the position for a week while she thinks about it, that’s excellent negotiating. Letting an established deadline pass without saying anything is not negotiating.

    • “Am I wrong to hope the office rescinds the offer…”
      I guess I don’t understand your interest in the person who will take your friend’s job (not your job) at her soon-to-be-former office (not your office). Did I read that correctly? If so, what effect does this have on your friend, or you? Does she have to stay til they hire her replacement?
      So, yes, I have rescinded offers before. A few times when new information came in post-offer, and a couple of times when I felt the candidate was jerking me around. It’s normal to use an offer for leverage in a current job, but that’s a move to play boldly or not at all.
      On the other hand, not knowing the field, it’s possible that your friend’s company got very few qualified candidates for a highly specialized job and they will wait longer than just a week for the right person, rather than re-open the search or hire someone who lacks a critical skill. I’ve only EVER rescinded an offer when the position in question was a less-skilled one. For more specialized jobs, hiring managers don’t have an infinite pool to pick from.

      • I guess I see the other side of it too. My hiring process for my current job was long, soooo long, and I had to jump through a lot of hoops. At one point I almost considered telling them to drop me from consideration because it sort of felt like they weren’t 100% about me. And I was actually in the running for another job so if they had kept jerking me around I might have said I am taking the other job. In the end it worked out, but it’s usually the employers that have all the power so if you can take some of that power in the hiring process and use it to your advantage then do it. I was their number one pick, but there were two other people in the running so I guess those people were just flailing in the wind while they kept coming back to me. But again, yeah you don’t let a deadline pass.

      • “I guess I don’t understand your interest in the person who will take your friend’s job (not your job) at her soon-to-be-former office (not your office). Did I read that correctly? If so, what effect does this have on your friend, or you? Does she have to stay til they hire her replacement?”
        I’m confused by this as well. That said, it’s unprofessional to ignore deadlines. As Haile said, great to secure more time to think, but it reflects poorly to just ignore a deadline, and would make me question the reliability of the hire – never a good way to start a job.

      • Maybe potential new employee DID talk to hiring manager about more time to make decision. But this is a private HR matter, not something that would be public knowledge. You may not have full information about this

    • Make sure to check out Adam E Project at Snallygaster!

    • You would serve yourself well if you stopped worrying about things that aren’t your concern. And your friend is moving on – she would do well to stop stressing about something that is not her problem – it is only her boss’s problem now – she’s out of there.

    • justinbc

      The Snallygaster list is just insane this year! I had such a hard time narrowing down my picks to 5 for City Paper, I could have easily hyped up a couple dozen.

  • This picture is gorgeous. Where was it taken? In particular, was it taken somewhere nearby where one could go hiking/walking.

  • Rant: People who walk slowly down Metro escalators while taking up both lanes and wearing headphones.
    Rant: Second time I’ve just missed a new Metro train in two days.
    Rant: I always pick the hot car. ALWAYS.

    • am I the only one who thinks that the new metro cars somehow smell waaaay worse than the old ones? I swear to god, it’s like a barnyard animal smell in all the new cars!

      • I totally get the barnyard smell! They smell like old hay to me. I’m glad I’m not the only one who smells this because when I told my husband he said I was nuts because to him the new trains have a new car smell.

  • RANT: My beta fish in on his last fin, may not make the day. He is 3 years old so not unexpected but it is still not fun to lose something you care about

    • Really sorry to hear it!

    • We’ve had two betas (both lived to about 3 as well) and I got pretty attached to them both. They have personality, and preferences, and they recognize their people.
      You did well to keep him alive this long. So many people treat fish as if they’re just disposable fun.

      • Really? I’ve never had a beta, so I never knew they had personality & recognize their people. Neat. Not sure I could get away with a fish given our cats, but interesting to learn, nonetheless!
        And Hookdntx–sorry to hear your sad news.

    • Sorry to hear about your beta 🙁

    • Emmaleigh504

      That’s sad, I’m sorry.

    • Oh, I’m sorry, I admit to being pretty ignorant on the subject of beta fish. Now I’m going to feel even worse when I see them in their tiny little jars in Petco 🙁 Anyway, hope you’re ok.

      • Yeah, if they could share space without killing each other, I’d buy ’em all. 🙂 But they would. Kill each other, that is. So it’s one at a time for us.
        Favorite interactive beta activities include giving him a mirror to posture for (spread fins and gill covers, quiver, generally try to intimidate his own reflection) and catching live bugs for him to eat. One of our betas, Oscar, learned to flare his fins to earn a bug snack. My husband never gave him bugs, and never got a fin show.
        And Mtpresident, we’ve always had cats, and often had betas, and somehow never lost a fish to a cat. They’re pretty ferocious for only being two inches long…

    • I was just thinking about getting a beta fish, so this is interesting to learn. I am sorry to hear about yours though. It’s hard to see them struggling.

    • Betas live quite a long time, Not dog or cat long, but I had another pretty little blue guy (Bruce) that made it 5 years and that includes a cross country trip in a spaghetti container in the cup holder.

      Winston was in poor shape when I got him, but he’s been pretty happy and active most of his fishy life

      • “and that includes a cross country trip in a spaghetti container in the cup holder” — I love this image!

        • me too! It makes me think of “What About Bob?” and Bill Murray’s character (Bob) traveling up to Lake Winnipesauki (sp?) with Gil the goldfish hanging from his neck in a mason jar!

  • skj84

    Rave: Open bar parties! For those of us who like to wine and dine on a budget. Got invited to a CBC event by my aunt and I had an invite to a bar opening yesterday. I tried one of the best new cocktails in the city and lots of tasty food.
    Rant: I planned on staying at the bar opening for one drink which turned into 4. Didn’t leave until 10. Really feeling it this morning.
    Rave/Rant: As excited as I am to head to NYC this weekend, I’m missing all my favorite events in DC. H-Street Festival, Snallygaster, and a few house parties.

  • Rant: Work was an awful, stressful mess yesterday.
    Rant: Definitely got caught by a speed camera
    Rant: iOS 10 has wrecked havoc on my phone & “apple ecosystem” in small, yet infuriating ways.
    Rant: Today is essentially my Wednesday.
    Rant: Inside all day and the weather is wonderful.

    no raves today.

    • dcgator

      Ha, ya…the new iOS is so weird to me. I know I’ll get used to it within a few weeks, but I’m not a huge fan of the way message notifications, etc show up. Everything looks kind of blocky and less sleek than the prior iteration.

  • Bear

    Sad rant: I was all annoyed with my husband about renovations and then I got home to find out one of his friends passed away yesterday. He was understandably very sad and I just felt so helpless. Hate to see him so down.
    Rant: Not getting nearly enough sleep and it’s making preggo hormones that much harder to deal with.
    Rave: Baby kicks. He’s getting so much bigger, now I can feel even his smaller movements. So wild, and pretty amazing. I can’t wait to meet this little guy.
    Rant: And now I’m all teary eyed. FML.

    • Bear

      Don’t know what this is…got en email from a recruiter at my old organization asking if I’d be interested in coming back to a senior role. I do miss the technical aspects of the job, but I don’t miss the dysfunctional management. My current job is pretty much the opposite – not really doing much technical work, which sucks (and I worry I’m getting behind the field), but it’s a much better working environment.

      • Might be worth dealing with the dysfunction for a couple of years to get your technical chops up to par and get that senior management line on the resume. The first two years of parenthood suck anyway. 😉

        • Bear

          Yeah, and I think I’d be able to negotiate a flexible schedule. I’m in a senior role now so I’m not too concerned with the title. I think I need to do some soul searching to try and decide what is going to be most important to me over the next couple years.

  • Rave: Rode one of the new Metro train cars to work.
    Rant: The floor felt sticky to my sneakers. Has anyone else had that issue?
    Rave: I went on the White House tour yesterday and took a bunch of pics.
    Rant: Itchy ankle this morning. I think I got bit by something walking around on the National Mall yesterday.
    Rave: Teleworking tomorrow.
    Rant: Where is Fall?

  • Rant: Trying not to think about upcoming medical bills. Worrying changes nothing, as the last few months have demonstrated.
    Rave: Feeling powerful and purposeful this week. Amazing how something that sets you back gives you even more drive to go after the life you want. I rocked the interviews yesterday, and I’m going to really rock the one this afternoon.
    Rave: Seeing friends this weekend, and some of them will meet the fella for the first time. I’m excited. There will be wine and laughter.

    • Emmaleigh504

      good luck on your interview!

    • Bizzinger, it’s late enough in the day that maybe you won’t see this, but I just wanted to say how impressed I’ve been with the positivity of your posts over recent weeks/months. Your good spirits are contagious!

  • Rave: Gettin’ sh*t done at work and home! It feels good to check things off my many lists.
    Rant: I still can’t seem to balance all this stuff, and I wish I could live in an immaculately clean house, but it’s like, I’m so tired that when i get home, even though all these little things bug me, I only have time / energy to address the big things, like laundry and food prep/cleanup. I want my counters to be clean and sparkling, my floors to be squeaky clean, but it’s hard, and when you add other people with different schedules / acceptable levels of cleanliness, it makes it that much harder.
    Rant: Cube mate is chewing like a cow and I want to scream at her. aaagghhh!

    • Hire a cleaning lady and split the costs.

      • Not an option on our budgets. Maybe someday.

        • Are you in a position to have a chat with your roommate(s) and perhaps make a chore wheel? Or agree on a common level of cleanliness to maintain? If not now, then at least try to start with that when you move into the new place?

          • I think once we move, and have an additional roommate (another relative), a chore wheel of sorts (without labeling it as such) is a good idea

        • They are cheap if you split it and do it once every other week.

          • possible – we’ll see once we get settled in our new place in a few months, because hopefully that will take some of the strain off the budget.

      • This might be an option for many PoPville folks, but LBP is on a fairly tight budget and is looking to further economize. So it’s probably not an option for her.

        • Odd that you would speak for LBP when she is posting here herself.

          • You know what? Many of us regard RRRR as kind of a community. So when various anons comment unsympathetically and solely to find fault with other people, it gets annoying — not just to the persons being commented upon, but to others in the community.
            Go back to bed and get out on the right side.

          • But LPB’s financial situation is her personal business and it isn’t appropriate for someone else to share that she’s on a tight budget.

          • Ditto on sticking up for others.

          • It’s all good, guys – I appreciate the suggestion to use a cleaning lady, which isn’t a bad suggestion in and of itself, it’s just not one that’s realistic for me at this point. I did mention that my budget wouldn’t permit that. the other issue is that my roommate works nights, so finding a time to come in and clean without disturbing my roommate would be difficult. All suggestions are welcome 🙂

          • mm, LBP has mentioned the tight-budget factor multiple times on RRRR.

          • Here we go again with the trolling anonymous posters that are clearly not routine readers of the RRRR…. I’m sorry this happened to you, too, textdoc. LBP literally just mentioned this two days ago so anon writers have not been following. And LBP handles it like a champ, too! I wish I could have had that kind of calm above before a chunk of posts got deleted (thanks, PoP!). Hah.

          • Who’s to say anonymous posters aren’t regular readers? You presume a lot FG.
            And it’s hardly trolling to say that in MY opinion it is not appropriate to repeat personal information shared by others.

    • I think we all wish this. I know I certainly do! Realizing that the only way to make this happen is to actually do it myself, I have really pushed myself to get into a routine. I deep clean half the house one Saturday and the other half the following Saturday, and every day I try to fold a basket of laundry and make sure the kitchen is clean before bed. My schedule is pretty hectic, and about 5 of my room mates are the absolute WORST when it comes to cleaning up after themselves, but I feel like as long as the kitchen is clean, I’m winning some sort of battle.

      • Agreed. But see, left to my own devices, i have a tendency to want to get all OCD. Scrub the windows and window screens. But then I start on a project like that, and after I’m done, I’m too tired to tackle the piles of laundry or the sweeping, the really obvious signs of messiness!

        • If you’re going to feel compelled to scrub windows and screens, I’d consider letting you move in with us!

          • It’s bad. I’ll remove screens, scrub them, make sure I can put a toothpick or the like through every little hole, let them dry in the sun, and put them back in. But my very adventurous kitties have stopped me from doing that lately, since I don’t trust them and their little claws near screens, and there’s not really anywhere outdoors where I live now that I could do this. So then I’ll switch to OCD cabinet organizing, or cleaning out the fridge and freezer, etc. But nothing that really gets me to place where I can look around and feel super satisfied with myself and how my living space is arranged!

        • You sound like my SO. One night he stayed up until 4 am scrubbing every inch of the laundry room – meanwhile, the rest of the basement that he was supposed to be cleaning remained untouched lol. What might work is assigning yourself certain areas to OCD clean each week and then give yourself a time limit. So one Saturday do the kitchen and give yourself an hour or two hours to commit to being as OCD as you like, but no more. The following week bathroom, the following week the common areas, and so on.

          • hmm…Not a bad idea! and yes, I will hyper-focus on one little area while ignoring the growing pile of other mess that I have to step around! I don’t know what’s wrong with me, it drives me nuts. I like your strategy, though first I would need to work on getting things generally not-messy!

          • This is a great idea. I would also suggest setting a timer – that way you stick to the OCD timeline and aren’t up all night. I also find when I set a timer and give myself 15 minutes to tidy a room I am WAY more productive than I would have been.

            And LBP, you aren’t alone in this. I wish my house was so much more clean than I can seem to keep it.

          • Ugh. I always wish my house was more clean.
            I have finally decided that because I live alone and do everything alone cleaning is where I am going to pay someone to take that load off of me. When I get home and my house is already clean it motivates me to get to other chores that I never get to, so it has the added bonus of propelling me forward on my to-do list.
            I still feel some sort of guilt about it though, maybe it’s a woman thing, like aren’t I supposed to at least be able to clean well?

          • Jeslett, you may be absolutely right about me getting down on myself because of the whole “aren’t women naturally supposed to be able to clean well?” What a dumb assumption! But it’s insidious and it’s everywhere, when you start looking! Sheesh!

        • I can relate to this. It’s how I get when I get anxious :/

          • I WISH I felt compelled to clean when I get anxious. I see how it can get out of hand, but I have more of a tendency to sit and stew, which helps neither my stress level nor the cleanliness of my house.

          • When I am pissed off, I am like a goddamn cleaning tornado. I wish I was like that when I was anxious, since I seem to be anxious more than pissed off!

        • Right there with you. I sometimes have a sparkling brand-new looking fridge, and a stove that looks like it was removed from a crackhouse following a fire. Sometimes the opposite.

  • Rant: Red Line delays.
    Rave: I was two cars behind the train that broke down at RI Ave, and we pulled into the RI Ave station on the Glenmont bound tracks just in time to see the “recovery” train, filled with people, push the disabled train out of the station. Kind of cool to watch. And now I know what a recovery train is.
    Rant: I feel badly for all of the people on the offloaded disabled train and recovery train (which then also had to offload).
    Rave: Tickets to Angels in America tonight.
    Rant: I’ve entered the coughing phase of my cold and, though heavily medicated, am not 100% sure I won’t have a coughing fit during the show. So I’m looking to give my ticket to a friend. 🙁

  • Rant: After a late afternoon meeting was rescheduled at the last minute, was just barely too late to buy a ticket to yesterday’s game not once, but twice.
    Rant: Spent way too much time going back and forth across town to try to join mtpwife & mtpkiddo at the game.
    Rave: mtpbaby was largely chipper about the running around and we had a relaxing, albeit abridged, evening on our own once we finally got home.
    Rave: mtpkiddo had a great time! We’ll have to make an effort to go to more games next year.
    Rave: better sleep last night. Phew.
    Rave: beautiful weather! loving it.

  • Rave: One more day till Friday…
    Rant: Has anyone ever experienced this??… last night at about 1am in the morning, I was woken up by what I thought was a horrible dream – no.. it was Washington Gas drilling and banging. Looked outside my window and couldn’t see what they were doing, just saw them block off the street as they walked up and down. I’m guessing it was some sort of an emergency if they do this late at night? It lasted about an hour and I couldn’t go back to sleep, and I didn’t know what I could do about it, if anything..? I’m so groggy this morning!

    • That happened in front of our house once at about 2am, though I think it may have been DC Water not Washington Gas. Yeah, utility work sometimes has to be done right away. It’s an inconvenience, but not as much as a gas explosion or burst water main would be. Not that those are the only alternatives, but as long as the late-night works are a rarity I’m not going to question it too much.

  • Rant: Day 3 of a serious headache and there’s nothing I can do about it.
    Rave: The temperature this morning was so beautiful.
    Rave: We have a construction start date. Some day in the not too distant future, I will have a fully functional master bathroom again (right now it’s only half functional).
    Rant: But once it starts, I will have no bathroom on the same floor as the bedroom for about 3 weeks. This should be interesting.

    • Have you tried a cup of strong black tea? That was magic for my pregnancy migraines/headaches.
      As for the bathroom issue–better now than after baby rabbit arrives? I had no functional sink in the bathroom on the same floor as my bedroom for several weeks after mtpkiddo arrived–that was NOT fun!

    • Have you tried aromatherapy? I know it sounds hippy-dippy, but it can work!

      • houseintherear

        omg I just started using lavender essential oil last night to combat a killer week-long headache/semi-migraine (mixed it with my body lotion)… MIRACLES. Slept like a baby, no more pain!! I’m a belieber already! Now I need to get educated about diffusing and all that fancy jazz.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: wish I was outside laying underneath a tree looking up at the sky and listening to some good music or reading a book/magazine. It feels like I don’t get to enjoy the passing of the seasons or perhaps don’t notice them as profoundly as I did while growing up.
    Rave: I’ll try to make it a point to eat outside today.

    • it’s also hard to take advantage of those days when we notice the seasons changing because it seems like they’re getting to be fewer and farther between! Capital weather gang is predicting temps in the 90s until mid October, last I checked. That’s ridiculous! And then it’ll all just change, suddenly and horribly, with so few “transition” days we’re able to enjoy.

    • That One Guy

      Rant: Using lunch as an excuse to sit outside is bad. I ate two lunches. FML.

  • Rave – That photo! It’s so great to have places like that right here in the city.
    Rant – I haven’t sleep well all week. Then last night there was a tanker truck attempting to back into the gas station across the street and the back up alarm beeping was so loud. And it took the driver multiple attempts to get the truck where it needed to be causing the alarm to go on and on.

  • Rave: Cooler weather! I am happy to wear pants and not sweat like I am in a steam room while I walk to the metro.
    Rave: Baby Artie was making the silliest faces and noises this morning. God, I love that kid so much.
    Rave: I slept last night and I’m feeling like a human being today.

  • Late Rant: Me today. I’m putting myself in a terrible mood and I need to cut it out. I know better. Maybe I’ll go out for lunch to take a walk after my lunch-hour meetings.

    • That One Guy

      Yeah, go for it.

      • Did it! Spam mitsubi for the win.

        • That One Guy

          Ah…I walked by the truck and debated whether to get something from them. What’s you verdict? A little messy to eat?

          • Totally fell apart, but it hit the spot today still. Usually I get the kahlua pig and cabbage, which is a lot less messy and while slightly blander than the other options, delicious nonetheless.

          • justinbc

            Abunai? That truck is a godsend in a city full of boring, generic truck food otherwise. I dunno what happened in the last few years, but that scene completely deteriorated.

          • Yes, and agreed. I’m not sure what happened either. I remember when I came to DC as an intern 5 or so years ago I thought the food trucks were awesome, but they’ve definitely gone downhill.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Certain C-Level executives who feel the need to announce their full title at the beginning of internal meetings. Yeah, dude we already know who you are but thanks for the reminder.
    Rant: Carpet beetles are back in full force.
    Rant: Rants!

  • “Someone Has My Pizza On Their Bike In Capitol Hill”

    Yesterday evening I was in a very lazy mood and hungry. I wanted some pizza. I didn’t care what it was, but I wanted it to be cheap and fast and delivered. I ordered Dominos. I used the app. I watched the bright blue and red chart light up and blink sequentially as Hector made my pizza, placed it in the oven, put it in the box and, finally, placed it in the car for delivery. This was 6 pm. I beat the dinner rush.

    I sat back in my chair and let out a sigh. Yes, there was some guilt for missing the gym and ordering a pizza- but I deserved it. I had a long week and it was only Wednesday.

    My wife wouldn’t be home until 8:30, so it was just myself and our 60 lb boxer mix that is much too cuddly for her size. My wife wouldn’t be home until 8:30 because besides working at a church, she also volunteers with a local homeless outreach program.

    My fatass was in my reclining chair watching SportsCenter waiting for my pizza. She was just getting off work and was running to help support the homeless community.

    “Shame. Shame. Sha- “, I shook it off.

    I settled in my chair with my laptop and played with my Fantasy Football lineup while constantly glancing at the time. It was 6:30. They said my pizza would be delivered by 6:15 at the latest. Must be traffic. I turned on a podcast I missed and kept tinkering with my flex position (again, fantasy football roster).

    7 o’clock. Something was up. I opened the app to check where we were in the delivery process. The bright blue and red lights were flashing now. Hector seemed to be making me another pizza. I didn’t order another pizza!

    Oh no. I have to actually call them now. I have to actually speak to someone over the phone. The whole point of this was to be lazy and avoid human interaction. I was furious- I was hungry. I was HURIOUS.

    “Should be there in 15 minutes, sorry for the hold up.”

    I settled back into my chair making sure my phone was not on silent. I was upset. This was ridiculous- they would be 35 minutes past their latest time of estimated delivery!

    I didn’t care- I just wanted pizza. I finished the podcast and started another one.

    I think i’m starting Danny Woodhead. I have to- he is getting alot of looks and had a great game last week.

    It’s 7:35 now. I can’t do this. With my mind navigating the lines of sanity and rage over a delivery pizza, I sought to control my sweaty palm as my focus was on finding my last made call, an exercise far too arduous for a man that had not had pizza in the past two hours.

    “I’m really, really sorry. The driver should be there in 15 minutes.”

    I was beyond angry at this point but actually polite on the phone. This situation was laughable now. I just told the man on the other end of the phone (it couldn’t have been Hector- that guy was on my side afterall) I just wanted me pizza at this point.

    It’s 8 o’clock now. My podcast downloads were depleted. I knew every player on the waiver wire. SportsCenter was starting to repeat and my dog had a mixed expression of fear and playfulness when I glanced at her. She was having trouble settling on either.

    I played the scenario over and over in my mind before making my next decision. I was talking to myself now. Full conversations.

    “I ordered at 5:45 right?”

    “Yes! HAhaHA! It’s 8:10- how long is that?”

    “Are we at 5 hours? 6? What day is it?! Where am I?”

    My mind contemplated madness. Reality was shifting. I called again. The guy on the other end knew me by now and just gave the phone to the manager.

    “I’m so sorry. We had car problems tonight. I’ll credit your account and send over whatever you want for free.”

    He was sending another pizza. Things happen. I’d get my pizza- it would be late. Really late. But it would be free.

    8:35 pm I get a call from an unknown DC number. The delivery person- I WAS ECSTATIC.

    Not the delivery person.

    “I’ve been in a wreck. I’m ok- but I left my phone and it has my insurance information on it. Can you run it here- i’m five blocks away.”

    Oh god- a wreck? My wife? She is ok. She is ok. I grab her phone and start running. I really should focus more on cardio.

    She is fine- it was a minor bump at a four way stop but our car had some damage. The other driver rolled through and hit our back passenger side. We could drive it. I hugged her and told her I was just glad she was ok. It was such a non-incident the only thing she was upset with was the insurance gathering.

    I received a call beside our newly dented car.

    “This is Dominos, i’m right outside.”

    “Ok. Ok- I’m… i’m.. my wife got in a wreck- i’m not there anymore. She is ok! She is ok- I just…”

    “Sir, where are you? Is your house on the corner?”

    “No- No- i’m not there. Can you leave them? My wife had a wreck. Just leave them in the corner on the basket of my bike- ok?”

    I hung up and walked over to the cop with my wife.

    I still really wanted pizza.

    We drove the car back. It was 10 pm. My wife was ok.

    The pizza would be cold but it would be there.

    It wasn’t.

    I walked down our block- checking the locked bikes in the corners and porches. I came back inside and sat down in a heap. My wife asked what was wrong.

    “Someone has my pizza on their bike in Capitol Hill.”

  • Rave: Got a new job!! yay!
    Rant: still waiting for background check to pass so I can’t give 2 weeks notice yet.
    Rant: I reeeeeeeaaaaallllyyyy want to quit current job.
    Rave: Excited for H St festival this weekend
    Rave: It’s almost Friday

  • rant: partner forgot to lock the back door last night and it blew open, triggering the alarm after we were asleep (and a momentary panic when we thought we were being burgled).
    rant: in an unfortunate coincidence, once of his employees accidentally triggered the alarm at his business, so the alarm company called him at 4 AM.
    rant: I reacted poorly to being woken up 2x in the middle of the night.
    rave: partner doesn’t get mad when I overreact.
    rave: neither of the alarms were for actual burglaries.

  • Rant: We’ve experienced two power outages this morning, one at 7:10am and another at 10:45am. The first one was quick, the second one lasted about 15 minutes. Hoping they will not continue. I called Pepco to understand the root cause and their automated line says they are “currently evaluating” our outage. Curious if anyone else is experiencing this, or if it’s an isolated incident? We live two blocks north of Sherman Circle.

    It’s kind of hard to work from home when the lights and internet are spotty!

    Rave: This weather. Open Windows. Yes.

    • I’m in Petworth and we’ve been experiencing very brief, intermittent outages over the last several months. We were just notified that next Thursday, Pepco is going to be shutting our electric off overnight (so let’s hope it’s a cool night!) to try to “get to the bottom of this.” Not sure if it’s related, but maybe?

    • I heard a transformer blow this morning about 8:05. My power went off and then came right back on. I’m close to Sherman Circle, too.

    • Also just north of Sherman Circle. I wasn’t there either time but I’m told we had two outages at our house (and other on the block) today. I don’t know anything about what’s causing it though.

  • Rant: Left my lunch at home, probably in a place where my dog can enjoy it
    Rave: Nothing harmful, but potentially messy
    Rant: Hungry 🙁

  • RAVE: To the man/couple who stood up at last night’s ANC meeting and talked about their dog being poisoned by rodent bait at the dog park. Asked how to address a Commissioner acting improperly and made an open accusation about who was doing the dog park baiting. Glad people are finally getting fed up and brave enough to take a stand!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: diet not going well. I suck at limiting calories.
    Rant: opened my wallet today and a moth fluttered out. Can’t wait for the moth traps to arrive.
    Rave: My favorite physician’s assistant is back at my doctor’s practice.
    Rant: But I like the doctor I was seeing while she was gone. Now I don’t know who to see.
    Rave: lovely cup of tea this morning.

  • Rave: my new dance shoes are being delivered today. They are gold and shiny and I hope they fit!
    Rave: HR is telling payroll (who originally shirked responsibility) to fix my paycheck and give me my retroactive pay. And I helped alert HR to this situation, which apparently affected other people.
    Rave: I am seen as a wise and valuable in my Toastmasters club. When I give an evaluation I know it’s useful and that people will listen and take something away from it. I don’t get nervous at all and I’m happy to volunteer for roles. Is this what not having impostor syndrome feels like? Can I have this in all the other areas of my life?
    Rave: pizza stories

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