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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Had such a great time in the rocky mountains. hiking, horseback riding, communing with mountain men – such a terrific trip. Feel refreshed and very grateful.

  • rant: Really annoying on day of garbage collection you find dog poop, when you don’t have a dog, Wouldn’t be bad if you actually had a dog and the dog poop made it into the garbage truck. But having to go into the bin and unsticking the doggie bag and in some cases hosing it down is infuriating.

  • Rave: Lovely long weekend of sleeping in and time with friends Friday evening.
    Because I’m rather amused with these situations so they’re not really serious rants —
    Dating Rant: Guy in my group of friends likes me. The feeling is not mutual (sorry guy!). I’m hoping he gets the idea because he’s very nice and I don’t want to accidentally come off as mean.
    Dating Rant: Guy on Tinder messaged me and actually seemed pretty cool until he asked if I wanted to go on a walk around the block after work this week. First, stranger danger. Second, just around the block? There is really nothing wrong with being normal and asking someone for coffee or drinks… (Tinder guy, if you’re reading this, I just couldn’t help but share because it was a first for me and I am lol’ing.)
    Rave: Work is going well and I’m excited for this upcoming weekend already!

    • hahah on the tinder guy. Im actually off tinder in favor of bumble because the frequency of sort of random date requests seems lower on bumble…

      • That’s an interesting observation. I tried Bumble for a week or two but didn’t get many matches (which also was partly a result of me being picky — Bumble seemed so… not diverse… to me compared to other dating apps, and it’s often hard for me to relate to the upper-middle class lawyer types that seemed to keep coming up for me).

        • agree on the diversity issue re bumble, its true. Its all a bit random in terms of what guys come up on when on which app, methinks. I guess I like the ‘women are the first movers’ approach to bumble.

        • So relating to “upper middle class lawyer types” is hard, but so is relating to the poor chap who offered to go on a low-key walk? I see.

          • Oof. That wasn’t the point. The walk had nothing to do with being cheap. I just thought it was amusing, and decided it wasn’t worth it along with other situational things (see below).

        • I actually had good luck with Hinge. Less shady. Matches you with friends of friends from Facebook ( so, you do need to have a FB account). My boyfriend and I don’t have direct friends in common but we have friends who are friends with each other. i liked that element. Tinder was never that great for me. Although no creepers thankfully.

    • dcgator

      In Tinder guy’s defense, I think a walk is a fine activity (it’s still out in public, so no worries about him abducting you, etc), and I much prefer low key, low expectations first “dates.” You could still get coffee and then do the walk? I’m assuming “around the block” is more of an expression than literally just around one full city block (n.b. I am not said Tinder guy).

      • yeah, I don’t actually see anything too wrong/threatening about that request, and bonus, it’s cheap! So if you end up clicking, you can easily move on to a coffee shop / dinner, and if there’s no spark you can part ways without have parted with cash. (I’m a cheap bastard at heart!)

        • These are valid arguments. I know part of it is probably my mood lately so the walk around the block coupled with him implying that he’s not looking to stay in DC long-term and being a fair distance away from both my house and workplace (like which block are we walking around?) made me say “Yup, not even going to try.”
          Generally I, too, like low-key first dates that don’t involve any particularly special activity. I don’t know… it’s probably me. (Again, sorry tinder guy!)

          • Ah, sorry, I must have missed the part about him implying he wasn’t looking to stay in DC, I can understand that would be a bit of a turn-off if you felt like he was half-assing it.

          • Sorry, I didn’t mention it before. Really, I laughed at the walking bit. Because I had honestly never heard anyone suggest that before. But my choice to not pursue it was just compounded by the other less-funny things.

      • Agree with dcgator. I like the idea of a walk as a first date. Drinks/coffee can get old, so I’d be impressed with someone suggesting an alternative activity. As long as it’s daylight and you’re in a populated area, I cannot imagine that the risk is much greater than coffee/drinks. I actually think the risk is less than meeting for drinks because there will be no alcohol involved. (FWIW, I’m a female who has been in the online dating pool.)

        • dcgator

          Ya, the worst part about coffee/drinks is that you’re (usually) just sitting there, across from each other coming up with new topics to talk about (conversations you’ve already had with 3 other first dates that month). A walk or other activities give you more (How fast does this person walk? Is their gait compatible with mine? Can I jaywalk around them without being judged? Do they share the sidewalk?)…..okay, mostly joking, but THESE THINGS MATTER.

      • Yeah, I didn’t really see a problem with proposing a walk, either (and also assuming that “around the block” was not intended to be taken literally). As long as it’s somewhere well-populated it’s no more dangerous than meeting someone at a bar. The other issues I can see being a turn off, though.
        Not that it’s a date, but one of my friends routinely asks to go for a walk rather than meet up for dinner/drinks/coffee. Fulfills the same purpose (time to hang out and chat) with the added benefit of being friendly to both our budgets and waistlines.

    • Late Rant: This is my mood today and I hope I can shake it off later: youtube.com/watch?v=wauFAtpSo7s

  • rave/rant: in Ireland, they have sheep dung spitting contests. yes, people put sheep poop in their mouth and see how far they can spit it. LOL weirdly fascinating and gross all at the same time.
    rave: I have a short week!
    rant: spent way too much money shopping yesterday. sigh

  • Rave: Had a lovely time visiting family with boyfriend. They liked him, the kiddos loved him, and he seemed to have a good time.
    Rant: Ate like crap, and feel bloated and fat. It’s hard to eat salads when I want carne asada.
    Rave: Phone interview today, and sending applications in tonight. It’s time to launch.
    Revel: Happy.

    • Can’t believe I forgot to mention my biggest revel: My missing friend was found, safe and well! There’s a lot more there, but my friend is alive and that’s all that matters to me.

  • Rant: came home to H Street in Friday evening and after circling for an eternity finally saw a truck pull out from a spot kitty-corner from my house. I park and as I’m turning off my car a guy pounds on my window to tell me I can’t park there. His friend (who just drove off) was “coming back from Home Depot with a lot of stuff” and needed to park in front of his house. I should have just parked and walked away, but I stupidly felt compelled to justify parking there by explaining that there were no other spots and that I lived there too. Guy got aggressive, standing in front of my door so I couldn’t get out of my car and telling me the guy had a right to park in front of his house. Then he decided to get racist and talk about clueless white newcomers (I’m white & I’ve lived in DC for 27 years). Eventually I stopped being polite, told him I would call the police if he kept it up, that you can’t save street parking and no one has a right to the spot immediately in front of their home unless they buy a permit like everyone else.

    Bonus: The a-hole, who was parked on the same street in a zoned resident-only spot, had Maryland tags.

    Double bonus: a-hole didn’t bother the male driver who parked behind me. Guess he thought he could harass a woman into moving.

    • Bravo to you for standing up to him!

    • RE: A-hole with MD tags in zoned parking — report the car to 311. They will come out and ticket, including in the evening. I reported one PA car (with expired tags, parked for 7+ days in front of my place), then spoke directly to a parking enforcement officer about the hordes of MD, VA, NY, NJ, FL, GA, PA cars on our block. They ticketed during the day, then were out one night at 10 p.m. Our block is back to that happy time where, yes, we can park in front of our houses most of the time.

      • Yep, did that too. Parking enforcement is here most days – MD tags in alleys, sidewalks (Horce & Dickeys) and pretty much wherever they’re not supposed to be. Tickets don’t seem to do much about deterring folks here, sadly.

    • Whoa, I’m sorry you went through that. I’d be scared too, good for you for standing up for yourself.

  • Bear

    Rant: Woke up at 4:00 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Again.
    Rant: Pregnancy hormones and feeling totally overwhelmed with decisions that need to be made & things that need to be done. Which contractor do we choose? Do we need to move out during renovations due to possible lead exposure? Should I switch OB practices/hospitals? Which birth class should I take? Why is our effing refinance taking so long? How much money do I need to be saving to make sure we’re okay on hospital bills, cost of a doula, birth classes, repaying the cost of my benefits while I’m on short term disability, and buying a car since we won’t be able to get by on one once the baby is here? And my husband seems to be dealing with some of his own shit so I’m kind of flying solo on these fronts lately, and barely keeping it together. Fun times.

    • I know you are not asking for advice, but from someone who has been there, I offer the following:
      -Move during the renovations if at all possible; lead aside (although that is a real concern) you will be so much more comfortable and the work will get done faster.
      -Only switch OBs/hospitals if you have a concrete concern about your current OB/hospital. If you do have a concrete concern, though, switch ASAP. I know people who have had good and bad experiences with every OB practice and every hospital in the area. There is no perfect place, and they are all pretty good.
      -Susan Messina’s birth class is good, but kind of overkill. We took her weekend class, and even that we too much. The class offered at Georgetown (which is also offered at GW and took all of 3 hours one weeknight) was much more to the point and helpful to us.
      -If you get a letter of medical necessity (which your OB should give you) your health insurance may well cover the cost of the doula. Mine did.

      • I had the opposite experience with Susan Messina’s birth class–and we did the older 6-8 week version (it was a few years ago, so I can’t remember how long it was). It may depend on what you’re going for birth-wise, though, and also how you’re feeling about it in advance.)

        • Bear

          I heard she came highly recommended, and since I would like to go for a natural birth (or as few interventions as possible), I think the classes would be good for both me and my husband. I looked at her site, unfortunately it’s just not convenient for us based on where she’s located (which is pretty much the same issue for all birth classes I’ve looked at – I can’t find anything that works for our schedule/location).

          • Yeah, the location (and schedule) wasn’t great for us either, but we found her classes to be very worth it, especially since my wife was very uneasy about the labor and delivery process ahead of time.

          • We had the same issue with schedule and location. You may want to contact her to see if there are weekend classes that are not yet scheduled. I did, and she was really kind. It turned out she had heard from a few other people, as well, and so added another session. We found the weekend class to be more than enough for us.

          • I loved her class….ended up with an emergency c anyway. I found the other people in the class the offputting part. Too many judgmental crunchy women lamenting about how the worst thing that could happen is their birth doesn’t go according to plan. Um…THAT’S the worst?

        • Agreed. We took Susan Messina’s class for our first, because we were planning natural birth with midwives. During the class, we liked all of the focus on emotions and talking though how to deal with various scenarios. During the labor/birth, though, we were wishing we had focused less on the emotional side and more on the technical basics. There was a lot going on, and our heads were just swimming with information. In retrospect, I think that (for us–everyone’s experience is different, of course) the money and time spent on Susan’s class would have been better put toward a more experienced doula.

          Anyhow, sorry, Bear. I remember being really stressed about all of these decisions, too. Hang in there.

      • Also–while the doula we used for our first was expensive and not nearly as helpful as she could have been, the doula we used for our second was AMAZING. She’s a lot newer (and a lot less expensive as a result), and we knew her already from when she was a medical assistant with the GW midwives before. But I had a “rather harrowing VBAC” with mtpbaby in the words of the midwife who worked with us for the delivery, and Lynn was great throughout. Let me know if you’d like her contact info.

    • We’re in the same boat, Bear! I’m struggling with the 4:00am wakeups and feeling overwhelmed with some decisions/finances too. I recently met up with a group of ladies all due between Sept-March in the Petworth/Brightwood area and it was a lot of fun. We just got a few more events on the calendar (brunches, dinners, and a movie) over the next couple of months, so feel free to have PoP connect us via email if you’re interested in joining the list. It’s not limited to a specific neighborhood; it’s just how we originally found each other. Or I’d be game to get together solo too! It’s nice to connect with others who are going through the same thing, even if we don’t have the answers, haha.
      Also, THANK YOU to the other parents who have offered some good advice here! Keep it coming ๐Ÿ™‚

      • ack! You all have just made me feel so far behind in this process. Need to sign up for classes, really really need to figure out daycare/nanny share stuff, oh and how to pay for it all. Eeks. A soon to be mother group sounds awesome. I keep telling myself oh I’m not due until Feb and now that Feb is close I’m like oh my lord. deep breaths. Oh also big time withthe up at 4am and not being able to sleep and also with some horrible hormonal acne. It’s awful. But I keep telling myself I can still work out and run so that’s my trade off ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I haven’t actually accomplished any of the things you mentioned –> have just been reading about them and stressing over them, HAHA. I’m due in early January ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s awesome that you’re working out and running – great stress relief! Ask PoP to connect us via email if you’re interested in joining the list of soon-to-be-new-moms. I”m sure that in the end, everything work out great! The hormones make us harder on ourselves than we should be!

        • The nanny share thing was a bit like looking for an apartment in DC; you can’t figure it out too far in advance, because no one really gets serious about it until a month or two out. Unless you need to go back to work right away, you can deal with setting up a nanny share once the baby is born.

          You can make yourself nuts trying to plan everything in advance (I know I did). If I were to do it all over again (which I definitely will not be doing!), I would content myself with finding a good doctor/midwife for me and a good pediatrician for my kid, a basic childbirth class, a crib/co-sleeper, some newborn diapers, and a copy of What to Expect the First Year (not because it’s the best, but because it covers the gamut adequately). Everything else is either outside of your hands, is unknowable, or can be figured out later.

          • Great advice, thanks ymous! I’ve figured this out too with the nanny share, it’s more of a game time thing. But now I’m in the what can I afford nanny share/day care situation before jumping right to the nanny share. You sound a little like my husband…it’ll all work out, which obviously drives me nuts when he says it, but I find it reassuring from you. Go figure. I do feel like I’ve got some of your list checked off and working on finding a doula, so I’ll consider today a success.

            sunnytime, I’ll be in touch!

      • Ooh, I would love to be connected to that same group (live in Petworth as well, due in December)! Definitely helps to talk to people going through the same thing!

  • Andie302

    Rant/rave: Attempted to consume all of the adult beverages available in New Jersey over the last 4 days.
    Rave: Such a blast with friends
    Rave: Good to come home last night too!
    Rant: My liver, stomach, and waistline are all competing for most damaged by your weekend at the Shore award
    Very random question: I was in a store this weekend and saw a gorgeous glass shadow box (both sides were glass, not just the front) framed like a picture, but instead it had graduated colors of sea glass glued to it. It was gorgeous, and it was $96, and there was no way I was buying it, but I would like to replicated it with my sea glass collection. Does anyone know where to find a double sided glass shadow box that can be hung like a frame on the wall? I was thinking of those butterfly mounting box things, but I must be using the google wrong, because I haven’t had any luck this morning.

  • Rave: So much fun horseback riding through Rock Creek Park with Spite Cupcakes! I really really really want to start taking riding lessons!
    Rant: But lessons are expensive, so we’ll have to see if it’s doable once I’ve moved to a new place. Maybe possible next spring, but we’ll see.
    Rave: Perfect weather all weekend.
    Rant: Except for the ragweed, which is now killing me. Had to break down and buy some emergency Zyrtec, and will be ordering a huge bottle from Amazon asap.
    Rant: Not sure if it’s my ear buds or my actual ears, but it seems as though sometimes my right earbud isn’t functioning OR my right ear gets inflamed and cannot fit earbuds in enough to let sound in….so confused!

    • LBP I’m laughing at your last rant. One of my earbuds stopped working a few months ago and I realized it was because the wire casing was cracking and the wiring was breaking with it. But it took me days to realize that’s what it was. Could this be a possibility?

      • no, because suddenly, now that the inflammation has gone down somewhat and I’m able to put my earbud in my right ear, I can hear sounds/music coming out of it….but a few days ago, when my roommate tried, she couldn’t hear anything either…so yeah, don’t know what is wrong!

    • FYI I’ve never found allergy meds cheaper than at Costco.

      • I don’t have a Costco membership : (

        • HaileUnlikely

          FWIW I have found that the Costco vs Next Cheapest Place cost differential on one single medication that I use regularly (Nasacort) more than makes up for the cost of an annual Costco membership all by itself. I don’t even have a car, but I get lots stuff from Costco shipped to me and some stuff delivered via Google Express.

          • I didn’t know they would ship you things! Hmmmm, I may need to look into this, then! Thanks, Haile!

          • HaileUnlikely

            FYI many of their products, especially large or heavy items, have ostensibly “free” delivery on their website, but they cost more on their website than they do in the store (i.e., shipping cost is clearly rolled into the price). If you get things delivered via Google Express, they charge the store prices, not the online prices. I use Google Express for enough other things that I can easily justify the cost of the annual Google Express membership. I still end up saving a substantial amount, not to mention the convenience, even after accounting for the Google Express membership and the Costco membership.

          • Also, LBP has a neighbor who goes there for dog food and booze and would be happy to do a joint trip should schedules work out.

          • Oh jeslett! I’d be happy to check schedules and see if a joint trip is feasible sometime!

  • Rant: Baby developed a cold this morning, and I’m that jerk that had to drop him off at daycare.
    Rant: So little leave that I don’t really have a choice. Working parent guilt sucks some times.
    Rave: Cool weather and lovely walk to the metro this morning.
    Rant: Metro was a clusterf*&% this am.
    Rave: At least I have very strong coffee to fuel me through this day.

    • If I never brought my kids to daycare when they had a runny nose, they would have occasionally gone weeks without going–especially in the winter. If he’s otherwise in good spirits, then don’t worry about it : )

      • I think every parent has been on both sides. The “if I kept him home every time he had a sniffle, I’d never leave the house” side, and on the “darn irresponsible parents who bring sick kids to school!!” side. I know I have. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rant: Back/nerve situation worsening. Can barely walk a block, sleep is challenging and getting in and out of a car can be torturous. The diagnosis process is dragging out (MRI Friday, wait two working days to call for follow-up appointment). As much as I loved drugs in my misspent youth, the prospects of getting on Vicodin alarms me, but not more than the prospect of another night like last night.
    Rant: Housekeepers quit. No idea how to find another set of reliable people. Last gang was recommended by the girlfriend, but they quit her, too (too much of a hassle driving into the city.
    Rant: Getting hot again.
    Rave: Maybe later.

  • Rave: My best friend’s wedding went wonderfully – it was an incredible celebration and so much fun. My speech went over really well (thank you all for your support and advice!!) and my lavender dress worked well with the others. He and his new husband are off on their honeymoon now and over the moon happy.
    Rant: Work. Terrible things at work.
    Rave: Lots of positive, fun memories to remind me of what really matters – friends, family, fun, dancing, love.
    Rant: Husband leaves for three weeks in Asia next weekend ๐Ÿ™

  • Rave: Two weeks in Montana and Wyoming- Glacier, Yellowstone and various places in between. The only charismatic mega fauna I didn’t see was a Lumberjack. Seriously, I saw black bears, moose, WOLVES(!!!!), bison, fox, coyote, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, pronghorn, elk, deer, bald eagles, osprey, trumpeter swans, and, oh yeah, a grizzly bear tearing at a bison carcass for two hours. It took me hours to emotionally recover from that last experience.
    Rave: I get so much more sleep and reading done when I have little to no internet.
    Rant: now I’m back with internet and went to be at midnight last night.
    Rave: my parents took stellar care of my dog and he had a blast.
    Rant: I think both he and I were sad to come home to a 1 BR condo after being spoiled at a good sized, suburban house with a deck, yard, someone to clean my car, etc. It’s like sliding doors, seeing what life would be like if I made other choices. My parents also bought a bag of dog food and hid it in my trunk, filled my gas tank, washed and vacuumed my car, changed my windshield wipers, and replaced a headlight bulb.
    Rave: knowing that I am a very luck person in many facets of life.

    • I love all these raves! I’m so happy you had a great time (and so did DOG!). I do understand that “sliding doors” feeling, wondering what might your life be like if you made other choices, but at least most of these choices can be altered – if I want to live in the suburbs, I can. If I want to change school districts, it is not going to affect anyone at all because I’m not tied to a kid or spouse or anything. So there is still a bit of freedom…don’t know if that helps you, but I know it helps me a bit, knowing I’m not completely tied down.

    • Also, I’ve been a bit out of loop, no internet and all, but what is timetable for getting that taco truck on my corner?
      And did someone drive into the side of EL Haynes middle school?

    • Ahh this is basically my dream vacation. I’ll have to ask you for some travel recommendations at the next PoPville happy hour. So happy to hear you had a great trip!

    • Emmaleigh504

      So glad you had a great trip, your pictures were amazing.

      • Thanks!
        It got so ridiculous at Yellowstone that our guide (I did a 4 day tour with the Yellowstone Association) could only laugh and make jokes about the animatronics he had put out in the fields. I’m pretty sure the only things we didn’t see were the three types of cats that live in the park, but they’re experts at not being seen.

    • The important question is, did you traipse or tramp around Montana, etc.?

      • Haha, I was waiting for that question. I had initially hoped there would be some tramping, however there was not, but I am totally okay with that. I joked before I left that my prioritized list of things to see was 1. Moose 2. Grizzly 3. Lumberjack.
        I think the pack of seven wolves playing, swimming, and tearing into an elk carcass displaced the lumberjack.
        While feasibly I could have met someone in person, though that is hard in the parks because most people are there as couples or already in groups of friends and there aren’t really central social locations, Tinder doesn’t really work in places where wifi is almost nonexistent. However, when I did have service I strangely matched with a guy who was also from DC and on vacation in the same place. But I was leaving at that point.

  • Rant: Having to replace my front door, unexpectedly
    Rave: Trip to Iceland is about a month away!

  • Rave; Super productive weekend yet still managed to carve out some time with the SO and a visit to DC. Also managed to hire a regular sitter, solving a major brewing problem.
    Rant: Sore from said productivity.
    Rant: My commute is slowly killing me.

  • Rave: Over 8 hours of sleep. That was wonderful.
    Rant: So much anxiety lately.
    Rant: So we have reserved parking at our place. Each house is given 2 spots. But since we have only 1 car, it seems everyone thinks our spare spot is up for grabs, which annoys the hell out of me since then have to have our guests park in the guest lot on the next street. I just find it so rude especially since it’s usually our neighbors allowing their guests to do that (and we would never allow our guests to reciprocate… it’s usually the first thing I check when someone comes over). So frustrating.

    • skj84

      Have you spoken to your neighbors about parking in your spot? Or maybe ask management to send out a blanket statement reminding people not to use spots that aren’t there own. Its not fair your guests have to park in the guest lot when you have your own spot.

    • I know this is harsh, but if talking fails get the cars towed. I had to do this when an anonymous car blocked my space (No one moved it after warning emails). Doing so quickly solved the issue, and I’ve never had it come up again.
      You could also park in the middle of both spaces if you want to continue the nicer route, but one car tow would let everyone know you mean business.

      • skj84

        Agree, though I’d probably park in both spots first. That’s pretty genius actually. Just move the car when friends come in. Of course you may have to jump on moving it back into both spots when they leave.

  • Rave: dear friends (and godparents to mtpkiddo) asked us to be their daughter’s godparents over the weekend : ) Very touched.
    Rave: mtpbaby has successfully eaten small quantities of yogurt and some mac & cheese with no obvious ill effects–perhaps just a bit more gas?
    Rave: saw Kurios over the weekend and it was AMAZING! One of the better cirques that I’ve seen.
    Rave: I think I’m down to 7 weeks of pumping. Not that I’m counting or anything : )
    Rave: Met a couple of the parents of kids in mtpkiddo’s class at the playground yesterday. Looking forward to building those relationships. Mtpkiddo was so excited to see a couple of her new friends out and about–and it is also nice to be able to refer to some of them by name when encouraging her about going to school in the morning.

  • Rave: I was actually looking forward to coming to work today. I’ve been in my new job since January and the honeymoon is definitely over but I am still excited about what I do and like my colleagues. I’m pretty good about leaving at 5 (unless I actually have things to do that need to be done before the next day) and about not replying to non-urgent emails after business hours. I kept waiting for someone to tell me that this was contrary to office culture, but… everyone respects it and, for the most part, does the same. I actually emailed a senior colleague last night in preparation for a meeting this morning and her OOO said “I will be away from the office for the week and will not be able to check emails while gone. I will return all messages on Tuesday, September 6.”
    Rant: That all of this is surprising. My old boss/team would NEVER have accepted an OOO message like that. It took me six months in this new job to realize that just because I wasn’t overwhelmed doesn’t mean I’m not working hard. My last job told me that I’m not pulling my weight unless I feel like I’m drowning, always afraid I’m going to drop the ball on something, and available all the time. It sucks that that’s acceptable office culture at so many places.

    (We’re not curing cancer here.)

    • I love this! My co-workers sound like your old place, and it’s sucking them all dry. I try to hard to draw the line and be reasonable in terms of hours and stress, but it takes constant vigilance. I can get as much down in 40 hours as some of them do in 70, and I chose to work 40 hours. There’s no reason to work all the hours God gave us.

  • Rave: Went to the endocrinologist this morning to find out that my thyroid is OK. I also learned that I lost 10 lbs.! I now have 45lbs. to go before I reach my goal weight.
    Rave: Will be touring the White House next week. So excited!
    Rant: My mother is guilting me into calling my sister. We don’t talk often. We haven’t really been too close since she left home for college. my mother is getting older and is hinting that she’d like to see her children be close before she dies. (Keep in mind she’s in pretty good health at 72.)
    Rant: Supposed heat wave this week even though it’s September. I moved away from Alabama to get away from this type of weather.

  • rant: Had a bad encounter with an older lady at Congressional Cemetery this weekend. I took my dog to run off some energy and her dog and mine went to greet each other and she came over screaming and swatting at my dog which he reacted to by running around thinking she is playing and got her wet (that’s not how you act with dogs, don’t ever try to hit other people’s dogs). Immediately after this I put him back on his leash and she proceeds to start screaming and cursing at me for my dog running around too fast and how I don’t belong there (On a day pass, apparently she’s a long tenured member). I just came to enjoy the weather and have my dog play with the other dogs, her problem was that her dog is apparently aggressive and can’t interact with other dogs. Anyway, stressed all weekend about it. SN: Anyone not crazy belong there so I don’t feel alone? I have generally had good encounters there but now feeling like I don’t want to go back, to the detriment of my dog’s happiness.

    rave: Apparently, I came off as the reasonable calm one in the encounter.
    rave: Beautiful weekend, great weather. Feeling rejuvenated at work.

    • Lots of questions here (since I am not familiar with the location): Are dogs allowed off leash at Congressional Cemetery? Was her dog also off-leash? Normal people know not to swat at other people’s dogs but it is also possible that she truly did not expect an off-leash dog to approach her dog if it’s against the rules, in which case, I’d say she had some right to be upset.

      • Strangely enough. it’s an off-leash park, her dog was off leash as well.

        • Ah, well in that case I would also be really confused about why she’d be irritated. I generally don’t like off-leash dogs that I’m unfamiliar with so I avoid off-leash places — and I’d hope she’d do the same in the future. You’re not crazy.

    • She’s in the wrong. If her dog can’t handle being off leash with other dogs then she can’t bring it places where there are other dogs off leash. Good luck getting her to understand that though.
      My dog can handle it, but has a lower threshold for rough play and jumping than other dogs, so if we go to the park and there are dogs there that just want to jump on him and play and won’t leave him alone when he tries to set boundaries, we leave. Off leash places like dog parks are for dogs to run around and play.
      I get it though, this is an expensive city and tons of people don’t have private space, but do need to exercise their dogs. But she really should have realized she was the problem, not you.

  • Rant: There’s supposed to be a big meeting at work today to discuss the aftereffects of an office incident between two colleagues two Fridays ago. Team camaraderie very severely frayed for all of us. Management seems mystified about why anyone other than the two would care, although its their needlessly harsh response to the incident that has done the most harm. I don’t care for drama, but ignoring things isn’t always the best solution, so I hope the meeting happens.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Need to do something about my mornings. I’m finding it difficult to get up on time and then I’m rushed all morning. I go to bed at a reasonable hour, why can’t I wake up.
    Rant: Finally decided to get off my butt and make some delicious jam and the store was out of nectarines. No jam for the long winter.
    Rave: 3 day weekends are the best.

    • If you discover the secret to getting in gear in the mornings, let me know! I went to bed early, got up at 5:50 and STILL couldn’t manage to get out my door before 7:45. what the hell?!

    • topscallop

      Can you take care of the things you’re rushing around doing the night before instead? I always mean to do this and am not often very good at it. For example, I spent this morning putting away clean laundry, preparing my lunch and breakfast for the day, and packing my gym bag and stuff to bring to BFs house so I can stay there the rest of the week. Had I done those things yesterday like I meant to, I could have gotten to work on time and probably would have remembered to pack my new library book. Oh well!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I do prepare everything the day before so I’m rushing doing normal stuff like showering and getting dressed. I just need to wake up earlier and get my butt out of bed.

    • It seems counter-intuitive, but for me I found that it was easier to get up earlier. I used to drag myself out of bed around 6:30/6:45. But I’ve found that I feel better if I get up at 5:45/6 – that must be when my REM cycle ends. It’s still hard to get up that early, since the bed feels extremely comfy at that hour, but I feel more alert all day if I can pull it off. Try experimenting with different wake-up times.

      • Emmaleigh504

        hmmm this may be my problem. I tend to wake up briefly about an hour before I need to be up. Maybe that’s what time I should get up.

  • Rave: It’s not Monday.
    Rave: Heard back from the job prospect that had gone radio silent and it’s not bad news. Hoping for better news later.
    Rant: Someone threw up in the hallway by my apartment this weekend… the stain is still annoying me.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Now through November is going to be crazy busy at work.
    Rant: Seersucker is packed away.
    Rant: Mr. Zelda’s midlife crisis car.
    Rave: Mr. Zelda’s midlife crisis car.

  • Rave: Lovely weekend up in Toronto until..
    Rant: Came back to find out that husband’s brand new bike was stolen over the weekend (from a secure garage, U-locked) – if anyone sees a grey-green Cannondale 2016 mountain bike pop up for sale anywhere, please let me know.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Mrs. IDGIโ€™s safe deposit box was drilled Friday and no will was found. Buckle up!
    Rave-ish: Today is the first meeting with the estate attorney. I suggested that IDGI Sr have the attorney teleconference me in but I can only be there for the first half hour.

    • oh boy! Is Mrs. IDGI’s will going to pop up anywhere? Or was the pretty much the only place she would have put it, if she had one? Good luck with everything! I feel bad for saying this but I’m anxiously awaiting new installments of this crazy saga!

      • I Dont Get It

        Two of her kids searched the house rather thoroughly for it before the funeral and couldnโ€™t find anything so it was assumed that it was in the safe deposit box but they couldnโ€™t find the key to that either. One daughter (not one doing the searching) was assumed to have been written out of the will thus the interest. Iโ€™m surprised there is no will since she was a business woman and seemed to have her stuff together. However Iโ€™ve also learned that despite being told for years that there was a pre-nup it was more of an oral pledge before marriage that his stuff was his and hers was hers, so who knows. I think everyone assumed that since she was 14 years younger she would out live him. I did.

        • That One Guy

          It’s a looong shot but maybe check her Rolodex to see if she had any attorneys listed there. You could get lucky and find someone who drafted up the will or has a copy. Also check for a bank safety deposit box.

        • My parents have their will filed at the county courthouse. I don’t know what “normal” is for wills, or if it changes by location, but it’s worth calling.

    • I’m not an estate attorney, and I know it varies by state, but if she died without a will won’t it all just go to your dad as her spouse? I thought that’s how most intestate laws worked. And if there is no will, then there is nothing for the child/children to contest – right?

      • Usually children get a piece, but as you mentioned, it varies by state.

      • HaileUnlikely

        You’d be surprised by the extent of the state-to-state variation. In DC, for example, if a married person with a living spouse and living *parents* dies without a will, it doesn’t all automatically go to the spouse; the *parents* get a cut of certain things.

  • Rave: Took the pups to a dog friendly winery and barn this weekend! So awesome to see our great dane meet a mini horse (he IS in fact, larger)
    Rant: had to work yesterday, booooooo.
    Rave: mom (and potentially brother, too) is coming this weekend for a visit! Anyone have a really great meal lately, and have a place to recommend? We’ve have some good meals together on past visits (Chez Billy, Thai X-ing, Zaytinya, Thip Khao

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