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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Still waiting to hear about early dismissal from work for the holiday weekend.
    Rave: Have heard from colleagues their offices are getting early dismissal and other agencies are getting REALLY early dismissal. Is this true?! There is hope!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Working from home.
    Rave: Early dismissal.
    Rant: I love having the pup keep me company while I work, but he can be such a little jerkface.
    Rave: The kitties are never jerkfaces.

  • rave: I get out 3 hours early. helllll yeah!
    rant: kid called me “stupid bitch” for no reason this morning. I said “I’m not stupid, but yeah, I can be a bitch.”
    rave: my reply confused him and he went away

    • Good job on the fast reply! I’m usually too stunned / freaked when a total stranger lashes out, so the fact that you were able to confuse him (but not anger him further) is great, in my book!

      • lol i kind of stole a page from a friend of mine. he was called a “stupid fag” once and he replied “i’m actually pretty smart!” which also befuddled his name caller


      • lol, I love that you had the presence of mind to come up with a witty comeback! My comeback in such situations is usually “fuck you”…. not always the best idea, but it just tumbles out of my mouth before I can think.

    • LOVE LOVE your reply.

    • LOL and nice going!

  • Bear

    Rave: Submitted a beast of a proposal yesterday. Very happy that it’s done, and more happy that it came out really well. Fingers crossed for a win.
    Rant: So. Tired. I definitely can’t pull the late nights working like I could pre-pregnancy. It kicked the crap out of me. Also doesn’t help that back issues are starting to kick in and I can’t get comfortable enough to sleep well.
    Rave: Working form home and doing all my calls from the couch, in my PJs.
    Rave? I saw the baby’s movements from outside my belly. Kinda weird, but also so cool!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: no early dismissal for us lowly contractors
    Rave: contractor working the reference desk so I don’t have to fill in when the feds leave. I hate working the reference desk.
    Rave: feeling good today.

  • Rant: Relationship, job, life paralysis. Going on two years of a LDR (out of almost 5 total) with no end in sight soon. Neither of us want to settle where he currently is (and there aren’t any job opps for me there) and I go from being sick of DC and politics to really liking my job and wanting to see what next year brings….but that just adds more time and I don’t know for how long I can go with only seeing him for a few days every few months. I know there needs to be a conversation, but I don’t know what I want out of it. Ok rant over. Ugh.

    • dcgator

      Yikes, man. That is very tough. Seems like every time you rant about being sick of DC politics, you could be giving life to your SO thinking you’ll move to where he is? The hardest part is getting up the nerve to have that conversation, I know. Once it’s over, and (hopefully) some kind of resolution has been come to, you’ll have that sigh of relief.

    • Is it possible for you guys to up the visitation? Seeing each other more often may alleviate some of the stress.

    • I would recommend having the conversation anyway without knowing what you want out of it. Or look at it this way: what you want out of the conversation is to say what you’re feeling. That’s something important in and of itself.

      • Yeah, it’s hard to say what I’m feeling, when I’m not even sure what I’m feeling. And upping the visits is tough because we’re on completely opposite schedules on opposite coasts. He owns a restaurant, so basically weekends are the busiest time and getting away is really hard, and I work on the Hill with limited vacations dictated by congressional and election schedules. I know I gotta just do it. I’m sure it’ll at least give me some sigh of relief.

    • Seems like this has an easier answer than otherwise because he does not want to settle where he currently is. So he needs to start planning to sell up and move elsewhere. And you need to make a decision about your job and/or DC and decide if you want to stick it out here, or move elsewhere. Then you can both move on together – around here, or closer to here in his case to allow more visitation, or elsewhere together in a place you can both work. That is, assuming you have reached the point of making a commitment to be together, which you didn’t say either way. It seems you are reaching the point in your relationship where you guys need to make a decision on that, too, or else you need to break up and move on.

  • Rant: the clusterf*ck that is Metro sometimes amazes me. How are we the capital city of the US? Seriously.
    Rave: Nice time with friend learning to knit. It’s great to have something to do with my hands besides rip my cuticles to shreds! Although it’s also anxiety producing and slightly overwhelming for a beginner like myself.
    Rant: Jealous to hear of all these folks with their early dismissals. Don’t think that’s happening for us, and even if it is, I’ll just be bringing my computer home early! Grrr!
    Rant: Still haven’t decided if I should cancel horseback riding on Sunday, since this storm is supposed to be moving through. I can put up with drizzly, but if it’s going to be really raining, ugh! Guess I’ll call the place and see what their thoughts are…
    Rave: THREE DAY WEEKEND almost here!
    Rant: Will be working a large portion of that weekend. Ah well.

    • Quotia Zelda

      If it’s a lesson, do they have an indoor ring? If it’s a trail ride, I’d be inclined to cancel.

      • Trail ride. The temperature should be lovely – it’s the uncertainty of rain or not that’s irking me. But they seem like a good group, so I think I’m not going to cancel and just wait for them to decide Sunday morning, because if the weather is too iffy, they’ll cancel.

  • That One Guy

    Rave: Saw an ad in the metro saying that a new rock climbing gym is opening up in Crystal City. Yay for a metro accessible rock walls.

    • skj84

      Earthtreks, and its already open! I’m really excited to check it out, I’ve been meaning to give rock climbing a try. They are having a grand opening party on September 10th.

    • My husband has been a couple of times to the new Earthtreks and reports that it’s amazing. Huge, not crowded and beautifully designed.

  • Rant (real one): New Baby Kitty scratched one of the kids last night, probably accidentally, but pretty bad nonetheless. Her father– who only tolerates pets for the sake of his womenfolk– is furious, and suggested that the cat be declawed or gone. Putting me in the rhetorical position of putting the cat’s welfare above that of the child. I expect it will blow over, but…
    Rant: It was so troubling that I woke up at 3:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep.
    Rant (irrational): The vanity plate reading SUPBRAH
    Rant (perpetual): How old do I have to get before the catcallers quit??
    Rant: Feeling this cranky on such a beautiful day
    Rave: Dogs playing fetch in the park.
    Query: Anyone know where I can get raclette cheese?

    • Do you trim nbk’s claws regularly? You can also get claw covers that can help on that front, though I have no idea how one gets them on. My sister (a vet) says they work well, but we’ve never tried.

      • He used to be really chill about having his claws cut, but less lately. And as big as he is, he can fight me. We did the claw caps when he was little and destroying furniture. It’s $25 to have the vet put them on, and they never stay on well when I do it, so I guess that’s what I’ll do if my husband needs placating.

        • Can you get them done gradually while he sleeps? I’m also not above wrapping a cat in a burrito with just one paw out to get the job done if I need to–but that’s jut me.

          • yup! Cat burrito, one at a time while she sleeps – all those options can help get the job done without putting you at unnecessary risk of being scratched to pieces!

          • Emmaleigh504

            And give treats! My old, scratchy cat learned to be calm and let me cut her nails b/c I gave her treats. She also demanded treats when I clipped my own nails b/c it made the same noise.

          • Emmaleigh, your cat wanted treats when YOU cut your nails too?! That is hilarious! I have done the treats, trying to get the cat used to me handling her foot, etc. Nope. She’s not going for it. I can’t get her to associate treats with the nail clippers. The only thing that really works is the “one-at-a-time-sneak-up” move, it’s so time consuming and frustrating!

          • Emmaleigh504

            I started with the sneak up and clip a few nails and give treats, and gradually increased the number of claws I clipped. It took some time, but I eventually was able to clip all her claws at one go.

          • That is the only way I could ever trim my cat’s nails. Or can you dope NBK with catnip first? Some cats get wired on it; others chill out.

        • I discovered after getting my cat that she didn’t like having her claws clipped. None of the remedies people suggested to me at the time were working.
          After the first two months or so, I discovered that if I try to clip her claws while she’s eating her beloved wet food, I can usually clip 1-3 claws per meal.
          This was a few years ago. For the past several months I’ve also been giving her a treat every time she allows me to clip a nail, but I’m not sure she’s made the connection yet. (Or maybe she has, but is still reluctant to submit to the nail-clipping.)

          • Suggested remedies that did not work for my cat:
            – claw-clipping when she was sleeping (she’d immediately become alert and fight me)
            – the “purrito”/burrito method (I couldn’t figure out how to get her into a towel such that I could have access to a paw without her wriggling out completely.)

          • Ha, we have a cat back home we call the Guerrilla Cat (actually Gata Guerrillera in Spanish, has a better ring to it). I’m pretty sure she sleeps with one eye open. We’ve never been able to clip her claws. The minute anyone gets close, she swats and runs away. She doesn’t really care much for food. She’s the kind of cat that takes a few bites and then is on her way. It doesn’t help that she’s also kitten sized despite being almost ten years old. That tiny jerk can run fast and get into the most cramped places. Total difference from my fat cat. I can do a whole paw while she’s asleep before she even notices and I can finish up most of the second paw before she gets the motivation to do anything about it.

    • Do not declaw the cat. That is so inhumane.

      • Helpful, thanks!

      • skj84

        agree. Its like cutting off a humans fingers.

      • YES, this. Absolutely. Really nasty practice.

      • Sigh. No where did I suggest that I was considering declawing the cat. I said that I am in the position of defending a cat’s well-being over the well-being of our human offspring, and the knee-jerk hysteria here is not alleviating that difficulty AT ALL.

        • sorry–misread the tone of your above post–thought the extra opinions/material were helpful in explaining the issue to your husband, who may not understand what is involved in the procedure. Sarcasm didn’t come through.

          • No, it’s cool. I’m so tired, and upset about the cat/kid thing.
            The fact is, I don’t know exactly what happened, because the kid started yelling, then the dad started yelling, and kids are lousy witnesses anyway, and there were emotions of the sort that lead otherwise rational people to suggest that we cut a cat’s toes off.
            But I’m sure most people can imagine an argument that goes
            “Declawing cats is cruel!”
            “Exposing small children to animals that draw blood is cruel! So which one matters more to you, the cat or the kid?”
            (not verbatim; shortened and dramatized)

          • So how about a lead on raclette? Anyone? 😉

          • Yeah, I can imagine that. Perhaps cooler minds can prevail in a calmer time. And perhaps kids need a little more training on leaving cats be if they don’t want to be messed with–or being more aware of when the cat might want space.
            As for the raclette–try calling Each Peach on Mt Pleasant. They might have a lead or be able to order it for you. I don’t know why I think they’ll have it, but it seems like the kind of thing they’d be able to help with.

          • At least back in December, Cheesetique in the Del Ray section of Alexandria was advertising raclette. You could give them a call and see if they still have it.

        • But, but, but, knee-jerk hysteria is Popvillagers’ stock in trade! You don’t expect calm, reasoned advice from . . . the internet, do you? 🙂

    • houseintherear

      Dude, it *never ends.* I am mid-30s, getting wrinkles, fat as hell, wear crocs almost every day if that gives any indication of my personal style, and the cat calling is constant. It’s so uncomfortable and awful.

      • houseintherear

        And as an animal rescue volunteer, I beg you to please not declaw the cat. Cats can be trained in very similar ways to dogs. A spray bottle is a great simple way to start. Please reach out to WHS/WARL behaviorists because they are wonderful and can help!

      • saf

        50 and frumpy here and indeed, it never ends.

    • We go through something similar… So hates my dog. She’s a dachshund, and terrible for going in the house and not through lack of training, proper toileting, walking, or anything else. She is just on those dogs who will go outside, do her business, and come straight inside and do it again. There have been many threats to get rid of her, and none of them have ever been followed through on. Hopefully your DH will just blow over.
      In case it does not, is there any chance at reasoning with him? Was kiddo playing with nbk and it just got out of hand or something like that?

      • Have you tried fake grass? If dog is going inside no matter what, maybe that would keep it better contained.

        • On a similar note… perhaps try training the dachshund to use a litterbox indoors? I’ve heard of this sometimes working well with small dogs.

        • I don’t think grass would work for her. She hates grass and prefers to go on concrete anyway. But, I do keep puppy pads down and she will go on them 90% of the time until one day (or hour) she just says to herself “oh! clean carpet! lemme take care of that for you….”

    • saf

      I have bought raclette at Righteous Cheese. Also at Wegmans. Also at Fresh Fields.

  • skj84

    Rave: Three day weekend! I’m going to organize my room, and get my food/work out plan set. And catch up on sleep.
    Rant: Spent way too much money on vacation last week. And I have two additional trips coming up. Tight pursestrings for the rest of the month.

  • Rant – Picking up the slack for my loser coworker. Grrrr
    Rave? – Upcoming interview for a job in Burlington VT which is scary/exciting. I’ve only been there a few times on vacation and loved it, but I image living there is way different.
    Rave! – Three day weekend!

  • Rant: Crappy week at work, crazy schedule week at home. I feel like I am crawling towards the finish line this Friday just so I can lay on the other slide.
    Rave: Heading ‘home’ this weekend! Can’t wait to spend some quality time with some of my favorite people! I need a break from suburbia. Also planning on trying out Swampoodle and hoping the weather cooperates.
    Rant: I am now officially one of those super over-scheduled moms. Two kids in soccer, one in gymnastics, and one in swimming. Jesus Christ, what have I done to myself. It all seemed like a great idea at the time, but with everything starting next week I am now seriously, seriously kicking myself.

  • Rave: Crazy, interesting read http://www.latimes.com/projects/la-me-framed/

  • rant: I want to install a fence – a wood one that replaces a chain link. Per my reading of DCRA, I can’t get a postcard permit for this. So does that mean I have to go in person to DCRA for this? Also – there is no documentation of what I would need to bring for this permit, so this almost assures it will mean TWO trips to DCRA. Ugh. Any insights?

    • Go straight to the homeowner’s center at DCRA–other offices may not direct you there, but that’s the place that will get you all squared away.

    • Be prepared with graph paper and measurements. If necessary you can draw out what you are planning while you are there… They were really helpful for our kitchen remodel permits.

    • When we did that same exact thing (replaced chain link with wood) we got a postcard permit per our contractor’s instructions.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Bonus Rave: Middle Zelda passed her road test, so there’s a new Maryland driver in the world!

  • Rave: This amazing weather! I hope it holds over the weekend.
    Rave: Delicious, homemade iced coffee this morning.
    Rave: Baby Artie is getting better at going down for naps (or maybe I am just getting more skilled).

  • Rave: Thanks for all the great Rehoboth suggestions! We had a great time and soaked up the perfect weather – only complaint was that the getaway was too short!
    Rave: Three-day weekend!
    Rant: Too much to do at work before the weekend finish line…

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