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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • houseintherear

    Happy Nat’l Cousins Day, PoPville!

  • dcgator

    Rave: Kind of a perfect pic for my Rave, getting to perform at Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage last night! Definitely a goal of mine, so check and check.
    Rave: The amount of love and support from friends who came out/watched online. Makes a boy feel loved.
    Rant: Family concerns kind of bringing me down after such a fantastic night. Or maybe it’s just the rain?

  • Rant: It feels like 75% of bars and restaurants who have double doors lock the door on the left, forcing inbound and outbound people to share the other door. This is inexplicable and while not a monumental obstacle, the aggregate effect over time — without any clear benefit to the business whatsoever — darkens my mood, if only for an instant.

    • palisades

      It forces people to have manners and hold the door for others. I’m all for it!

    • I’d guess this has more to do with the movement of hot/cold air than anything else (i.e. to save on electricity).

      • skj84

        and to prevent people from cluelessly propping the door open, blasting the poor host who usually isn’t wearing anything heavier than a sweater with cold air. Yes, I’m still bitter and I haven’t hosted in 2 years. #formerhostess

  • skj84

    Rave:Side gig confirmed! Nice to be able to pick up extra cash.
    Rant: Still on the fence on my haircut. Its cute but not the easiest to manage. And not humidity friendly.
    Query: I want to get into better shape. While I have the exercise plan down, the eating healthy part is a bit of an issue. I never really used to look at labels/plan meals and its biting me in the ass as my metabolism has decreased. What are some good meal/dietary planing sites to check out? I don’t want to go on a diet, I would be miserable, but I do need to eat better. I figure moderation is key. I need a way to start.

    • I recently got a standing desk at work, and although my feet are a little tender at the end of the day, I think (I hope) it’s helping with core strength and overall energy level. It definitely helps my focus at work.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        This may finally inspire me to get one!! Where did you get yours?

      • I have a varidesk and used it all the time the first few months I got it. But now I’m back to my old habit of sitting and I hardly use it anymore. This needs to change!

      • I have a new office and a fancy new desk that has variable heights. In theory, it’s great. In practice, the cables that attach the monitors to the computer aren’t long so that I can make it a standing desk. Getting long chords has proven impossible. So, after spending God knows what on these desks, and making a huge to-do about the health benefits (“Stand for one hour a day, and you’ll feel like a new person!”) – nada. Sit your a$$ in your chair and like it.

      • Andie302

        Accountering broke something using an up and down feature on a new standing desk the FIRST DAY in their new office. He was that guy..the subject of the office email that said “please be sure to clear a path when lowering your standing desk so that you avoid x,y, and z being broken”

    • Focus on whole foods, rather than packaged snacks and meals. For cooking dinner sometimes I’ll just google the ingredients I have on hand and choose a recipe. For example: onions, peppers, chicken, and rice.

      • dcgator

        +1. Try to pay attention to your groceries when you’re shopping. See if most of them come in packages or not. J always try to be aware of how many of the items in my basket are packaged vs. not.

    • I get my dinner recipes from an online source called The Fresh 20 — every week they send me 5 recipes for dinners for 1 and a shopping list of twenty(ish) ingredients. It’s not a diet — but there is a focus on whole grains, vegetables, and overall balanced meals, nothing processed. If you’re not used to cooking & making your own meals, it’s a great way to start.

      • skj84

        Thanks! I’ll check it out!

      • This sounds really cool. I haven’t heard of it. In your opinion do the recipes take a lot of time? I grocery shop every saturday and food prep my lunches of the week on sundays but dinners always trip me up because I don’t want to spend an hour every night preparing.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I love your new haircut, too bad it’s high maintenance.

      • skj84

        Thanks! I just need to get used to it. I’m going to see how it looks when I style it curly, it might be easier to manage.

    • i really like weight watchers. down 10 lbs so far after starting in july (without a lot of exercise). I don’t look at it as a diet…i can still eat/drink all the things (pizza, chicken wings, beer, wine). but attaching point values to the foods puts into perspective how often i indulge in those favorite foods/drink and what size portions I eat . To stay within point range I’m definitely eating healthier and have increased my fruit and veggie consumption significantly.

    • I’d recommend the app, MyFitnessPal — it’s free and you enter your weight and your lifestyle, etc. It decides how many calories you should eat a day in order to lose weight. You can add recipes or search foods – it has everything! Also, you add your exercise so it’s a motivation to work out as well.

      • The thing I don’t like about food trackers is that they almost encourage you to eat packaged foods, with an easy-to-scan barcode. If you cook a lot, it’s super time consuming (and inaccurate) to enter each ingredient of each dish you make. Was that one or two tablespoons of olive oil? This sauce needs more wine, but I don’t know how to modify the entry… that sort of thing.

        • +10000 yes, this is soooo difficult – it’s way easy to scan the barcode of pre-packaged foods, but if you mostly never eat pre-packaged foods, trying to input the recipe is extremely time consuming and you have no idea how accurate or not it is…

          • I don’t think recipe logging is THAT difficult, but what’s worse is when you eat out at a restaurant that’s not a big chain (i.e. most restaurants in DC) and you have to wildly guess.

        • Fair point, though I’ve found using the “bulk import” option on MFP to not be a huge hassle. Most ingredients match up and you’re not typing in every little thing. If you tend to cook similar things often then after a while most of your regular recipes will already be in there.
          Regarding getting healthier, a few things that helped in the past:
          1) Logging/tracking your food and exercise (like others said). This helped me learn how to adjust my normal recipes so that they’re healthier without compromising on taste
          2) At dinner eat a side salad first before going to your entree (you won’t eat as much of it)
          3) Work on truly stopping to eat when you’re full. It’s harder than it sounds, we get so used to eating until we nearly burst
          4) Try to make at least half of your plate vegetables, if not more. Experiment with vegetarian recipes (if you’re not already vegetarian, that is)
          5) Put snacks/candy somewhere hidden and hard to reach. You’ll have them when it’s really needed, but the extra effort helps you resist.
          6) When you cook a big recipe, portion out the leftovers into individual single-serve containers. It’s an easy lunch and if it’s already portioned out it’ll be harder to overeat.

          • “Put snacks/candy somewhere hidden and hard to reach. You’ll have them when it’s really needed, but the extra effort helps you resist.”
            It’s never really needed though. I’m not saying get rid of them altogether, though maybe that’s not a bad idea. But this mentality that certain foods are *necessary* but need to be *resisted* is part of the difficulty. I would say if you need to “hide” foods to resist them then you should go a step further and just admit you don’t need them and then don’t get them in the first place.

        • Yup, and it’s even more difficult if you’re not the one not cooking. Kind of a pain asking one’s significant other, “Could you please tell me what’s in this so I can keep track of my daily calories?”

          On the other hand, I lost 20-25 lbs using the tracker for about 8 months. Basically I learned that the easiest way for me to lose weight is to cut down on alcohol consumption,

  • Can I get a recommendation for your absolute most favorite ethnic restaurant in the area? (Not Ethiopian. Anything else.) Looking for inexpensive and authentic. And for a change, I’m willing to leave the District to find something exceptional.

  • Rant: Coworker making a lame joke about milk for my coffee as I’m putting up my just pumped breast milk. Not funny, dude. Really, not funny.
    Rave: If that’s the worst of my rants this week, I am doing more than ok.
    Rave: Amazing coffee this morning thanks to taking the effort to grind beans before bringing them into work.
    Rave: I really hope that the weather holds this weekend and we don’t get a ton of rain from the tropical storm.

    • I’m hoping for good weather, too, artemis! I’m supposed to go horseback riding on Sunday, and I’d rather not do it in the pouring rain! Also, ew on your co-worker!

      • Oh I hope the weather holds for you. I used to ride when I was a kid, and I miss it so much. Have fun!

        And I completely agree with your assessment re: my coworker. Ew.

    • Your rant sounds like my coworker who is FULL of inappropriate comments. I’m sorry you had to have that thrown at you this morning.

  • question: anyone have recommendations for a good tailor/seamstress? I am getting married next year (!) and found a dress that I love but it needs some alterations. in the little bit of research I have done so far it seems like there is a significant up-charge for using a bridal specialty shop. we are having a small wedding and paying for it ourselves so we are trying to stay on a budget. (for example: the dress was $140 on revolve dot com – I don’t want to spend $500+ on alterations) I think it just needs to be hemmed and taken in a little slightly at the bust.

  • Rave: nice evening at Timber Pizza chowing down and enjoying a summary of a friend’s picture-taking trip in a rather exotic locale!
    Rant: FML. 2:30 a.m. fire alarm forced me and a billion other people out of our apartments. Then, just as I was about to fall back asleep around 3:30, fire alarms went off again – only for about 30 seconds this time, but it was enough to have me jump out of my bed in fear and rage, searching for my pants! I know I should be glad it was a false alarm, but holy sh!t this is ridiculous. I feel so sick to my stomach from lack of sleep…
    Rave: Gonna meet up with a friend tonight so she can teach me some beginner’s knitting stuff. I want to make some things for my brother’s baby.

  • Rant: click-bait headlines on the right side of the Washington Post website–almost universally sad or horrifying stories. Generally one-off instances of violence/abuse/whatever.
    Rave: mtpkiddo, while reluctant to head to the bus, had a much easier drop-off experience. Whew!
    Rant: Supply seems to be inching down. I’m resigned on the formula front, but can’t help being frustrated.
    Rant: mtpbaby is much more attached to milk than table food compared to how his sister was. I hope he’s not too pissed about being offered formula–chances are that’s going to be necessary starting this week.
    Rave: Realized he likely had a couple of foods that had some dairy in them by accident in the last couple of weeks, apparently without incident. Testing with yogurt this weekend–fingers crossed he’s starting to be able to tolerate dairy!
    Rave: Getting sh!t done at work.

    • I empathize about the supply issues. Daycare just asked me to bump up Baby Artie’s bottles because he’s hungry after feedings (he seems to have dropped an overnight feed, so it makes sense). But I also don’t know if I’m going to be able to keep up with him if he gets chowing down at this rate. Why does it make one feel so crappy? Ultimately though, a fed baby is best. Maybe try doing half formula/half breast milk in a bottle to get mtpbaby acclimated to the taste. Good luck!

      • I think for working moms especially, the ability to keep up one’s supply while also working, commuting, and all that jazz is a badge of honor. I know at least for me, when I was keeping up, it made me feel in someway like that working-mom guilt was alleviated because I was still doing something for my baby that their other caregiver(s) couldn’t. I was only able to breastfeed exclusively from start to weaning with one of the kids, and to this day, I am very proud of that. But they other two are no worse for wear either.
        You guys are both awesome – just keep going, take it a day at a time, and try not to focus too much on what seems like a dwindling supply.

      • When we introduced the formula a few weeks ago, he seemed to take it as is–and unfortunately, I don’t have enough extra milk for the half/half combo if he rejects that. So we’ll try straight-up formula first and then troubleshoot from there if needed. I think the feeling crappy is a combo of hormones and an irrational feeling of not being able to provide.
        I know you mentioned the lipase issue in terms of not freezing extra that you’ve pumped in the past–but could you scald the milk first if you have extra instead of donating? Good luck to you too!

        • Oh that’s awesome that he’ll take it straight – no risk of wasting breast milk. My milk is good for about 24 hours before it starts to taste “off”, so instead of donating the Friday pumped milk (which would turn before Monday), I recently started scalding at work on last day of the week. I get some weird looks in the kitchen, but whatever. So far, that seems to be working and allowing me to keep up with his needs because it means I can start building a bit of a freezer stash again (and not have to pump like crazy over the weekend to have enough fresh ounces for Monday morning).

    • Any time a child dies, you can be sure it’s featured on the Washington Post home page. The Post is practically a tabloid these days. So sad how far it’s fallen.

  • Rant: people who vape in places smoking isn’t allowed. Saw one person doing it in union station this week, another on a metro train.
    Rave: the front desk attendants at YMCA Anthony Bowen are so friendly.

  • Rant: Sciatica/pinched nerve getting worse, medical progress slow (orthopedist yesterday, MRI tomorrow, follow up next week). Just walking is painful, getting out of a car can be excruciating and girlfriend is worried that any amorous activity will compound matters.
    Rave: Finally got to wear my end-of-season sale khaki cotton suit, with white wing tips, Panama hat and bow tie. I may feel like crap, but I look mahhhvelous. (OK, maybe a little silly, but one needs a morale booster on days like this. If only Rick’s Café Américain were within strolling distance).
    Rant: Apartment rental going more slowly than I like. Could be bad timing on my part, or may have to drop the price. Either way, I miss that free money at the beginning of the month.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Your outfit sounds quite dapper!

    • Andie302

      I know a certain entrepreneurial dude that might want to run your basement as an Airbnb with his investment partners if you’re interested. (You’re BOUND to be cooler than the couple he’s doing it for now, which ends in a month or so.) So sorry to hear about the nerve pain – I’m sure even the fancy duds aren’t a good enough distraction. Fingers crossed you find some relief soon!

    • WAIT… same guy who trashed the penny loafer / suit combo? 😉

      • Justifiably, IMO.

        • Eh, I think it really depends on the shoes. You’re likely thinking of some clunky penny loafers, whereas I think it could work with a more refined last and some slimmer pants. Tan suit with white shoes, however… (though, to be fair, the hat and bow-tie could pull it all together – emphasis on could)

          • It’s gone over very well in the office, FWIW — though we are a government agency and not a graphic design firm. Definitely a summer-only thing, and perhaps a bit tongue-in-cheek. And what’s the point of knowing how to tie a bow ti if you don’t slap one on every now and again?

  • Query: In search of new brown flats, slightly more supportive than a ballet flat, but still casual. I would normally go for Toms or Sanuk (they used to do ballet type flats), but am struggling to find something. What’s everyone’s favorite brands? Help me out!
    Rant: The chunky heels of my mid-90s youth seem to be back in fashion. I hear flared jeans will be making a comeback this fall too. Skinny jeans are apparently the new mom jean.
    Rant: I’m wearing skinny jeans.

    • To your first rant, chokers appear to also be making a comeback ughhhhh

    • I have a pair of ballet flats from Dr. Scholl’s, and they are great. More supportive than your usual ballet flat, but also cute.

      • I was going to chime in on Dr Scholl’s. They are my go-to brand for cute flats. I have found them at DSW or online at Zappos. I have 2 pairs of the same style and 3 pairs of different styles. LOVE THEM!

    • It’s certainly a little disconcerting to get to the point where one sees fashion trends from one’s youth (jelly sandals, large-lensed glasses, etc.) coming back into style. Especially if one didn’t like them the first time around.
      I’ve been waiting YEARS for skinny jeans to go away. IMO, pants/trousers don’t need to have enormous flares or anything, but I really prefer bootcut or slightly flared over the tapered/skinny look.

      • I liked them all the first time. Actually, I loved flared jeans, and I definitely had those strechy tattoo chokers and other versions. I guess for me, it’s that I have little interest in reliving or recapturing my youth at this stage? I’m perfectly happy to look like the thirty-something person I am versus the teen-something I was. Then again, these fashions are clearly not targeting me!

        • I liked/like the revival of colorblock and plaid flannel, and I am pleased to hear that chokers are coming back into style. Not so keen on the revival of jelly sandals and large-lensed glasses.
          I still have a colorblock jacket that I ought to get rid of… because although colorblock is back, this jacket includes the unfortunate ’90s trend of shoulder pads.

    • I just got a pair of Cole Haan “Tali” flats from Zappos and they are SO comfy. And I usually hate flats. They have a very slight wedge heel and just enough embellishment. They are pricey but I love them.

    • I’m so excited for flares to be back in style! I never liked skinny jeans. I do hate the chunky heels though 🙁

    • Sweet, I have a few pairs of flares that i only wear around the house, because fashion. Now they can come back into regular rotation! Flares are more flattering on a curvy gal.
      I love my Puma flats. But I have flat feet, so they might not be supportive enough for others.

    • Andie302

      I just found a pair of Dr. Scholls (Frankie), I think from amazon that ended up being perfect! More supportive than what I normally get and I think they were $49.

  • Rant: People who lay on their horns during rush hour. Did you know that the area you’re trying to speed through on your way in/out of the city is someone else’s neighborhood..?

  • Rave: starting the long weekend early by taking off this afternoon
    Rave: college football starts tonight!
    Rant: having serious issues with the people in my HR-type department. I’m starting to feel like it’s more than normal dysfunction and that it’s personal. It’s moved beyond unprofessional and is bordering on bullying. I’m at a loss, and it’s causing me a lot of anxiety.

    • Avoid HR like the plague. They only get to feel like they are doing something if they are persecuting someone – makes them feel like they are earning their salaries.

  • Rant: learned last night that my cousin’s wife (but basically my cousin anyway) was diagnosed with breast cancer and will be undergoing a double mastectomy next month followed by chemo and radiation. She’s in amazing spirits, and this is not stopping her, she’s just ready to get this stuff done so she can resume her life as wife and mom of 2 kids. She’s 37. and she is an inspiration.

    Rant: Trying to decide if I should cut another person out of my life. There is a lot to think about and I keep going back and forth. Stuff like this is tricky, and I wish there was an easy answer.

    Rave: But someone I behaved terribly to many years ago (before the term ghosting was a thing, I ghosted him. I’m not proud of it, and I have always wished I could go back and fix it) has agreed to meet me (and a couple mutual friends) for drinks soon and he will either throw a drink in my face and tell me to go to hell, or, he’ll accept my apology that has been a long time coming.

    • I am sorry about your cousin, but sending her best wishes.

      Re: the ghosting, I don’t think the person would show up to drinks if he was going to throw a drink in your face. I think most of the time people truly appreciate a sincere apology. There area few that I wish I could give.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: talked to the ‘rents last night and Dad’s chemo seems to be working. yay, his numbers are down!
    Rant: he still has to do a bone marrow transplant in the Fall.
    Rave: Aunts doing better after her bone marrow transplant (my dad and his sister have the same cancer).

    • Yay numbers are down!!! I am glad your aunt is doing better, and I am hopeful we’ll see the same rave about your father soon!

    • So glad to hear that your dad is responsive to treatment and your aunt is doing well!

    • Glad to hear that the chemo is working!
      Did your aunt find a bone marrow match within your family, or elsewhere? Would that match also be a match for your dad, or do they have the same cancer but different bone marrow types (if that’s the right word)?

    • Oh man I am so sorry that you have this happening with not only one, but two, family members. I’m so glad that their treatments seem to be working though!

  • Update: I mentioned in Monday’s RRRR that my mom’s boyfriend was dying. He died Tuesday night and she called me not long afterward.
    I asked her if she wanted me to come down for the funeral and she seemed to think it was a nice thought, but wasn’t sure if she wanted me to go to the trouble. She also said that her sister (my aunt) had invited her to go stay with her for a while, but that actually she was thinking she’d rather come stay with me.
    Somehow it hadn’t occurred to me to ask her if she wanted to come stay at my place — I was thinking I should go support her in situ. But I told her that it would be nice and to keep me posted on possible dates.
    Rant: Last night (Wednesday), my mom told me that her boyfriend’s son-in-law had called her at 7 a.m. Wednesday morning — less than 12 hours after the boyfriend’s death — and left a voicemail saying that now that her boyfriend had passed, she needed to get her own cell phone plan. (The two of them had been sharing a plan.)
    WOW. That is unbelievably crass, tacky, and unfeeling. Up until that, they’d been friendly to her, but the voicemail almost makes me wonder if they’re planning to not invite her to the funeral — which apparently isn’t going to be an actual funeral or memorial service, but rather an outdoor party at the daughter/son-in-law’s house on a date to be determined.
    And the cell phone plan isn’t even one that (AFAIK) could be terminated immediately anyway — it’s a prepaid one and they were paid up through September 8. (Unless the son-in-law thought he could get it terminated now and get a week’s worth of the prepaid amount back??)

    • Oops; pardon the lengthy post. I should’ve divided it into two separate posts.

    • Wow, I am so sorry textdoc. That is really…. wow….

    • skj84

      Goodness. What is it about death that just brings out the worst in people. Is you mom’s name on the plan? It probably wouldn’t be worth it for son in law to terminate the plan, I don’t think its refundable.

      • Yeah. I don’t know why he’d even bring it up — as you said, even if the plan WERE eligible for a partial refund upon termination, the son-in-law wouldn’t get much from it. So it just seems gratuitous.

        • Ignoring the incredibly insensitivity to even bring it up in the first place, September 8 is only a week away. I doubt he’s looking for a refund, he just wants her to do it, and probably in the next week. If you’re going to tell someone they need to get a new phone plan, it’s nicer to tell them ahead of time rather than the day it expires.
          Regardless, as insane as the situation is, I wouldn’t get caught up in what those folks are doing. They’re not your family (at least I think you said they’re not related?) and you can’t control any of it. But you can help your mom, e.g. help her get her new phone plan sorted out. Good luck.

          • I think maybe he didn’t realize that the plan was 1) prepaid and 2) almost done with its current cycle. But even still!
            I’m not really caught up in what these folks are doing — they’re not related to me and I’ve never actually met them. (Only the boyfriend, and that was just a few times.) Since my mom and her boyfriend weren’t married and didn’t own property together, neither she nor I will need to be involved in sorting out bills or anything like that. (I think.) So that’s a relief.
            I’m just hoping they don’t say/do anything else hurtful to my mom, even if she is a tough cookie who won’t be all that hurt by it.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I’m very sorry to hear about all of this. Regarding the son-in-law, anybody who does more than tell him “here’s a check for the $8.42 you’re so worried about now go f*ck yourself” is a bigger person than I am.

          • Seriously…what is it about weddings/funerals that people go bat sh*t crazy!? Even people that seem totally normal for years come out of left field with some crazy business every time!

      • dcgator

        Interestingly, I think it’s something about loss, in general, that brings out the worst in people. Any kind of loss, like of a relationship, too. Or maybe it just brings out what was there the whole time—uncaring, vindictive personalities who grasp at anything they can hold on to as the loss occurs? I’m sure someone with more knowledge on the psychological toll of all of this can speak to this.
        Nevertheless, sorry for the situation you’re in, TD

        • Yeah, seeing what I’ve seen around death, I think greed just brings out of the true nature of many people who aren’t good people to begin with. We sort of know it, but in order to deal with them we ignore it, and perhaps they tone it down a bit to get along better, by hiding their true nature, until something to be gained is involved, and then we are surprised by how they act, when we really shouldn’t be. Contrary to popular opinion, most people are NOT good people.

      • Fortunately, my mom is a pretty tough cookie and was annoyed/irritated by the message, but less infuriated about it than I might’ve been in her place.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry for your mom’s loss. I’m glad you are there for her. You are a good daughter.

    • That One Guy

      To start cutting ties that quickly makes me feel they were just being nice to your mom for their dad’s benefit.
      Would it be possible for you to add your mom’s phone line to yours?

      • That One Guy — Exactly; I started wondering the same thing as to whether it had been just a pretense.
        Adding my mom’s phone to my plan might otherwise be a good idea… but in our particular situation, it wouldn’t work, because I’m on T-Mobile and it gets terrible reception at her house. (She and her boyfriend learned the hard way that AT&T also gets poor reception there, so they had switched recently to Verizon.)

      • They are probably concerned that he left your mom something, if he has any assets, and they think they should inherit all.

    • It’s like you and IDGI are having a contest over whose extended/ step/ whatever families are the absolute worst. >:(

    • I Dont Get It

      I’m sorry Textdoc. If you need anything you know where to find me.

    • holy crap, textdoc! I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with all this! Hoping for the best with you and your mom. Hugs!

    • WTF is wrong with people? Major life events really do show people’s true nature. I’m sorry for your mom, but glad you are there to support her, Textdoc.

      You and IDGI may need to start a support group. Oy.

    • Wow. Death makes people behave in horrible, horrible ways. I’m so sorry for what your mom is dealing with, and I am glad that you’re going to be able to provide a soft place for her to land for a little bit.

    • I am also sorry to hear of your mom’s loss and am glad that you’re able to provide support. I’m as baffled about the boyfriend’s family as everyone else. Ugh. Glad your mom is hanging in there on that front. Hugs!

    • *hugs* I’m glad you’re there for your mom through this.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I am so sorry. This sux. Weddings and Funerals bring out the worst in people. And thank G they are not your actual relatives.

  • Any suggestions on fun things to do indoors Saturday or sunday this weekend? Looks like its going to be a wash out.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Rainy days and Mondays…
    Rave: Artemis, for being super helpful to my cousin.

    • I hope my email was useful.

      I often have lots of unsolicited opinions about everything so I was happy to share. 😉 Let me know where she ends up.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Despite being bedridden in the hospital, apparently Mrs. IDGI took a couple of breaks from the monotony of cancer treatment and went to Universal Studios Orlando according to their credit card statements. YAY!
    Rant: Dammit! Can’t find my sarcasm font this morning!
    Rant: My sister told me that IDGI Sr is afraid he will be denied access to see one of the daughters young son that calls him Grandpa. That would be very sad since the boy’s father spent a few years in jail and IDGI Sr has been the only stable and consistent male presence in his life.
    Rave: They drill open the safe deposit box Friday and that may provide some answers if it contains a will.

    • Wow. I don’t even know what to say to all that! I’m continuing to send you and IDGI Sr. happy thoughts and hoping that everything is resolved peaceably and as painlessly as possible.

    • Oh goodness — that second rant is particularly sad. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t turn out that way.
      I hope there turns out to be a will and that it provides some clarity… at least as far as money and objects are concerned.

    • Emmaleigh504

      That second rant is very sad, I hope they can stay in contact. I’m sorry you are having to deal with this mess. hugs

    • Wow is right for both you and textdoc! Sending positive thoughts to both of you.

    • That One Guy

      You and your dad win the last slice of cake/cookie contest hands down.
      It’ll be interesting if you were to dispute the credit card charges or do you not want to pursue opening up another can of worms?

    • Wait, what? I go out of town for a few days and miss something huge — I thought the end was near for her? What happened?

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Hope they find a will leaving everything to IDGI Sr. 😉

      • I hate to think what it would be like if Mrs. IDGI’s relatives redirected all their ire from each other to IDGI Sr. 🙁

  • Super late on this but sharing anyway:
    Rave(ish): Heard back from someone at place I’d interviewed with. They loved me, but didn’t have a specific opening. She said not to be surprised if I hear back from them in the future. So there’s that.
    Rave: Bringing my foreign boyfriend to my home state this weekend to see my parents (for the second time) and meet my brother and his family. He must like you if he goes to the Bible Belt for a weekend centered around a child’s birthday party at a gymnastics center, right?

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