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  • Wouldn’t it be more powerful if no one showed up? Just… nothing?

  • Yes, lets ruin the thousands of jobs this new hotel will create. That’s what I call “Progressive”.

    • west_egg

      We should also ramp up cigarette manufacturing, because jobs.
      We should also increase logging in rainforests, because jobs.
      While we’re at it we should also remove airbags from cars. All they do is prevent injuries and deaths. You know what hospital visits and funerals mean, right? Jobs!

    • Actually, that sounds less progressive and a great deal more like the free market.

    • Hasn’t Trump been repeatedly called out for not paying the people he hires? So you want to ensure we don’t protest / complain about someone who’s willing to offer work but not pay for it?

      • You’re confusing him not paying an unfulfilled contract vs employee pay. He pays his employees. Like every other business in America, he doesn’t pay for contract work that isn’t completed or unfulfilled.

          • It most certainly is. Those are contract employees being paid by a 3rd party, not by Trump directly. The 3rd party failed to live up to its end of the bargain, they breached the contract and they don’t get paid. Them not being paid is on their company, not Donald Trump. I work in contract management, I actually know how this works.

        • He wants to represent this country the way he represents his companies. He wants to be CEO of the USA. So we have to look at his record as a businessperson. Multiple bankruptcies. Endless lawsuits (and no, not just from contractors). Actual criminal investigations. Fraudulent tax returns. Ties to organized crime. Adjusted for inflation and the market, an actual overall LOSS of net worth. (He’s worth quite a lot less today than he would be if he had invested his inheritance in index funds and never made a single entrepreneurial venture.)
          If all you want for the US is a gaudy gold sign and a bunch of bluster, you might be happy. I want a diplomat, a strategist, and someone who leaves things better than she found them. Not the author of a bunch of failed projects, broken promises, and the biggest resurgence of the white supremacist movement since the 1950s.

    • It’s more progressive than ignoring your own values to support an enterprise that reflects everything you stand against.

      I don’t understand how some people (not saying jphammer78 is one of them), say corporations are people and are entitled to their own beliefs. But then when someone says they will boycott that corporation because of those beliefs, then it’s suddenly un-American. As if all consumers are somehow obligated to patronize all businesses regardless of belief. Sorry, but if you want to let the market decide, then you don’t get to complain when it does.

  • I Dont Get It

    II read in WAPO today that the crystal chandelier lobby bar serves wine in spoons. WF? I’d go to protest that alone!

  • justinbc

    That’s got to be the smallest TRUMP logo on one of his hotels I’ve ever seen. At least DC got something right in all this mess.

  • So glad he rehabbed this building. Glad to see more jobs in the District.

    • This is really a nonsense argument. There were other hotel companies that bid on this agreement from the GSA, so ti would have been rehabbed either way. Stop pretending this was Donald’s idea to salvage a beautiful building. It was the federal government’s idea. And Eleanor Holmes Norton who has been trying to get this done for over a decade.

      • Glad Donald won the bid and rehabbed the building. Glad to see more jobs coming to the District. Looking forward to a Donald Presidency…because that’s coming.

    • justinbc

      Can’t wait to see how many visa exemptions he requests to staff it.

  • Although not a Trump fan, I’m not convinced that reasserting control of our borders and immigration procedures = “racism and bigotry”

  • Glad the Donald will have a place to stay for Hillary’s inauguration.

  • That neighborhood in the second picture just looks so incredibly depressing. That’s probably the only place where an ugly discarded couch actually makes the area look a bit better.

    • What is depressing about a neighborhood with a manicured lawn and probably no crime?

    • Wow, Anon must live in an amazing neighborhood. Because that looks a hell of a lot nicer than most neighborhoods I’ve seen in DC.

      • I guess Capitol Hill is pretty amazing. And yes, manicured lawns and no people make me want to kill myself.

        • west_egg

          You should maybe talk to someone about the way landscaping seems to affect your emotional stability. Does a sensibly-trimmed hedge send you on a murderous rampage?

          • It’s not just me. The correlation between emotional well being and surroundings has been extensively studied and is widely accepted. That’s why neighborhoods with a lot of tree cover are more expensive, for example. There’s not a strong rationale argument for living amongst trees but they make people a lot happier.

        • Me too. All those neighborhoods have a creepy, stepford wife vibe; like everyone’s watching each other from behind the curtains. I grew up somewhere like that and fled.

      • I guess it’s a good reminder that we shouldn’t take our urban neighborhood for granted, because most of the rest of the country lives in places like the second picture.

    • Agree. I would rather live in a neighborhood with people, life and at the very least sidewalks. This neighborhood looks sterile and awful.

      • It looks awful because of the McMansion architecture, not because of the neatly mowed lawn and treebox strip.

        • I’d rather see yards that are more environmentally friendly (bonus if they have some character) than neatly maintained, but I guess that’s just me.

  • The first 100 guests will receive a commemorative gift basket of deplorables.

  • I’ve never been able to find info about the tower operations, will NPS still run the tower?
    I’ve always enjoyed the tower of its views, easy access, and relative anonymity. I guess the days of walking up to the elevator and not encountering a line are over.
    I will likely wander through the building at some point as I’ve always liked it and want to see how it turned out. I’ll just make sure not to spend any money.

  • Not a fan of either candidate, but I have to admit I’m tiring of the endless, omnipresent anti-Trumpism in the world around me and worn down with being told how to think.

    • Oh cool, personally I’m tired of hearing vile attacks from a major party’s presidential candidate against my ethnicity and gender and terrified for the physical safety of my fellow minorities if he wins (and even if he loses, as a result of the hatred he’s unleashed and magnified), but I’m sorry to hear that you’re tired of hearing people repeatedly talk about how bad Trump is. That must be really upsetting.

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