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  • For me, this is the best news ever!

  • Tsar of Truxton

    I don’t want to be “that guy” but does Penn Quarter really extend that far west?

  • I was so excited to see this this morning!

  • I’m so confused. There is a Pret at 11th and F. This is barely two blocks away from where one already is. And people are excited?

    • There are almost 200 Prets in London alone – they do not mind saturation (and I don’t mind not having to walk very far to find one!)

      • Agreed. Pret is great!

      • I have lived in London and I am not sure there are 200 Prets in London. I will definitely concede they are everywhere. And they are getting that way in Manhattan as well. But in those cities, you’ve also started to see many close and fewer and fewer open as they’ve become too saturated.

        I’m just surprised if you’re going to open another location here, you wouldn’t aim a little farther than two blocks from the nearest one. Like why not actually go over to true Penn Quarter where I don’t believe there is one? I suppose it is possible tomorrow we’ll see that on POP too. I guess I also just want a little more diversity around here. Prets and Potbellies everywhere gets tiring for lunch!

  • Umm….there’s already a Pret A Manger at 11th and F Sts. Been there for years now. Recently remodeled to expand its footprint and take over the space of the shuttered clothing store that had been beside it.

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