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  • Looks like there was a pretty good crowd. I was wondering how well tickets had sold, since they were really promoting the hell out of it up until yesterday, and there were clearly plenty of tickets left last night.

    • I was there. It was pretty packed. I’m not sure how many tickets were actually available. I was poking around the ticket site last night. For most sections it would say something like “12 tickets available in this section” but when you looked at the seat map there were none. I came across a few tickets available, but not as many as the site was saying.
      Also, incredibly show. Bruce Springsteen is almost 30 years older than me and has like 100x more energy than I’ve got (and is in better shape than I’ve ever been).
      But darned Metro. We had to leave after three hours to be able to catch the last train home. Grrr.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Last week, I was in Panera; two teenaged girls were at the next table. One of them got a text and then asked her friend, “Do we want to go to Bruce Springsteen?”
    The reply? “Wait, who is that again?”
    I am old.

  • Amazing show as always. 67 years old and plays for almost 4 hours.

  • i just moved into the new apt building across the street and could hear him from my balcony- spectacular!

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